BTFTLIAW – Chapter 864

Chapter 864 – A Bloody Battle

Zhao Hai looked at the battle-ready Divine Will City. To be honest, he had come to admire the Divines. Not giving up until this point wasn’t easy.

But although Zhao Hai held admiration towards them, they were still his enemy. Naturally, he wouldn’t hold back.

Zhao Hai urged the Hell King’s ship to slowly head near Divine Will City. After he reached some distance away, he stopped then said, “Divine Will City, I want to talk with your leader.” The Taurus Divines in the city were preparing for an intense battle. Nobody thought that Zhao Hai would actually have words to say. Nobody responded for a while but after some time, an old sounding voice was heard, “Taurus Divine Patriarch, Maurice, has seen Mister Zhao Hai.” Along with his words was a Domain Weapon slowly rising from the city. It was a sword-shaped Domain Weapon. Standing on top of it was a magnificently armored man. His hair and beard were both white and his bearing was astonishing. Although his Domain Weapon couldn’t compare to the Hell King’s ship, his imposing presence was no less than Zhao Hai.[1]

It was quite like Zhao Hai. If there was no war, then this person might not have been quite notable.

Zhao Hai looked at Maurice before he gave a slight bow and said, “Patriarch Maurice, hello. I want to talk about the current situation. With how things are right now, the Taurus Divines can do nothing, there’s no use for defending your city. I want to ask Patriarch Maurice to think about surrendering. I can personally guarantee your safety and I will not treat you as slaves.”

Maurice was looking at Zhao Hai with eyes full of hatred. After hearing Zhao Hai’s words, he laughed and said, “Zhao Hai, don’t think that you’ve won. The Taurus Divines will not fall. One day, you will all die!” Zhao Hai looked at the maddened Maurice and frowned. It seems like his appeal was a failure. The hatred on Maurice’s eyes could be clearly seen At this point, it was impossible for there to be a peaceful ending to the Taurus Continent’s war.

Zhao Hai took a deep breath and said, “Patriarch Maurice really made this Zhao Hai speechless. The result of the war has been decided by you, I hope you’re ready to shoulder the consequences. Please head back, we will be attacking soon.”

Maurice looked at Zhao Hai for a moment before he snorted and returned to the city. At this time, the Thunder Clan Patriarch standing behind Zhao Hai said, “Mister, you’re wasting your time on Maurice. That person is a complete lunatic. He will never recognize defeat, his arrogance is basically bordering craziness.” Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “The war has taken too many lives, I don’t want to add more. It’s a pity that peaceful means are impossible. We can only fight. Let’s go according to our previous tactic. I will break their shield and use the undead as the vanguard.” Then the group nodded.

Zhao Hai didn’t delay. After negotiations have failed, there was nothing else to do but fight. Zhao Hai commanded the ship to rush forward. The Divines in the city were prepared for this, but they still underestimated the speed of the ship. It was too fast that it almost instantly appeared outside the city when it was just quite a distance away a moment ago. Before the Divines could react, the ship had already rammed itself into Divine Will City’s shield.

Because of the ship’s speed, there was no time to reinforce the shields. After getting rammed, the shield immediately broke.

Zhao Hai naturally wouldn’t let go of this opportunity. The cannons of the ship immediately attacked as large quantities of undead appeared in the city.

Although the Divines had met this attack many times, they still couldn’t grasp a counter to Zhao Hai’s attack.

However, Divine Will City wasn’t this easy to deal with. Although it’s shield has been broken, had received the Hell King’s ship’s cannon attack, and was overrun by undead, the sheer number of soldiers inside the city was a problem. Tens of millions of soldiers crowded the city for the decisive battle. This allowed them to block Zhao Hai’s surprise attack. While the Divines were battling it out with the undead, the Divines on the walls proceeded to fire their cannons towards the various armies outside the city.

Zhao Hai was aware of this situation, but he wasn’t worried. The number of undead in his hands right now was more than the soldiers inside Divine Will City. Therefore, there was no need to be afraid. He didn’t stop releasing undead as he gained more and more ground inside the city.

The battle immediately became heated at the very beginning. Those left in Divine Will City were people very loyal to the Taurus Royal Family. And with the Patriarch personally taking command, these people were already resolved to die in battle. This caused the casualties from the attacking allied army to also mount up.

The first minute of battle already caused deaths on both sides. The Divines used their entire flesh and blood in resisting the attackers. Zhao Hai couldn’t deny the fact that these Divines were truly brave and fearless. However, these people were his enemies, they didn’t merit Zhao Hai’s mercy.

The fight went on. This was the most bloody battle that Zhao Hai had experienced. Everyone involved seem to go mad. Their eyes were blood red as their bodies were covered with blood. The weapons in their hands swung endlessly. One would either kill the enemy or be hacked to death.

There were only a few participants in this battle who managed to keep a calm mind. The undead were already emotionless. The only thing they existed for at this time was to kill.

The situation had devolved into a complete brawl. Even Zhao Hai knew that using magic cannons at this time was impossible unless he would risk killing people on his own side.

But Zhao Hai didn’t worry. Although there were more than 20 Domain Weapons on the enemy side, he also had the same number in his hands. Domain Weapon experts on both sides were evenly matched.

Zhao Hai didn’t participate in the battle, at the same time, no Divine went for him. They knew that it would be impossible to kill Zhao Hai. The Divines were also aware that they would lose, they were just making their final struggle.

Time passed, one hour, two hours, three hours…. One day, two days, the war was still going on. Three days had passed and the battle still going. Atkept  this time, the entire Divine Will City was turned into a pool of black, brown, and red liquid. The fighting strength of those present were already affected after three days of zero nourishment. However, nobody stopped from waving their swords at their enemies.

Finally, when the curtains of the night descended, the last enemy was killed, formally ending the resistance of the Taurus Divines.

At this time, the combatants immediately fell to the ground; only the undead were left standing. Zhao Hai was still looking at Divine Will City on top of the Hell King’s Ship. No Divine surrendered in this fight, nobody escaped, they fought until the last soldier. However, this didn’t have an impact on Zhao Hai. War is war, no matter how tragic it was, war would need to go on.

Zhao Hai waved his hand to take all the Divine corpses inside the city. Then he waved once more as a huge ball of water appeared on top of the city. This ball drizzled water on the city, washing away all the filth.

Divine Will City had been completely destroyed. Hardly any building was left untouched. There were weapons strewn everywhere along with some cut limbs.

Soldiers lying down felt the rain falling. The rain was warm, reminding them of a hot bath. The rain was very comfortable. As they were lying there, the felt their strength slowly returning. Their sore limbs started to recover as well.

They couldn’t help but open their eyes and look at the huge ball of water up in the sky. The ball was not far from the Hell King’s ship. At this moment, the sun was proceeding to go down in the west, dying the ball in golden yellow hue. The originally golden Hell King’s ship had its color further enhanced, looking incomparably holy in their eyes.

The scene made the exhausted soldiers lie down for much longer. They don’t want to move as they just looked at the Hell King’s ship, a bit of reverence appeared in their eyes.

Zhao Hai looked into the state of Divine Will City. The ball of water was taken out of the hot spring. The water was initially hot, but as it drizzled into the city it began to cool down. After the droplets reached the ground, it had already reached a temperature that was comfortable for those lying down.

The bloodstains of the city began to be washed away. Although the city was critically destroyed, its sewage system was kept intact. Because of this, the water began to flow out of the city, cleaning it bit by bit.

The water not only bathed the soldiers, it healed their wounds as well. There were various soldiers in Divine Will City who noticed their wounds closing up.

After seeing that there were no bloodstains left in the city, Zhao Hai stopped the rain. At this time, several shadows began to fly towards the Hell King’s ship. There was no need for Zhao Hai to look to see that it was the Great Demon King and the others.

The fight involved more than 200 million people. The Taurus Divines had more than 60 million troops while the alliance army had more than 140 million troops altogether..

The Taurus Divines were completely wiped out, nobody surrendered. On Zhao Hai’s side, Zhao Hai lost more than 20 million undead. The Thunder Clan lost 5 million, the Pegasus Clan lost 7 million and the Barbarians lost about 14 million. Since only the Great Demon King and the Demon Dragon King participated, the Demons lost nobody. As for the team of Foreign God-ranks, the originally 1000 people were reduced to less than a hundred.

  1. It said Patriarch, not King, but let’s just assume that.


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  1. Sooo…let’s get this straight. He had 2 and a 1/3 times more units, out of which most were superior to the enemy (undead), he had 22 domain weapon users (20 undead + the two demons) against their 20 users, he started the attack with a massive barrage from the ship that must have wiped millions (that’s what happened in the Holy Light City after all)…and they still lost 46 million, which is 3/4 the number the enemies lost.

    That’s barely called a victory. Quite the opposite. Considering that Zhao Hai could wipe the city out on his own without losing a SINGLE unit…that’s considered a tragic loss. But even without Zhao Hai…how the f*** the army with pretty much infinite supply of those javelins and otherwise superior units, ones that feel no pain, tiredness or fear, ones that get 20% stronger at night to boot (according to Zhao Hai)…how the actual f*** could he lose so many! Did they actually try to lose!

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