BTFTLIAW – Chapter 868

Chapter 868 – Gold Ben’s Plot

Gold Ben was sat on his bull. His face looked calm but his feelings deep inside was different. He had lost contact with his people one month ago. One can imagine that the situation back home wasn’t doing very well.

Upon thinking about this, his chest couldn’t help but tighten up as he lowered his head and coughed a couple of times. In the previous battle against Zhao Hai, Gold Ben had been injured forcing him to run away. This caused his body to not be as strong as before. And as he went about to convince the other continents to send reinforcements, his condition worsened. At this time, his vitality was damaged, his face wasn’t as rosy as before.

According to the estimate made by the Taurus Patriarch, with Zhao Hai’s strength, it would take about three to six months before the Taurus Continent gets captured. However, Gold Ben didn’t expect to lose contact with the Taurus Continent not long after he left. This made him restless.

Although he managed to invite five continents, the ultimate weapons only numbered two. With him, there were three ultimate weapons. To be honest, even he wasn’t convinced that these three ultimate weapons could defeat Zhao Hai. The reason why he decided to head back even if he was uncertain was because; one, he was worried about the the state of the Taurus Continent, two, he knew that it was close to impossible for the others to send him their ultimate weapons, the two ultimate weapons already costed him a lot. Third reason was because he chose to invite these people even if there was no sure way to defeat Zhao Hai. Even if they were defeated by Zhao Hai, this meant that Zhao Hai had just sown a seed of discord between him and the other continents. This would cause the other continents to formally declare war on Zhao Hai.

With these reasons, Gold Ben decided to specifically invite Capricorn, Scorpio, and Cancer Continents. Among other Divines, these people were the most probable to bear a grudge. As long as they fight with Zhao Hai, they wouldn’t be able to stop.

Moreover, these people were quite infamous in the Divine Realm. They were extremely militant, which caused them to become hotheaded and ruthless. They bore grudges and would seek revenge over the slightest problem. Most importantly, these people were greedy, even for a Divine. In fact, Gold Ben extremely disliked them.

But because of their character, Gold Ben was able to ask them for help. Gold Ben was good in using their greed and arrogance to draw them into this war.

After thinking about this, Gold Ben couldn’t help but look behind and gaze at the reinforcing army. Altogether, the five continents sent 100 million elite troops, there were also another 100 million troops from other races that were recruited. This resulted in an army numbering about 200 million troops. Additionally, they also had about 200 Domain Weapons as well as two ultimate weapons. It can be said that the five continents attached great vigilance towards Zhao Hai.

However, this didn’t mean that Gold Ben had his confidence in this army. He had seen Zhao Hai’s methods, he knew that if Zhao Hai wanted to attack a Divine Race city, then nobody would be able to stop him.

The military strength of the Taurus Continent wasn’t something to scoff at. But when these troops met Zhao Hai, they were all defeated. Although the Taurus already lost some troops and had the three clans rebel, for Gold Ben, this wasn’t the main reason. The main reason for this was because Zhao Hai was just too strong.

Although he managed to invite a 200 million strong army, he actually didn’t have the authority to command it. He had no way of directing their actions. These people still didn’t trust each other, so how could they show their full might? This caused Gold Ben’s confidence to go down.

However, he didn’t have any other choice but to believe in these people. He just hoped that the Taurus Divines were still in control. Otherwise, things would be even more troublesome.

The Taurus Continent began to show in the horizon. Upon seeing this, Gold Ben couldn’t help but get moved. But this agitation caused him to heavily cough once again. The Divines on his side couldn’t help but feel anxious.

As they slowly got closer and closer to the Taurus Continent, the more the Divines got anxious. All of them were paying close attention to their surroundings, afraid that they might run into Zhao Hai’s army.

Gold Ben didn’t hide any information about Zhao Hai to the five armies. He told them that Zhao Hai was very strong. After all, Zhao Hai was able to defeat him. Because of this, the five armies maintained their vigilance as they went on.

Before long, they arrived at the Taurus Continent’s coastline. Contrary to their expectation, they actually didn’t receive an attack. Their advance went smoothly. However, the Divines were soon able to discover an issue. They were already in the continent, but they were yet to see any Divine Race person. This caused their mood to sink.

Those who’ve been in the battlefield for a long time can understand what was going on. Before, they were looking down on the Taurus Divines for offering a huge price so that they could help. They thought that the Taurus Divines were too cowardly. But after seeing the state of the continent, they came to know that things weren’t as simple as they thought it would be.

The Taurus Continent was populous, and the place where Gold Ben decided to arrive at was in the rear of the Taurus Divines. If Zhao Hai hadn’t captured the Taurus Continent, then this place should be teeming with people. But now, they hadn’t seen even a single Divine. This caused their heartbeats to rise.

Gold Ben’s face was quite ugly. He also had an idea as to what this meant. Perhaps this meant that what he dreaded had already come true. However, he still wanted to try his luck, hoping that he was just mistaken.

In order to find answers as soon as possible, Gold Ben quickened his advance. He knew that a Taurus Divine City wasn’t too far away. If there’s no problem, then there should still be people in that city.

Those behind also followed suit and sped up. The desolate landscape had given them tremendous pressure. They also wanted answers as soon as possible.

Before long, the city in Gold Ben’s memory appeared in sight. But even before they arrived, Gold Ben’s expression got worse and worse. This was because he couldn’t see the magical shield surrounding the city nor any smoke coming out of the chimneys.

When Gold Ben and his entourage flew over the city, he couldn’t bear but despair, “No, this is impossible!!” Then blood spurted out from his mouth as he directly fainted mid-air.

The other Divines beside him immediately went and fetched his falling body. After that, they slowly descended into the city. Their eyes were full of tears, some were choked in sobs.

The city looked normal, the destruction inside wasn’t anything serious. However, it was completely deserted. The only thing they could see were bloodstains on the ground. These bloodstains had gone dark, it seems like it had been like this for some time.

All of these implicated that there was a fight. And since there were no Divine in sight, it meant that the Taurus Divines had been defeated.

These remaining Taurus Divines knew that this was their rear. If Zhao Hai managed to attack this city, then the other places had certainly fallen. Perhaps the Taurus Continent had already fallen into Zhao Hai’s hand.

The people from the other continents, after seeing the Taurus Divines, immediately understood what happened. They quickly issued an order to stop their armies’ advance and then sent people to clean the houses. Upon clearing everything, they proceeded to occupy the deserted city.

Naturally, Gold Ben and his people also lived inside the City. He was currently being treated by the others. After being nourished with healing magic for a long time, Gold Ben slowly opened his eyes.

Upon opening his eyes, Gold Ben saw the people around him. Gold Ben’s heart couldn’t help but pain. However, he steeled his heart as he slowly sat up. The Divines close to him were still in tears. He looked at them and said, “Don’t cry, it has already happened. What is most important right now is to take revenge. Where are the others?”

A Taurus Divine answered, “Supreme Elder, they stopped their advance and had occupied the City Lord’s Mansion.”

Gold Ben nodded as he took  a deep breath and closed his eyes. After some time, he opened his eyes once more, a new fire was lit inside his pupils. Then his body moved as he proceeded to stand up.

The Divines around him were immediately startled, a person quickly said, “Elder, take a proper rest. We need your healthy body for our revenge. If you fall, then the Taurus Divines will have surely ended.”

Gold Ben looked at the man and the others before saying, “We don’t have time to rest. Besides, I won’t die so soon. Stay here as I discuss matters with the others.”

After that, Gold Ben went out. Upon exiting the place, he found out that he was actually in a house right behind the mansion. He immediately found the direction and proceeded to head towards the Great Hall.

The people from the other continents were currently discussing the situation. A lot of the benefits that Gold Ben had promised was made in the assumption that the Taurus Divines were still standing. But now, it seems like the Taurus Divines were exterminated. Naturally, the advantages the Gold Ben promised had become impossible to attain. In this case, they were contemplating if they would want to offend a formidable enemy.

But after discussing for a long time, a decision had yet to be made. The hall had turned strangely quiet, everyone was calculating the pros and cons. They wanted to weigh if fighting this powerful enemy would be good or bad for them. If it was good, then they would think about the benefits. As for the bad, they were thinking about the price that they would pay.

After thinking for some time, a male Capricorn Divine said, “I think we shouldn’t participate in this war. The enemy that the Taurus Divines offended is too powerful. It would not be a good idea to offend him. And even if we beat him, our losses would surely be big. Moreover, there isn’t much benefit left for us.”


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