BTFTLIAW – Chapter 863

Chapter 863 – The Final Battle

The war kept going on. And just like Zhao Hai said, they sped up their attack on the Taurus Divines. At this point, Zhao Hai has no shortage of troops. He had already sent the first batch of Devil Legion soldiers to the hell background to train. The undead in Zhao Hai’s hands had already exceeded 100 million.

Zhao Hai’s undead numbers has also been increasing every day, and all of these undead were God-ranks. Once could say that Zhao Hai’s current military strength can hold up against another continent in the Divine Realm.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai had more than 20 Domain Weapons. Having such a quantity made one formidable in the Divine Realm.

At this time, besides asking for help, the Taurus Divines couldn’t do anything else to deal with Zhao Hai. The Taurus Divines truly had their backs against the wall.

With the increase of Zhao Hai’s undead, his speed in attacking the cities of the continent shot up. Zhao Hai selected his strongest undead and gave them Domain Weapons, sending each of them to attack the other cities in the vicinity.

Five days after Zhao Hai’s fight against the old man, news came from the Barbarians. They discovered a team of Taurus Divines heading towards the Capricorn continent. It seems like they were going to ask for reinforcements. This team wasn’t big, about 10 thousand Divines or so. However, among them was an old man riding a metallic bull as well as two domain weapon experts. They rest were elite Taurus Divine cavalry.

After seeing this composition, the Barbarians didn’t dare to block them. When Jiang and the others heard this part, they were relieved. If they decided to block this team, then they would definitely be slaughtered.

Once Zhao Hai heard that the old man went out of the continent, he immediately had the Barbarians and the other two mount a full attack on the Taurus Continent.

In order to deal with their fear of being defeated by a Domain Weapon expert, Zhao Hai gave each clan three undead domain weapon experts.

But what Barbarian Jiang and others didn’t know was that these undead had a piece of token on their bodies. These tokens were fragments of the blood ghost staff and can be used to monitor things around them.

With the three clans joining in, in addition to the large number of Domain Weapons, Zhao Hai and the others had gained the winning side in the war. At this time, the Taurus Divines had given up on defending small cities. Instead, their armies were centralized on its big cities. Only commoners were left behind.

However, before Zhao Hai and the others came at ease, the Taurus Divines suddenly gave the commoners a decree. As long as a commoner was able to kill Zhao Hai or his undead and escape, then they will be rewarded by the Royal Family and even have them become a member of the noble class.

For ordinary Divines, this was an extremely attractive offer. In the Divine Realm, every commoner’s dream was to become a noble.

This was because if one was a Noble, then it was possible that they would lord over a plane in the near future. But in the past, bestowment of noble titles had been severely restricted. This ended with the nobles in the Taurus Continent to be small in size.

But now that they suffered losses against Zhao Hai and was inching towards destruction, the Taurus Continent issued this decree. This caused the commoners to leave the cities and begin doing guerilla warfare.

This tactic had impacts on Zhao Hai’s group, especially to the three clans. They were always worried that they would be attacked by the Divine Race.

Although Zhao Hai was affected as well, it’s impact wasn’t too big. After all, he has the Space. Those people who would ambush them would be spotted by the Space first. Because of this, Zhao Hai wasn’t too worried.

However, this matter still angered Zhao Hai. The three clans began to have casualties. This made them hesitate in moving forward, affecting Zhao Hai’s plan in a major way.

Zhao Hai wanted to deal with the Taurus Divines before the reinforcements arrive. With this, they would have more of a strategic edge in defending. But the decree made their advance slow down. When the time comes, he would become more passive when the support arrives.

Moreover, the situation had aggravated. In the past, as long as Zhao Hai dealt with the garrison troops and the rebelling commoners, the other Divines would stop their struggle. It was at this time that they encountered something new. Since there were no defenders in the city, the Divines seemed to behave. But when Zhao Hai sent the undead to throw them into the Space, he discovered that some undead went missing. Upon counting, Zhao Hai discovered that he had lost more here than in the siege. This made Zhao Hai furious.

Once Zhao Hai became angry, the consequences became serious. Zhao Hai, who couldn’t bear to kill, suddenly gave an order. If more than 100 undead became missing in the city, then he would completely wipe the city’s population. This order was spread out. Before they start their attack, he would tell the Divines to refrain from resisting. Or else everyone will be killed!

In the beginning, the Divines didn’t believe this order. However, when more than 1000 undead disappeared from a medium grade city of over 1 million people, Zhao Hai ordered the extermination of every Divine inside. More than 1 million people were killed, no living witness remained.

Besides killing everyone, Zhao Hai also used the Hell King’s ship to erase the city from the map. And just like that, a medium grade city that can house more than 1 million people had disappeared.

The Taurus Continent was very big. And although people were doing guerilla tactics against Zhao Hai, they would still need supplies to survive. Because of this, they became aware of Zhao Hai’s attacks on their cities. When the news of Zhao Hai’s elimination of an entire city had spread out, every Divine became angry. But at the same time, they were terrified, they knew they had no way to resist, Zhao Hai was too strong.

There were some benefits in Zhao Hai’s actions. There were small cities in the continent who didn’t resist and just had the undead take them to the Space.

For those who didn’t resist, Zhao Hai gave them some rewards. He returned some of their living materials so that they could live a better life inside the Space.

Although more and more Taurus Divines had entered the Space, their rebellious attitude had gotten milder and milder. The Divines who came in earlier had destroyed a large chunk of land, but they quickly came to know that those things were useful to them. If they don’t want to starve, then they would have to behave.

Zhao Hai didn’t force them to do anything either. As long as they don’t cause any trouble, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t care much about them.

The Divines also discovered that although the Space couldn’t compare to their life in the Divine Realm, there were still some positives. Back in the Taurus Continent, whatever they do would get taxed. Whether they farmed, bred, or hunted, the nobles would still get a share. But inside the Space, they didn’t need to pay any taxes.

In order to further pacify the Divines, Zhao Hai treated them like what he did with the Goblins. He also erected churches, allowing the Divines to trade for goods while inside the Space.

Zhao Hai’s thunderous method pacified the small cities. At the same time the guerilla armies had started to discover that no city was able to supply them anymore. Every supply available was gone. If they continued to do their guerilla warfare, then they would need to forage for food themselves.

The Taurus Continent was huge and there weren’t any shortages on magic beasts. This might be good for the guerilla armies, but soon they had found out that they lack salt. Salt cannot be produced anywhere in the continent. Guerilla armies would need the cities to provide them with salt.

Now that Zhao Hai took all the small cities into the Space, not only salt, but grain and other commodities had vanished from the continent.

Lack of salt(sodium) in their bodies would make people ill. In this case, the guerilla armies had no other choice but concentrate on the cities that Zhao Hai had yet to take. This caused the supply problem to increase in each city. Soon, the Divines would need to fight a decisive battle against Zhao Hai.

It was at this time that Zhao Hai discovered that these Divines have become weak after being starved of salt. There was no need to fight them, they couldn’t even resist being captured.

The decree given by the Taurus Royal Family did create some troubles for Zhao Hai. However, the Divines were soon to discover that they had no way to cause any major problem for Zhao Hai. Instead, they only gave Zhao Hai more people to take away. Their plan had completely failed.

The Taurus Divines had truly reached a dead end. They found that Zhao Hai’s speed had gotten much faster. The Taurus Divines expected Zhao Hai to take about several months to a year to deal with every city. As long as the Taurus Divines hold on for four to five months, the support from other continents would surely arrive.

However, they discovered their mistake. According to Zhao Hai’s present speed, it would only take less than one month before he arrives at Divine Will City. When that time comes, everything would be over.

After looking at Zhao Hai’s daily progress, the Taurus Royal Family decided to make a move. They secretly had some of their juniors pack up and seek asylum from the other continents. Those who remained would hold Zhao Hai back.

Zhao Hai was aware about those who escaped, but he didn’t stop them. He still kept his speed as he advanced. As the resistance got weaker and weaker, his advance also got faster and faster.

A month after Zhao Hai knew that the old man had left the Taurus Continent, they had already killed their way towards the Taurus Continent’s Divine Will City. This was the biggest city in the Taurus Continent with a capacity that surpassed 60 million. But at this time, all 60 million people present in the city were all Divine Race soldiers. All the commoners have been moved to smaller cities. Naturally, those commoners were already inside Zhao Hai’s space. At this time, the only remaining city under the control of the Taurus Divines was Divine Will City.

The city was reinforced, it’s magic shield had already been erected. Magic cannons filled the walls, and the soldiers had expressions saying that they were ready to die.

Zhao Hai stood on top of the Hell King’s ship as he looked at Divine Will City. Standing on his side were the Great Demon King, the Demon Dragon King, the Barbarian Race’s Patriarch and Great Elder, the Pegasus Race’s Patriarch and Speaker, the Thunder Clan’s Patriarch and Great Elder, Wolf Tribe’s Bingya, Dwarf Race’s Ryder, and Elven Race’s Yehta.

Ten days ago, Zhao Hai had already convened with the Barbarians, Thunder Clan, and the Winged Pegasus. They used these ten days to completely conquer the Taurus Continent, the only place left to conquer was Divine Will City.

The Patriarchs of the three clans provided great support to the war. With Zhao Hai’s strength, they had already found themselves blindly following his instructions.

While looking at Divine Will City, the eyes of these people couldn’t help but shine. They had been conquered by the Divines, so they didn’t expect that they would be able to see this day. Who would’ve thought that they would surround the Taurus Continent’s largest city.

The Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King were also moved. After fighting the Divines, they became aware of how strong the Divine Race really was. If not for Zhao Hai, then the Divine Race would surely take the Demon Realm after conquering the Ark Continent. They would reach a situation that was the same as right now, their capital would get surrounded by soldiers as they made their last stand.

But the ones who were moved the most were Bingya and the others. The Foreign Races had battled with the Divine Race for tens of thousands of years. And all those years they had been at a disadvantage. If it weren’t for the Divine Race not being united, and the fact that they managed to get their hands on ultimate weapons, then they would’ve been reduced to the same state as the Goblins.

For many years, the Divine Race had always attacked the continents held by the Foreign Races. The Foreign Races were always on the side of defense, they had no ability to retaliate. In the current time, dealing with an entire continent was more difficult than it seemed. Seeing Zhao Hai able to do it this easily really made them feel flustered. They didn’t know what to say.


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