BTFTLIAW – Chapter 865

Chapter 865 – Not Short On Money

This was a big victory. They had finally destroyed the Taurus Divines. The three clans had already gained their freedom. From this point on, nobody would ride on their heads and command them.

However, this was also a hard victory. The losses on the three clans wasn’t small. Because of this, even if they had won, the faces of the Thunder Clan and the others weren’t smiling. At the same time, they also knew that a more brutal fight was waiting for them later on.

The group stood quietly as Zhao Hai gazed at the setting sun on the horizon. He was appreciating the sunset. Nobody talked for some time.

Moments later, Zhao Hai said, “i didn’t think the fight would be this bloody. The losses on your clans have been quite serious. You need to take a rest and regain your strength. However, I don’t expect the Divines to give us some time. I believe that soon, the armies from the other continents would arrive.” Upon hearing this, the expressions of those present became heavier. They knew that what Zhao Hai said was right. It had already been a month after the Taurus Divines had sent for reinforcement. Although they were yet to arrive, everyone knew that it was only a matter of time. The Taurus Divines just underestimated Zhao Hai’s speed, thus explaining why they had yet to return.

However, once they do come back, there would be an army behind them. At that time, the situation would be more severe.

The Thunder Clan Patriarch sighed and said, “I still underestimated the strength of the Divines. I thought that their blunder in the Ark Continent would affect their strength. The war was too bloody. Our victory is too tragic.”

The others nodded. Although the Thunder Clan had the least losses in the battle, their population wasn’t a lot to begin with. Once one looked at the impact of the casualties, the Thunder Clan had suffered the most.

Zhao Hai sighed and said, “Does anybody have a plan? The Taurus Divines are now gone, but the other Divines will surely come. I can handle ultimate weapons, but I’m not sure about the rest of you. Our future casualties might be bigger than it is now.” The Patriarchs held heavy expressions. They did defeat the Taurus Divines, but this only gave them even more powerful enemies. If they don’t handle this well, then they would be in danger of being destroyed.

It was at this time that Wolf Tribe Bingya suddenly said, “Mister, I have an idea. But I don’t know if it would work.” Zhao Hai turned to Bingya and said, “Oh? Then please tell us.”

Bingya looked at the group, everyone’s focus was already on him, then he said, “Mister, there are other clans who had been enslaved by the Divine Race. We have connections to those people and we’re quite certain that they’re also not satisfied with being ruled by the Divine Race. We can spread our victory in the Taurus Continent and maybe it would incite other people to rebel. This way, the pressure that we will face would be smaller.”

Zhao Hai stared for a moment before thinking into it, then he said, “That is a very good idea. But how about the other clans conquered by the Foreign Races? If we use our victory as a tool, then they might also rebel.” Bingya forced a smile and said, “Mister doesn’t know this, but the Foreign Races don’t conquer planes. First, one would need a method to break the plane’s barrier. However, this method was bestowed by the Divine Race’s Deity. It is a closely kept secret by the Divine Race. Because of this, there is no way for the Foreign Races to conquer another race.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to Bingya and said, “That’s good. Then please report our current situation to your family and see if they can contact those races. Things have already happened so there’s no need for us to hide. Talk to those races and see if they would want to rise up against the Divines. Then we’ll cooperate.”

Bingya nodded, it’s good as long as Zhao Hai agrees. In fact, the Foreign Races had been thinking of ways to deal with the Divines. The Divine Race’s conquests on every smaller plane can indeed increase their strength. However, this also came with hidden dangers.

After the Divines conquer a race, then they would force those people to change their faith. This might not be a big deal back on Earth. But for the people here, their faith was more important than their lives. The Divines changing their faith would naturally plant a seed of hatred deep inside those people’s hearts.

The Foreign God-ranks had no such fears since they haven’t conquered other races. However, this caused them to be at a disadvantage because the Divines could force those who they conquered to fight for them while the Foreign God-ranks can only fend for themselves.

In order to change this situation, the Foreign God-ranks had found a solution. They secretly sent letters to those who were enslaved by the Divine Race to see how satisfied they were with the Divine Race. If these people hated the Divines, then the Foreign God-ranks wouldn’t attack them once the war starts. Naturally, those races chose to agree.

The Foreign God-ranks have been in contact with those races for some time, this explained why Bingya suggested this action. After seeing Zhao Hai’s combat prowess and knowing that he was an enemy to the Divines, then there was no reason for him to hide this matter.

Zhao Hai looked at the Thunder Clan Patriarch and the others and said, “The Taurus Divines has been destroyed. Now, the entire Taurus Continent belongs to us. The other Taurus Divines have also been taken away by me. However, I don’t want too many troops stationed in the continent. I’ll be using the tactic I’ve used in the Buddha Empire to deal with the incoming Divines.”

Fei’er and the others had experienced this firsthand, so they knew what Zhao Hai meant. To be honest, they were still left with no solution with this tactic, causing them to suffer some losses.

The Thunder Clan Patriarch and the others also understood what Zhao Hai meant. Fei’er and the others hand already reported what happened back in the Ark Continent. However, since they hadn’t seen it in action, they still held some doubts.

Zhao Hai looked at the group and said, “You guys need a proper rest. How about this, you should withdraw your army and return to your own planes. Leave the Divines to me. Mister Bingya, when you send word to your people, tell them that there are still reinforcements coming to attack us. However, tell them to refrain from acting early. The other Divines are still cautious of us. We’ll weaken them first before you make your move. It won’t be too late at that time.”

Bingya couldn’t help but stare, he didn’t know where Zhao Hai’s self confidence came from. However, he believed that Zhao Hai must have some basis for this. Therefore, he didn’t argue and just nodded and said, “Alright, this won’t be a problem. But sir, do we continue with our plan to contact the other races conquered by the Divine Race?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Naturally.. Moreover, we need to do it as soon as possible. Tell them that if the Divines tell them to send some troops, then those troops shouldn’t try too hard in battles. If they do, then this Zhao Hai would have to be impolite.”

Bingya nodded. If this was before, then he might not have believed Zhao Hai’s words. But after seeing Zhao Hai’s strength, Bingya knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t joking. Then Zhao Hai turned to the others and said, “If you need anything, don’t hesitate to tell me. I can definitely provide you with what you need.”

The reason Zhao Hai had such huge confidence was because he wasn’t lacking in money at this time. The gold in the Demon Realm were very easy to mine. Currently, the amount of gold in Zhao Hai’s hands had exceeded his previous amount. Additionally, the 20 ordinary and 10 magic backgrounds have already been bought. With the addition of the other backgrounds, there was no shortage in supplies.

No matter what the Thunder Clan and the others needed, the processing machine can just make them. This caused Zhao Hai to dare say such things.

The Thunder Clan Patriarch and the others expressed their gratitude to Zhao Hai before taking their leave. The war left their clans with too many things to process. It was impossible for them to be with Zhao Hai for long. On the other hand, Bingya and the others stayed. Naturally, Bingya would have other subordinates process their action while he and the others stay and observe Zhao Hai. This was also for their people, they need to know how strong Zhao Hai was. Therefore, they would have to stay.

After seeing the group leave, Zhao Hai turned to the Great Demon King and the Demon Dragon King and said, “Your Majesty, Demon Dragon, you’ve been outside for some time, your people need to see you. I won’t be keeping you here for long”

The Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King observed Zhao Hai’s expression and knew that Zhao Hai had something to tell them and he didn’t want Bingya and the others to know. Because of this, the two didn’t say anything and just nodded, allowing Zhao Hai to send them back to the Space.

This wasn’t the first time that Bingya and the others had seen the Great Demon King and the Demon Dragon King entering the Space. However, they didn’t know that instead of the Demon Realm, the two were sent to the Demon Space. They were thinking that since Zhao Hai had a powerful Space Divergent Ability, he could send the Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King back to the Demon Realm at any time.

To be honest, Zhao Hai was thinking of seizing this opportunity to make an offer to the Thunder Clan and the others. He would tell them about the Space and offer them their own background. But after Bingya told them about the other races, Zhao Hai knew that it was impossible. Everyone hated leaving their homeland. And now that there was hope of surviving, it was impossible for the Thunder Clan and the others to enter the Space. Therefore, Zhao Hai stopped himself from making a move.


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