BTFTLIAW – Chapter 884

Chapter 884 – Yin Fire?

Theo quickly put on his own magic armor. He was a God-ranked magic armor pilot, so his armor was bigger than the one Axe had. Not only can it transform, its speed, power, and defense was also much better.

As the war tank’s roof opened up, Theo immediately drove his magic armor to fly towards the dark mist.

This was also how they usually fight in the Atlanta Plane. After an abnormality was discovered, the war tank would stop and immediately release magic armors. After all, the war tanks were simply used as a transport, the magic armors were the real firepower.

Theo carefully controlled his magic armor. He liked staying inside his mecha, he thought that the most comfortable place in the world was inside it.

He liked the feeling of being a pilot. Because of this, he was focused on the task at hand. Theo carefully looked out front to where the dark mist was located.

Upon seeing what was before him, Theo couldn’t help but clench his fist. This also made his magic armor clench its fist. Magic armors were the greatest inventions of the Atlanta Plane, it was because magic armors that the magic armor continent managed to grow to its own size.

There was one type of magic formation known as Spirit Projection Formation. The main function of this formation was to synchronize one’s own mind to an external object. Moreover, this would allow the object to be controlled as if it was one’s own limb.

This formation made magic armors formidable. Every action made by a magic armor pilot would be mimicked by the magic armor itself.

However, this magic formation also had its weak point. If one wanted to use this formation, then one would need a formidable spiritual force. Moreover, this spiritual force was different compared to the spiritual force that mages needed.

Mages used their spiritual force to control the elements. They can use incantations and with their own control of the elements they could produce their spells.

On the other hand, the spiritual force that magic armor pilots used were the purest type of spiritual force. This kind of spiritual force cannot be used to kill an enemy, instead, they were used to control things. It was important for magic armor pilots to study this kind of spiritual force. The stronger the pilot, the stronger their spiritual force was.

It was because they spend most of their time studying this spiritual force that the magic armor pilots only have stronger bodies than average mages but was way worse compared to warriors.

Inside his magic armor, Theo looked at the dark mist. Because of the formation on the magic armor, Theo can see the situation very clearly. Under the strengthening effects on the magic armor, his eyesight had also improved.

The dark mist was extremely black, he could barely see anything inside. Theo turned his head towards the others beside him and said, “What do you guys think?” His voice was also amplified by the magic armor.

Another person gave a reply, “I think we should send people inside to scout. The others will wait outside to provide support.”

Theo nodded and said, “Alright. Spirit Snake, Poison Serpent, Mad Dog, Lunatic, and Lone Wolf, you five go in and have a look. There’s no need to be thorough. Go in and when you spot something wrong, immediately retreat.”

The five magic armors complied and immediately flew towards the Dark Mist while Theo and the others remained outside. They were in high alert, ready to provide aid at any time.

The five magic armors proceeded to enter the dark mist. Due to the Dark Mist’s nature, the visibility inside was horrendous. However, the five didn’t feel anything after flying inside, the place was spiritless, it made them very alert.

The five people advanced in a 2-3 formation following a trapezoid shape. As they carefully advanced, someone’s voice was suddenly heard, “Stop, i can hear something.” The person who talked was the one named Mad Dog. After hearing him, the others stared as they immediately stopped.

Mad Dog then said, “Let’s go down. I can hear something below.” Then just as he was done talking, a bone spear suddenly flew from below stabbing towards him.

Mad Dog stared, his consciousness immediately became alert. Because of this, upon seeing the approaching bone spear, his hand immediately moved and went on to capture the projectile.

At this time, more bone spears came from below. However, due to their skill, the people from the Atlanta Plane remained unscathed.

After the group defended against the bone spears, groups of fireball suddenly came flying. These fireballs had very peculiar characteristics. Most fireballs would have a shade of red, however, this one was actually grey!

When Mad Dog saw these fireballs, his expression couldn’t help but change as he said, “Retreat immediately! This place is too strange.” The group complied as they immediately went towards the edge of the dark mist.

However, before they retreated, they first released beams of energy from their hands striking the incoming fireballs. They expected the fireballs to disappear upon being hit by the beams of energy. But contrary to what they thought, the fireballs became bigger instead. It seems like the beams of energy were consumed by the fireballs.

Mad Dog and the others became surprised upon seeing this, they immediately hastened to exit the place. Fortunately, they haven’t penetrated too deep into the Dark Mist. Before long, they exited the place. But then, another strange matter occured. The fireballs that were coming towards them stopped once they reached the edge of the dark mist, they didn’t go out even for one step.

Theo’s group were constantly paying attention to the Dark Mist, but they didn’t think that the group that just went in would actually withdraw this quickly. Moreover, they looked very distressed. Theo’s group immediately went forwards to meet the scouting team, preparing to give them aid.

However, what surprised them was the absence of any pursuing parties. Theo turned his head and asked, “Mad Dog, what happened? How come you came out this quickly?”

Mad Dog immediately replied, “Theo, what’s inside is very strange. The visibility is very low so we cannot see anything. In the beginning, we were attacked by bone spears, then after that, by several groups of fireballs. Moreover, those fireballs were unaffected by our energy beams. Instead, once the energy beams collided with the fireballs, the fireballs began to grow bigger. Because of this, we decided to retreat. Theo, ask Brother Lewis. He has experience, he might know about this matter.”

Theo gawked, then he nodded and said, “Alright, let’s go. Someone stay here and guard the place. Send a report if something peculiar happens.” After that, he lead people to leave the place, keeping ten people behind to stand guard.

When Theo’s group returned to the war tank, he immediately left his magic armor. Just as he jumped down, Lewis opened the door and walked out from the driver’s chamber. Theo quickly went towards Lewis and said, “Brother Lewis, I just had Mad Dog and the others go into that Dark Mist. At first they were attacked by some bone spears. But after that, they were met with a group of fireballs. These fireballs seem to be able to consume our energy beams. Instead of being extinguished, they became even stronger. Do you know something about this?”

Lewis became stunned, “Yin attacks? Could this place be an innate Yin Domain?”

Theo looked confused at Lewis as he asked, “Brother Lewis, what’s an innate Yin Domain?”

Lewis’ tone became serious as he answered, “Innate Yin Domain is just one of its descriptions. Basically, it is a place full of Yin Qi. Such a place is able to produce undead and allow them to evolve. The fireballs that you’ve met are called innate Yin Fire. This fire extremely poisonous. Aside from sources of Yang Qi, no other thing can extinguish this fire. As long as a lick of this fire gets into your body, you will definitely be consumed. No other place can produce this Yin Fire aside from Innate Yin Domains. Innate Yin Domains also have its own special conditions. Innate Yin Domains cannot have any light coming from the sun, the Yang energy of the sun makes the existence of Yin Fires impossible. Because of this, the Sun is the natural nemesis of anything inside an Innate Yin Domain!”

After hearing Lewis say this, Theo couldn’t help but look at the Sun. It was now that he could understand why Lewis was surprised about why an Innate Yin Domain would exist here. The Sun was blatantly up in the sky, however, an Innate Yin Domain actually existed right under it. This really can’t be explained.

Lewis turned his head to a man that looked around 30 years old and had a fierce aura about him, “Mad Dog, did the fire stay inside the Dark Mist?”

Mad Dog nodded and said, “It did. Not long after we went in, we were immediately met with that fire. Since we were unable to suppress it, we decided to retreat. In the end, the fire didn’t follow us.”

Lewis nodded and said, “Nobody got caught by the fire?” Mad Dog shook his head.

Lewis then relaxed himself and said, “That’s good. Anything touched by that Yin fire would get destroyed immediately, this includes magic armors. It’s just strange. In a place where an Innate Yin Domain couldn’t possibly exist, Yin Fire can actually manifest.”

Theo didn’t like where things was going. He regained his composure and looked at Lewis, “Brother Lewis, what do we do now? Do we go in once more?”

Lewis shook his head and said, “You can’t. This Yin Fire can only be dealt with by a strong cannon and presently we don’t have one. Going in once more would just be courting death. Let’s leave two war tanks here and monitor the Dark Mist as well as see how large it is. The last war tank will be sent back to send the report. I can now probably understand why the people from the Ark Continent moved. If this place could really produce Yin Fire, then some changes should have happened in the Ark Continent. And when the night comes, the undead creatures may come out from the Dark Mist. With the calibre of the undead, the Ark Continent shouldn’t be able to stop them. Go prepare a war tank immediately. Equip it with ten magic armors and have it go back to report.”

Theo didn’t dare to be slow and immediately complied. On the other hand, Lewis didn’t leave. He knew that he couldn’t leave this place. Although he couldn’t pilot magic armors anymore, he had gone to a lot of places before. Compared to Theo and the others, Lewis’ experience was richer. He needed to remain here to guide the group.

The War tank was quickly prepared. Theo didn’t go with the war tank, instead, he selected ten magic armor pilots to go along with the returning war tank. After taking care of this, Theo went back to convene with Mad Dog and the others.

After the war tank had gone back, Lewis looked around and said, “Let’s go back to the city we stayed in last night. Don’t get too close to the Dark Mist, otherwise we may be attacked at night.” Theo nodded and sent people to contact those who were observing the Dark Mist.[1]

However, what they didn’t know was their every action and every word was being observed by someone.

At this time, Zhao Hai turned his head to Laura and said, “Innate Yin domain? Are there Underworld areas in the Atlanta Plane? Otherwise, it would’ve been impossible for them to know that. Also, is this Yin Fire strong? It seems like I need to take a look.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Laura smiled and said, “I knew you would like to go and see. I’m also very curious about this Yin Fire. Brother Hai, the Hell King’s ship also has the Yin attribute. Can we go and see if it’ll be good for it?”

After hearing this, Zhao Hai turned to look at the others. Seeing the anticipation in their eyes, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile and said, “Look at you, you look like children waiting to see new toys. Alright, let’s go have a look.” Then Zhao Hai waved his hand as the Hell King’s ship went through the space and then instantly appeared inside the Dark Mist. However, the ship’s build this time had gotten smaller.

Actually, whether the Hell King’s ship was smaller of bigger, the space inside it remains the same. This was because the ship wasn’t relying on its outward size to decide the amount that can be loaded inside it. It completely relied on its spatial abilities in this aspect. Even if Zhao Hai made the ship into a very huge vessel, he still couldn’t place more things inside it.

When the ship arrived, Zhao Hai and the others immediately walked out from their cabins. All of them curiously looked at the Dark Mist. In the past, Zhao Hai just went inside the Dark Mist in order to snatch some undead for himself.

Now that he had returned inside the Dark Mist, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get curious. However, he soon felt that there was nothing else to see here. Everywhere was just dark mist, tumbling around and obscuring visibility.

At this time, several bone spears began to fly towards the ship, aiming for Zhao Hai and the others. But Zhao Hai didn’t even spare a look at these bone spears. He knew that this kind of attack was not a threat to him.

Sure enough, just as the bone spears flew towards the Hell King’s ship’s periphery, they were immediately wiped out using the spray coming out from the waters under the ship. The bone spears weren’t even able to make a scratch on the ship’s hull.

Upon seeing that the bone spears were useless, the enemy immediately sent out groups of fireballs. Unexpectedly, they were using the same tactic that they used against Mad Dog and the others. When Zhao Hai saw these clumps of fireballs, his eyes turned bright. He knew that these were the things he was looking for. When the group of fireballs reached the Hell King’s ship, instead of having the ship extinguish it, Zhao Hai opened a spatial rift and took the fireballs in.

  1. I’m quite baffled why they have all this tech and yet they still don’t have long range communication.


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