BTFTLIAW – Chapter 886

Chapter 886 – Establishing the Laboratory

The Lich didn’t know what to say. They didn’t think that the Continent would have this much change. It seems like they were reading from a story book.

Zhao Hai looked at the Lich and said, “Everyone, I won’t be staying here anymore. You will definitely meet the people from the Atlanta Plane once again, please be careful.” Then he turned back into the ship with the intention of leaving.

But at this time, one of the Lich suddenly said, “Mister, please wait.” Zhao Hai immediately stopped, he turned around and then said, “Do you need something?”

Among them, an elderly Lich gave Zhao Hai a salute. This salute was just like one made by Nobles, but was also different. Laura looked at the old man’s actions and her eyes shone as she whispered to Zhao Hai, “Brother Hai, this is a salute made by ancient Nobles. They use this whenever they have a request.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he looked at the Lich and said, “Is there something wrong?” The Lich looked at Zhao Hai and said, “From what we can see, Mister should be someone with an extraordinary status. Our group had long been tired of the Underworld. We want to go to all places with Mister. I don’t know if Mister can agree? We can become Mister’s slaves, we’ll follow your every bidding.”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t expect the Lich to have this request. He looked puzzled at the LIch before he asked, “You have God-rank strength. And since you seem to the the leader of your group, then you should have an overlord-class position in the Underworld. Are you really willing to follow me and be my slaves?”

The Elder Lich smiled and said, “Correct. Just like mister said, we’re honored and famed characters in the Underworld. However, the Underworld is different compared to other places. In the Underworld almost everyone has an immortal body. So there’ll be no problem even if one doesn’t struggle to live. People would just play around and then go elsewhere. Most of us just do nothing for countless years. I don’t know how many years I have lived, but I’ve grown bored of the Underworld. If you weren’t asleep, then you would spend your waking hours doing nothing. We want to go with mister to see the world. We don’t mind being slaves”

Then Zhao Hai turned to the other Lich and said, “Do all of you share the same thoughts?”

The other Lich nodded. It’s true, they spend all day doing nothing, being in a daze the whole time. It wasn’t something people could endure, it was akin to punishment.

Zhao Hai looked at the Lich and then smiled, “I can take you with me. You can bring your subordinates as well. And instead of being slaves, I’ll treat you as my friends instead.”

The Lich looked at Zhao Hai blankly. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this willing to accept them, even going so far as to treat them as friends.

The Elder Lich looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, we are from the Lich Race. Won’t our existence bring trouble to you?” Zhao Hai laughed, “That won’t be a problem. I myself am a Dark Mage, the most powerful one in the Ark Continent. The undead under my control has reached tens of millions. What can a few Lich do to affect my reputation?”

The group of Lich stared, then their expressions lit up. The Elder Lich then asked, “Might we ask how many undead can Mister’s ship hold? Our subordinates are quite a lot.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “The number’s not a problem. I can just store them in my Space. The more people the better.”

The Lich paused then he said, “Alright, then we’ll be impolite to Mister. However, most of our people cannot fly. We’ll have to ask Mister to lower his ship.”

Zhao Hai smiled before he slowly lowered the Hell King ship’s altitude. At the same time, the Elder Lich made a sound before leading the other Lich towards the ship. Before long,  a large number of undead creatures came walking from all directions.

Zhao Hai thought that the Elder Lich’s subordinates were other Lich. However, he soon found out that he was wrong. Among the undead that came from all directions, most of them were skeletons and zombies. The Lich actually numbered the least among them. It was a bit strange but Zhao Hai still took all of them into the ship.

Under the stunned gaze of the Lich, the undead went into the Hell King’s ship in droves. The ship’s size was basically ignored, it was just like a bottomless pit as it swallowed every undead.

After the last undead went into Zhao Hai’s ship, Zhao Hai turned his head and said, “Alright. Everyone, let’s go to the Divine Realm.” The Lich nodded and in the next moment the ship vanished from the Dark Mist before reappearing in the Divine Realm.

The Lich couldn’t help but get stunned upon seeing the instant change to the scenery. The Elder Lich looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I didn’t expect Mister to hold a Spatial Divergent Ability. No wonder mister can defeat the Divine Race.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s not just my ability that allowed me to defeat the Divines. Since you have prestigious status in the Underworld, then you should know about the Demons, right?” The Lich didn’t understand what Zhao Hai was saying. Zhao Hai just said that the Divines and the Demons invaded the Ark continent at the same time. So why would he use the Demons to explain why he defeated the Divines?

The Elder Lich still wondered, however, he nodded and said, “Yes we are. We’ve had several battles against the Demon Realm. The Demons have good fighting prowess. Even if they are dominated by the undead, they still managed to fight back. They’re the most intimidating enemies we have seen.”

Zhao Hai looked at the Lich and smiled, “The reason why I dared to deal with the Divine Race is because I managed to bring the Demons to my side. The Demons are now my subordinates. Because of this, I didn’t have any other worries and managed to focus on dealing with the Divine Race.”

Upon hearing this, the other Lich gawked. After that, the way the see Zhao Hai changed. The Lich race lived extremely long lives, so they also participated in the battles against the Demons. They didn’t expect that those terrifying Demons would actually be subdued by Zhao Hai. This was just too shocking.[1]

After seeing their reactions, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Come with me, let’s go visit the Demon Realm.” Then with an intention, the Hell King’s ship appeared inside the Demon Space.

Upon reaching the Demon Space, the Lich were shocked yet again. They had gone to the Demon Realm before, so they could safely affirm that this place wasn’t the Demon Realm.

What made them feel even more strange was the fact that although this place wasn’t the Demon Realm, Demons actually lived inside it. They had battled with Demons many times, therefore, they knew what the Demons looked like.

Just as the Lich were confused, a prompt was suddenly heard, “Robots not belonging to the Space discovered. Proceeding to modify their program. Program modification completed. Host can now command the robots.”

Before Zhao Hai could comprehend the announcement, the group of Lich suddenly bowed and said, “We have seen the Master.”

Zhao Hai was stunned, then a wave of happiness washed over him. The Lich were wise beings, so Zhao Hai thought that the Space wouldn’t be able to do anything to them. But now, it seems that this wasn’t the case. No matter what, the Lich were still undead. To the Space, they were just another type of robots. Naturally, the Space couldn’t allow disobedient robots to exist inside it, so it immediately subdued the Lich. This was great for Zhao Hai.

After comprehending what just happened, Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “No need to be too polite. Just call me Young Master. I’ll be sending you to the Space, to Wild Dragon Island. Go and help by father-in-law research magic formations. If you want to come out and see the world outside, then don’t hesitate to tell me.”

The Lich nodded. They now regarded Zhao Hai as their master, so they respected his words.

The Lich were different compared to those beings invited by Zhao Hai to the Space. Those who were invited in could only be influenced by the Space little by little. On the other hand, the Lich were immediately subdued by the Space.

Zhao Hai also took the Lich to see the Great Demon King. But since the Great Demon King was still busy with the crystal cards, Zhao Hai didn’t stay too long.

In the meantime, Zhao Hai just threw the Lich’s subordinates to the Space. Majority of their subordinates were just ordinary undead, they didn’t even reach 9th rank. Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t intend to use them in the near future.

When he was done dealing with the undead, Zhao Hai returned to the Divine Realm after handing the Lich over to Cai’er. Cai’er would introduce the Space to the Lich and then take them to Wild Dragon Island.

The Lich have lived a long life, so even if they weren’t that intelligent, they can still make up for it with their experience. Besides sleeping, the Lich also managed to record history and some even started to research interesting things.

However, it’s just a pity that technology was completely nonexistent in the Underworld. The Undead were basically brainless beings with nothing but instinct. In this case, having the undead research was basically useless.

Now that Zhao Hai had sent them to the Space, the Lich might find something good to do. And since magic formations were profound, then they might come to love researching it.

Zhao Hai had already asked Ruyen to make a laboratory in Wild Dragon Island. Gathered in this laboratory were many types of people. There were mages, elves, dwarves, and now Lich. Zhao Hai was also preparing to bring Goblins to the laboratory in the near future.

Zhao Hai knew how good laboratories could be. Back on earth, these laboratories were key to humanity’s scientific and technological advances. Therefore, Zhao Hai was making a laboratory for himself in order to prepare for the future.

  1. I don’t know what the plural term for ‘Lich’ is, so I just used assumed to be the same


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  1. poor lich, they would’ve been a good companion. I’m sad that they are classified as a robot, not a conscious, intelligent being.

  2. Lich doesn’t really have a plural, except Liches. one and more than. you can even use the singular form to describe the many. it’s ambiguous like that.

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