BTFTLIAW – Chapter 862

Chapter 862 – Starting to Repel

At this moment, the old man made another move. However, this one wasn’t based on punches. This time, he had his index finger out on both hands as he shouted, “Double Horn Strike!” Then he pushed his fingers directly in front of him.

Along with his movement appeared a pair of bull horns projecting towards Zhao Hai. At this time, Zhao Hai’s figure moved and returned to the Hell King’s ship. The ship was like a sword, going straight forward to crash into the old man.

It was at this time that Zhao hai opened his mouth and said, “Collision Formation!”

The old man had just extended his fingers, so he didn’t have enough time to change his action as the ship proceeded to ram him. The old man’s face changed, at this time, he thought that moving away was impossible. He crossed his two arms in front of him and waited for impact.

Unfortunately for him, when Zhao Hai hit his elbow, the old man heard a crack. His elbow along with his armor was cracked. The old man looked like he was hit by a truck as his body went rolling back. Blood also started to spurt out from the old man’s mouth.

The Hell King’s ship was also slowed down by this collision. The old man flew about a kilometer away just by the force of the collision. Then the man didn’t come back to clash with Zhao Hai. Instead, his figure moved as he quickly disappeared from the area.

This move was completely out of Zhao Hai’s expectation. After seeing the figure vanish, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but shake his head. He knew that he didn’t have the time to pursue the old man. Also, it was certain that the old man wasn’t going at a straight line. Who knows which direction he was currently heading now.

Zhao Hai shook his head and stopped thinking about this matter. He just waved his hand as he took something from the ground. It was the elbow part of the old man’s armor which was just broken off in the earlier collision.

Zhao Hai inspected the object, he discovered that the elbow thorn was silver white. It was very beautiful and at the same time, sharp.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and threw this elbow thorn into the Space. Then he turned his head from the old man to the city. He wanted to see how the attack had gone.

The people in the city were also paying attention to the battle. Now that Zhao Hai had defeated the old man, the Divines in the city were immediately sent into panic. There were those who tried to resist while some tried to escape. At the same time, Fei’er and the others had become more confident in their attack. Before long, the city was pacified. According to their previous arrangement, those who were captured were immediately thrown to the Space..

After Zhao Hai completed all of these, Thunder Clan Wushuang’s group as well as the Beastman Race’s Bingya’s group arrived on the Hell King’s ship. They had just witnessed the fight and they knew that the old person just used the Taurus Continent’s ultimate weapon. Upon seeing Zhao Hai defeat the old man, they couldn’t help but get startled.

Because of this, when the group arrived on the ship, their gazes towards Zhao Hai had become different. Zhao Hai looked at their expressions and smiled, “What’s wrong? Everyone shouldn’t be surprised. If we really think about it, it would be difficult for me to deal with that weapon. But since the old man didn’t have the proper requirements to use the armor, he could only get injured and retreat.”

Wushuang and the others weren’t fools. Naturally, they knew that Zhao Hai was just being modest. However, none of them said anything, they just went on and reported the casualties of the fight.

Zhao Hai looked at the group and said, “Currently speaking, we are making good progress. But since that old man managed to flee, I think troubles will start to come. That armor was the Taurus Continent’s ultimate weapon. Now that they were aware that the ultimate weapon can’t deal with me, they will certainly ask for reinforcements. Elder Wushuang, Elder, Jiang, Speaker Fang, I hope that you can send a message to your clans requesting to allocate more power to keeping watch over the seas. I’m almost certain that the Taurus Continent would ask for help from the other Divines.”

The three nodded. They had also thought about this point. The Taurus Continent’s ultimate weapon was the Taurus Divines’ last refuge. Now that the weapon had lost, they can only wait for death unless they ask for help. The Taurus Divines aren’t braindead, they will certainly do something.

Zhao Hai turned to look at Wolf Tribe Bingya’s group and said, “Please tell your patriarchs to prepare. Your time to move might arrive.”

Bingya and the others stood up and gave a respectful salute. At this point they were afraid of Zhao Hai. They were still clueless about Zhao Hai’s other abilities.

After following Zhao Hai for several days, they had come to understand the various cards in Zhao Hai’s hands. There were the magic cannons, the crystals, the undead, the ship, all of them made Zhao Hai a capable person.

But today, Zhao Hai made them understood how terrifying he really was. They also had their own ultimate weapons in their respective clans. They took advantage of these weapons to defend their own continents.

However, Zhao Hai seemed to be able to take care of two or three ultimate weapons at once judging by how he dealt with the old man. At this point, they wouldn’t dare act arrogant in front of Zhao Hai.

After seeing that the group had agreed to his arrangements, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, then everyone needs to prepare. In the next few days, we will hasten our advance. We need to get enough territory before the reinforcements arrive.”

The group gave a small bow before they turned around to leave. Whether it be Wushuang or Bingya’s group, all of them had already regarded Zhao Hai as the alliance leader. Therefore, they would certainly listen to his words.

After arranging these matters, Zhao Hai returned to the Space. After seeing Zhao Hai arrive, Laura and the others immediately came to greet him. Then Laura said, “Brother Hai, how is it? Are you alright?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “i’m fine. But the ultimate weapon is actually quite powerful. Although I didn’t use the full strength of the ship, being able to block it’s attack is already very good.”

Laura nodded and said, “Right. I didn’t think that the ultimate weapon would be a full body armor. But Brother Hai, if the other continents collectively use their ultimate weapons against you, how will you deal with it?” Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, there won’t be any problems. I can easily deal with all of them. However, at best, I don’t want to use the ship’s full strength. I had just discovered that the laws of this plane had started to reject me.”

Laura and the others stared, they looked puzzled at what Zhao Hai said as they asked, “Really? How does it feel?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and answered, “It’s like going to a place where everyone is hostile to you and wants you gone. Moreover, everyone is very strong, you won’t be able to resist if they throw you out. Because of this, I don’t dare use the ship’s complete strength.”

Laura and the others nodded, but they didn’t know what to say next. Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “It’s fine, don’t worry about it too much. I won’t be leaving this plane soon. Although the plane had started to repel me, it hasn’t reached to a point where I get thrown out. To be honest, if not because of Fei’er and the others as well as the Atlanta Continent, I would’ve opted to leave this plane. With my current strength, nothing in the Divine Realm is of use to me anymore. I’m also quite curious about why Lu Wei decided to suppress the Goblins while the Atlanta Plane went completely fine. After all, the next place where we’ll be heading towards is the Immortal Cultivator Realm. There, we would face Lu Wei with his real strength. Because of this, I want to gain as much advantage as possible so even if we do ascend we still have some life-saving measures in place.”

Laura and the others nodded. They didn’t know about Lu Wei’s true strength, but they knew that he was certainly more powerful than his incarnations. Moreover, Lu Wei was an elder in his sect. It’s possible that the sect had plenty of elders like him. And it was also certain that people more powerful than him existed. If this was the case, then they would face an overpowering enemy once they arrive at the Immortal Cultivation Realm.

Upon facing such an enemy, one should get all the advantages he can to maintain his life. Everything that can save them was good. Because of this, Laura and the others agreed to Zhao Hai’s plan.

To be honest, Laura and the others didn’t care too much for the Thunder Clan, Barbarians, and the Winged Pegasus. For them, as long as the Ark Continent was safe and the Demons who submitted to Zhao Hai was safe, then that’s enough. Those three races mentioned before were just Zhao Hai’s allies, there was definitely no need to care about them for now.

However, Laura and the others were also the same as Zhao Hai; they were quite curious about the Atlanta Plane’s magic armors as well. Items allowing someone to have God-rank strength was always good.

If they can improve these magic armors and find a way to mass-produce them, then their fighting strength would certainly soar.

Most importantly, Laura and the other would like to obtain the various ultimate weapons in the Divine Realm. Compared to the magic armors, these ultimate weapons were more formidable. If they can obtain these weapons, then their strength would naturally increase. When the time comes, they would no longer worry about the problems they were facing.


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  1. I remember ZH can ignore the Ark continent’s law and able to use his full power because he has the Space. Why is he affected now?

    1. Because plot, the author keeps changing the rules.

      For example when the space reached level 50 the plants should grow 100 times faster but the chapter after it was only 10 times.

      The processing machine was said to have been upgraded to only take 8h to complete a god potion but it still took 2 days to complete the one made after that (i think it was the one for rock and blockhead).

      And several other things that changed later just because the author decided without even leaving a note saying: “Hey, this thing I said before, I realised it would break or make the story less interesting. So I decided to remove it/dial it down. Here’s how it should have worked.”

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