BTFTLIAW – Chapter 874

Chapter 874 – Plan of Research

Laura smiled and said, “It seems like if we want to make magic armors, we would need to ask the Dwarves for help. Right, the Elves as well, they’re quite good at engraving magic formations.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Don’t tell them yet. After we get the magic armors, let’s have the Space analyze the magic armors first.This way, we’ll know what alloy to use when we make them.”

Laura nodded, “Alright, but I hope that we can involve the Dwarves and Elves with this. This way, they won’t be too idle. You should know that both the Dwarves and the Elves have their own innate skills. Dwarves are especially sensitive to metals, leagues more compared to the Humans. At the same time, the Elves are good at carving magic formations. If we have them help, we would gain more benefits while making magic armors.”

Zhao Hai thought about it and nodded. He hadn’t thought about it before. He was too focused on having the Goblins research magic formations to prepare making magic armors. He didn’t think that he could allocate different jobs to different people.

At this point, Zhao Hai had a certain understanding when it came to magic formations. He knew that researching magic formations couldn’t be done in a day. Besides selecting the metal, one would need to be skilled in engraving the formation itself. Once a small problem occurred during engraving the formation, the entire thing would have to be scrapped.

The most skilled when it came to engraving formations were the Elves, it’s their innate skill. Moreover, they’re quite dedicated to this craft.

On the other hand, the Dwarves were also dedicated to everything concerning metals. Humans couldn’t compare to their expertise. If the Elves and the Dwarves join hands, then they would certainly be helpful in making magic formations and magic armors.

Zhao Hai only thought about it now because he wasn’t thinking along this line before. To be honest, although he also took the Goblins into the Space, Zhao Hai still regarded the Ark Continent’s people as more important.

In his heart, the people from the Ark Continent were his family and friends. This was where he had lived for a long time, therefore, the people from the Ark Continent could already be considered as his own kin.

The next were the Demons. Although the Demons had been their enemies in the past, Zhao Hai didn’t actually hate them. Moreover, the Demons didn’t hate him as well, they even voluntarily entered the Space. Because of this, the Demons also held a high status inside Zhao Hai’s heart.

Then there were the Goblins. It can be said that Zhao Hai didn’t have any connection with the Goblins. He just wanted to free them and borrow their skill in magic formations. Because of this, he had them live inside the Space.

Then finally there were the Divines. The discord between Zhao Hai and the Divines couldn’t be resolved. But since he didn’t want to bother himself too much with the Divines and also didn’t want to wantonly massacre the innocent, he could only come up with imprisoning them in the Space as a solution.

Because of this hierarchy in these people’s status, Zhao Hai had the Goblins research the magic formations while leaving the Dwarves and the Elves alone. Zhao Hai wasn’t the type of person to seek for repayment. If Zhao Hai were to ask them for help, then it would be akin to him asking them to return the favor.

This wasn’t the case for the Goblins since he didn’t have any connection to them. It was appropriate for the Goblins to help him with these things.

Now, after being reminded by Laura, Zhao Hai managed to think it through. He would try asking them if they would want to help in this project, he wouldn’t force them. In any case, they liked to do these things.

Laura understood what Zhao Hai was thinking about, so when she saw Zhao Hai nod, she smiled and said, “Brother Hai, don’t think about it too much. We can ask the Dwarves and the Elves in Wild Dragon Island for help first. Then we’ll have the more intelligent Goblins come and mingle with them. This way, they can be familiar with each other. When the time comes, the Goblins wouldn’t be afraid of the Dwarves and the Elves. At the same time, the Dwarves and the Elves could also accept the Goblins. This way, they could smoothly research magic armors together.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright, it’ll be good for the Goblins to have contact with the other races.” Zhao Hai understood the reason why Laura wanted the Goblins to mingle with the other races. In the past, the Goblins suffered under the persecution of the Divine Race. Not only was their civilization ruined, their spirits were shattered as well. Zhao Hai discovered that the Goblins held a strong vigilance towards other races. Because of their fear, they turn dull upon meeting other people. Therefore, Laura wanted the more intelligent Goblins get used to the other races to remedy this problem.

However, this matter couldn’t be done in a short time. The Goblins had just managed to touch magic formations. Even if they want to help, they couldn’t provide that much. They still need time.

At this time, Bingya walked out from his room. Bingya and the other had been following Zhao Hai’s side for quite some time. However, they still don’t know what Zhao Hai was thinking about. They only thought that Zhao Hai wanted to occupy the Taurus Continent. They would never guess that Zhao Hai was only staying here because he was waiting for the Divine Race’s ultimate armor as well as the Atlanta Plane’s magic armors.

However, Wolf Tribe Bingya was still very thankful towards Zhao Hai. The Taurus Divines were arch enemies of the Foreign Races, especially the Beastmen. Because of this, not only did Bingya not blame Zhao Hai for destroying the Taurus Divines, he even thought that he did great.

After seeing Zhao Hai and Laura standing at the ship’s bow, Bingya couldn’t help but hesitate. He was afraid of disturbing Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai had also noted Bingya’s presence, he smiled faintly before turning his head to Bingya and said, “Bingya, what’s wrong? Is there a problem?” The time they spent together wasn’t short, so Zhao Hai had become comfortable in calling him Bingya.

Bingya went towards Zhao Hai and bowed, “Mister, I just received word from the clan. It seems like the Divines had intensified their surveillance towards their vassal races. As long as they discover something wrong, they would immediately send troops to deal with it.”

Zhao Hai stared, but then he nodded and said, “No wonder the Divines had been motionless for a long time. So they were doing this. They want to stabilize their rear first before trying to deal with us. Hehe, interesting.”

Bingya looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, what should we do?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Is it really that bad? The Divines are used to these kinds of things. And they also know that the reason why the Taurus Continent fell was due to the rebellion of the three clans. Therefore, they need to increase their vigilance towards their vassals. They may even quell some numbers off of their vassals. But the more they do this, the more hatred those races would have towards them. If they can’t crush the rebels quickly enough, then the Divine Race’s backyard would get more and more chaotic. This is good for us.”

Bingya stared, then he nodded. He couldn’t help but agree to what Zhao Hai said. The foreign races had been fighting against the Divine Race for a long time, so Bingya understood how tyrannical the Divines were. Upon knowing that their vassals can perform a rebellion, they would certainly become more ruthless. Quelling numbers was only one of the more simple methods.

Bingya also knew that the already discontented vassal races would be more angry when the Divines suppress them even more. This would only speed up the planned rebellions. As long as races revolt together, the Divines would have to split their troops. When the time comes, Zhao Hai could then annihilate the Divines one by one.

After thinking this through, Bingya nodded and said, “Alright, we’ll be depending on Mister. I’ll tell the clan what mister said. But Mister, we should take action against the Divines. If they successfully make their base, then we would be at a disadvantage.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and smiled, “Don’t worry about it. Just let them be. It would be impossible for them to be in their base forever. As long as they go out and make an attack, I can deal with them then.”

Bingya didn’t say anything about this anymore. He just nodded and said, “I’ll be reporting to the clan now.” Then he turned around and went to his cabin.

Laura looked at Bingya and then turned her head to Zhao Hai, “Brother Hai, the Foreign Races didn’t make Bingya and the others go back. Do they want to monitor you? How can we just leave them be? We already have enough strength to deal with the Divine Race ourselves.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “If you don’t pull them into the water, then how could you expect them to fight with the Divines? As long as the Foreign Races gets weakened, then the more chances we can have to get their ultimate weapons. Of course, it would be better if we can have them migrate to the Space.”

When Laura heard this, she couldn’t help but laugh. She now understood what Zhao Hai had in mind. This was actually the same plan that Zhao Hai had on the three clans. Pulling the Thunder Clan and the others along would not only help fight the Divines, but they would also get weakened. At that time, when Zhao Hai directs the Underworld and the Atlanta Plane into the Divine Realm, those three clans would surely allow themselves to be taken into the Space.

The sooner those people enter the Space, the sooner they could worship Zhao Hai. When the time comes, Zhao Hai would have more Faith Power.

Although this method wasn’t clever, it was actually the most effective. If Zhao Hai goes on and force them, then he would be wasting time. And time wasn’t exactly on Zhao Hai’s side right now.


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    1. It’s just a general phrase; to quell a rebellion. It doesn’t allude to the context involved in calming it, just that the rebellion has been solved / is being solved.

      If they slaughter everyone involved in the uprising, then naturally the situation will have been calmed since there is no-one left to rebel. If they appease through non-violence, then the situation is still calmed, but with less of a loss to manpower. The end result is still that the rebellion is over for the time being.

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