BTFTLIAW – Chapter 857

Chapter 857 – Shock!

Early next morning, Fei’er and the others took all of the things inside Holy Light City and sorted them out before taking them into the Hell King’s ship. Everyone who went on board the ship were curious about everything inside. However, they were left disappointed upon seeing that the cabins were just empty rooms.

However, the Hell King’s ship was still able to surprise them. They didn’t think the ship would have enough of a capacity to take in everything inside Holy Light City.

To be honest, they don’t need much when they advance. Bringing daily necessities was useless since everything was supplied by Zhao Hai. However, both the Demons and the Goblins needed these things.

All of those involved were strong so it didn’t take too long for them to take everything inside Holy Light City. After that, Zhao Hai urged the ship forward as the rest followed behind.

Zhao Hai also noted the Foreign God-ranks not far from the ship. However, Zhao Hai didn’t care about them too much. Them following along was doing him a favor.

The Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King weren’t inside the ship. Instead, they were on each of their Domain Weapons, flying on both sides of the ship. As for the two recently acquired Domain Weapons, Zhao Hai didn’t give them to anybody else. He just had their undead owners keep them for now.

The large army advanced towards the Taurus Continent. Their speed wasn’t fast since Zhao Hai was looking after Fei’er and the others. He was afraid that flying too fast would diminish their fighting strength.

Their current enemy was the Divine Race and Zhao Hai didn’t want to eliminate them by himself. The merit of this action was too big. In this operation, Fei’er and the others also need to do feel like they were significant. This would be good for the alliance’s future development.

The Foreign God-ranks weren’t too far from the army. They wanted to see how Zhao Hai plans to deal with the Divine Race. At this point, they still didn’t believe that Zhao Hai was able to mount a counterattack against the Divine Realm.

Just like Zhao Hai thought, they didn’t meet any other Divines. It seems like the Divines did indeed evacuate to the big cities and were preparing to fight against the alliance army.

Although Zhao Hai can affirm that nobody was able to escape from Holy Light City, the other cities should still be able to sense something wrong judging by the fact that Holy Light City had been silent for quite some time. Therefore, those cities would surely make corresponding arrangements. Not seeing any other Divine on the way was a normal scenario.

Ryder’s complexion was heavy as he looked at Zhao Hai’s army. Ryder was a Dwarf. To be honest, he was quite happy when he saw Billy. However, Billy not giving him a salute the moment they met angered him. Therefore, he can only give a negative look towards Billy and the others.

As Zhao Hai said, they had been in the Divine Realm for too long that they had developed some arrogance deep within. They started to think that they were superior, especially compared to those back in the Ark Continent. They thought that those from the Ark Continent don’t deserve to have equal footing with them. Actually, they didn’t intend to offend Billy and the others.

Although Ryder was somewhat arrogant, we wasn’t heartless. He had the same temperament as the Dwarves back in the Ark Continent. For him, good was good and bad was bad. In his mind, there was no such thing as a grey area.

And even if he didn’t like Billy’s conduct, and sees the Ark Continent as inferior, he still wanted to look after the Dwarves, the same was true for the other two races. At the same time, they followed also because they wanted to see whether Zhao Hai did indeed have the ability to fight against the Divine Race.

Just like what was suspected, Ryder and the others came to the Taurus Continent in order to contact the Thunder Clan, the Barbarians, and the Winged Pegasus with regards to their prior agreement.

The Thunder Clan and the others didn’t reach out. Therefore the foreign races decided to send this team to take a look. They wanted to see if a problem had cropped up.

But they didn’t expect that upon arriving at the Taurus Continent, they would actually meet Zhao Hai’s group. Moreover, Zhao Hai even said that they would deal with the Divine Race themselves. This evoked the curiosity of Ryder and the others. Because of this, they decided to follow behind Zhao Hai’s army.

The situation on the road made Ryder and the others understand that Zhao Hai wasn’t lying. It seems like they did have a way to deal with the Divine Race. Otherwise, the Taurus Divines wouldn’t have acted like this. They had been flying for so long and they had yet to meet a single Divine. All of the citizens from the villages and towns had been evacuated.

They certainly didn’t believe that the Divine Race had gone on a mass vacation. The reason of the move was certainly Zhao Hai and the others. In other words, the Divine Race knew that Zhao Hai was coming, and they were currently increasing their defenses by clearing the fields!

This tactic of increasing defenses by evacuating everyone had also been used by the Foreign Races. Moreover, they haven’t only used it once. When the Divines proceeded to attack their three continents, they had to use this method to deal with the invasion. In the end, they were able to endure long enough to reclaim the three continents.

Even during their strongest period, when the Foreign Races attacked the Taurus Continent, they still weren’t compelled to use this tactic. However, Zhao Hai managed to force the Divines to do so, this explained Zhao Hai’s strength.

It was because of this that Ryder and the others had unlikable expressions right now. They understood that Zhao Hai was telling the truth. They were indeed capable of attacking the Divine Realm. This meant that their kin in the Ark Continent were now in equal standing compared to them. And this thought left a bitter taste in their mouth.

At this time, they turned their heads back to Holy Light City. They had noted that the city’s walls had all vanished.

Before long, Zhao Hai and the others arrived nearby a medium sized city. There were Divines defending the city, majority of them being civilians.

Zhao Hai inspected the city. It was a city that contained roughly more than 1 million people. It couldn’t be considered as a big city even in the Ark Continent, it can only be regarded as average.

The city didn’t have any Domain Weapon experts guarding it, its defending troops weren’t much either. The only troublesome thing in the city was the defensive formation. But this wouldn’t be a problem for Zhao Hai. At this time, Zhao Hai decided to have Fei’er and the others deal with the Divines in this city. As long as he breaks the city’s shield, then everything will be left for them.

When the Divines in the city saw Zhao Hai and the others, they immediately manned the magic cannons and ballistas. Zhao Hai didn’t care about them as he just made the Hell King’s ship crash into the city’s barrier, immediately breaking it’s protective shield.

Zhao Hai didn’t use the ship’s cannons this time. The magic cannons were too powerful, using this on this small city would be overkill.

After Zhao Hai destroyed the shield, Fei’er and the others immediately made their attack. Fei’er and the other had long waited for this day. To be honest, they felt great fighting with Zhao Hai since every troublesome thing was already taken care of.

But at the same time, this was also a problem. This meant that they had no chance to show their strength. This made them look like toadies following Zhao Hai just for the sake of it. This made them feel quite terrible.

Now that they had the opportunity to perform, the three armies immediately overran the city. The Divines in the city were also going all out in defending themselves.

Zhao Hai stood on his ship as he gazed calmly at the ongoing fight. He reeled his sympathy right now, the Divines didn’t deserve it. Even if you feel bad for them, they certainly don’t feel to bad for their previous victims..

Ryder and the others who followed behind were all shocked at what happened. A city with 1 million Divines and was defensively prepared wasn’t a good place to attack. Taking such a city would take more than 18 million troops, and might even need a Domain Weapon expert.

The most troublesome thing in attacking a Divine Race city was its defensive shields. Powering these shields were crystals. Crystals were naturally growing ores and some even form inside the bodies of magic beasts.

Magic crystals also exist this way in the Ark Continent, but the energy they contain was completely inferior compared to those in the Divine Realm.

A magic formation in a city of 1 million needed about ten thousand crystals to activate. Moreover, a Domain Weapon expert would have to make ten full attacks to dispel the shield.

Also, magic crystals can be added as the damage was dealt. This meant that with enough crystals, a city would be close to impossible to break through.

However, this powerful shield was actually turned to trash in front of Zhao Hai. He only used his ship to crash the shield into nothingness.

This was the first time they had seen something like this. To be honest, this scenario only happened in their dreams.

The battle inside the city was very intense. The Divines were very tenacious in their defense. However, their morale was constantly declining. This was caused by none other than Zhao Hai.

The Great Demon King, the Demon Dragon King, and the two undead Domain Weapon experts were making moves as well. They would use their Domain Weapons to destroy any strong resistance in the city. It didn’t take too long before the Divines were pushed into a defensive stance.

Zhao Hai’s was still the same, he didn’t want Fei’er to lose too many people lest the three races would blame him. They knew that Zhao Hai was strong, so if he didn’t offer any help, then these people would surely blame him afterwards.

Zhao Hai had a fair understanding regarding a person’s nature. These people would rush to battle in the name of military merit, but once their losses mount up, they would immediately forget why they rushed in. In the end, they could only blame Zhao Hai for not helping them by eliminating the enemies.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t want to use the Hell King’s ship. This ship shouldn’t exist in this plane. Compared to the Divine Race, it was too strong, the Divines simply had no way of countering it. But Zhao Hai still released his undead to help Fei’er and the others.

There was an important reason for this move. Zhao Hai was afraid that if he used the ship too many times, then it might provoke a response from the laws of the heavens and the earth, kicking him out of the plane. This was not a good outcome, and Zhao Hai still had a lot of things he needed to do. Because of this, Zhao Hai chose not to use the ship’s might as much as possible.

After the undead joined the fight, the battle soon came to an end. All those rebelling were killed while those who surrendered were thrown inside the Space. Whether they would survive or not wasn’t something that Zhao Hai cared about.

After taking care of that, Zhao Hai immediately had the battlefield cleaned. Then with the city at the center, the army proceeded to take a rest. At this time, Zhao Hai paid attention to the team of Foreign race God-ranks.

These Foreign God-ranks were closely behind them, but they were also at a fairly safe distance away. Zhao Hai didn’t care too much about them as he shifted his attention to Fei’er and the others’ victory as well as their casualty count.

The battle was intense. The Thunder Clan lost about 3000 people while both the Barbarians and Winged Pegasus lost about 2,000 people each. The losses were still in their acceptable range.

Standing on the ship was Fei’er as he gave Zhao Hai today’s report. Zhao Hai’s mood was quite heavy, to be honest, he didn’t want the fight to continue like this. However, he didn’t have a way to stop it. The were too far in to halt their advance.

If he decided to stop, then the Ark Continent and the Demons might not have problem, however Fei’er and the others surely will. Fei’er and the others already went all-in in this operation. Besides Fei’er and the others, the Foreign God-ranks were also aware of the situation here. Once they get involved, the Divines from the other continents would surely make a move. This would certainly ignite a fire in the entire Divine Realm.

Most importantly, the Atlanta Plane and the Underworld were yet to be dealt with. Zhao Hai believed that the Underworld wouldn’t be too simple. It’s possible that their population was much more than the Divine Realm. In this case, didn’t this mean that they would also have more God-ranks? It was because of this that Zhao Hai couldn’t just withdraw. If he retreats, then nobody would be able to deal with the Divines. Also, there were also the other planes. No matter where he went, the fate of battle will always meet him.

After Fei’er and the others gave their report, they remained standing there looking at Zhao Hai. They saw that Zhao Hai was thinking about something. After some time, Zhao Hai was still silent. Finally, the Great Demon King opened his mouth and asked, “Mister, is there something wrong?”

Zhao Hai recovered, he looked at the group and discovered that they had worried looks. He couldn’t help but smiled faintly and said, “It’s fine. I only thought that the casualties from this fight is not small. From what I can see, how about we have the undead lead the charge from now on? Let’s reduce our casualties as much as possible.”

Fei’er and the others remained silent. To be honest, they really wanted to elevate their standing in front of Zhao Hai. However, they were still sane enough to not gamble with the lives of their people.

At this time, a Thunder Clan member flew towards the ship. Then he gave his report to Zhao Hai, “Mister, I have a report to make. Several Foreign race members are outside. They said they wanted to see you.”


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