BTFTLIAW – Chapter 883

Chapter 883 – Two Geniuses

While sitting inside a tiger-shaped tank, Theo looked outside through the tempered glass. He can see that the land here was quite fertile, no worse than any land in the Atlanta Plane. Although there weren’t any crops on these fields, one could see how fertile they were judging by how healthy the weeds on these plots were.

But this was where Theo was confused. Theo knew that no ordinary person would move out with such a land in their hands. However, the Ark Continent’s people actually moved out. There could only be two explanations to this, either they found a better place to move to, or they were forced to move out.

And the latter reason was the one he wanted to prove. This wasn’t only because of his curiosity, it was also tied to the O’Neal family’s future.

They have been on the road for three days and have encountered cities both big and small. From what they had seen so far, they can be certain that the Ark Continent’s population was very large. Who knows how much larger they were compared to the O’Neal family. However, the more their population estimate became, the more uneasy Theo was.

It wasn’t an easy task to relocate an entire continent. Even if they wanted to move, then where could they move to? Not to say about a continent this big, even an entire city moving would have many things that needed to be done. The relocation of the Ark Continent was just too sudden and strange.

While Theo was thinking about these things, the person next to him suddenly said, “Theo, what are you thinking about?”

Theo turned his head and looked at the war tank’s driver, Lewis. Theo wasn’t a war tank driver, instead, he was a magic armor pilot, a position much higher compared to a war tank driver. However, Theo didn’t underestimate Lewis. In the past, Lewis was an outstanding magic armor pilot. However, he was injured and lost his capabilities to pilot a magic armor. This caused him to drive war tanks instead. However, his status was much higher compared to any other war tank driver. Among the O’Neal family’s war tank drivers, Lewis was the most famous one.

Theo didn’t ignore Lewis, instead he replied, “Big Brother Lewis, I’m getting more and more restless. You can see how fertile the Ark Continent is. If there’s nothing bad going on, then people wouldn’t have moved out. From the cities and villages that we’ve passed through, we can be certain that the continent’s population was not less than tens of millions. These many people would need an extremely important reason to move out. I’m quite certain that they’ve come across something unordinary. We need to be careful when going forward.”

Lewis turned his head and looked at Theo, he can see the evident restlessness on the young man’s face. Theo looked at Lewis and said, “Big Brother Lewis, what’s wrong? Did I say anything bad?”

Lewis shook his head and said, “No, there’s nothing wrong about what you said. I just didn’t think that you would think up to this point. You’re correct, the Ark Continent’s migration is too suspicious. This matter involves the future of the O’Neal family, we do need to be careful.”

Theo nodded, then he turned to Lewis and said, “Big Brother, I seem to remember something about your injuries. I heard that they came from a someone in the Warrior Continent. Are those people really strong?”

These years, the Atlanta Plane was quite peaceful. Theo had yet to participate in a battle against either the Mage Continent or the Warrior Continent Because of this, he had no idea about to their strength. Since he has the opportunity, then he decided to ask.

When Lewis heard Theo’s question, his expression couldn’t help but change. Then with a low-spirited nod, he said, “Yes, very strong. I was already a God-rank magic armor at that time. When I was still in my 20s, I’m quite famous in the O’Neal family. Because of my fame, my arrogance had reached the skies. I wasn’t afraid of anybody. Then, news suddenly arrived that there was a magic silver mine on a deserted island between the warrior continent and the magic armor continent. Although its reserves weren’t a lot, it can still supply us for a period of time. When I heard this news, I immediately drove to the deserted island with my own magic armor.”

This was Theo’s first time hearing about Lewis’ matter. Because of this, he listened to it earnestly. To be honest, when Theo heard Lewis say that there was a magic silver mine on a deserted island between the Warrior Continent and the Magic Armor Continent, even his heart was moved.

Magic silver was an ore essential to the construction of a special alloy used for making magic armors. Anyone from the magic armor continent would not pass the opportunity of acquiring some.

Although Lewis shifted his gaze forward, his mouth kept moving. He continued on with his tale, “I was young and frivolous, so I wanted to claim the magic silver mine on my own. However, I wasn’t aware that this was a trap arranged by the Warrior Continent. It was only afterwards that I became aware of an unwritten custom of the Atlanta Plane. No matter which continent, when a young talent becomes famous, the other two continents would surely make plots to extinguish that talent. Also, there would always be people following that young talent to protect them. But at that time, I didn’t let my protectors follow me. In the end, I suffered a big loss and was seriously injured by a someone from the warrior continent. If it wasn’t for that expert from the family, I wouldn’t have been able to come back. The people from the warrior continent were quite strong in martial arts. They specialized in physical cultivation and were capable of fighting in the air. Because of their practice, their lifespans are much longer than the people from the magic armor continent. An important thing to note about them is their ability to sustain a fight for a long time unlike our magic armors. If we leave our magic armors, our strengths would be greatly reduced. It’s impossible for us to contend with them with our physical bodies, especially against their God-ranks. Even if their attacks couldn’t compare to our magic armors and they weren’t as fast, dealing with them isn’t easy. The longer the fight takes, the more disadvantage we would be in.”

Theo blankly listened to Lewis’ words. Lewis said a lot of things that he didn’t know. If one were to think about it, Theo was also considered to be a genius in the O’Neal family. And even he didn’t know about these things.

Lewis turned to look at Theo and whispered, “This matter isn’t something that the three continents would tell people. They will only protect the geniuses secretly. Maybe there are even experts protecting you right now.”

Theo gawked, then he forced a smile and said, “Big Brother Lewis, don’t joke with me. I’m not that talented. The family wouldn’t send people to guard me. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have sent me on this duty.” Lewis smiled faintly and said, “You don’t know that. You should know that those who came to be famous people didn’t only go through a single battle. Without undergoing a life and death trial, it would be impossible for them to become an expert.” Theo stared blankly, then he nodded as he looked out the window and said, “I will definitely become an expert. I will.” Lewis looked at Theo and smiled. He couldn’t help but think about the younger him, he had the same look as Theo. At that time he was so arrogant and was surrounded by praise. When he was injured and became unable to pilot a magic armor, people began to look at him in disappointment. Fortunately, Lewis didn’t ruin himself and turn into a good for nothing drunkard. After a period of depression, Lewis stood up again and began to drive war tanks for the O’Neal family. In the end, he became the family’s best war tank driver.

Although he was an excellent tank driver, his status is still not higher compared to magic armor pilots. However, this didn’t necessarily mean that he was lower than ordinary magic armor pilots. If one wanted to man a hundred ton vehicle, one would need nimble hands, and not everyone had this. Although this ability didn’t look much, it actually allowed a war tank driver to perform specialized tasks.

After some time of silence, Lewis suddenly stopped. This caused Theo to awaken from his thoughts as he looked at Lewis in confusion.

From Lewis’ expression, it seems like he had seen a ghost. Theo followed Lewis’ gaze and became similarly shocked. On the horizon in front of them was a sky covered by a dark mist.

It was still noon, about time for people to take their lunch, the middle of the day. However, in front of them was actually a dark sky. The heavens and the earth was covered by a dark mist! This caused everyone who saw this to stare blankly for a moment.

Theo’s face changed as he said, “Big Brother Lewis, what’s that?” Lewis recovered from his shock, his expression changed as he turned to Theo and said, “Tell everyone to prepare for a fight. I don’t feel good about this dark fog. I have killed a Dark Mage from the Mage Continent before. Among his dark magics was the dark mist. However, it wasn’t this large. Even God-rank Dark Mages would find it impossible to produce a dark mist this massive. Maybe this is the reason for the Ark continent’s migration.”

Theo didn’t dare to ignore Lewis’s words. He immediately turned and went into the interior part of the tank. There, the resting place for the staff was located. Theo went towards the magic armor pilots and then sounded an alarm. Red lights lit up from the walls as a blaring sound spread.

It didn’t take long before the alarm was heard all throughout Lewis’ war tank. The tank immediately burst into action.

Like any other war tanks similar to the one Lewis drove, each one of them had 40 people inside. 20 of them were magic armor pilots, five were war tank drivers, another five were war tank technicians, then lastly there were 10 war tank weapon operators. Since war tanks weren’t as big as the ships, their living quarters weren’t as big. However, since war tanks were expected to travel over long distances, the living quarters were still made quite ample.


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