BTFTLIAW – Chapter 870

Chapter 870 – Axe Island Shipyard

Axe was feeling great recently. His status in the family was now a step higher than before. Axe loved to adventure, which explained why he didn’t have the highest position in the family. And with the addition of having minimal contact with the family, Axe’s status of being the direct successor wasn’t very stable.

But this time, the information that Axe brought was too important of the O’neal family. After Axe came back, the family immediately prepared for their invasion of the Ark Continent.

With this, Axe’s status had become more and more stable. When the time comes, nobody could say anything if he were to succeed the family.

Because of this, Axe took care of the Ark Continent’s invasion very meticulously. In his mind, conquering the Ark Continent was a very good opportunity for him. As long as his family takes control of the Ark Continent, the position of Patriarch would certainly be his.

Axe was too enthusiastic with the preparations, there were matters he wasn’t involved with but he still chose to express his thoughts.

However, the O’Neal Clan’s Patriarch was Axe’s father. He became quite fond of his son, so when he saw Axe intervening on things he not only let it go, he even supported his son.

In the past, Axe didn’t pay much attention to the matters of the family, this worried his father. One could transfer one’s power to another person, but things were more complicated than that. If you can’t consolidate your power, then you would end up like a puppet in the end.

Axe was heading this direction, which worried his father. Therefore, after seeing Axe’s enthusiastic performance, the Patriarch encouraged him to intervene more.

In the Atlanta Plane, especially in the Magic Armor Continent, military operations were done large-scale, causing many things to be prepared.

Like the Divine Race, if they wanted to make an attack, they needed to carry out some preparations. They would need to assemble an army, amass supplies, provide weapons, and a lot more. These needed to be properly taken care of before making a move. If the military wasn’t prepared, then they would risk failure.

The thing the Atlanta Plane needed to take of the most were their magic armors. Both the offensive and defensive capabilities of the magic armors are formidable. However, magic armors had a weak point, it was power.

Magic armors weren’t like people, especially God-ranks. As long as people had enough food and rest, then they would be able to fight properly.

On the other hand, magic armors needed energy coming from a compressed energy source. The energy inside these sources came from extracting energy somewhere and compressing it.

This energy is the heart of each magic armor. Therefore, the Atlanta Continent  prepared a lot of these things. Otherwise, there would come a time where the magic armors would turn into useless pieces of junk.

It was precisely because of this that the preparation time for the Atlanta Continent was much longer compared to the Divine Race. The Divines would be able to finish their preparations in just one month while the Atlanta Plane would take at least two to three months.

Besides compressed energy, the Atlanta Plane also needed means of transportation before they can proceed to attack.

The magic armors of the Atlanta Plane were just like aircraft, but much more formidable. However, each magic armor can only carry so much energy source inside them. Once their source of power gets used up, then they could no longer fight.

But since the magic armors needed to be used for combat, they couldn’t just be allowed to fly by themselves. Because of this, if one wants to transport the magic armors, you would need a bigger vessel.

There were many means of transport in the Atlanta Plane. Some of these transport vehicles work in the sea while some work on land. But regardless of where they operate, one thing was for sure, these transport vehicles were very large.

Since these transportation vehicles were big and there weren’t any who can carry a lot of magic armors in one go, they needed to be taken care of as well before the Atlanta Plane can invade the Ark Continent.

In the Atlanta Continent where the spatial rift to the Ark Continent was located, was an island. It was quite a large island with no people in it. This wasn’t an issue since it could be regarded as a military base to be used as a jumping point for their invasion of the Ark Continent.

However, the island also presented a problem by itself. If they wanted to leave the island and proceed to the Ark Continent, then they would need a lot of transportation vehicles. There were a lot of transportation vehicles available in the Atlanta Plane, but how to bring them to the Ark Continent was a nuisance that needed to be taken care of.

Whether it be in the Ark Continent or the Atlanta plane, or even on Earth, constructing marine-worthy vehicles was much harder compared to land vehicles.

And this case was especially true for much larger vessels. Therefore, after hearing about the Ark Continent, the O’Neal family immediately constructed a shipyard on that island. Then they concentrated all of their shipbuilders there in order to make the ships.

The O’Neal family had no other way. The spatial crack was in a small mountain, there was simply no way for the family to send a large amount of ships directly to the Ark Continent.

However, for the Atlanta Plane who were constructing magic armors, making said ships only took a short time. In this case, a megaton-class ship can be made in just a month.

And because the O’Neal family was looking at this invasion with importance and had invested almost all manpower and funds into this project, they were able to make four megaton-class ships in two months.

These four huge ships aren’t just for transporting magic armors, they were also used to carry land transportation vehicles. These land-based vehicles were also a masterpiece of the Atlanta Plane. Each one can carry 20 magic armors. Moreover, it can go through all kinds of terrain. It also had a thick armor as well as weapons making it capable for combat.

The O’Neal family knew that to conquer the Ark Continent, they would need to rely on these land vehicles. Therefore, along with the ships, they also made a few of these vehicles.

The O’Neal family went all out on this gamble. As long as they conquer the Ark Continent, every investment would be worth it.

Axe was currently on the island with the spatial rift. This island was known to the family as Axe Island. After he came back home, it was named after him to commemorate his achievement. Axe took a liking to this island. He stayed on it as he supervised the shipbuilding efforts.

Today, it wasn’t only Axe who was present. His father, the O’Neal family Patriarch was also here along with other important figures of the family.

The reason they came to Axe Island was because the fourth ship was finally able to be launched.

In the O’Neal family, these four ships had been named, ‘Conquest’, ‘Victory’, ‘Glory’, and ‘Tyrant’. One can see from the names of these ships the ambition and expectations of the O’Neal family in conquering the Ark Continent.

The workers below were still busy. Axe was standing on the dock, a step behind his father. Axe’s father looked at the four big ships and couldn’t help but smile. He turned to Axe and said, “Axe, you did this quite magnificently. As long as the family occupies the Ark Continent, you will receive the highest honors.” Although Axe was feeling proud in his heart, his outside expression maintained its calm. He bowed to his father and replied, “It is my pleasure to benefit the family. Father, I want you to wait for a while. I’ll head to the Ark Continent and contact Zhao Hai. What do you think?”

Axe’s father smiled, but he shook his head and said, “Axe, there’s no need to be anxious. Wait until everyone is ready. When the time comes, it won’t be too late. Zhao Hai is very young and might be inexperienced, however, this doesn’t mean the same for the other people in the Ark Continent. If we aren’t prepared and you just brashly go there, you might alert them. This matter is crucial for the family, so we don’t want even a small mistake. Axe, don’t forget, you’re a young Patriarch, what you need to do is to overlook the entire situation and not to charge headfirst. That kind of thing is not befitting someone of your status, let others do it instead. Understood?”

Upon hearing his father, Axe didn’t talk back. Instead, he nodded and said, “Yes, father, I understand.”

Axe’s Father nodded, then he patted Axe’s shoulder and said, “Kid, I’ll be handing the future of the O’Neal family in your hands. You need to understand that there are things that even the Patriarch cannot help with. You can’t do everything by yourself, otherwise, what point is there for your position?” Axe remembered his father’s words. Although he didn’t have a thorough understanding about it, he also knew that this wasn’t the time to ask his father. He just nodded and stayed silent.

At this time, someone arrived by Axe’s father and kneeled down on one knee, “Reporting to the Patriarch. Everything has been prepared. We ask the Patriarch to give the honors!”

Axe’s father nodded. Then he went to the pier right by the Tyrant. On the bow of the ship was a bottle of wine tied by the rope. Axe’s father took the bottle and then swung it with all his strength towards the ship.


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