BTFTLIAW – Chapter 873

Chapter 873 – The Atlanta Plane Invades

Time flew by quickly. At this moment, Zhao Hai was calmly standing on the Hell KIng’s ship as he gazed at a spatial rift. Naturally, there were no changes to the rift. However, Zhao Hai knew that something was happening on the other side.

Behind the spatial rift were the people of the Atlanta Plane. Their four ships had officially set forth as they rushed towards the Ark continent.

Zhao Hai thought that the most pressing matter for him right now was the Divine Race. However, he was left surprised when the Divines were still building their base a month after they arrived on the Taurus Continent. They were also using ships to gather resources and supplies in order to construct their fortress.

On the other hand, it was actually the people from the Atlanta Plane that needed to be looked after. After they finished making their four ships and amassing supplies, they immediately started to mobilize their soldiers. After a month, they set forth and proceeded towards the Ark Continent. They didn’t even send scouts in to see the situation.

This caused Zhao Hai to be surprised. These people from the Atlanta Plane didn’t look like amateurs. However, they didn’t send any forward scouts, they just went directly for the Ark Continent’s spatial rift.

The action made by the people from the Atlanta Continent appeared careless, Zhao Hai really didn’t know where their confidence came from. However, Zhao Hai cannot help but recognize how good a Technomagic civilization was. The four ships were fully equipped, they were like four cities that could move at sea.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai can see a lot of magic armors. These magic armors looked advanced, there were some magic armors that looked like the one Axe and his team used, the one with three transformations. And from what Zhao Hai can see, these magic armors had strength no lower than average God-ranks.

This time, the O’Neal family dispatched nearly a thousand advanced magic armors. And one could see that they were yet to go all out. There should be more of these magic armors inside the ships.

At this point, the four huge ships had already arrived at Blazing Island. The Tyrant stopped at Blazing Island and immediately released magic armors to kill all the magic beasts left there. After that, they took the magic cores inside the beasts.

Zhao Hai has been paying attention to the actions of the people from the Atlanta Plane. He wanted to know what they wanted to do. Fortunately, maybe because they didn’t sense any danger, the magic shield of the ship didn’t activate, allowing Zhao Hai to see what they were doing.

They took the magic cores to the small workshop at the bottom of the ship and compressed them to be turned into magic crystals.

Zhao Hai became surprised upon seeing all of this. He didn’t expect it to be like this.

Zhao Hai now knew what the magic armors need for energy, it was actually magic crystals.

This made Zhao Hai even more curious. He wanted to know how these magic armors would perform if they could use his crystals.

Although the people from the Atlanta Plane can turn energy into crystal stones, Zhao Hai can clearly see that the energy inside them couldn’t compare to his own crystals. In other words, the source used by the Atlanta Plane was inferior to Zhao Hai’s.

The magic cannons using normal crystals were not very good, but after using Zhao Hai’s crystals, they could kill God-rank experts. If those crystals were used on magic armors, how much stronger would they get?

Zhao Hai was now itching to get his hands on magic armors and then try them out. However, he also knew that this wouldn’t be easy.

Laura walked to Zhao Hai’s side and said, “Brother Hai, don’t worry, the Atlanta Plane can’t do anything. Didn’t you want them to reach the Ark Continent? The fight will begin soon.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I know. I’m not worried. I just can’t wait to see how the Hell King’s ship would develop with the magic armors. Its fighting potential would surely be even more amazing.”

Laura smiled and said, “What? The current Hell King’s ship is unable to satisfy you? How about my modifications?”

Zhao Hai smiled. Before, he wasn’t too enthusiastic about Laura’s modifications, he just went along with her ideas. However, he didn’t expect Laura to be earnest in her task. She carefully researched the ship and carried on a comprehensive modification to its interior. She even drew a very detailed blueprint. In Laura’s blueprint, the Hell King’s ship was divided into many regions. The uppermost layers would be the place where Zhao Hai and the others lived. The arrangement was the same as the one in the Space. There were even some greeneries inside, along with the Hot Spring and the others.

The following layers held the other residential parts of the ship. Altogether, it would be able to house ten thousand people. Moreover, each one of them would have their own rooms, the things inside each rooms were also quite good.

Under that was the warehouse. It can store a month’s worth of supplies for a hundred thousand people. Under that was the undead region where the undead stayed. It had an environment the same as the hell background, allowing the undead to cultivate inside.

On the bottom part of the ship was the Yin-Yang pond, the heart of the ship.

Actually, Laura didn’t have to spend such great effort on this. But since Zhao Hai cannot enter the Space at this time, the ship’s interior needed to be improved to make their lives more comfortable. The other living quarters and storage were something for outsiders to see, helping Zhao Hai to hide the secret of the Space.

In addition to these things, Laura also made changes to other places of the ship. The first one was the ram in front of the ship. In the past, the ram was integrated with the ship. Now, Laura separated it. This meant that it can be taken down. When the time comes, it can fly out of the ship and smash the enemy.

Then there was the ship’s pole. In the past, its only use was for hanging the flag. After the changes, it can now elongate itself and harden or soften at will, making it to swing on all sides. This allowed it to be used as a weapon whenever some enemies get close to the ship.

Besides these major things, Laura didn’t do any other changes. This was because if they changed the ship too much, then they might need the help of the processing machine.

In addition to these, Laura also selected the undead to be stored inside the ship. All of them were God-ranks and God-rank magic beasts. Although the builds of these beasts were quite huge, Zhao Hai’s undead can transform, allowing them to turn into humanoid forms. They would stay inside the ship in the humanoid form and just transform  back during battle.

Zhao Hai became very interested in these modifications. Although they looked minor, these changes actually improved the Hell King’s ship’s performance.

Zhao Hai was aware that he can only act like an overlord because nobody can contend with the ship in this plane. He seemed like a grown man playing with children, he was bullying them, basically.

But now that he was being repelled more and more, a day would come where he would ascend. When that time comes, the Hell King’s ship wouldn’t necessarily be the most powerful thing present. He would encounter more powerful enemies and even more powerful weapons.

At this time, nobody can approach and threaten the Hell King’s ship. But this wouldn’t be true in the Immortal Cultivation Realm. Laura’s modifications of the ships needed to be carried sooner or later.

When he heard Laura, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh, “It’s good, very good. Right, what are the others doing?”

Laura smiled and said, “Not much. Lizzy and Megan are looking at the maps of the Taurus Continent and the Ark Continent in preparation for fighting the Divines and the people from the Atlanta Plane. Meg is currently researching new food. Ni’er is taking care of the animals in the Space. Ruyen is still busy on the island. I heard from Grandpa Green that Ruyen is planning to set up a Merchant Union in the Continent. Berry is with her clansmen, she’s now the busiest among all of us.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “How about you? Why don’t you study blueprints in the next few days? Aren’t you interested in those magic armors? You can have Cai’er provide you with a three dimensional figure of the armors.”

Laura smiled and said, “I’m quite interested. I’ve tried to make blueprints to make them, but I discovered that the metals used to make them aren’t common ones. It should be a special type of alloy. If those magic armors are made with common metals, they would disintegrate in no time.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Who knows how long the Atlanta Plane researched those metals. Making magic armors surely wouldn’t be simple. Go and look at the magic armor made by the Goblins. Their magic armor shouldn’t be that complex. Not to mention the magic formations used are much simpler. Don’t be anxious and take it slowly. Wait for me to grab a few magic armors and then you can study them.”


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