BTFTLIAW – Chapter 889

Chapter 889 – Way To Break The Formation!

Laura and the others were with Zhao Hai. They also saw the monitor’s display. Since this wasn’t something they had seen before, they became flustered after a while.

While Laura and the others panicked, Zhao Hai actually kept his calm. After a moment he opened his mouth and called out, “Cai’er, Cai’er, are you there?”

But Cai’er didn’t reply which was unprecedented. Under normal circumstances, Cai’er would immediately reply to Zhao Hai’s call. Zhao Hai can still feel his connection with Cai’er, but it seems like it has been blocked by something. At this moment, they had no way of contacting each other.

Zhao Hai’s face turned uglier. He slowly walked out of the cabin and looked all around. The scorpion was still by the ship’s side. One the other hand, the Taurus and Sagittarius constellations were constantly attacking the ship. But with the ship’s cannons, ram, waves, and poles moving to defend, the enemy had no way of dealing with Zhao Hai.

However, Zhao Hai soon noticed that on the left side of the Hell King’s ship, a constellation that looked like a goat lying on the ground and another constellation that was two fishes entangled with each other.

The two constellations slowly formed. Then, from the capricorn constellation,  a goat with two curved horns rushed out. At the same time, two fishes also came out from the pisces constellation. Both were rushing towards the Hell King’s ship.

Zhao Hai gawked, then he immediately ordered the ship’s cannons to attack the goat and the fishes. The waves went in to help as well. The task of dealing with the bull and the archer was left to the ship’s ram and pole. Zhao Hai was now sure that he was dealing with at least four Supreme Elders this time; the Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces, and Sagittarius. It seems like they’ve prepared this formation to kill him here.

At this time, Laura, with a scared tone, asked, “Brother Hai, what do we do now?” Zhao Hai looked at Laura and smiled, “Don’t be scared, it’s fine. They just want to drag us in. We don’t  have to fear when it comes to this battle. If they really wanted to stall for time, then let’s just see who comes out on top.”

Just as Zhao Hai said that,  a huge meteor was suddenly spotted heading towards the ship. The ship didn’t respond for a while, but just as the meteorite was about to hit it, flames immediately formed a wall. The meteorite was turned into ash, but not before shaking the ship.

At this time, more meteorites went crashing towards the ship. This caused Zhao Hai’s expression to change. He can now affirm that there weren’t only four Supreme Elders present. Instead, there should be five. Four were carrying the constellation attacks while one controlled the meteorites. Without a fifth elder present, the formation wouldn’t have been this stable.

Zhao Hai’s expression was ugly. Now that his connection with the Space was lost, asking for help from the Space was impossible. And although there were a lot of undead inside the ship, the strength of those undead weren’t much help compared to his current enemies. If he released the undead, then they would just be annihilated.

Zhao Hai didn’t know what kind of formation the Divines had used this time. However, there was one thing he can be sure of, this formation amplified the attacks made by the Supreme Elders. It can be said that once the continents worked together, then they would be able to increase the power of their ultimate weapons by many folds.

It was this point that Zhao Hai was careful of. To be honest, Zhao Hai wasn’t threatened by the ultimate weapons. What he was taking in mind was the Divine Race’s great formations.

The reason Zhao Hai was thinking about these formations was because they were able to cut his communication with the Space. If Zhao Hai wasn’t careful, then all of the Divine Realm’s ultimate weapons would gang up on him. Their power would surely be formidable.

If the Divines knew about Zhao Hai’s thoughts, then they would surely rage at him. Zhao Hai was currently trapped, but now he was even thinking about their formation.

Zhao Hai looked out and saw that the meteorites were still coming. Then his staff turned into a huge hammer as he proceeded to smash the meteorites one after another. As long as the hammer hits the meteorites, the meteorites would immediately be crushed.

While Zhao Hai was pounding at the meteorites, he was also keeping attention to everything around him. He didn’t want to spend too much time with the Divines, he needed to find a way to break the formation.

And just as Zhao Hai was looking at the meteors as well as the planets, he found out that the other planets were proceeding to smash themselves towards the Hell King’s ship. If those managed to hit the ship, then things would surely become more troublesome.

While Zhao Hai was paying attention to these celestial bodies, he suddenly discovered something peculiar. The formation of meteors and planets only had one sole body that stayed stationary all throughout the event, it was a star.

This discovery made Zhao Hai stare for a moment, then he decided to take the risk. With only a thought, Zhao Hai directed the ship towards that single star.

The reason Zhao Hai discovered this peculiarity was not only because this star remained stationary, it was also because this was the only star present in the skies.

Upon ruminating on this thought, Zhao Hai immediately went to deal with the star. The Hell King’s ship was very fast. In just a blink of an eye, he had almost reached the star. The waves underneath had wrapped the entire ship. A fire wall also supported the ship’s advance. But even so, Zhao Hai could still feel the heat coming out from that star.

Zhao Hai didn’t care so much about this as he went straight towards the star. However, something made Zhao Hai feel strange. He already pierced through the star, but the formation was still up.

Zhao Hai’s expression changed, then he muttered, “Did I guess wrongly? That’s impossible. In this great formation, everything other than this star had moved. This star should be the key to breaking the formation. Why was my action useless?”

Laura and the others couldn’t understand why Zhao Hai was planning to go straight towards the star. However, they still decided to trust Zhao Hai. Nobody moved as they all waited for a result.

After seeing that nothing happened as they clashed with the star, Laura and the others felt relieved. But at the same time, their current situation didn’t change.

Zhao Hai calmly scanned his surroundings, the heavenly bodies were still going towards the ship. The attacks from the four constellations also kept coming. This was not what Zhao Hai expected.

Zhao Hai looked at the star and saw no change. However, Zhao Hai still believed that this was the key for their escape. The ship just passing through the star didn’t affect this belief. If the star wasn’t the key, then it would’ve used its high temperature to assault the ship. However, the star stayed there, not doing anything. This was the flaw made by the other party. Their wisdom had caused their ruin.

However, Zhao Hai’s attack didn’t do anything to the star. So how could Zhao Hai get out of his current situation?

As he was thinking about the solution, Zhao Hai kept waving his staff as he smashed the incoming meteors. Zhao Hai suddenly thought about the contents of a book he had read before. In fact, there were a lot of books with the same content. Any big  formation would surely have their own core, and that core would need to be protected for the formation to continue existing. Take this formation for example, its core was surely supported by smaller formations.

However, Zhao Hai’s understanding with regards to formations was just too low. Him being able to break this formation was close to impossible. So what can he do now?

Zhao Hai frowned. And then his thoughts turned back to the time where he managed to break the Dao Lotus’ formation. At that time, it wasn’t so difficult. Was that because the Dao Lotus had no one commanding it?

As this thought passed through his mind, Zhao Hai’s gaze couldn’t help but shake. Since he had no way of contacting the Space, Zhao Hai’s means of action became limited. At this time, all he had was his staff, the Hell King’s ship, the scorpion, his undead. But among all other things that he could use, Zhao Hai actually forgot about one thing, the Dao Lotus!

The Dao Lotus was inside his body, not in the Space. Therefore, Zhao Hai can definitely use the Dao Lotus this time. When he thought of this, Zhao Hai immediately took the Dao Lotus out from his dantian. Zhao Hai didn’t use the Dao Lotus to defend himself, instead, he directed the lotus to attack the star.

Break the firmament of reality!

Zhao Hai suddenly thought of these words. Although these words only appeared on novels and might be ineffective at this time, Zhao Hai still tried. Therefore, he thought of these words as he sent the Dao Lotus out.

After releasing the lotus, Zhao Hai began to pay attention to it. The Dao Lotus didn’t meet with any trouble as it flew directly towards the star. The lotus looked as if it was going to be swallowed by the heat. However, from his connection to the lotus, Zhao Hai can feel that the lotus was spinning, it was still operating as normal.

Zhao Hai then controlled the Dao Lotus to launch an attack on the star. The eight trigrams appeared from the lotus; earth, wind, thunder, fire, mountain, water, heaven, and marsh. Then the lotus proceeded to rotate quickly, the eight trigrams followed along with it. In the end, the Dao Lotus was almost unrecognizable, the figure that can be seen right now was the scene of Primal Chaos!


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