BTFTLIAW – Chapter 859

Chapter 859 – Nibbling at the Taurus Continent

As soon as they listened to Zhao Hai, Fei’er and the others couldn’t help but stare blankly. Then they soon understood his point. If the Divines decided to use their ultimate weapon on their people, then they would no doubt be defeated.

Zhao Hai looked at Fei’er and the others and comforted them, “It’s going to be fine. Don’t worry, we’ll quicken our advance tomorrow. I also want to see what this ultimate weapon looks like.”

Fei’er and the others stayed silent. Then Zhao Hai said, “Fei’er, after you go back, send a letter to your people. Tell them to refrain from pushing too hard against the Divines, let us take care of it.” The three nodded, then they stood up and said their goodbyes before leaving.

After seeing their reactions, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. The Great Demon King smiled as well, “Mister, you really scared them. To be honest, if I was the ruler of the Taurus Continent, I would definitely use that ultimate weapon to eradicate their three clans first. Only then would they have no extra worries when fighting a decisive battle against us.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s true. That’s the reason I decided to remind them. But it’s quite strange that Fei’er only told me about this ultimate weapon now. Did he forget about it?”

The Great Demon King and the Demon Dragon King looked at each other. They felt strange as well. It seemed like Fei’er forgot, but he didn’t express his lapse in memory. Zhao Hai looked at the two and smiled, “It’s fine, don’t worry. It doesn’t matter if they forgot or they withheld it from us. The result is still the same.” The Great Demon King smiled and said, “Perhaps they didn’t want mister to gain another weapon.” Upon hearing this, Zhao Hai laughed.

Zhao Hai being relaxed wasn’t because he was looking down on the Divine Race’s ultimate weapon. It was because he was confident with the Hell King’s Ship. If the ship couldn’t defeat this ultimate weapon, then Lu Wei had no qualifications to become the Divine Race’s Deity.

If Lu Wei wants to become the Deity of the Divine Race, then he would need to establish his dominance. Both the pagoda and the ship were very powerful artifacts. Although they hadn’t undergone Zhao Hai’s upgrades, they still allowed Lu Wei to subdue the Divine Race. In other words, these two treasures should be more formidable compared to this ultimate weapon. Otherwise, the Divines wouldn’t have submitted to him.

If Lu Wei’s two weapons were more powerful than the ultimate weapon of the Divine Race, then how strong would Zhao Hai’s fused treasure be? This was the reason behind Zhao Hai’s confidence.

But although he was confident, he still didn’t want to take his enemy lightly. Even lions go all out in wrestling rabbits. Zhao Hai was also the same.

After Fei’er and the others returned to their own camps, they immediately sent letters to their people. They were afraid that Zhao Hai’s words would come true.

The next morning, Zhao Hai and the others carried on with their attack. Zhao Hai had changed their way of fighting against the Divine Race. He asked Fei’er about their location and it seems like they were now in the southeast part of the Taurus Continent. Their direction yesterday was headed towards the continent’s northwest. This meant that if they continue, then they would slash through the continent in a diagonal line.

Zhao Hai didn’t want this to happen. Therefore, he changed their heading. To minimize being attacked in the rear, he decided to clear the southeast of the continent first before heading forward.

The current military strength of the Taurus Divines wasn’t a lot, but their southeast didn’t cut back on their defense. Almost all armies were centralized on large and small cities. This had given Zhao Hai the opportunity to pick them out one by one, just like how one removes one nail at a time. At the same time, the Space’s map of the Taurus Continent would expand as well.

After only three days, Zhao Hai cleared dozens of cities in the southeastern side of the Taurus Continent. Every Divine that was alive were thrown into the Space.

Zhao Hai didn’t really want to starve these captive Divines. Although they had destroyed a very large area in the background that they were in, that space was still very big. As long as they calm down, they should be able to understand that they shouldn’t destroy their environment. But as for how long they come to terms with their situation, Zhao Hai didn’t know.

At the same time, Zhao Hai wasn’t counting on them to provide him with Faith Power. He only threw them to the Space so that he wouldn’t have to deal with the nuisance of killing them.

After clearing the whole southeast of the Taurus Continent, Zhao Hai’s group started to advance further. However, Zhao Hai didn’t blindly go forward. Instead, he directly headed towards the largest city in the Taurus Continent as well as their capital, Divine Will City.

Their advancement went quick, going forward almost at a straight line. Every city they encountered was captured. Zhao Hai’s army was just like an unstoppable force.

Zhao Hai’s speed of attack made the Taurus Divines panic. There were even some people in the continent who started to prepared their ships, intending to seek refuge on the other continents

At this time, Fei’er and the others got some news from their people. It seems like they had stopped the Taurus attack. Moreover, they were sending over some people to meet Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai wasn’t anxious to fight with the Divine Race. He just chose this method so that the Taurus Continent would focus on him. Zhao Hai knew that he can’t push the Taurus Divines too much. It would be troublesome if they were to ask for help from the other continents.

Because of this, after Zhao Hai received information from Fei’er about the state of their people, he slowed his advance.

He slowed down, but that didn’t mean that he did nothing. Instead, he dealt with the areas he went through. If his previous advance was a straight line, his advance now was like a flat uniform plane.

Although he has slowed down, the area he conquered had gotten bigger and bigger. Zhao Hai did this to first, get a bigger territory, second, to give the Thunder Clan and the others a place for themselves, and third, to wait for the response from the Foreign Races.

Zhao Hai also paid attention to the response of the other continents. He already had Fei’er send a letter to their people. After they stopped the attack from the Divines, Zhao Hai asked them to have some of their elite troops monitor the state of the other continents. They need to make sure that the Taurus Continent doesn’t ask for reinforcements.

This request was unexpectedly accepted by the Thunder Clan and the others. Originally, they were feeling quite terrible for not being able to help deal with the Divines. The third day after Zhao Hai had occupied the southeastern part of the Taurus Continent, the representatives of the Thunder Clan, Barbarians, and the Winged Pegasus finally arrived.

This time, their lineup could be said to be extravagant. The Thunder Clan sent 200 thousand elites, the Barbarians sent 500 thousand, and the Winged Pegasus sent a million elites; all of which were God-ranks. Their leaders were quite remarkable as well. The Thunder Clan and the Barbarians sent their Great Elders, a position only surpassed by the Patriarch. Meanwhile, the Winged Pegasus sent their Council Speaker. In the Winged Pegasus race, besides the Patriarch, there was also a council participating in ruling the people. The power that a Council Speaker held was about the same as the Great Elders of the Barbarians and the Thunder Clan. It can be said that the three races had sent their 2nd highest ranked official.

Their status, compared to Fei’er and the others, was certainly much higher.

Their collective army arrived where Zhao Hai was. At this time, the Hell King’s ship was parked inside a medium grade city. After Fei’er and the others overran the city, they immediately set some huge camps. After the army arrived, they immediately settled inside their respective areas.

Zhao Hai didn’t care too much. In any case, they were just allies and he wasn’t their king. The newly arrived army weren’t required to see him after they arrived. They would visit their people first to get briefed about the situation before they go and see Zhao Hai. However, the three races didn’t make Zhao Hai wait for long. Immediately after settling down, the leaders came together to see him.

Zhao Hai stood on top of the Hell King’s ship as he looked at the three leaders arriving. These people were fairly old, they were also wearing traditional clothing from their clans. The Barbarian Great Elder was wearing a fur robe. His build was quite stout and on his hand was a staff. Although his robe made him look like a formidable warrior, he actually let out a scholarly vibe.

The Thunder Clan’s Great Elder was quite tall and big. He was also wearing a long robe and had a stick on his hand. This stick was like the totems the other Thunder Clan members had, but it was smaller, about the size of a cane.

The Winged Pegasus’ Council Speaker had magnificent clothes. He had a pure white staff and had a bearing of a Great Noble from the Ark Continent.

Zhao Hai went to greet the three leaders as he gave a bow and said, “Zhao Hai has seen the leaders. For you to see me this early makes me feel honored. Please come on board and have a seat.”

The three immediately returned the bow as the Winged Pegasus Council Speaker smiled and said, “Winged Pegasus Fang has seen mister. Mister is too polite, it’s given that we would need to pay a visit.”

The Barbarian Great Elder also gave a salute as he said, “Barbarian Jiang greets mister. Thank you for helping our fellow Barbarians.”

The Thunder Clan Elder gave a salute and also introduced himself, “Thunder Clan Wushuang has seen mister. Fei’er had told us about mister’s abilities, I couldn’t help but admire mister’s strength.”


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