BTFTLIAW – Chapter 885

Chapter 885 – A Lich’s Anger

When the grey fireballs entered the Space, Zhao Hai immediately heard a prompt, “Toxic Yin substance detected. Substance classified as Yin Flame. Extracting properties, extraction is completed. Host can now use this flame for crafting. Increasing the hell Space’s strength. Yin Flame can be added to the Hell King’s ship. The Hell King’s ship’s surface will have Yin Flames surrounding it. Yin Flame may be used for both attack and defense. Yin Flame can increase the ship’s power system as well as improve the ship’s cannons. Yin Fire Crystals can now be mined in the Hell Space. Asking host to approve all the improvements.”

Zhao Hai didn’t expect the grey fireballs to have this much benefits. The flame can even be used for crafting. It’s quite good.

Zhao Hai couldn’t stop himself from laughing. This was truly a pleasant surprise. “Immediately start the upgrades!”

Just as Zhao Hai’s voice fell, a gray radiance suddenly covered the Hell King’s ship. After the grey light vanished, grey flames started to go about and around the Hell King’s ship.

The flames seem to go in and out of the ship, looking like it was burning the insides of the vessel. However, for those standing inside the ship like Zhao Hai and the others, they can’t feel anything different at all.

Upon seeing this, Laura and the others couldn’t help but feel curious. They stretched their hands and reached out towards the flames. However, like phantoms, the flames just went through, seemingly unaffected by the hands that stretched out towards it.

At this time, another batch of bone spears came out of the Dark Mist. Zhao Hai stopped the ship’s waters from blocking the spears. Instead, Zhao Hai just allowed them to strike the ship.

Just as the bone spears were about to hit the ship, a flame wall suddenly solidified itself, blocking the bone spears from going further. As the bone spears pass through the flaming wall, one could see the spears disintegrate into nothingness.

Laura and the others couldn’t help but call out in alarm. They didn’t expect these phantom-like flames to be this powerful.

At this time, a scream was heard inside the Dark Mist. Zhao Hai looked towards the direction of the scream and said, “Who is that? Come out?!”

The Dark Mist suddenly parted, revealing the people behind them, no, they shouldn’t be called people. These ‘people’ didn’t have a corporeal form, they looked like spectres floating in mid-air.

Zhao Hai looked at these beings and couldn’t help but stare blankly. Then he immediately understood, these people were unique beings of the Underworld, the Lich.

To put it simply, the Lich Race was part of the Ghost Races.They were Darkness beings that evolved their souls to the maximum, they almost had complete immunity against physical attacks. In the Underworld, they were one of the most difficult race to deal with.

Zhao Hai didn’t think that he would meet members of the Lich Race here inside the Dark Mist. It seems like more creatures from the Underworld had come up into the Ark Continent.

After the group of Lich saw Zhao Hai, one of them said with a deep voice, “Who are you? And why are you here?”

Zhao Hai looked at the Lich and then smiled, “This is the Ark Continent, It’s natural that I’m here. Are you from the Underworld’s Lich Race? Why would you come to the Ark Continent and cause trouble?”

Upon hearing this, the Lich seemed to turn blank. One of them turned its head to Zhao Hai and said, “Don’t talk nonsense, how could this be the Ark Continent. The Ark Continent’s laws prohibit the existence of God-ranks. We’ve been here for some time, however, we didn’t feel any change of laws. Also, from looking at your God-rank strength, how could this be the Ark Continent?”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t think that the Lich would actually know about these matters. In fact, what Zhao Hai didn’t know was that these Lich were old ghosts that lived for who knows how long. As long as they weren’t killed in battle, the Lich were basically immortal. Because of this, they were aware of many things, they’re basically living historical records..

Zhao Hai looked at the Lich and then said, “This is really the Ark Continent. Because of a giant accident, the laws of the plane has been changed. This accident also opened the rift to the underworld and the Ark Continent.”

The Lich looked at each other, clearly astonished by what they heard. Zhao Hai said that the laws had been changed. In the past, they didn’t understand how a spatial barrier could get punctured, producing a spatial rift. So it turns out to be this reason. However, what puzzled them was what kind of power would have the capability of changing the laws of a plane.

A Lich looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Nonsense, changing the laws of the plane isn’t easy. How could people possibly achieve it?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly as he answered, “Changing the laws of a plane certainly isn’t easy. However, some people actually used an entire country’s worth of people to perform a Blood Sacrifice to achieve it.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the expression on the Lich changed. Although they were now members of the Lich race, they were originally transformed souls, they could still recall some memories. They didn’t expect that people would have the audacity to use an entire country to carry out a blood sacrifice.

Zhao Hai looked at the Lich and then said, “Although you’ve become part of the Lich Race, you seem to have retained some humanistic natures. I’m not afraid to tell you that the one who did this to the Ark Continent was the Divine Race. The Divines and the Demons invaded the Ark Continent at the same time. The Divines used an entire country to carry their blood sacrifice to break the plane’s barrier as well as change the laws. And with the appearance of the Underworld, I had no choice but to move everyone out of the continent.”

Just as Zhao Hai said this, a Lich suddenly asked, “Mister, might I know which country was used as a blood sacrifice?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Of course, the country used for the blood sacrifice was the Ocean Waves Dynasty!”

When Zhao Hai said this, the Lich couldn’t help but pause. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Did you say Ocean Waves Dynasty? Is it really the Ocean Waves Dynasty?” Zhao Hai was confused by the Lich’s response, he nodded and said, “Right, it’s the Ocean Waves Dynasty, there’s no need for me to lie about this matter.”

Upon hearing this, the Lich suddenly screamed. Then Zhao Hai saw the flames of the ship suddenly forming a wall. It seems like this scream’s power was quite huge, otherwise, the ship wouldn’t have been compelled to produce this fire wall.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but knit his brows. He was confused at the Lich’s reaction. He knew that the Lich didn’t intend to attack. It seems like the Lich was impacted by something. The other Lich even went forward to comfort that Lich.

Moreover, Zhao Hai can see that the Lich that attacked had the lowest strength compared to the other Lich. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare when he thought that the Lich might be a person. Can it be that this Lich had a relationship with the Ocean Waves Dynasty?

It took some time before the Lich calmed down. At this moment, a more elderly Lich looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, please don’t get offended. He didn’t attack intend to attack you. It’s just because he was a member of the Ocean Waves Dynasty’s Imperial family before he died. He couldn’t help but get affected by your information.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I can understand. But has this gentleman not been in the Ocean Waves Dynasty for many years?”

The Lich that screamed paused for a moment before he nodded and said, “Mister guessed correctly. It has been more than a thousand years ago when I passed away. Since then, I’ve received no news about the Ocean Waves Dynasty.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I couldn’t blame mister. The Ocean Waves Dynasty has been the base of the Radiant Church in the past hundred years. It was said that the Radiant Church’s influence was more powerful than the Dynasty’s nobles. And most of those Nobles had become fanatical followers of the church. However, the Radiant Church was a chess piece of the Divine Race. After we discovered the Radiant Church’s schemes and dealt with them, we didn’t expect them to retreat to the Ocean Waves Dynasty. After that, the Ocean Waves Dynasty’s King relinquished the throne to the Radiant Church’s Pope, changing the nation’s name to Radiant Empire. Because of what happened, the Divines chose to sacrifice the entire country for their plans.”

The group of Lich gawked, then the Lich from the Ocean Waves Dynasty sighed and said, “Alright, it has been a thousand years. For the Dynasty to turn this way doesn’t have anything to do with me. And with my current state, there’s no way for me to take revenge against the Divines.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Actually, I have news regarding mister’s enmity. The one who invaded the Ark Continent are the Taurus Divines. At this point, the Taurus Divines have basically been extinguished by me. We’re currently battling for the Taurus Continent. The Ark Continent will be left behind for the Underworld.”

The group of Lich looked blankly at Zhao Hai. They couldn’t believe what Zhao Hai just said. Zhao Hai looked at them and smiled, “I only came here because I heard from someone that a strange flame exists. Therefore, I came to witness it for myself. I don’t have any other plans.”

The Lich looked at each other before one of them said, “Are those Iron Men your people?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “It’s impossible for me to have subordinates like those. Due to the changes made by the Divines to the Ark Continent’s laws, spatial rifts started to appear in the Ark Continent. In addition to the Underworld, there’s also another plane that managed to connect to the continent. That plane is called the Atlanta Plane. Those Iron Men that you say came from that place. Those suits are called magic armors, the people from the Atlanta Plane are inside. They’re quite strong, and are also intruders to the Ark Continent.”


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