BTFTLIAW – Chapter 871

Chapter 871 – Technomagic Civilization

However, what Axe and the others didn’t know was that everything that happened in Axe Island was completely known to Zhao Hai. These days, Zhao Hai had been constantly monitoring the state of the Atlanta Continent and the Underworld.

When the reinforcements from the Divines arrived, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately attack them. He wanted to see what those people decided to do.

Zhao Hai thought that the Taurus Divines would go to him in order to fight. But this time it seems like he had guessed wrong. The opposite party didn’t come looking for him, instead, they proceeded to build a base. Zhao Hai was quite surprised, but he soon calmed down when he understood that it was reasonable for the Divines to do so.

Zhao Hai didn’t know that the reason why this was the case was because the Divines weren’t fully confident in dealing with him. Every time the Divines met, they would use their magic formation to enclose the surrounding space, making Zhao Hai unable to listen in on their conversation.

However, Zhao Hai still understood why the Divines stayed put upon seeing their actions. But we wasn’t worried. He wanted to see how the Divines would want to deal with him.

Of course, Zhao Hai wouldn’t just let this pass. He had Bingya and the others send a letter back to the Foreign Races and had them see if there were any news about the vassal races of the Divine Race. However, this couldn’t be accomplished in a short time. Even if Zhao Hai provided them with messenger fishes, it was still impossible to send word.

Because of this, Zhao Hai’s attention was shifted towards Axe Island. The O’Neal family didn’t establish a formation on the island. Although the people from the Atlanta Plane were famous for their formations, in the O’Neal family’s minds, it was impossible for the Ark Continent to come to this island. Therefore, there was no need to build a formation.

Also, since they arranged magic armor guards on the island, they thought that magic formations would be redundant. For the O’Neal family, the time used to establish magic formations might as well be used for shipbuilding.

Since they didn’t have any magic formations, Zhao Hai can see every one of their actions quite clearly. Initially, Zhao Hai didn’t know what things the O’Neal family were busying themselves with. But soon, he understood the the O’Neal family were actually building a ship.

After seeing this situation, Zhao Hai guessed the situation of the Atlanta Plane. The Atlanta Plane was a Technomagic Civilization, a society much higher than the one back on Earth. However, they still haven’t managed to reach the cosmos like the Earth. At the very least, they had no way to build spaceships to transport people.

Zhao Hai didn’t make any attacks. He was afraid that the O’Neal family would be more vigilant once their island was threatened. He also wanted to see the expressions of the O’Neal family once they see the state of the Ark Continent.

Because of this, Zhao Hai observed Axe Island as it slowly built their four ships. To be honest, after seeing the O’Neal family’s efforts day and night, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but pity them for their soon to be useless work. However, Zhao Hai reminded himself that they were enemies.

Under Zhao Hai’s gaze, four huge ships were constructed. After the last ship was built, Zhao Hai also saw Axe’s father doing the honors. As for what Axe and his father were talking about, Zhao Hai didn’t know.

The Atlanta Plane’s official language was different from the Ark Continent. Although they can also speak the language of the Ark Continent, they wouldn’t do so when they were talking amongst themselves, instead, they would talk in the words of the Atlanta Plane. This matter made Zhao Hai depressed.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried much about it. Now that the ships were made, it won’t be a long time before the O’Neal family invades the Ark Continent.

Currently, Zhao Hai wasn’t thinking about time difference between the attacks of the Divines and the Atlanta Plane. At this point, it was impossible to estimate when things was going to happen. It seems like the Divines wanted to delay for some, the people of the Atlanta Plane were the same. In any case, Zhao Hai was prepared to fight a two-way battle.

At this time, Zhao Hai was enamoured by the construction of the megaton-class ships. This was especially true for the machines used in the process.

When the ships were beginning to be made, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get surprised. This was because the Atlanta Plane had achieved a degree of fully mechanized work.

Building a ship requires a lot of welding, cutting, and other processes. All of which were done by people who were inside magic armors. This astonished Zhao Hai.

These magic armors were different than transforming ones. They weren’t entirely humanoid. Some of them were car-shaped with mechanical arms, some were just mechanical arms.

Their shipbuilding was the most formidable one that Zhao Hai had even seen. Naturally, this was due to their magic machinery. It was the perk of being a technomagic civilization.

Technomagic civilization, this was the name Zhao Hai used to describe Magic-Machine civilizations. In the beginning, Zhao Hai thought that the Ark Continent was heading in this direction. This was because there were already people in the continent that used magic formations for stoves, refrigeration, and many other daily activities.

However, Zhao Hai was quick to discover that although the people of the Ark Continent were using magic formations, those who develop these formations weren’t looked at in a respectable way. People were only thinking about magic formations as something that can make their lives easier. They didn’t think about using it to make even greater things.

The Demon Realm, Divine Realm, and even the Thunder Plane and the others were almost on the side of a Magic Civilization. They knew so little about machines.

After being introduced to the Goblins, Zhao Hai felt that they were unfortunate. To Zhao Hai, Goblins were headed towards a technomagic civilization. It was a pity that they had been ruined.

The appearance of the Atlanta Plane made Zhao Hai aware that technomagic civilizations existed in this universe. Moreover, the Atlanta Plane seemed to have developed to a very advanced level.

After living on Earth for decades, Zhao Hai was clear about what technology can do to people’s lives. Therefore, Zhao Hai was hoping that the Ark Continent would steer that way. In Zhao Hai’s view, the Atlanta Plane have really developed the technomagic civilization to a high degree.

In addition to the machines used to make the ships, the ships themselves made Zhao Hai’s eyes shine.

The huge ship was a big hulking piece of metal. It was different to the Ark Continent’s iron ships. These big megaton-class ships can contend against the biggest freighter ships back on earth.

However, these big ships had magic formations all over their bodies. These magic formations made these four ships even more amazing in Zhao Hai’s eyes.

Zhao Hai didn’t understand the magic formations used in the Atlanta Plane. With their level of technology, no ordinary people could make sense of it.

Their magic formations were very strange. Although they looked the same, they actually do different things. After careful scrutiny, one could see a symbol or two being different. This small change could actually transform its function.

However, this wasn’t just a simple matter of changing a symbol. It took a lot of experimentation to find the right position, size, and even thickness of a certain symbol. All of these factors make magic formations very difficult to learn.

Zhao Hai already had a lot of Atlanta Plane magic formations in his hands. Some of them were copied by Cai’er from Axe’s mecha. At this time, Karen was researching these magic formations. Although the Goblins were innately skilled in this aspect, their civilization was mostly destroyed. Most Goblins would need several months of study in order to learn characters. At this point, they simply couldn’t help. Even if Zhao Hai had a lot of formations in his hands, he only knew a few of its uses.

Because of this, when Zhao Hai looked at the magic formations on the ships, he felt like he was reading a book that came from heaven. He simply couldn’t grasp the uses of the formations. Without knowing anything, it was impossible to put it to good use.

But this only made Zhao Hai even more curious about the ships. He now wanted to know what functions these ships had.

Aside from the magic formations, the design of the ships also made Zhao Hai’s eyes light up. The deck of the ship was divided into 30 layers. The upper layers were living quarters. The design of the rooms were very reasonable. The space on each one wasn’t very small. There were also some entertainment facilities inside.

The living quarters comprised of five floors. Starting from the sixth floor was where the magic armors were stored. The magic armors occupied a total of ten floors. After that were the garages, housing the land vehicles to be used. Zhao Hai already saw these vehicles, there were a lot of them in Axe Island.

Below the garage was the workshop. There were up to 50 stations in the workshop. All kinds of mechanical arms and devices were seen inside, all equipped for repairing magic armors.

On the lowest levels of the ship were components of magic armors along with energy sources. There were even equipment for compressing energy. One could say that the ship was fully equipped.

Seeing that the workers weren’t having trouble in building these four ships made Zhao Hai understand the level of technology the Atlanta Plane has reached.


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