BTFTLIAW – Chapter 858

Chapter 858 – Ultimate Weapon!

Zhao Hai stared. One of the reasons he had Fei’er and the others attack today was to show these foreign God-ranks that they were indeed in an alliance.

Showing one’s strength was one of the effective ways of gaining allies. These foreign races in the Divine Realm were potential allies for Zhao Hai, so he needed to show them what he got.

Although Zhao Hai had this intention, he didn’t expect the Foreign God-ranks to be this quick to react.

Zhao Hai looked at the Thunder Clan member and said, “Lead them here.” The Thunder Clan member turned around to get the Foreign God-ranks. Zhao Hai looked at the others and said, “It seems like those arrogant guys had seen our strength. Hahaha. How about we act arrogant as well?”

When they heard Zhao Hai, the group stared for a moment before they laughed. At this time, the Thunder Clan member had led the foreign God-ranks to the side of the ship.

Zhao Hai bowed to the three leaders and smiled, “Please come up and have a seat. How about we drink a few cups?”

The three leaders gawked, then they looked at each other before flying over to the ship. Zhao Hai waved his hand as additional tables and chairs appeared.

Zhao Hai gestured to the chairs and said, “Everyone, please.”

The three paused for a moment, they didn’t know what to say. They looked around them and saw, Fei’er’s group along with the Great Demon King and the Demon Dragon King. However, they didn’t see the people they wanted to see, which was the Beast King and the others.

Upon seeing the look on the three’s faces, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Are you looking for the Beast King and the others? They’re not here. In fact, they wouldn’t participate in our counter-attack against the Divine Race. Although they had already consumed a potion to reach 9th rank, their strength still couldn’t contend with the Divines. Therefore, I didn’t allow them to participate.”

Ryder looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, you mean they aren’t in the Divine Realm?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Right, they’re not here. Last time, I just took them in order to meet you. In any case, you are of the same race. Also, you’ve sent them their divine artifacts, so they wanted to show them to you. Hehe, what a pity, you didn’t give them the opportunity.” When they heard this, Ryder and the other couldn’t help but feel awkward. Zhao Hai looked at the three people and laughed, “Anyway, come sit down. May I know the reason for your visit today?”

The three immediately took their seat at the table upon hearing Zhao Hai. Fei’er and the others also sat back down. Zhao Hai looked at the three and then smiled, “Right, I forgot. This is Fei’er, a member of the Thunder Clan. This is Barbarian Shan, while this is Yue from the Winged Pegasus race. These two are the Great Demon King and the Demon Dragon King.”

Ryder looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Dwarf Race, Ryder.”

The Beastman then said, “Bingya, Wolf Tribe.”

Then the Elven person said, “Elven Race, Yehta.”

Zhao Hai nodded and asked, “What matter did you come here for?” The three looked at each other before Bingya said, “We followed mister today to see your fight against the Divine Race. To be honest, you’re battle was far from what we expected. We didn’t think mister was this strong.”

Bingya’s conduct made Zhao Hai stare. Before, Bingya and the others were so arrogant, looking like they won’t accept defeat. He didn’t think that Bingya would become this poilite.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I was just lucky. You have lived here in the Divine Realm for a long time and had many contacts with the Divine Race, so you must know about their Deity. This ship wasn’t mine initially. The Divines summoned their Deity in order to deal with me. In the end, I defeated him and took this ship for myself.” When Bingya and the others heard this, their complexion changed. They had been fighting with the Divine Race for a long time, so naturally they were aware of their Deity. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have the ability to defeat the Deity’s projection.

After seeing the expression on Bingya and the others’ faces, the Great Demon King smiled and said, “And it’s not only a single time. Mister has defeated the Deity twice. The first time happened back in the Ark Continent. At that time, the Divines summoned the Deity to kill mister, but in the end, he ended up gifting his pagoda artifact to mister. The second time, he gave mister a ship. Moreover, the current ship looked way better than it used to be.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “This ship is the combination of the pagoda and the ship from before. An improved version.”

Bingya and the other two looked at each other, shock evidently plastered on their faces. They didn’t think that it would be like this. Zhao Hai’s abilities startled them.

Zhao Hai looked at the three and smiled, “Let me just ask, do you want to form an alliance with us and deal with the Divine Race together?”

Bingya and the others nodded. Zhao Hai smiled and said, “That’s great. Being in an alliance just makes things easier. But I think it would be best if you send this information to your territories and discuss it with your people. If you agree, you can just tell me. I’ll use this period of time to deal with the Taurus Divines.”

As soon as Bingya and the others heard Zhao Hai, they nodded. They knew that what Zhao Hai said was correct. An important matter such as forming an alliance wasn’t something they themselves can decide. Moreover, it seems like the Demons were with Zhao Hai while Fei’er and the others were already taken in by him. Adding Zhao Hai’s incalculable strength, the team leaders definitely needed to report this matter to their people.

Zhao Hai looked at the three and smiled, “Everyone, not involving you in our attack of the Taurus Continent was my idea. The hatred between your three races and the Divine race is too deep, you should already know this. If you participated in our attack, then the entirety of the Divine Race would counter. At this time, we have yet to capture the Taurus Continent, if that happens, then it would be disadvantageous for us. Therefore, I planned to deal with the Taurus Divines first before informing you. An enemy of an enemy if a friend. As long as we eliminate the Divines, only then could we relax. Because of this, I’m willing to form an alliance with you.” Bingya and the others kept silent. But their faces couldn’t hide their awkwardness. Their conduct last time was indeed too poor. They had treated Zhao Hai and the others as lesser people. Now that they were facing the strong Zhao Hai, they couldn’t help but feel disgusted by themselves.

They didn’t think that Zhao Hai would still propose an alliance. Zhao Hai looked at the three and smiled, “I won’t hold you here for too long. I hope that you can contact your people and give me a reply as soon as possible. If you agree to the alliance, then preparations would be needed.”

Bingya and looked at the others and then the three simultaneously stood up. They gave Zhao Hai a salute before they turned around to leave. After seeing that Bingya and the others had left, Fei’er chuckled and said, “To be honest, I’m getting tired of seeing arrogant people. Mister, I think after seeing the battle today, they will definitely start to behave.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I truly hope that they will agree to the alliance. But to be honest, I also wouldn’t be bothered if they decline.”

Fei’er laughed. When they contacted the three foreign races before, it seemed like they were at a disadvantage. This made him feel terrible. Now that Zhao Hai said this, he realized that what they felt might be the same as what those three team leaders must have felt right now. They felt that if they don’t ally with the foreign races, then they would have no way to contend with the Divine Race. In the end, they would have to be compelled to enter the alliance.

Zhao Hai was different, whether the foreign races wanted to become allies or not, his strength can still take him to his destination. It was precisely because of this that Zhao Hai could have the initiative to propose the alliance. He would hold an equal position to the

Fei’er looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, since our attacks had been smooth, I have something to tell you. I heard that the Divines of the 13 continents had their ultimate weapons. Once their continent met a critical situation, they would us it. I heard that the might of this weapon is enormous. But as to what degree, I don’t know.”

Zhao Hai said, “Ultimate Weapon? Hmm, perhaps this is the reason why the three races are yet to eliminate the Divines on their own continents. Hehe. It doesn’t matter, now I want to see how strong these Ultimate Weapons are.”

After seeing Zhao Hai so relaxed, Fei’er couldn’t help but caution him, “Mister, being careful of this point is important. I heard that this weapon can even move mountains. It’s extremely strong!” Zhao Hai nodded, “Rest assured, I will pay attention. No matter what, we need to take the Taurus Continent for ourselves. So sooner or later, we would have to meet this weapon. We’ll strengthen our offensive from now on. We’d rather have the Divines use this weapon on us compared to your people.”


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