BTFTLIAW – Chapter 872

Chapter 872 – Everyone Is Busy

Zhao Hai was currently sitting in the Hell King’s ship along with Laura and the others. The layout of the room they were in was the same as the living room of the Space’s villa. Zhao Hai can’t stay inside the Space for a long time, so the only thing they could do was to make a room inside the ship.

The women didn’t object to Zhao Hai’s action. In their view, it was necessary for Zhao Hai to stay inside the ship, so they decided to accompany him. However, they were already used to the Space’s villa. It can be said that if they were to close their eyes, they could still manage to navigate the place. So if they change their environment, they may take a while to get used to it. Therefore, Zhao Hai’s decision also had them in mind.

At this point, the Hell King’s ship had become their home. Almost everything in the villa was moved to the ship, allowing Zhao Hai to stay inside it every day.

Bingya and the others had also been treating the ship as their home. Although they stayed with Zhao Hai in the ship all the time, they rarely went out, they were almost always inside their room. After seeing their actions, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile.

Zhao Hai was currently watching the situation on Axe Island. The four ships were already launched. Moreover, their trial run had no problems. After the ships returned to the island and conducting a final inspection, they can then be allowed to set forth.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t actually concerned about this. What he was paying attention to were the armored land vehicles. Although Zhao Hai didn’t know the names of these vehicles, he wanted to call them armored transport vehicles. The armor on these vehicles were thick, and they were crawler-types. Their design was also angular, making them look quite mighty. Zhao Hai paid attention to the magic formations on those trucks. The formations looked like those used on the huge ships. With Zhao Hai’s current knowledge, he really can’t see anything different between the two formations.

But one thing made Zhao Hai feel strange. Although these vehicles were crawlers and were evidently heavy, their speed wasn’t slow, even if they were filled with magic armors. At the same time, their steering was also very smooth.

Laura was sitting right next to Zhao Hai, she had nothing to do at the time. She wasn’t as busy as Lizzy and Megan who were always busy with coming up with tactics. However, Zhao Hai had found out something about Laura other than her skill in logistics, she was interested in machinery.

It’s possible that she got it from Karen, but Laura had some sort of intuition after seeing magic formations and machines. It was just because Laura wasn’t paying attention to this aspect that her talent wasn’t discovered.

But now was different. Laura was looking at the Atlanta Plane’s magic armor and magic formations with deep focus. When the ships had made their testing voyage, Laura’s eyes were glued to the monitor. It reached a point where Zhao Hai was actually afraid that she would get fatigued, so he forced her to take a rest.

Laura was currently inspecting the armored vehicles at the screen. After some time she said, “Brother Hai, how about we modify the Hell King’s ship?” Upon hearing this, Zhao Hai looked at Laura and said, “Modify the ship? What changes would you like?”

Laura smiled and said, “Don’t you think that the attack of the ship is too limited? I want to make changes on this aspect.”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, “The Hell King’s ship is made according to the Space’s blueprints. I’m afraid it won’t be easy to modify. Make a blueprint first, if it looks good, I’ll try implementing it.”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “Brother Hai, I think you misunderstood. I don’t want to change the shape of the ship. Instead, I want to make modifications on its internal structure. There’s no need to remake the ship from scratch.”

After hearing this, Zhao Hai let out a sigh of relief before he said, “So it’s like that. Alright, but you still have to draw your plans. Otherwise, I won’t agree to it.” Laura nodded before she turned around and left.

Zhao Hai looked at Laura’s departing back and smiled bitterly, “I hope she doesn’t end up like father-in-law. That would be terrible.”

Meg, who was on Zhao Hai’s side, couldn’t help but chuckle as she said, “Just who made sister Laura stare at the monitor for too long? It’s too late to regret it now.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly, “At that time, I just saw it as her being bored. So I allowed her to look at the monitor and relax. Who knew it would reach this point?”

Megan chuckled. Among Zhao Hai’s women, Meg talked the least and had the least presence. Even Ni’er’s presence can be felt more. Ni’er liked animals. Therefore, Zhao Hai had her stay in the Space at this time to look after them.

Ni’er was just too pure. Zhao Hai didn’t want to expose her to things she shouldn’t be in contact with. Having her stay with the animals was the best thing for her.

On the other hand, Meg usually had nothing to do. Her main job was to assist Zhao Hai along with Laura with the day to day activities. She would aid Laura while also arranging things for Zhao Hai and the others. At this point, Zhao Hai and the others were already used to Meg’s services. If Meg were to vanish one day, their lives would surely be turned into a mess. However, everyone knew that day won’t come.

Although Meg didn’t express herself more often, she still held Zhao Hai’s best feelings. Meg had been the longest person right beside Zhao Hai. This made Meg Zhao Hai’s favored wife.

Now, among Zhao Hai’s wives, there were only two of them who were inside the Space. One was Ruyen. Ruyen spent the least time with Zhao Hai. In addition to her previous status, it can be said if one were to rank Zhao Hai’s wives, Ruyen would place last.

Ruyen was currently inside the Space’s Wild Dragon Island. She was taking care of the island’s affairs, after all, it belonged to the Buda Clan.[1]

Naturally, she would stay by Zhao Hai’s side when evening came. She can just return to the Space during daytime. As long as the island was running well, she would have ample time.

Zhao Hai didn’t want Ruyen to get bored. And since Ruyen wanted to be useful, she asked to be the one to manage the island. In the end, Zhao Hai agreed to her proposal.

Another wife who wasn’t always by Zhao Hai was Berry. Berry was a Demon, and she wasn’t good in management. She also wasn’t good of taking care of Zhao Hai’s needs. What she was busying herself with right now was her clan.

Even before the Demons entered the Space, Zhao Hai already promised Berry to let her people in. After Zhao Hai allowed the Demons in, Berry came to Zhao Hai and asked him to give her people a place like Wild Dragon island so that the Succubi would be able to live in peace.

Naturally, Zhao Hai agreed to this request. However, he didn’t quite understand why Berry wanted to do this. Later when he asked Berry, Zhao Hai finally understood the state of the Succubus Race. In the Demon Realm, the Succubi were deemed to be the best choices to become wives. Therefore, almost every Demon wanted a Succubus for themselves. Because of this, a lot of Demons forced Succubi to submit. The Succubus Race hated this, therefore, it would be great if they could have their own island for them to live a quiet life.

However, Zhao Hai still felt strange. So he asked Berry about what how the Succubi would multiply if they isolate themselves from the others.

This point had already been thought about a long time ago. The Succubi wouldn’t always stay on the island. Every once in a while, an adult Succubus with enough strength would go to the mainland and train. At that time, they would have the opportunity to find a husband for their own. After that, they can choose to stay on the mainland or just borrow the male to impregnate them before they go back to the island. Everything would be up to that Succubus’ discretion.

When Zhao Hai heard this, he couldn’t help but be startled. He still couldn’t understand the decision made by the Succubus Race. However, he still agreed. It was because this wasn’t only Berry’s decision, the other Succubi wanted this as well.

Therefore, Berry would spend most of her time with her clan and then help whenever she was wanted.

Since Berry was Zhao Hai’s wife, her status was very special. Therefore, the Succubi were full of respect towards her, treating her as the leader of their clan. This caused Berry to be quite busy.

Zhao Hai didn’t oppose to Berry’s actions. Zhao Hai wasn’t possessive of his wives and he wouldn’t dare to treat them as his property. He hoped that his wives would find their own paths. Because of this, Zhao Hai was in full support to what Berry decided to do.

While his wives were busy, Zhao Hai, the man of the family, was relaxed. What he did every day was sitting on his room and staring at the monitor, watching the undead and iron armor beasts in the Demon Realm, the underworld’s advancement in the Ark Continent, the mining in the Taurus Continent, the Atlanta Plane’s progress in their conquest, and the Divine Race’s base construction.

These matters looked quite boring because of the repetition. However, Zhao Hai still needed to pay attention because these people were his enemies. As he observed their actions, he could analyze their future plans and find any weaknesses that they might have.

At the same time, Zhao Hai was also looking at the people inside the Space. The Goblins were living their usual lives. However, more and more Goblins had started to play with magic formations. This caused materials to be very much needed. Zhao Hai had Cai’er negotiate with the Goblins to do some tasks in exchange for supplies.

These tasks weren’t too difficult for the Goblins, and all of these were related to magic formations. The tasks were effective for the growth of the goblins. Every day, the Goblin race were becoming better and better.

Zhao Hai also paid attention to the Fishman Race once in a while. The one he paid most attention to was the Azure Dragon Snail.

The Azure Dragon Snail was a magic beast that Zhao Hai had received from the Fishmen. Its defensive capability was very formidable, making it an important weapon for the Fishman Race. The moment he received the Azure Dragon Snail, Zhao Hai immediately took care of it inside the Space.

Because of the Space’s ability to accelerate growth, the Azure Dragon Snail was now quite big. However, Zhao Hai didn’t go on and refine the snail. It was because he knew that the older the snail, the better it would be. Although there were a lot of Azure Dragon Snails in the seas, Zhao Hai didn’t make use of them.

Zhao Hai wanted to see the lifespan of these snails. After they die a natural death, only then would Zhao Hai take them for refining.

However, what happened next surprised Zhao Hai. The snails were living very well, none of them were on the verge of dying. At this time, the largest snail in the sea had reached a height of ten thousand meters. And even if it was quite large, it was still full of life, it seems like it could live for a longer time.

Zhao Hai did a test. He attacked the Azure Dragon Snail using a magic cannon made in the Ark continent. This magic cannon can threaten even God-rank experts. However, after hitting the snail, Zhao Hai saw that the snail seemed unflinched by the incoming attack. The snail just reached out with its dragon claw and met the beam of light. When the beam of light clashed with the claw, it vanished. It seemed like nothing even happened.

Zhao Hai was shocked upon witnessing this. He didn’t expect the snail to have this much defense. If he made them live for longer, who knows what they will turn into. It was because of this that Zhao Hai decided to just have the snails grow. He wanted to see how formidable they would be in the future.

At the same time, the Fishmen gained great benefits inside the Space. This was especially true for the Sea Dragons, the last of the Dragon Race. The place where they were in was still in the sea, but this sea was in the same background as Zhao Hai’s villa. The Sea Dragons stayed there for quite some time that Zhao Hai even forgot about them.

However, the growth of the Sea Dragons was beyond Zhao Hai’s expectation. Last time, Zhao Hai was able to see some God-ranks among them. Now, there were even more God-ranks. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be astonished by their growth..

  1. Maybe the author meant Haven Island, I don’t know.


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