BTFTLIAW – Chapter 882

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Chapter 882 – Crystal Card and Selfishness

Zhao Hai had thought about various methods before, but these methods wouldn’t work. This was until a while ago when he was scanning through the Space. He remembered about these things from the Ark Continent, crystal cards!

Zhao Hai had obtained a lot of crystal cards from the Ark Continent before. However, crystal cards were useless for the Space. But then, after further upgrades, the Space can now turn crystal cards to gold coins and gold coins into crystal cards. Because of this, banks were already prevalent in the Ark Space and crystal cards had become more necessary for the people from the Ark Continent.

Back on Earth, your bank card can be used to buy things. However, if you use it to spend abroad, then you would have certain problems. Moreover, if it was lost, stolen, or hacked, then you would have huge problems. However, these things wouldn’t happen in the Space.

In the Ark Space, crystal cards were divided into two types. The first type was the regular crystal card. This crystal card was just like any ordinary money to be used in spending. The other type was a personal crystal card. This card can only be used by its owner. The owner’s appearance, fingerprint, blood-type, energy-attribute, and other qualities were used to personalize these cards. No other person can use it besides its owner.

Such protective measure might be impossible back on Earth, but in the Ark Continent, it can be achieved. Moreover, Zhao Hai tied each person’s ID to their personal crystal cards. This way, the card would have its owner’s information, making it convenient for the people to use.

At this point, these crystal cards were widely used in the Ark Space. This time, Zhao Hai wanted to implement this system into the Demon society.

Because of this, when the Great Demon King asked Zhao Hai for any ideas, he immediately told him about the crystal cards. Upon hearing the explanation, the Great Demon King nodded and said, “These crystal cards are very good. Mister, let me see this card that you described.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then took a card out. Since this card was the same one used by the people from the Ark Continent, Zhao Hai also had one. This was also effective in promoting the use of the card.

Upon receiving the card and inspecting it, the Great Demon King nodded and said, “Good, Mister, this is quite useful. When could we start using this card?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then said, “I’ll prepare some banks in your cities first, with the purpose of releasing personalized cards. At the same time, I’ll be providing you with transfer devices. These transfer devices aren’t that big, they’re as big as a piece of jade. As long as two parties reached an agreement on the price, they can insert their cards on this transfer device and make the transaction. It’s quite convenient to use.”

The Great Demon King smiled and said, “So Mister has already thought this through. Alright, I have no problems with it. We’ll go according to Mister’s plan.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then said, “Good, then it’s settled. You need to discuss this matter with your people first. When you reach an agreement, then you can call me over and I’ll immediately build the banks.”

The Great Demon King nodded and said, “Alright, then I’ll have to ask mister to wait. Right, Mister, how’s the outside situation doing? Do you need us to send troops?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “At this time, there’s no need. We’ve just plundered a Divine Race supply fleet. This will delay their plans since they would need to find food for themselves. There’s is also the people from the Atlanta Plane arriving at the Ark Continent. Those guys wouldn’t be a threat for some time. It’ll be a while before a fight happens, you don’t have to worry about going out for some time.”

The Great Demon King smiled and said, “I’m not really anxious about it. The more we drag time, the better it would be. I just want to send some Devil Legion soldiers out for a test.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Just take it slowly, there’s no need to rush. Right, in the future, I might be able to bestow special armors to the Devil Legion soldiers. When the time comes, I will inform you.”

The Great Demon King stared, “Did Mister manage to find the appropriate equipment?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Yes, didn’t the Divine Race have some ultimate weapons? If we snatch those ultimate weapons and make combat armors, then wouldn’t that be great?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the Great Demon King couldn’t help but get shocked. He never expected Zhao Hai would actually have this idea. Snatching ultimate weapons? Only Zhao Hai would think about it.

The Great Demon King had seen how strong ultimate weapons were. To be honest, although he had a Domain Weapon, after seeing the Divine Race’s ultimate weapon, he couldn’t help but feel a blow to his mind. The Divines were indeed worthy of their name.

Although the ultimate weapons looked simple, the Great Demon King knew that they were extremely strong, much much better compared to domain weapons.

Before the Demons met Zhao Hai, only one Demon held a domain weapon. Because of this, the Great Demon King was aware of how hard it was to manufacture weapons of this calibre. This was especially true when it comes to ultimate weapons.

Now, Zhao Hai actually wanted to make ultimate weapons. No wonder the Great Demon King was surprised. Zhao Hai looked at the Great Demon King and smiled, “Don’t worry about it, I’ve already gained one ultimate weapon. I’m just currently waiting to get the others. I believe that we would have another great harvest soon. However, since these things are special, there are certain difficulties when it comes to mass production. I could only supply the Devil Legion in batches.”

The Great Demon King stood up and then looked at Zhao Hai, “Mister, if you really managed to make ultimate weapons, please give me one.”

ZhaoHai stared, he was confused at the Great Demon King as he asked, “Your Majesty, you’re the King of the Demon Realm. Having your Devil’s War Chariot is already good. Why would you want an ultimate weapon? Do you want to enter the battlefield in the future?”

The Great Demon King stared, then he smiled bitterly and said, “Right. Even if I’m a King, I still think about these things every day.”

Zhao Hai looked at the Great Demon King and then smiled, “You’re really a fighting maniac. Rest assured, ultimate weapons wouldn’t be a problem. If conditions allow me to make Hell King’s ships, then I will give you one as well.”

Zhao Hai can now understand why the Great Demon King would want an ultimate weapon for himself. Ultimate weapons were extremely important for warriors. If Zhao Hai equips the entire Devil Legion with ultimate armors, then they might change their loyalty and devotion to Zhao Hai. Because of this, the Great Demon King couldn’t help but worry.

Although the Devil Legion had become strong, they still regarded the Great Demon King as their leader. If Zhao Hai bestows them with ultimate weapons, then their mentality might change.

Even if the Great Demon King’s thoughts about Zhao Hai had been influenced by the Space, it still hadn’t reached a state similar to Shue and the others. The Great Demon King still had his own thoughts and this was understandable. After all, every leader would need a steel heart in order to prosper. It would be harder to change their minds compared to ordinary people.

Zhao Hai realized this point, therefore he promised the Great Demon King that he would give him an ultimate weapon. At the same time, if permitted, the would also give the Great Demon King a Hell King’s ship.

When he heard Zhao Hai, the Great Demon King couldn’t help but stare. His heart couldn’t help but jump as he bowed to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, thanks!”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t be too polite. You’ll have to settle matters here as soon as possible so that the banks can be made.”

The Great Demon King nodded and said, “Mister can rest assured. I’ll take care of it as soon as possible.”

Zhao Hai nodded before leading Laura and Ruyen to leave the Demon Space and return to the Hell King’s ship. Upon returning, Laura immediately turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, the Great Demon King seems to have some reservations. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked for an ultimate weapon.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s understandable, don’t worry about it. Let’s just let matters go on its own. I’m not afraid of his reservations, as long as he doesn’t want to rebel, then that’s fine. In the end, the Divines are still our enemies. Since the Demons are already inside the Space, then there’s no need to be anxious about it.”

Laura nodded. At this time, Lizzy came over and said, “Brother Hai, how was it?” After that, Laura relayed everything that happened back in the Demon Space.

After Lizzy finished listening, her eyes couldn’t help but blaze up as she said, “Brother Hai, the Great Demon King seems to be unable to tell good from bad. How about we teach him a lesson?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “There’s no need. The Great Demon King’s position in the Demon Race is quite high. If we deal with him, then there might be a negative influence on the Demons. In any case, the Great Demon King only has this small reservation. There’s nothing bad about this.”

Lizzy was still a bit indignant, she coldly snorted and said, “We’ve been good to the Demons, yet he still had some doubts. Those kind of people needed to be taught a lesson.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “You’re mistaken. Who told you that good deeds are always returned? Remember, being good to others doesn’t necessarily mean that the others would be good to you. Minds of people are the most mysterious things in the world. Do you know why the Space is formidable? It’s because it can influence the minds of people, even for a little bit.”

Lizzy nodded, although she was still quite mad, she knew that Zhao Hai was correct. In this world, there were a lot of people that would bite the hand that fed them. If you think that your good deeds would be reciprocated, then you’re too naive. It won’t be long until you would end up dead.

Laura didn’t want such a serious topic to continue, so she turned her head to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, you go and take a rest. A major battle wouldn’t happen in the following days.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, pay attention to Bingya and the others. If there’s any problem, then go and help them. At this time, they’re quite useful to us.”

Cai’er nodded. After that, Zhao Hai turn around to take his rest.


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  2. Mc gives away stuff too much. It’s good tactic, but if you just give and give people begin to expect that. What he should be doing is to focus his resources on his family and close cicrcle.
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  3. Tackling a matter like what would make a good currency is difficult, and honestly I find it very interesting that the author went with a credit system
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  4. The mc’s stupid he should’ve changed it to paper currency so everytime they trade for items they receive paper and he receives gold.

    1. What are you talking about…Paper currency is crap. Almost as crappy as credit. It is subject to counterfeits, inflation and deflation as well as damage.

      Gold (and other precious metals, gems etc.) are immune to inflation and deflation by nature of representing their own value, they cannot be as easily counterfeit (after all, the difference is easy enough to spot with basic tools and knowledge), and they are less susceptible to damage. After all, half a gold coin is still worth half a gold coin, so you can take two halves and spend them for a gold coins worth. You can divide it into as many as you want. Ultimately, it’s worth is in the weight you offer.

      On the other hand, Zhao Hai can produce gold in space. Proof is in this very chapter…there are gold veins in the Ark Space and Demon Space that they can mine. This whole “I’m poor, I need more gold” stuff is just regular crappy writing on the authors part. The space produces ore veins for a LONG time now. Same with crystals. Really, he could just use crystals as currency…

      The whole problem of demons not wanting to damage the environment so they need a currency that would avoid doing that is also a worthless notion. If they will need currency, it means they will be trading with the other factions within the space. But if they will trade with other factions…their currency will obviously be introduced…Demons don’t need to produce currency themselves. They can just produce goods to sell, thus getting currency from others and use it among themselves as well. This will also make the value of said currency more stable and uniform than tons of varied currencies.

      And yet, the choice is the type of currency most susceptible to economic calamity…Nonexistent money in the form of empty numbers…Well, the author isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed which can be seen all throughout the story, so no wonder there.

      1. You’re forgetting that the ‘credit’ isn’t just numbers. They can use the cards to store gold and no doubt the ‘credits’ are backed by gold, so they would be able to be exchanged at a bank if need be. He’s just making it easier to carry money and spend it, which is completely different to our modern currencies that are backed by the nations power / reliability and have no tangible value beyond the fact that they’re recognized as money.

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