BTFTLIAW – Chapter 888

Chapter 888 – Unprecedented Crisis

Bingya’s voice was then heard, “Mister, the work is done. You can make your move at any time.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Don’t leave the area. Only move when I give the signal. Don’t let the Divines discover your actions, we need to make a surprise attack.”

Bingya replied, “Yes. Mister can rest assured, the Divines have centralized the vassal soldiers in one area, we aren’t so easily found.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “How are the Divines solving the food problem?”

Bingya smiled faintly and said, “The Divines are strictly monitoring the grain distribution. At the same time, they are also sending a lot of soldiers out in order to hunt magic beasts. The grains that the vassal soldiers were receiving have become less and less. However, the Divines didn’t stop the vassals from hunting for themselves.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he replied, “The Divines didn’t want the vassal soldiers to have suspicions. Tell the vassal races to not worry and not to show any hostility to the Divines. Wait until I arrive, then we can deal with the Divines.” Bingya gave an agreeing sound.

Zhao Hai smiled and then stored the messenger fish. After that, he turned to Laura and said, “It’s time to move.” Laura smiled faintly and said, “Do we make a move on their supply ships? If we do, then the Divines would surely starve.”

Zhao Hai replied, “I know they’ll send more food soon. And in addition to food, they might send more manpower and Supreme Elders this way. At this point, they should have already suspected that the Scorpio Supreme Elder had met an unfortunate end..” Laura nodded, then she looked at Zhao Hai and frowned, “So Brother Hai, what do we do? Do we deal with their base? We can’t just deal with them without suffering any losses.” Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Let’s just wait. If we can’t deal with the supplies, then we’ll deal with the base. In any case, there’s no way for them to catch up to us.”

When she heard this plan, Laura didn’t stop it. She knew that Zhao Hai already had Cai’er monitor the seas for the next few days. Once they discover the Divine Race’s supply ships, then they would proceed to attack.

Cai’er was already at work. She didn’t even need to be focused on this task, as long as she paid attention to it from time to time, then it would be fine. At this time, Zhao Hai’s attention was turned to the O’Neal family.

Not only did the family send scouts to the northern part of the continent, they also sent a team down south. However, that team has yet to arrive at the Buddha Empire. Naturally, it was still impossible for them to discover the Demon Realm’s spatial rift. But they were close to arriving at the Accra Mountains.

Zhao Hai still had some undead mining for ores in the Ark Continent. However, their quantity wasn’t a lot and majority of them were iron armor beasts. There were also mining teams present in the Demon Realm as well as in the Taurus Continent.

The third day after Zhao Hai and Bingya talked, Cai’er told Zhao Hai that the Divine Race’s supply fleet had come. The transport fleet this time included warships aside from ordinary cargo ships. However, one could see that the amount of grain being shipped has been reduced.

Zhao Hai saw the situation and couldn’t help but smile as he said, “It seems that the Divines had no way of collecting ships in a short time. However, it also seems like they’re carrying more spatial equipment this time.”

Laura looked at the supply ships and said, “Will you make a move now, Brother Hai?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Of course. Let’s go and see who they sent this time to suppress my undead.” After that, Zhao Hai and the ship disappeared and reappeared once more in a place not too far from the fleet. Then Zhao Hai slowly increased the ship’s size as they approached the Divines.

Naturally, the Divines managed to spot the Hell King’s ship and immediately responded. The warships quickly surrounded the cargo vessels. At the same time, the people from the ships flew up.

But what made Zhao Hai confused was the lack of Supreme Elders. These people should know that besides Supreme Elders, nothing could bring any threat to him. Why didn’t the Divine Race send a Supreme Elder?

While Zhao Hai was confused, the sky suddenly turned black. Zhao Hai turned his head and saw a starry sky. There were large and small meteorites along with various planets. Not far away from these small celestial bodies was a star emitting a large amount of heat.

Zhao Hai and the others stared at this situation, enamored by the scene in front of them. This was especially true for Laura and the others. They didn’t know about outer space, naturally it was impossible for them to know what they were seeing.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai was looking at it with curiosity. Although it was similar to the outer space that he remembered, he was sure that they weren’t out in space. There was no gravity in outer space, people just float in mid-air. There’s no air in space as well. However, those things were present where they were. Zhao Hai can be certain that this was the doing of the Divine Race.

Formation! This was the first word that popped into Zhao Hai’s mind. Zhao Hai was almost sure that this was a formation established by the Divines. However, he didn’t know what kind of formation this was.

He didn’t expect the Divines to have this kind of weapon. It can actually changed the environment around them. This caused Zhao Hai to anticipate what would happen next.

Zhao Hai turned to Laura and the others and said, “Be careful, we’ve fallen into the Divine Race’s formation. I believe the Divines will attack us soon.”

Laura and the other nodded, but they didn’t worry too much. Zhao Hai’s abilities made them confident. Zhao Hai was almost invincible.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind this as he commanded the ship’s cannons to hit the celestial bodies at the distance. The energy beams launched out from the cannons and quickly reached the target. Several meteorites were destroyed immediately but the bigger planets only had a big hole. Everything was just like what would happen in outer space.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but knit his brows. To be honest, his understanding of formations was too poor. On the other hand, the Divine Race’s formations were truly mystical. Trapping those who were beginners to magic formations would be easy for them.

At this time, Zhao Ha discovered that several planets had linked with each other. Then, these white links connected into the Taurus constellation. Before long, a huge golden bull rushed straight towards the Hell King’s ship.

Zhao Hai frowned, these planets reminded him about the Taurus Supreme Elder. It was likely that this attack was the same one used by the Taurus Supreme Elder while using the Taurus Ultimate Weapon.

Zhao Hai didn’t make a move and just waved his hand. After doing that, the cannons on the ship immediately launched its attacks towards the incoming bull. 100 energy beams coalesced and became one huge beam and hit the bull. However, something out of Zhao Hai’s expectation happened. The bull just blurred for a moment before it continued on towards the Hell King’s ship.

At this moment, Zhao Hai didn’t have enough time to hide. When the bull approached the ship, the waves went on to mitigate its speed. However, the bull’s radiance just decreased, it didn’t vanish.

The bull rushed to the ship amongst the waves of water before it slammed on the ship. This caused the ship to sway gently.

This sway might be small, but it still made Zhao Hai frown. He discovered that this attack was actually stronger than the ones made by the Taurus Supreme Elder.

At this moment, Zhao Hai felt something rushing to the ship. When he turned his head, he saw several stars forming the sagittarius pattern. Then a horse-archer pulled his bow and sent a light arrow towards Zhao Hai.

It was time for Zhao Hai to move. With an intention, the ship shrunk as it quickly dodged to the side. But before Zhao Hai could calm down, the light arrow actually curved and homed into the ship.

Upon seeing this, Zhao Hai immediately made the cannons fire at the arrow. However, the result was the same as the Taurus bull. Although the magic cannons had hit the beam, the arrow only lost a bit of light as it continued to shoot towards the ship.

Upon seeing this, Zhao Hai coldly snorted and waved his hand. A giant scorpion appeared right by him and moved forward to meet the incoming arrow. When both became closer to each other, the scorpion used its tail to strike the arrow. With a banging sound, the arrow vanished.

Zhao Hai used this opportunity to return to his cabin and open the monitor. In the past, he was fortunate to escape the Dao Lotus due to the monitor. Zhao Hai wanted the monitor to help him this time as well.

However, Zhao Hai was left disappointed. The monitor was also confused, there simply wasn’t anything useful in its display. After Zhao Hai saw this, his expression changed. He understood that the Space’s monitor wasn’t all-powerful. Things like the Divine Race’s formations weren’t able to be penetrated by the Space.

This was equal to erasing Zhao Hai’s advantage. If the monitor was really rendered useless, then it’s possible that Zhao Hai was in real danger.

At this moment, Zhao Hai felt an unprecedented crisis!


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