BTFTLIAW – Chapter 875

Chapter 875 – The O’Neal Family’s Turning Point

The reason why Zhao Hai always wanted to add people inside the Space was primarily due to its emptiness. There were too little people inside, and it would be a waste if the massive Space remains uninhabited.

Second, because of Faith Power. Although Zhao Hai wasn’t too clear about what Faith Power can do to cultivation, he knows how hard it was to collect. Therefore, it should be quite a valuable resource.

When Zhao Hai ascends to the cultivation world one day, wanting to collect faith power wouldn’t be so easy. Lu Wei needed to be assigned to this place in order to collect faith power. One could see how rare faith power was in the Immortal Cultivation Realm.

If the people in the Immortal Cultivation Realm were very strong, then it would be almost impossible for Zhao Hai to collect faith power there.

Moreover, in the Immortal Cultivation Realm, planes already had allocations. Every available resource should have already been claimed by the major powers. If Zhao Hai went to the Immortal Cultivation Realm and collect faith power, then he might risk offending these people. Zhao Hai already offended Lu Wei, it wouldn’t be wise for him to gain even more enemies.

Lu Wei’s incarnation was already powerful, this meant that his true body would be even stronger. However, Lu Wei wasn’t the strongest person in the Immortal Cultivation Realm. It’s certain that there were more people stronger than him. Zhao Hai didn’t want to go to the Immortal Cultivation Realm just to get chased around, that won’t be very fun.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai was afraid that there would be people in the Immortal Cultivation Realm capable of invading the Space. If a person like that exists, then Zhao Hai would be in a major trouble.

Therefore, Zhao Hai wanted to make ample preparation before he gets kicked out and ascends to the Immortal Cultivation Realm. He wanted people inside the Space so that he won’t need to look for them once he went to the Immortal Cultivation Realm. In the meantime, he also wanted to analyze the magic armors and the ultimate weapons. This way, he would have more means of self-preservation.


Axe was currently standing on the Tyrant’s bow. He liked the name ‘Tyrant’. Everytime he heard the name, he always felt his passion burning inside him.

It had been a few days since they had arrived on Blazing Island. No changes happened to the island since he first came here. As for the magic beasts, Axe wasn’t polite with them as he sent his people to directly eliminate them all. They gained some magic crystals along the way. But even if they weren’t a lot, Axe was still feeling happy. He liked this feeling of conquest.

After that, they began to head northbound. Based from what he heard from Zhao Hai, the Ark Continent should be this way.

The Tyrant wasn’t the flagship of the fleet. The ship at the head of the fleet was the Glory, Axe’s father was on this ship. Axe made the request to stay on the Tyrant.

Axe disliked staying under his father’s gaze. Although he can learn a lot of things being by his side, Axe felt uncomfortable being there every day. Therefore, he took the initiative to leave the ship. The reason he gave was that he wants to study on how to command a ship.

This reason was quite reasonable, so Axe’s father immediately agreed to let Axe take command of the Tyrant. At the same time, he also arranged an experienced first mate to guide his son.

Before this, he really didn’t care about taking command of the ship. However, Axe came to discover how great the taste of authority was. It was like an expensive glass of wine, not many people were able to taste it.

It had been a few days, but although they had been sending scouts ahead, they were yet to find land nor did they see any ships. This made Axe confused.

Their ships weren’t slow. This was a powered ship, not any old sailing vessel. But their ship was yet to find the continent even after several days of travelling. It seems like Blazing Island was farther to the continent than Axe first thought.

Another thing made Axe puzzled. From what he comprehended during his talk with Zhao Hai, the Ark Continent didn’t have machines. Therefore, the Ark Continent should be using sailing ships. With how slow sailing ships were, how come Zhao Hai arrived at Blazing Island? And why was his timing so appropriate? There shouldn’t be something wrong, is there?

After thinking about this, Axe shook his head, eliminating these thoughts. He didn’t dare to think about it since he was afraid that it would be true. If it was, then this expedition would be a huge blow to the family.

Time passed by, after two days, Axe couldn’t calm himself down. Most of his time every day was spent on the deck looking for signs in the horizon. He did this even if he knew that a scout would come if the continent was spotted.

Axe stayed on the deck since he was unable to settle himself while being inside his room. At this time, black spots appeared on the skies. Axe’s mind couldn’t help but shake, the scouts had come back.

Before long, a magic armor flew towards the Tyrant. This magic armor was in its aircraft mode. Among all of its form, the aircraft mode was the fastest.

The magic armor transformed into its humanoid shape before it set foot on the ship. Then the hatch opened as a person jumped out. Then the person went towards Axe before he bowed and said, “Young Lord, we’ve discovered the Ark Continent. It is definitely the Ark Continent, not just a boat. It’s in the east, our direction has been a bit off.”

Axe excitedly nodded and said, “Good, good, fantastic. Has this information been related to father?”

The person nodded and said, “Someone went to report to the Patriarch. The Young Lord can rest assured. However, …” After the person spoke up to here, he had a hesitant expression.

Axe’s heart couldn’t help but sink. He immediately asked, “What happened? Tell me. Speak!”

The person looked at Axe and said, “Although we weren’t too close to the Ark Continent, something felt strange to us. There are no smoke coming from the land, there aren’t any ships on the seas as well as the shore. It’s quite strange.”

Axe’s heart sank deeper. He immediately said, “Did you relay this to father as well? What did father say?”

The person shook his head and said, “I don’t know whether the Patriarch has been informed or not. We scouts separated as we came here.”

Axe nodded, then he turned to his men and said, “Prepare my magic armor. I need to go to the Glory.” The servant behind him immediately nodded before he turned around and left.

Before long people came and towed Axe’s magic armor out. Axe didn’t say anything as he immediately rode his magic armor and then flew towards the Glory.

Axe’s position wasn’t too far from the Glory. The four ships advanced in a straight line. The first was the Victory, which acted as the vanguard. Then the Glory, then the Conquest, and finally the Tyrant.

It didn’t take a long time before Axe arrived at the Glory. After his magic armor landed, he immediately jumped down and hurried towards his father’s room.

Upon arriving outside the room, the two guards immediately bowed to him as one of them said, “Young Lord, the Patriarch already told us that if you arrive you should see him immediately.”

Axe nodded before pushing the door open and entering the room. Then Axe stared, it was because he wasn’t the only visitor inside. There were famed commanders of the family present. This time, they joined in to command the battle against the Ark Continent’s ships.

After seeing Axe arrive, the Patriarch nodded and said, “Axe, it’s good that you came. Take a seat.” Axe gave everyone inside a salute before sitting down.

When Axe sat down, his father said, “We’ve already discovered the Ark Continent on our east side. But a strange phenomenon sprang out. There aren’t any ships on the shoreline. This is very strange. I’ve already sent the scouts once more to approach the continent. We need to know whether something happened.”

The people inside the room nodded. Then one commander frowned and said, “Patriarch, what do we do if we find nobody in that continent?”

Axe’s father paused for a moment before he said, “Don’t worry. If there are no people in the continent, it could only mean one of two things. First, it means that we haven’t found the right place, it’s not the Ark Continent but a deserted one. The possibility of this happening is small. The second possibility is that something happened to the continent, the people simply left. This is good for us since we won’t need to use force. In any case, what we want here are the materials and the minerals. The people won’t matter too much.”

The group nodded. At this time, Axe stood up and said, “Father I apologize. I’ve been neglectful in my earlier scouting.”

Axe’s father waved his hand and said, “I can’t blame you for this. If you went to the Ark Continent at that time, then you might alert them. Maybe there really are no people in the continent. Let’s us go along with the plan. You can go and see Zhao Hai while we wait and see.”

Axe nodded, then his father turned to the others and said, “Whether there are people in the continent or not, we still need to prepare. The ships had already fixed their heading and are now going towards the continent. We need to build a base there in the shortest time possible and anticipate the arrival of the continent’s troops. It seems like the Ark Continent is larger than we imagined. This is good news for the O’Neal family. A bigger place means there are more things for us to get. This will be a turning point for our family.”

As soon as the group heard this, their spirit couldn’t help but shake. Right, the Ark Continent being bigger was good news. If the Ark Continent was big, then there would be a lot of magic beasts there. Magic beasts bring forth magic crystals. The more magic beasts there were, the more crystals the O’Neal family would gain. There were also the minerals. With such a huge continent, it would be impossible for it to not have minerals. These minerals were also important for the family.

After many years of mining, the Atlanta Continent’s ore deposits had gone very low. And without these deposits, there would be no way to make more magic armors. Without magic armors, their family would be weakened. It would be a negative chain reaction.

Axe’s father looked into the eyes of those present and said, “Although the Atlanta Plane is big, we share it with the Warriors and the Mages. Dealing with those two would take a long time. However, the Ark Continent would only belong to us, the O’Neal family.  It’s not even that smaller than the Atlanta Plane. Think about it, we have a place like the Atlanta Plane as our base, how exciting would that be.”

The eyes of those present were shining. They couldn’t help but dream about the scenario that Axe’s father described. If the O’Neal family were to have a place as big as the Atlanta Plane as their base, then who could contend against them in the Atlanta Plane?

Axe’s father looked at the group and gave a satisfied nod, “Alright, I’ll speak up to here. You go back to your stations and prepare. We will take the Ark Continent. Kill all those who dare block us! O’Neal Family, Victory!!!”

The group stood up as well as Axe, all of them loudly shouted, “Victory!!” Just as Axe was about to leave, he was stopped by his father.

Once all the other commanders had left, Axe’s father sat him down and said, “When you met Zhao Hai, did you find anything peculiar?”

Axe stared, but he understood his father’s question. His father still wasn’t too comfortable about the state of the Ark Continent. But since Axe didn’t see anything peculiar, he shook his head and said, “There isn’t anything special. When he saw the magic armors for the first time, he had a scared and curious expression. I can affirm from this that there are no magic armors in the Ark Continent. At that time, he was dressed like a Mage. He also had a magic staff on his hand. He can fly which meant that he should be 9th rank. I can’t feel any God-rank aura around him.”

Axe’s father nodded and said, “So it seems like our speculations are true. It’s quite possible that there are no God-ranks in the Ark Continent. This is good. However, I’m quite worried about something. Why would Zhao Hai be by the spatial rift? He had no reason to be there.”

Axe knitted his brows, he was thinking the same thing.


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