BTFTLIAW – Chapter 893


Chapter 893 – Way Out For the Vassal Soldiers

Bingya, along with the vassal soldiers, went deeper into the Taurus Continent and settled inside a big city. Bingya believed that Zhao Hai would be able to find them, so he wasn’t too worried.

Bingya not being anxious didn’t mean that the same was true for the vassal soldiers. In the beginning, the vassal soldiers weren’t too anxious, but after seeing Zhao Hai’s strength, they couldn’t calm down. They wanted to meet Zhao Hai and talk to him.

The vassal soldiers wanted to see Zhao Hai because their clans were currently fighting right now. These soldiers were the elites of their clans, without them, their clans would suffer great losses.

After seeing Zhao Hai’s capabilities, they wanted to ask Zhao Hai to help them return to their clans so that they can help in fighting against the Divine Race.

Zhao Hai didn’t know about the thoughts of these vassal soldiers. His connection with the vassal soldiers had always been through Bingya and the others. Because of this, Zhao Hai haven’t paid much attention to them.

This was also Zhao Hai’s intention to decentralize his interactions. If he personally went to the vassal races, then Bingya and the others might think that he wanted to pull the vassal races in which may cause some misunderstandings. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t contact the vassal races and just handed them over to Bingya and the others.

While everyone was still flustered, Zhao Hai’s group suddenly appeared in the city. Bingya and the others immediately left whatever they were doing and flew towards the Hell King’s ship to see Zhao Hai.

Actually, there weren’t a lot of things that Bingya and the others needed to do. After all, they weren’t the commanders of these vassal soldiers.

As Bingya headed to the ship, he saw Zhao Hai standing on the bow looking down at the city below. Bingya’s heart couldn’t help but jump, he came to see Zhao Hai twice without bringing anyone from the vassal races. Was Zhao Hai dissatisfied with this? Upon thinking about it, Bingya couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

When Bingya and the others arrived by Zhao Hai’s side, they bowed and said, “I’ve seen Mister Zhao Hai.”

Zhao Hai turned his head to look at the three and smiled, “You did a great job. It seems like these people didn’t have a hard time. I came to see you today to tell you something. I reckon the Divines would shift their target to the foreign races, you need to warn your families.”

When he heard Zhao Hai, Bingya’s expression couldn’t help but change as he asked, “Mister, are you saying the truth?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Of course it’s true. The Supreme Elders discovered that they couldn’t deal with me. Therefore, they decided to shift their sights to the foreign races. They have guessed that we have allied with each other, so they decided to go and deal with you instead. In turn, this would force me to have a decisive battle against them. You need to remind your families so that they could be careful around those fellows.”

Bingya’s face looked serious as he nodded heavily and said, “Mister, you can rest assured, we will immediately inform the family. Mister, how do you want to deal with the vassal soldiers? We can’t just have them stay here all the time.”

Zhao Hai frowned before he said, “Their strength isn’t something to be underestimated. And now that their people is fighting against the Divine Race, I reckon that they must want to return home. However, it would be unrealistic for me to send them back at this time. How about you send them to your continents. In any case, the war would come to the foreign races. After all, fighting with the foreign races can be regarded as supporting their own clans. I can’t take them with me since I plan to attack the Divine Race’s continents. While you hold them off, I want to see how they can deal with me.”

When Bingya heard Zhao Hai, his heart finally calmed down. He was afraid that Zhao Hai might have misunderstood, and that Bingya was deliberately making Zhao Hai unable to contact the vassal races. Because of this, Bingya was probling Zhao Hai’s reaction. If Zhao Hai showed any form of discontent, Bingya would immediately have the vassal soldiers meet him. But now, Zhao Hai seemed to not have any indications of wanting to meet with them. This outcome made Bingya feel relieved.

After Bingya calmed down, he immediately thought about Zhao Hai’s proposition. Bingya was a smart person, so he also knew about the ongoing emotion going through the minds of the vassal soldiers. He knew that the vassal soldiers really wanted to go home. But to be honest, it was impossible to send them back right now. Sending them back would just cause them to die, so he never mentioned it during their meetings.

And now that Zhao Hai pointed it out, it seems like there’s an alternative way. But can they send the vassal soldiers over to the continents controlled by the foreign races in order to help out? It’s true that the vassals and the foreign races were together in this war, but to trust them to fight would be difficult.

Yehta and Ryder haven’t spoken. Before the three would meet with Zhao Hai, they would always unify their ideas so that there won’t be too much talking. This way, Zhao Hai won’t be too annoyed.

Zhao Hai looked at Bingya who didn’t reply for some time. He also knew that his proposition was quite difficult for them. The vassal races won’t completely listen to Bingya, especially during this time. With how things were going through, the vassal races would also need to consider their future. In the end, this matter would need deep discussion with Bingya and the others.

Zhao Hai looked at Bingya and said, “In the past two attacks, I’ve managed to gain a lot of grain and military supplies from the Divines. If the vassal soldiers decide to help with the war, I can give all of those supplies over to you. But if they want to go back to their clans, then I won’t stop them and even give them food. However, I can only give them enough just to survive, I can’t just give everything to them.”

When Bingya heard this, his eyes shone. Zhao Hai said this to remind him that they can use the provisions to gain some ground in the discussion.

Bingya bowed to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, I will handle this matter properly. Please rest assured.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll leave these to you. Right, don’t forget to remind your people about the future attack from the Divines. Moreover, tell them that the Divines would send several Supreme Elders.”

Bingya nodded before disembarking from the ship along with Ryder and Yehta. When they left, Zhao Hai turned around and entered the ship before opening the monitor. The monitor was currently showing the state of the O’Neal family’s scouts. There were three war tanks and 50 magic armors outside the Demon Realm’s spatial rift.

One must know that the magic armors were manned by powerful people. Therefore, their range for scouting was very broad. And with how their magic armors were strong, it’s not strange that they would find out about the Demon Realm’s spatial rift.

In fact, their discovery of the spatial rift was several days earlier than what Zhao Hai expected. Zhao Hai thought that they would stay in the Accra Mountains for some time. After all, a long defensive line like the mountains was something rarely seen. Moreover, there were traces of battle on the mountain, so Zhao Hai expected the O’Neal family to stay there for a few days.

However, Zhao Hai miscalculated the ability of the magic armors. Although they had scouted the Accra Mountains, they didn’t stay there for as long as Zhao Hai thought. Additionally, since there were no magic beasts on the mountain, the O’Neal family scouts didn’t stay for long and just went straight to the Buddha Empire.

The same was to say for the Buddha Empire. There were a lot of cities with traces of fighting so they did delay the scouts. However, the scouts were also quick to discover the spatial rift right by the empire.

The Demon Realm’s spatial rift was very big, so it can be spotted very easily. Therefore, the O’Neal family were able to see the spatial rift.

Fortunately, there weren’t a lot of scouts sent to the south by the O’Neal family. Otherwise, the spatial rift to the Divine Realm would also be discovered. At this point, Zhao Hai was hesitant on what to do if the O’neal family were to find the spatial rift. Should he resist, or should he just allow the O’Neal family in?

If he resists, then he would be at war with the O’Neal family. This would allow him to acquire magic armors earlier. At the same time, they could also turn the Taurus Continent into their base, allowing Zhao Hai more flexibility in dealing with the Divines in the future. This was good for Zhao Hai.

On the other hand, if Zhao Hai allowed the O’neal family to enter the Divine Realm, then Zhao Hai might be able to use the O’Neal family to scare the Barbarians, Winged Pegasus, and Thunder Clan. At this time, the three clans were heavily injured. If they came to know about a new enemy, then they might consider getting an escape plan. When the time comes, Zhao Hai can push forward and convince them to enter the Space.

However, the second method might result in a backlash. The Thunder Clan, Barbarians, and the Winged Pegasus had always been yearning to be free from the Divine Race. They had prepared for many years, and even ingratiate themselves to the Divines when the time for war has yet to come. Not many races had this much courage.

If Zhao Hai didn’t resist the O’neal family and just allowed them to come into the Taurus Continent, it was highly probable that the three clans would be in conflict with the new invaders. However, the three clans knew about Zhao Hai’s strength. When the time comes, they might suspect that Zhao Hai deliberately allowed the O’Neal family into the Taurus Continent. If Zhao Hai introduces his Space at this time, then the clans would immediately think that Zhao Hai was plotting against them, maybe even before he entered the Taurus Continent. In that case, it would be impossible for the three clans to enter Zhao Hai’s Space.

With such considerations, Zhao Hai was left to decide what to do. He didn’t know whether to resist or just allow the O’Neal family in.

Zhao Hai never treats other people as fools. He would rather think that they were smarter than him. That way, he would make fewer mistakes.

Moreover, Zhao Hai completely understood the three clans. He knew that the three clans weren’t stupid. They were only worried about themselves, that’s why they decided to cooperate with Zhao Hai. And even before the battle started, they managed to hide their intent for a long time. This feat would be impossible if the three clans were fools.

Also, Zhao Hai didn’t want to fool them. After all, Zhao Hai wasn’t cruel nor did he want deaths. Although he wanted to bring the three clans into the Space, he also didn’t want the three clans to lose too much people. The losses to the three clans were heavy and Zhao Hai didn’t want to further damage them. He was currently thinking about the solidarity of their alliance.

Zhao Hai knew about the saying, ‘Help a man once to gain grace, but help a man too much and one would gain hatred.’ Zhao Hai had helped the three clans before, so the three clans should be grateful to Zhao Hai. But if Zhao Hai were to deal with everything by himself and save the Taurus Continent on his own, then the help he would give to the three clans would be too much. In this case, the three clans might dread him. This wasn’t something that Zhao Hai wanted to see.

Because of this, Zhao Hai wanted to look for means to satisfy everyone. He needed the means to make the three clans enter the Space without suspecting him. And this goal wasn’t easy to accomplish.

However, this matter would need to be postponed for the future. Now, Zhao Hai needed to pay attention to the scout troops by the Demon Realm’s spatial rift. He wanted to see what the scout troop decides to do.

To be honest, the performance made by Theo and the other people from the O’Neal family surprised Zhao Hai. Their actions were remarkable, very well executed. Zhao Hai wanted to see if this squad was the same.

If this squad were as competent as Theo and the others, then Zhao Hai would gain an estimate on the strength of the O’Neal family.

People who haven’t been to the battlefield wouldn’t be great at being scouts. Even if they were strictly trained, they still needed real experience to be effective. There was a huge difference in atmosphere between training and true battle.

If the two scouting troops of the O’Neal family were doing well, then it meant that the O’neal family has experienced many battles and had a lot of well-trained veterans. Such a group is very dangerous. Zhao Hai might need to increase his estimated strength of the O’Neal family by fifty percent.

In fact, the difference between recruits and veterans was at least thirty percent. But considering that the O’Neal family had magic armors, Zhao Hai made the conclusion that the O’Neal Family wasn’t a presence that he could just ignore. They were people Zhao Hai needed to take carefully into account.


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