BTFTLIAW – Chapter 869

Chapter 869 – Divine Race’s Huge Problem

“You short-sighted fool!”

A roar came from the hall’s door. The people in the room stared. The Capricorn Divine that just spoke wasn’t any ordinary person, he was the Capricorn Continent’s Supreme Elder, an ultimate weapon expert. It can be said that among those present, he held one of the highest status. Nobody dared to be impolite towards him.

But after they saw who came through the door, they shut up, it was Gold Ben. Gold Ben was also an ultimate weapon expert, him being the Supreme Elder of the Taurus Continent. He and the Capricorn Supreme Elder held equal status. Naturally there was no problem if he said those words.

However, the Capricorn Supreme Elder didn’t take take it lightly. He looked straight an Gold Ben and said, “Who do you think you are? You stray dog, why did you come here!”

Gold Ben looked at the Capricorn Supreme Elder and snorted, “Moroga, I’m scolding you for being a short sighted idiot. You decide to retreat after seeing the Taurus Divines being defeated? Where did your courage go? Are you still from the Divine Race? Have you ever thought about it, since Zhao Hai managed to conquer the Taurus Continent, what stops him from going over to your Capricorn Continent? Do you believe that you can deal with him alone? Even if you can defeat him, how much losses will your continent suffer? Think about this first!”

Moroga wanted to argue, but when he listened to Gold Ben, he said nothing. What Gold Ben said was true. Since Zhao Hai can destroy the Taurus Divines, why couldn’t he destroy the Capricorn Divines? If Zhao Hai decided to go to the Capricorn Continent, then their days would surely be the worst. After seeing that Moroga kept silent, Gold Ben said, “Zhao Hai isn’t someone that a single continent can handle. Moreover, he is a formidable Dark Mage, capable of turning everyone into undead. Most importantly, his undead will keep the strength that they had when they were alive. The more Divines he kills, the more God-rank undead he would acquire. At this point, I’m afraid he already had about 100 million God-rank undead. Even if it hadn’t reached 100 million, he should have at least 80 or 90 million. Think about it, 80 million God-rank undead killing their way to your continent. What kind of situation would you be in?”

A man next to Moroga suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were very strange, it was entirely red. Although he only wore ordinary cotton garments, his aura was actually stronger than Gold Ben. This person was the Cancer Continent’s Supreme Elder, Jie Yu.

Jie Yu, with his red eyes, scanned the people in the room before saying, “We need to eliminate Zhao Hai. Just like Gold Ben said, if he gets more and more powerful, the Divines will not have any good days ahead. Moreover, since he just had eliminated the Taurus Divines, fighting here won’t affect ordinary people. If we wait, then the battle would be on our own homes. Uninvolved people would die.”

Jie Yu’s status in the hearts of the people was higher compared to Moroga and Gold Ben. This was because he had been a famous expert for many years. In the Divine Race, the amount of people he killed had made him well-known.

After listening to Jie Yu, the group couldn’t help but face the matter at hand. Gold Ben also added, “Elder Jie Yu is correct. Now that the Taurus Divines had been eliminated, we don’t need to worry about commoners being hurt. If one day Zhao Hai comes to your doorstep, then even if you defeat him, the battle would definitely hurt your people. I believe nobody wants to see this situation. And don’t say that there aren’t benefits in defeating Zhao Hai. Don’t forget, now that the Taurus Divines have been ended, the Taurus Continent is completely empty. Not only the Taurus Continent, there is also the our three vassal planes. Although they had rebelled, as long as we defeat Zhao Hai, subduing them would be an easy matter. Additionally, there is a spatial rift in the Taurus Continent that is connected to the Ark Continent. And inside the Ark Continent is a spatial rift to the Demon Realm. As long as we defeat Zhao Hai, not only would you gain the Taurus Continent, you also obtain the Thunder Plane, Barbarian, Plane, Winged Pegasus Plane, and Demon Realm. Isn’t this price enough? Think about what you will gain.”

Gold Ben thought that since the Taurus Divines had been eliminated, he might as well use these things to bait these people. This way, they would be more convinced to dealing with Zhao Hai and avenging the Taurus Divines.

Sure enough, when they heard Gold Ben, the people inside the hall couldn’t help but turn greedy. Moroga looked at Gold Ben and said “Gold Ben, are you telling the truth? Is there really a spatial rift to the Demon Realm in the Ark Continent? Don’t you dare lie to us”

Gold Ben coldly snorted and said, “Why would I use this to deceive you? It’s known that Zhao Hai and the Demons had allied to deal with us. You can even see Demons in Zhao Hai’s army. Moreover, the Demons being the first to arrive in the Ark Continent is something that every Taurus Divine knows.”

Moroga didn’t talk for a while, then he said, “Is Zhao Hai really that strong?”

Gold Ben snorted and said, “If he wasn’t, then the Taurus Divines shouldn’t have lost. The Taurus DIvines didn’t even last for two months. When I went to deal with him, I took 20 Domain Weapon experts with me. But when I faced him, he completely destroyed everyone except me. Now you tell me if he is strong or not.”

Moroga’s face turned ugly. At this time, it was Jie Yu who talked, “Why did you only tell us this right now?”

Gold Ben sneered and said, “If I said it before, will you come? Let me tell you the truth. We had already summoned the Deity twice. We asked him for help in destroying Zhao Hai. However, both attempts failed, which caused Zhao Hai to snatch two artifacts. The reason why Zhao Hai was so powerful was precisely because he has the Deity’s artifacts in his hands.”

After Gold Ben said this, a distinct sound of gasping can be heard in the room. To be honest, when they heard that Gold Ben had been defeated, they weren’t too surprised. In the thirteen clans of the Divine Race, Gold Ben wasn’t the strongest, he only ranked at about 7th or 8th strongest, both Moroga and Jie Yu can defeat him. Him being defeated by Zhao Hai only meant that Zhao Hai was stronger than him. And if Zhao Hai was against Jie Yu and Moroga? It was still hard to say.

However, upon hearing that Zhao Hai had defeated the Deity twice and even managing to rob his weapons, the Divines present couldn’t help but get startled.

The Deity was very strong. They had long known that the Deity uses his incarnations to fight. Although the incarnation might not be stronger than the Divines, his weapons were very strong.

Once the Deity’s incarnation gets destroyed, it was certain that the second one would be stronger. In the Divine Race, nobody can oppose the Deity, even Jie Yu can’t defeat him. But Zhao Hai actually managed to do it, acquiring two weapons in the process. This meant that Zhao Hai’s strength was beyond their expectations. At this point, he might even be stronger, with him having the Deity’s weapons.

Jie Yu was also frowning. As for why Gold Ben only said this now, his intention was very clear. Gold Ben wanted to drag all of them into the water. However, Gold Ben’s words gave them no choice, Zhao Hai was that big of a threat. He can threaten the entire Divine Race. They can’t do anything else but deal with Zhao Hai.

Nobody made any noise, everybody was frowning. On the other hand, Gold Ben was calm. He scanned the people in the room before he turned to Jie Yu, “Elder Jie Yu, we need to make proper arrangements. First, we should send messages to the other continents. We need at least two more ultimate weapons to be certain in dealing with Zhao Hai. Second, we need to be wary about the vassal races under your control. The Thunder Clan, Barbarians, and the Winged Pegasus showed no signs before, but now they had rebelled. This is a lesson we need to learn from. We need to guarantee that your vassal races have no hidden plans. And third, we need to guard against the Foreign Races. Zhao Hai came from the Ark Continent where the Foreign Races also existed. Upon reaching the Divine Realm, it was almost certain that they contacted the Foreign God-ranks. Once they become aware of Zhao Hai’s strength, they would surely enter into an alliance. Don’t forget, we have been suppressing the Foreign Race all these years, they certainly won’t let this opportunity to retaliate go. If the other elders agree, then I want to propose an alliance of the ten continents. We need to work together in dealing with Zhao Hai. Of course, since the Taurus Continent has been destroyed, we just want our revenge. As long as someone kills Zhao Hai, I will give them my Taurus God Armor.”

Upon hearing Gold Ben, Moroga and Jie Yu stared. Then they quickly understood what Gold Ben meant. Gold Ben had nothing left, his family was killed, his body was injured. The only thing he had right now was his Taurus God Armor, nothing else. Therefore, he wants to use his Taurus God Armor as a bargaining chip to help him take his revenge. One couldn’t help but recognize how heavy this was. Almost all of them were tempted.

And there was nothing wrong with the other things that Gold Ben said. The Thunder Clan, Barbarians, and the Winged Pegasus clan had long been vassals of the Taurus Divines. These three clans even participated in the fight against the Foreign Races. Their betrayal meant that other vassal races could also rebel. Additionally, with Zhao Hai being from the Ark Continent, a place that had a branch of the Foreign Races, he would definitely contact the Foreign God-ranks for cooperation upon arriving in the Divine Realm. The hatred between the Foreign Races and the Divine Race wasn’t small, it simply cannot be resolved easily. If the Foreign God-ranks didn’t use this opportunity, then they would be nothing more than fools.

These three points were enough to unite the ten continents against Zhao Hai. Not to mention Gold Ben narrating it properly as to fit his narrative.

After some hesitation, Jie Yu nodded and said, “Alright, we’ll do it according to what Gold Ben said. Moroga, Gold Ben, us three will collectively write the letters to be sent to the other continents. We’ll tell them about the situation here in the Taurus Continent, we’ll express your opinion as well. As for what we need to do at this time, I don’t want to rush an attack. Let’s build a base here and prepare to welcome the other armies. What do you think?” Moroga nodded and said, “I agree with Elder Jie Yu. but I think us three won’t be enough. How about we let everyone present here sign the letter. This way, it will be more convincing.”

Jie Yu nodded and said, “That would be best. While I write the letter, Gold Ben, are you familiar with the surrounding terrain? Go and draw a map, then select a place for us to build our base.” Gold Ben nodded and said, “I’ll take care of it. But I need to tell you that Zhao Hai has powerful magic cannons and javelins. Moreover, he obtained a ship from the Deity. This ship can ram the city and easily destroy its protective shield, it’s not affected by normal attacks either. I also heard about Zhao Hai’s actions back in the Ark Continent. He can use harassment tactics with his speedy cavalry to chip at our numbers while hindering us from going forward. I’m afraid Zhao Hai will use this method to deal with us. I want all of you to think about these matters as we establish our base.”

Jie Yu nodded, “Among all of us, only your people had fought with Zhao Hai. This matter shall be handed over to you. You need to build a proper base. If we can’t quell Zhao Hai here, then he would definitely be a disaster to the Divine Race.” Gold Ben nodded and said, “I’ll begin immediately.” Then he turned around and left.

After Gold Ben left, Moroga turned to Jie Yu and said, “Elder Jie Yu, do you think Gold Ben would really let go of his Taurus God Armor?”

Jie Yu replied, “He will. Gold Ben’s injury isn’t light. He can’t hide it. He also spat blood outside the city. At this point, he is surely using a secret method to delay time. However, it’s impossible for this method to last for a long time. Once his injury flares up, he will surely die. Therefore, he can dare to say that he’ll give us his Taurus God Armor.”

Moroga nodded, then he sighed and said, “This Zhao Hai is really fierce. I didn’t expect him to really eliminate the Taurus Divines. No wonder Gold Ben would want to take revenge. If Zhao Hai doesn’t get eliminated, he would surely be a huge trouble for the Divine Race.”

Jie Yu nodded, then he closed his eyes, nobody knew what he was thinking. After seeing Jie Yu like this, Moroga immediately prepared a pen and paper so that Jie Yu can proceed to write.


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