BTFTLIAW – Chapter 867

Chapter 867 – Biggest Worry

After he came back out, Zhao Hai looked at the situation around the Thunder Clan and the others. Fortunately, nothing worth noting happened, everything was normal.

The fight this time was very hard. Although they managed to conquer Divine Will City, their ratio of casualties had reached about one to one. It can be said that if it wasn’t for Zhao Hai’s undead, the losses would have been much greater.

Although the three clans were prepared to have losses, the scale of their casualties was not what they expected. This wasn’t to say that Zhao Hai didn’t give an effort. In fact, if Zhao Hai wasn’t there, the battle would’ve dragged on for longer, causing more losses. It was because they had underestimated the might of the Divines who were fighting to the death.

Now, the three clans had their vitality injured. It would take some time before they recuperate their losses. It’s not just weeks or months, it might take years of perhaps decades.

What they lost this time was their elites. Elites of any race weren’t easily trained. Every soldier would need a long time and arduous training before becoming an elite. At the same time, the resources needed to nurture an elite was a lot. Armors, mounts, food, uniforms, everything required a lot of resources.

Behind every proud achievement of an elite unit was a mountain of resources invested. The three clans have been suppressed by the Divines for many years. Every year, they would pay the Divines a ton of tax, this caused their reserves to be small. Although the Divines were defeated, it was almost impossible for the three clans to train an elite unit in a short time, their foundation had been stretched thin.

Zhao Hai observed the three clans, they had returned to their own planes to relay the news to their people. Then they proceeded to construct defensive lines on their spatial cracks. This would allow them to defend their plane against attacks while only using a small amount of manpower.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about the three clan’s actions. Instead, he was actually happy. In the past, when the three clans were moving together with him, he felt like his feet were being dragged. His special tactics simply couldn’t be used. Now that they left, Zhao Hai was able to breath. He was like someone who had let go of a heavy load.

Although Zhao Hai still had Bingya and the others inside the ship, their small number would have no influence on Zhao Hai’s actions.

The Taurus Continent was much bigger than the Ark Continent. In the past, Zhao Hai only had the Buddha Empire to deal with the Demons and the Divine Race. And now that he had the large Taurus Continent for himself, what else could he be afraid of? He can use the full might of the Space to make the Divine Race suffer here.

If Zhao Hai was confident in himself, then he was more confident in the Space. The incoming reinforcements might come from one continent, or several, but one thing was for sure; there will certainly be ultimate weapons coming over. Although ultimate weapons were strong, the Divines couldn’t use it lightly. It was just the same as the old man, he can use it but not for very long, otherwise his body will start breaking down.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai wasn’t weak. Currently, he has 40 Domain weapons, the Space’s transportation ability, and various other weapons. As long as he utilized them properly, the Divines would surely suffer.

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but think about the Divine Realm. However, it’s a pity that the Space’s map only showed the Taurus Continent. At this point, he had no way of monitoring the Divine Race.

Besides this, Zhao Hai was also thinking about the Underworld and the Atlanta Plane. The underworld’s advancement was still going on while the Atlanta Plane was about to finish its preparations. As long as the people from the Atlanta Plane comes to the Ark Continent, another factor would be added to the current situation.

He wasn’t worried about any of these since he had the ample strength. Even if he dealt with multiple battles, he could still manage. The matter that Zhao Hai was most worried about was the laws rejecting him!

Zhao Hai can clearly feel that the repelling force on him was getting stronger, his time left was not much. He had never felt such a strong repelling force before. Even before the Divines had changed the laws of the Ark Continent, he hadn’t felt such a repelling force even if he was God-rank. However, he felt it here.

Although this made Zhao Hai puzzled, he can confirm that he may ascend soon. If he can’t solve everything when the time comes, then the Thunder Clan and the others would surely suffer under the Divine Race.

But as for the matter of how to solve everything, Zhao Hai was still clueless. Both Atlanta Plane and the Underworld couldn’t be easily dealt with. Even the Divines were hard to take care of. If the other Divines acted like the Taurus Divines, then the war would take a very long time. At that point, Zhao Hai was not sure if he would still be in this plane.

Zhao Hai also tried to see if the repulsion would disappear once the Hell King’s ship was stored in the Space. But the result left Zhao Hai disappointed. The repelling force was still there. Zhao Hai understood that this was because his strength had reached the threshold for ascension and not because of the Hell King’s ship.

However, Zhao Hai had found a temporary solution. When he hid inside the Space, the repelling force would get reduced. This was good news since it would extend his time. But in this case, his cultivation speed would be increased because of the benefits of the Space. Inside the Space, the Dao Lotus would have more energy to absorb. Zhao Hai was sure that if he stays in the Space for too long, then he would definitely ascend once he went out.

The Space can’t do everything, therefore Zhao Hai cannot stay here forever. It can be said that Zhao Hai was currently in a dilemma.

In order to reduce his cultivation speed, Zhao Hai had to reduce his time inside the Space. Since this was the case, Zhao Hai decided to deal with the minerals present in the Divine Realm in the meantime. He immediately sent large numbers of undead and iron armor beasts to mine the minerals in the Taurus Continent and had them sent to the Space.

Bingya and the others were confused regarding Zhao Hai’s actions. However, they didn’t ask about it. In the eyes of Bingya and the others, Zhao Hai had already seized the Taurus Continent, so why would he frantically mine all the minerals here? As long as he manages to repel the Divine Race, he can mine it whenever he wants.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t care to explain it to them. Every day, the undead scoured the continent for resources to mine. As long as something was present there, the undead proceeded to collect it.

There were plenty of high level Taurus Divine undead inside the Space. And these people were quite familiar with the  continent. Because of this, Zhao Hai wasn’t too worried about finding places to mine.

While he was mining, Zhao Hai also paid attention to the situation in the Divine Realm. Time passed quickly and before long a month had passed.

Now, the three clans had completed their defensive lines. And soon, the people of the Atlanta Plane would invade the Ark Continent. Information had also been sent by the foreign races. The allied armies of the Capricorn Continent, Scorpio Continent, Cancer Continent, Gemini Continent, and Leo Continent had left their continents and had proceeded to head towards the Taurus Continent.

When he heard this information, Zhao Hai didn’t worry. He was actually waiting for these people to arrive. To be honest, their departure was slower than Zhao Hai wanted it to be. Zhao Hai was now facing a two-way war. Once the Atlanta Plane invades the Ark Continent, it would be impossible for them to miss the spatial crack. After all, it was quite obvious.

As long as the Atlanta Plane’s people notice the spatial crack, they will certainly send people to investigate. When the times comes, Zhao Hai might face a battle on two sides.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t want to see this situation, he had no choice but to accept it. With the arrival of both the Divines and the Atlanta Plane, it would be impossible for Zhao Hai to only fight one battle.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai had expected this kind of situation, so he wasn’t worried about it. The arrival of both parties wasn’t a bad thing for him. At most, it would just be mildly troublesome.

Originally, Zhao Hai wanted to divert the Atlanta Plane’s people to battle with the Underworld. But with speed of the underworld’s advance, it would take quite a long time before they become a problem for the Atlanta Plane. The Atlanta Plane would enter the southern part of the continent, it is for certain that they would meet Zhao Hai and the others first.

Zhao Hai thought and decided to leave the spatial crack’s defensive line open, allowing the people of the Atlanta Plane entry to the Divine Realm. He wanted to see how the Atlanta Plane and the Divine Race interact. He wanted to see which of them are more formidable.


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