BTFTLIAW – Chapter 892


Chapter 892 – Elder Star’s Resolve

The expression on Elder Star and the others’ faces were quite ugly. When they departed, the base was still in good condition. It has only been a few hours since they left.

They thought that with the soldiers they left here, the base should be able to hold on for several hours. But this time, the base had been destroyed, everyone had disappeared. From the undead that the saw, they already had a faint idea about what happened to the soldiers.

Their faces were ugly not just because of the base being destroyed. They were also quite bothered about Zhao Hai’s strength.

The base had 100 million troops defending it. If they were turned into undead by Zhao Hai. they Zhao Hai’s undead would have a huge boost in numbers.

At this time, Elder Star turned to look at the camp of the vassal soldiers. Although the camp was also destroyed, the state of its destruction wasn’t that serious. In fact, the destruction was purely because of the debris from the mountain. There were no traces of battle.

Elder Star and the others noticed Jie Yu’s gaze and also turned their heads towards the vassal races’ camp. When they saw the camp, their faces couldn’t help but turn uglier.

With clenched jaws, Gold Ben said, “Those fellows really knows how to fight us. They actually endured all this time. The base’s destruction surely had something to do with them.”

However, Jie Yu shook his head and said, “Not necessarily. The destruction might not have anything to do with them. Don’t forget, we’ve pinched them from getting grain all this time. They would need to hunt and forage for food, they’re famished. Moreover, we didn’t let them assist in making our base. They are simply clueless about its structure. In this case, although it is possible that they had sided with Zhao Hai, I think Zhao Hai didn’t need their help. It’s more probable that Zhao Hai took them when he vanished.”

Elder Star nodded, “Correct. With Zhao Hai’s strength, he wouldn’t need those guys’ help. He alone is able to destroy the base.’

Gold Ben didn’t say anything. He understood that what Jie Yu and Elder Star said was correct. His earlier words were merely caused by his hatred. Gold Ben calmed himself down before turning his head to Elder Star and Jie Yu, “Who do we do now?”

Elder Star’s eyes flashed a cold light, “We can’t just eat this loss without retaliating. We aren’t familiar with Zhao Hai, so we can’t catch him easily. On the other hand, the vassal races have relationships with the foreign races. We’ll target the foreign races. If we do that, Zhao Hai would surely come and look for us. This is much better than looking for him ourselves.”

Gold Ben and Jie Yu’s face lit up. Although they were also Supreme Elders, their position wasn’t as high as Elder Star. And even if Elder Star’s weapon wasn’t the strongest one, his wisdom was much better then the others. Moreover, Star’s ultimate weapon can coordinate other ultimate weapons. This meant that Elder Star was the center point of all the Supreme Elders.

Gold Ben’s eyes coldly sparkled as he said, “Right, those foreign race bastards had been a headache for a long time. It’s about time we clean them up. We can use this opportunity to deal with them in one go.”

Jie Yu and the others didn’t say anything, but their eyes also had a cold glint. In fact, they had long wanted to deal with the foreign races. However, dealing with the foreign races was not easy. The foreign races were also quite strong. They also had three ultimate weapons. Another point was the fact that the Divines weren’t motivated to deal with the foreign races. At any crucial point, someone would always withdraw. Because of this, the foreign races were able to survive up to this point.

However, the situation this time was different. In the past, when they were in the attacking side, they could hit whenever they wanted to hit and withdraw whenever they can. The foreign races simply don’t have any way to fight back.

Now, the one being threatened were the Divines. If the Divines don’t fight, then they would risk extermination. With them being in dire straits, the entire Divine Race should unite.

The reason why the Divines couldn’t unite in the past was because they had different interests. In the previous wars against the foreign races, one Divine race group would fight while the other would be holding back. This would result in one party losing less than the other. In the end, the Divines wouldn’t be able to go on to finish the fight, their alliance would break.

This time, the situation had reached to the point of being a threat to the entire Divine Race. If they don’t make an effort, then they would be collectively defeated by Zhao Hai. Because of this, nobody refuted Gold Ben’s proposal. Although Gold Ben was practically alone right now, with the Taurus Continent being cleaned out, Gold Ben was still an ultimate weapon user. He still had the capital to talk.

Elder Star’s voice was heard, “We can’t be in the Taurus Continent at this time. Let’s return to our continents and immediately prepare our soldiers. Make it clear that this involves the life and death of the entire Divine Race. Make them know that this isn’t the time to scheme against one another.”

The group nodded. Although they were Supreme Elders of their continents, the leaders of the continents were still the respective patriarchs. Supreme Elders couldn’t just command the Patriarchs for no reason. Otherwise, the Patriarchs would rebel. Because of this, the Supreme Elders still needed to converse with the Patriarchs.

Naturally, the Supreme Elders still had a high status among the Divine Race. Moreover, most of them came from the Royal Clans. Because of this, their clans typically agree to their decision. But still, it was better to discuss this matter with their respective clans.

Elder Star looked at Gold Ben and said, “Elder Gold Ben, you return with me to the Central Continent. You’ve been wounded for some time. You need to be cured. We have to be in our peak condition so that we can defeat Zhao Hai.”

Gold Ben nodded. After that, Elder Star looked at that Taurus Continent and said, “In the future, we will reclaim this place. Not only would we reclaim it, we will get our hands on the Ark Continent as well.”

After saying this, he turned around and left. The other Elders also followed behind as they went out of the Taurus Continent. Actually, their action wasn’t expected by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was looking at them using the monitor. While they were there, they didn’t use any concealing formations. Because of this, Zhao hai can hear their conversation clearly. Zhao Hai didn’t expect Elder Star to be decisive and leave immediately.

Zhao Hai just calmly looked at Elder Star and the others leaving, he didn’t plan to stop them. Larua, who stood by Zhao Hai’s side, said, “Brother Hai, it seems like that Elder Star wouldn’t be easy to deal with. He’s different from the other Divines. He’s arrogant but not to the point of losing his calm. Now they’re targeting the foreign races, should we tell Bingya and the others?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Right, this guy is good. Especially the ultimate weapon in his hand. If we can get his ultimate weapon, then we can combine the weapons we get. When that time comes, our power level would surely improve. We can even try to see if we can combine it with the Hell King’s ship. If it can, then that would be great.”

Laura smiled and said, “Certainly. Brother Hai, since we’re not short on money, how about we try to improve those domain weapons and then give them to Blockhead ,Rockhead, and the others. They have no talent for magic formations. So they might as well go out and follow you. This way, you won’t need to deal with things by yourself. Wouldn’t that be better?”

Zhao Hai thought about it for a moment and then said, “That’s reasonable. Let’s try that. However, now’s not the time. After we produce the first batch of combat suits, then that would be the right time to provide them with weapons.”

Laura smiled and said, “Alright. Then Brother Hai, let’s go tell Bingya and the others about the Divine Race’s plan. We can’t have them lose too much. Otherwise, the foreign races might come to hate us.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned his head to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, how are the O’neal family doing?”

Cai’er smiled faintly and said, “Young Master, feel relieved. The O’neal family didn’t do any significant actions. They were focused on sending their battleship to support the Aksu Empire. However, their squads on the south were bound to find out about the Demon Realm’s spatial rift. What do we do then?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Then just let them go in. Don’t forget, the Demon Realm isn’t like any other plane. The air of the Demon Realm is poisonous. I want to see if their magic armors could block the plane’s poison. If they could, then that would be great.”

Zhao Hai already regarded the magic armors to be his. Because of this, the more capabilities the magic armor had, the happier he became.


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