BTFTLIAW – Chapter 887

Chapter 887 – The O’Neal Family’s Response

Theo and Lewis were currently standing on top of the city lord’s mansion, looking at the Dark Mist in the distance. The people who were sent to survey the situation had found out that the dark mist had already covered the entire northern part of the Ark Continent and has been slowly creeping further. This report made Theo and Lewis’ faces ugly. Mad Dog and the others left to  send word back to the family. At this time, Theo and Lewis were inside a small city with 30 magic armors and two war tanks.

Theo looked at the Dark Mist and couldn’t help but clench his fist as he said, “I didn’t expect that the Dark Mist is still expanding. No wonder the people from the Ark Continent left. What should we  do? The family had already exerted great effort for this expedition.”

Lewis was very clear about this point. Both of them were already branded with the O’Neal family’s mark. It can be said that their fate was intertwined with the family. Lewis knew that the O’Neal family had made great efforts in order to enter the Ark Continent. If they fail this expedition, then the O’Neal family might not be able to recover. Their future would be bleak.

However, this Dark Mist wasn’t very easy to deal with. It’s certain that underneath this dark cloak was a ton of undead. Lewis can confirm this because only Undead and Dark Mages could use bone spears as an attack. And after he saw that Yin Fire, Lewis was absolutely sure that there were undead. This was because it would be impossible for Dark Mages to get in contact with Yin Fire without causing damage to themselves.

But even so, Lewis cannot display his restlessness at this time. He turned to Theo and smiled faintly, “Don’t worry, the Family will surely find a way to deal with this. There are powerful cannons on the Family’s ships.”

Theo nodded, he was still young after all. Without Lewis here, the Undead would have already caused havoc to their team. Because of Lewis, Theo was able to keep a calm mind amidst the recent developments.

Then Theo turned to Lewis and said, “Brother Lewis, will the messengers come back soon?” Lewis shook his head and said, “I’m not sure. However, I’m certain that the family would make the proper arrangements. There’s a good chance that they would send a warship here to support us. After all, warships have more firepower and can carry more troops. It can also save more energy.”

Theo stared for a moment before he gave a nod, then he said, “Brother Lewis, since the undead would only come out at night, how about we do something else during the day?”

Lewis looked at Theo and said, “Do something? What do you want to do?”

Theo smiled faintly and said, “Now that the Ark Continent’s people have migrated, the magic beasts began to thrive. Those magic beasts would be able to provide us with magic crystals. If we send our people to kill those magic beasts during the day, then we can make crystals for our own use. At the same time, we could also use this time to scout for minerals in the Ark Continent.”

Lewis thought about it for a moment before he gave a nod, “Alright, let’s go do that. We can spare ten people for that task. However, we cannot use our war tanks.”

Theo happily complied as he turned around and went to manage it. Looking at Theo’s departing back, Lewis couldn’t help but smile. After that, he returned to looking at the Dark Mist. His brow wrinkled, he was worried about the current situation. The area covered by the Dark Mist was too big. Moreover, with the rate of its expansion, who knows what kinds of undead were lurking inside. Was it worth it for the O’Neal family to fight the undead?

While Lewis was worried about these matters, Mad Dog and his team arrived at the O’Neal family’s camp located in the Rosen Empire. The O’Neal family had already occupied the entire Rosen Empire with the Patriarch moving to the Rosen Empire’s Imperial Palace.

Although Zhao Hai had relocated the entire Rosen Empire’s population, he didn’t destroy the Imperial Palace. And even if the interior decorations had been taken away, the structure was still as elegant and magnificent as before. Therefore, it’s understandable for the O’Neal Patriarch to settle there.

When Mad Dog’s group appeared outside the palace, they were stopped by two magic armors. These two magic armors were God-ranks, therefore, Mad Dog didn’t dare to be unreasonable, otherwise he would be killed on the spot. He jumped down from the war tank and then gave a bow, “Lion Squad’s Mad Dog from the Scout Team. I seek an audience with the Patriarch, I have matters to report.”

The two magic armors turned their head as they gave an announcement, “Lion Squad’s Mad Dog bears news. He asks for an audience with the Patriarch.”

Another magic armor not far away passed the message. Before long, the word got into the Imperial Palace and into the Patriarch’s living quarters. A servant then knocked on the Patriarch’s door and said, “Patriarch, Scout Team’s Lion Squad has arrived for a report. They’re asking for an audience with you.”

The O’Neal Family’s Patriarch was currently working. But when he heard the servant, he immediately send, “Send him in.” The servant complied and then turned to a distant place and gave word to a magic armor, “Send him in!” The magic armor then passed the message over until it reached the Palace’s entrance. After that, the servant led Mad Dog to the Patriarch’s room.

The Patriarch looked at Mad Dog and said, “George, you brat. What happened? Did you discover something?”

George didn’t expect the Patriarch to actually recognize him. His mood couldn’t help but get lifted as he gave a bow to the Patriarch and said, “Patriarch, it’s been ten days since we left here and headed north. However, after travelling for ten days, we actually met trouble. There is a place covered with Dark Mist. When I entered the Dark Mist to investigate, I was attacked by bone spears and after that grey fireballs. That fireball wasn’t affected by our energy beams, instead, it actually strengthened it. After we came out and consulted Big Brother Lewis, he said that we’ve come to meet an Innate Yin Domain and those fireballs are possibly Yin Fire. Because of this, he decided to send us back to give a report while they remained to take watch over the Dark Mist.”

The Patriarch stared, then he knit his brows. Naturally, he knew what innate Yin Domains were. He looked at George and said, “Has it been confirmed to be an innate Yin Domain?”

George shook his head and said, “Brother Lewis said that it had the characteristics of an innate Yin Domain. However, Innate Yin Domains don’t exist under the sun yet this one did. But even so, Brother Lewis still believes that it should be an innate Yin Domain.”

The Patriarch nodded and said, “Lewis’ assessments are always safe. Since he said so, then it seems that it is an innate Yin Domain. If that is the case, then that would be troublesome. But I don’t want to have Lewis going into the Dark Mist. You go take a rest first.” George nodded before going away.

After George left, the Patriarch turned his head and said, “Call the Generals for a meeting.” Then the servant at the door gave a sound of affirmation before leaving.

Before long, the Generals arrived at the Patriarch’s room, Axe was also present. After the group had sat down, the Patriarch said, “George from the Lion Squad just arrived. He said that after travelling north for ten days, they were met with a Dark Mist. Lewis suspects it to be an innate Yin Domain. What do you think about this?”

The people in the room turned silent. Everyone here had fought many battles. Even Axe was experienced due to his love for exploration. All present knew what an innate Yin Domain was, therefore, they couldn’t help but turn silent upon hearing the news.

After some time,  a tall general stood up and gave a bow before saying, “Patriarch, we should send more troops there. A distance of ten days isn’t far. If something happens there, then it would definitely a threat to us. Moreover, the O’Neal family already went all out in this conquest. Retreating will result in huge losses.”

The Patriarch nodded. Then another general stood up and said, “Patriarch, I think the Ark Continent’s migration has to do with this innate Yin Domain. We need to guard the boundary. From what I can see, we should send a battleship over for support. At the same time, we should request some strong cannons from the family as soon as possible.”

The Patriarch gave another nod. Then another general stood up and said, “Patriarch, I think we should also quicken our southern survey. The south is too close to the Family. If a threat appears there, then the Family might be threatened.”

The Patriarch hesitated for a moment before he nodded, “That’s rational. We need to focus on the south as well. Axe, do you have anything to say?”

Axe stood up, gave the Patriarch a bow, and said, “Father, we’ve already occupied the Ark Continent. It’s not clear why the people of the continent really left. And now, there’s the innate Yin Domain. I think we should ask for more firepower from the family. We also need to adjust some magic armors in order to look for the resources of the Ark Continent and then mine them. This would fund the Family’s operations, we need to recoup our expenses as soon as possible.”

The Patriarch looked at Axe and gave a satisfied nod as he said, “My son has really grown up. That is a good idea. The dangers of the Ark Continent is still unknown to us, we must be ready to retreat at a moment’s notice. However, if we retreat, that would be a huge loss to the family. The best thing we could do right now is to scour the continent for any mineral resource and mine it.”

The generals agreed. In fact, the main reason they attacked the Ark Continent was to get commodities and minerals. If they didn’t get any minerals here because they were busy finding out why the Ark Continent’s people migrated, then that would just be putting the cart before the horse.

Even if the Ark Continent had turned dangerous and they needed to retreat, they still need to mine for minerals as much as possible. This would minimize the losses to the family.

After seeing that everybody agreed, the Patriarch nodded and said, “Pass this order. The Victory and the Glory would immediately return to the family to be restocked with 1000 strong cannons and an additional 10 thousand magic armors  as soon as possible. At the same time, the Tyrant will carry a thousand magic armors and 50 war tanks in order to support the Lion Squad.”

Those present stood up and immediately went on to execute the command. After they left, the Patriarch lightly frowned and said, “Interesting. There’s actually an innate Yin Domain here. The Ark Continent is getting more and more peculiar. Who knows what else we could find.”

Zhao Hai was also  listening to the meeting. After the generals left, he turned to Laura and said, “It looks like the O’Neal family had started to become careful. I’m afraid their southern scouts would quickly discover the spatial rifts to the Demon Realm and the Divine Realm. I want to see how they react after seeing those two places.”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “If I was the O’Neal family’s Patriarch, in addition to sending people to monitor the Underworld and mining the Ark Continent, I would also send people to investigate the Demon Realm. At the same time, I would send people to attack us in the Divine Realm, just to see how strong we are.”

Zhao Hai smiled as well and said, “They have a lot of things to do. I just don’t know if they have enough manpower to do it.”

Laura chuckled and said, “Well, they surely have enough troops. From what we just heard, they wouldn’t use too much magic armors when mining for ores. And since there’s no danger in the Ark Continent, those magic armors should be enough. It’s the same with the Demon Realm. In this case, their troops can only be divided into two; the ones guarding the Dark Mist, and the other half can be allocated to us. However, I’m not sure about how much they’ll send for the attack.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I think they shouldn’t send too much to attack us. What we need them to do is to enter the Divine Realm and then we’ll  toss them to the Divines. Meanwhile, after they finish mining, we could just steal it off of their hands. Wouldn’t that be better?”

Laura and the others chuckled. Then Lizzy said, “Recently, I’ve been sensing that Brother Hai really wants to steal. You really want to snatch everything. Brother Hai, if you see a girl in the future, will you snatch her as well?”

Zhao Hai pretended to lower his head as if he was thinking. After some time, he nodded and said, “That’s a good idea. I haven’t had a new wife for some time. It seems like now’s a great chance.” Then after he said that, he proceeded to run away.

After hearing Zhao Hai say this, Laura and the others immediately chased Zhao Hai. Naturally, they knew that Zhao Hai was just messing around. They just wanted to play along with their husband’s antics.

After some time, Zhao Hai stopped. He just sensed a call coming from a messenger fish. Zhao Hai took the messenger fish and saw that it was the one that belonged to Bingya. Zhao Hai turned to Laura and the other and then smiled, “It looks like we have something to do.” Then he spoke to the messenger fish, “Bingya, it’s Zhao Hai.”


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