BTFTLIAW – Chapter 879

Chapter 879 – Planting an Ultimate Weapon?

Zhao Hai didn’t sneer at the Divine Race’s methods. He thought that it was appropriate for the Divines to do this. The Divines had decided to distance themselves from the vassal races. Naturally, because of this, they wouldn’t treat those people right. If the Divines provided them with proper nourishment, then the Divines would be the ones to suffer in the end.

He nodded and said, “How many continents decided to participate in this action?”

Yan Jian nodded and said, “Replying to Master. This time, all ten continents decided to participate. We decided that this matter is enough to shake the entire Divine Realm. We need to quell this as soon as possible.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he asked once more, “In the Taurus Continent, how many ultimate weapon experts are there?”

Yan Jian immediately replied, “Currently, there are four Supreme Elders in the Taurus Continent. Gold Ben from the Taurus Clan, he’s the one that master defeated. There’s the Capricorn Clan’s Moroga, Cancer Clan’s Jie Yu, and Sagittarius Clan’s Zither Karna. Including me, these are the only Supreme Elders that the Divine Race can spare. The others are needed to deal with the vassal races as well as the Foreign Races.”

Zhao Hai nodded, the Divine Race’s arrangement was quite good. Without knowing Zhao Hai’s true strength, five Supreme Elders should be a safe choice. Even if it was impossible to kill Zhao Hai, their number could still allow them to protect each other.

At the same time, leaving five Supreme Elders behind was just the right number to contend with the Foreign Race’s three ultimate weapons. This way, the Foreign Race would find it hard to attack.

Zhao Hai looked at Yan Jian and said, “Will the other continents send more reinforcements to the Taurus Continent? How would the Divines deal with the rebellion?”

Yan Jian said on word, “Kill!”

Although Yan Jian only said a simple word, Zhao Hai can feel the bloodlust behind it.

The Divines on each continent had vassal races with a large population. Because of this, the Divines would only have one way of dealing with them, and that was to kill! It seems like the Divines were getting serious this time.

Zhao Hai nodded and then waved his hand, “Alright, you go back down.” Yan Jian bowed to Zhao Hai before he turned around and left. Zhao Hai wanted him to return down to the layer where the undead were supposed to be.

After Yan Jian left, Laura and the others came over. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, the Divines have become more ruthless. But this time, we managed to gain an ultimate weapon. Right, take it out, let us have a look. Then have the Space analyze it.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he nodded. With an intention, the ultimate weapon appeared inside the Space. Just as the ultimate weapon appeared, a prompt was heard, “High-grade Combat Suit detected. Establishing seed database, seed added: 12 Constellation Combat Suit, Scorpio crystal seed. Seed can only be planted on fertile land. Seed can only be harvested once. Host can choose who to bestow the Combat Suit. If the person is disloyal to the Host, then the Host can choose to take the Combat Suit away or have the suit attack the person. Current Combat Suit can be transformed into a crystal ball and merged with the Host’s staff. Since the Host has a better crystallization ability, it is advised that the host doesn’t use this Combat Suit. Once merged with the staff, the Combat Suit cannot be damaged. Suit will gain little consciousness and will only awaken when called out. Combat suit can help the Host in battle. Asking the host to proceed with the fusion.”

With this much information, it was impossible for Zhao Hai to comprehend them all. But after asking Cai’er, Zhao Hai finally understood. The Space had recognized the Divine Race’s ultimate weapon as a type of combat suit. This combat suit would be important in aiding its owner in battle. And because of this combat suit, the Space had made a special seed page in the store. There were several entries to this page, but the only one unlocked was the scorpio seed. This seed would need a whole season to grow. After it matures, it would produce a crystal ball. Sealed within this ball was a same armor as the Scorpio Clan’s ultimate weapon. Zhao Hai can give these armor to his people. And if the person was unfaithful, Zhao Hai can use the suit to kill the person or he could just confiscate the suit. On the other hand, the current Scorpio Combat Suit has been turned into a crystal ball. This crystal ball can combine with Zhao Hai’s staff. At this time, the Scorpio combat suit looks like something made from a special type of metal. Once combined with Zhao Hai’s staff, it would become one with it. However, since Zhao Hai’s crystallization ability was more defensively powerful, there was no need for Zhao Hai to wear this suit at all. He can just use the suit as a weapon like Yan Jian’s summoned beast.

This information was a very good thing for Zhao Hai. This combat suit was deemed as an ultimate weapon by the Divine Race. Although it wasn’t as powerful as the Hell King’s ship, it still couldn’t be underestimated. Zhao Hai was now planning to plant a batch of them. Once a war starts, then Zhao Hai would have an army of people wearing such suits. At that time, how much would the troops be strengthened?

Zhao Hai was just worrying about how to improve the combat power of the Devil Legion. What the Devil Legion lacked right now were good armors and weapons. If they wear these suits, then both matters would be solved.

Although Laura and the others managed to hear the prompt, their understanding was much less compared to Zhao Hai. Upon hearing Cai’er’s explanation, they finally understood. They couldn’t help but cheer. This was an absolute surprise for them, a huge pleasant surprise.

They can plant ultimate weapons? Other than the Space, no other place in the world was able to do this.

Zhao Hai was similarly happy, he quickly said, “Start immediately!’

Just as Zhao Hai said that, the combat armor in the Space was suddenly covered in a white light. Before long, the light condensed into a blood red crystal ball. This ball wasn’t very big, probably about the size of a dragon’s eye. Zhao Hai turned his hand as the crystal ball appeared. Zhao Hai inspected the ball and discovered the astrological symbol of Scorpio inside.

Then Zhao Hai took his staff closer to the ball, dissolving the crystal ball in no time and merging to the staff. Before long, the scorpio symbol appeared on the staff, nothing else.

Zhao Hai began to wield the staff and waved it gently. Then a huge scorpion tail made out of red crystal appeared inside the cabin. This scorpion tail looked like the one from the Scorpio suit, but it also wasn’t quite like it. It looked more powerful and more robust than the one before.

Zhao Hai looked at the scorpion tail and nodded. Then he said, “Tail needle!” The scorpion tail obediently moved itself. Zhao Hai discovered that the tip of the scorpion tail looked different compared to normal scorpions. Generally, a scorpion tail would be oriented to attack the front. However, this tail was made into something that can attack in all directions, similar to a whip.

Zhao Hai gave a satisfying nod before he gave another command, “Attack left!” The scorpion tail obediently waved leftwards before separating itself and proceeded to attack.

After that, Zhao Hai tried to attack the right side. Zhao Hai gave a nod and then said, “Transform!” Zhao Hai wanted to see how the combat suit could protect him during a fight.

Just as Zhao Hai’s voice fell, the scorpio combat suit slowly transformed into a humanoid form. However, the suit didn’t cover Zhao Hai’s body, instead, it just formed into a full body armor. The whole body was made out of blood red crystals, it was very beautiful. Even the joints were made from crystal, they looked soft, perfectly able to handle human movements.

Zhao Hai can see the that the helmet had the same form as the one worn by Yan Jian before. However, this suit right here didn’t need someone to wear it, the suit can move on its own.

Zhao Hai smiled and then said, “Receive!” Then the armor turned back into a crystal ball and then fused with Zhao Hai’s staff.

Laura and the others saw everything from start to finish. Upon seeing how the scorpion tail performed, all of them couldn’t help but smile.

After taking the scorpio armor in, Zhao Hai turned to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, make some adjustments in the Space. Make some space on fertile soils and plant some combat suits there.”[1]

Cai’er nodded. At this time, fertile black soil was used for herb production. These herbs were going to be used to make God-rank potions. What Zhao Hai wanted to do was make way for some combat suits while minimizing the impact on the God-rank potion production. For Cai’er, this was a very simple matter.

Naturally, no matter what she decided to do, the herbs would certainly be affected. What Cai’er needed to do was make sure the effect was as low as possible.

After talking to Cai’er, Zhao Hai looked at Laura and the others and said, “I didn’t expect the Ultimate Weapons to have this much use. It seems like collecting all 13 would certainly be useful for us, what do you think?”

Laura smiled and said, “It’ll certainly be helpful. Brother Hai, will the Divines know that we plundered their supplies?”

  1. Fertile meant that those special plots that can accelerate growth.


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  1. One cannon shot vaporized everything in it’s way on a fortress with magic reinforced earth. There is no way for the suit to block all cannon shots from the ship. As stated previously, the Ship was 100,000 times more powerful than anything on the Divine plane. Never mind after the upgrade.

    1. He’s not using full power, or the plane would kick him out. He probably has it set to like 1-5% of full power and that’s already enough to wipe out weak people, where-as the suits are basically top tier for the realm. He can wipe them out no worries, but then he might accidentally ascend and to be honest, he doesn’t really need the full power to deal with them anyway.

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