BTFTLIAW – Chapter 855

Chapter 855 – Arrogant Foreign Race

However, before he decided to meet these foreign God-ranks, Zhao Hai decided to bring the Beast King, Elf Queen, and Dwarf Patriarch along.

They were the leaders of the foreign races in the Ark Continent. Now that the foreign races of the Divine Realm had appeared, Zhao Hai decided to have them meet. At the same time, Zhao Hai also had them bring their Divine Artifacts.

After the three leaders heard Zhao Hai, they immediately went along and appeared in Holy Light City. The three were now 9th ranks. With their Divine Artifacts in hand, their expressions were somewhat excited.

Zhao Hai looked at the three and said, “Don’t be too anxious. We’ll see your people soon. Your people in the Divine Realm.”

The Beast King, who held his Beast God’s Spear, smiled faintly and said, “I’m somewhat excited. I don’t know what kind of life they lived in here. But they shouldn’t be very different compared to us.”

The Elf Queen smiled as well as she said, “I didn’t think we would meet in this manner. Meeting our clansmen from the Divine Realm, hehe.”

Billy was also excited, but he didn’t say anything. Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he summoned a Bone Dragon. Then the group stood on the dragon’s head before they flew outside the city.

Zhao Hai already knew where these foreign God-ranks were. Therefore, he didn’t pretend to be clueless and just went directly straight towards them.

Before long, Zhao Hai can see a team in front of him. This team was no other than the group of foreign race God-ranks that he saw on the monitor. The other party was also alerted. Upon seeing Zhao Hai, they immediately got into formation.

Zhao Hai slowed the Bone Dragon’s speed. He didn’t want them to misunderstand his approach. At this time, conflict was the last thing that he wanted. After all, the enemy of an enemy is a friend, Zhao Hai can clearly understand this line.

The opposite party, seeing that Zhao Hai didn’t have any hostility, relaxed their formation. However, they didn’t lower their guard.

When Zhao Hai was about a kilometer away from them, he smiled faintly and said, “Hello. Are you the foreign God-ranks of the Divine Realm? My name is Zhao Hai, and I’m from the Ark Continent. These three are the Beast King, the Elf Queen, and the Dwarf Patriarch.”

The three leaders immediately gave these God-ranks a salute. On the other hand, the Foreign God-ranks were looking at them with a blank stare, they didn’t know what to say.

Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “There’s no need to be startled. We made a counterattack on the Taurus Continent and had seized Holy Light City. Might I know why you’re here today?”

The Foreign God-ranks looked at each other, they were still silent. In the end, they can affirm that these people were indeed from the Ark Continent. These rulers were all 9th rank, and being leaders despite being 9th rank  was rare in the Divine Realm.

At this time, A Beastman God-rank said, “You’re deceiving us. The Beastman Race’s Royal Tribe are the Diamond Apes. When did the leadership change to the Tiger Tribe?”

Zhao Hai looked at the Beastman God-rank and smiled, “This needs explanation. You haven’t contacted with the Ark Continent for a long time, so you might not know about the continent’s situation. The Diamond Apes are certainly the Beastman Race’s Royal Clan, however, they managed to lose the Beast God’s Spear on the Northern Icefield. Because of this, they were sent to exile by the Beastman Race. Currently, the Lion and Tiger Tribes take turns in leading the Beastman Race.”

The Beastman God-rank looked at Zhao Hai and said, “And who are you? I’m speaking to my lesser clansman. What does it have to do with you?”

Zhao Hai gawked, he looked at the Beastman God-rank’s eyes and could see disdain. It seems like he was looking at him as though he was an enemy.

Zhao Hai wrinkled his brows, but his voice remained gentle, “You, let me ask. What do you mean by lesser clansman?”

The Beastman God-rank revealed his disdain as he said, “Human, you’re not qualified to speak to me. You, little tiger. You are just a lower grade clansman. How dare you look at me with those eyes.”

This shocked not only Zhao Hai, the Beast King and the others were stunned as well. This was because they discovered how their Divine Realm clansmen look at them. Their gaze was no different than the look the Divine Race had.

The three were staring blankly. They expected to be received warmly by their people in the Divine Realm. But instead they were met with this look, it was very difficult to accept.

Zhao Hai saw the three’s change in expression, so he stopped being polite as he looked at the Beastman God-rank and said, “You, I think you have misunderstood. We’re not any lesser than you. All these years, you’ve been suppressed by the Divines and can only huddle up in your three continent. On the other hand, the Ark Continent not only defended ourselves, we also mounted a counter attack on the Taurus Continent. We did all of these without your help. You have no qualifications to talk like that to us. If we didn’t defeat the Taurus army, you wouldn’t have sneaked in this easily.”

Zhao Hai’s impolite speech stunned these Foreign God-ranks. Meanwhile, it made the Beast King and the others vent some of their anger.

Zhao Hai was not wrong. When the Divine Race invaded the Ark Continent, Zhao Hai alone led the continent to defend. At that time, what help did these races give? And now they had the gall to be arrogant? They’re too shameless.

These Foreign God-ranks had ugly expressions as they looked at Zhao Hai. Then an Elf came forward and said, “Sure enough, Humans are indeed arrogant and conceited. My lesser clansman, what do you want to do now? Will you stay with this Human, or will you join us and return to the Virgo Continent. The true home of our Elven Race.”

The Elf Queen looked at the God-rank Elf and then gave a smile as she calmly replied, “I’d rather stay with mister Zhao Hai. The Virgo Continent is not the home of the Elves. As far as I know, anywhere in the 13 continents can be our home.”

The Beast King and Billy smiled since the Elf Queen wasn’t wrong. As long as Zhao Hai was present, then anywhere in the 13 continents would be their home. To be honest, they really didn’t care about the Divine Realm.

The Foreign God-ranks were stunned. They didn’t expect the Elf Queen to be refute the Elf. The God-rank Elf’s face turned blue as she berated, “Do you know what you’re talking about? The might of the Divine Race is beyond your imagination. Do you want to be enslaved by the Divines? Are you crazy?”

The Elf Queen couldn’t help but smile, she looked at the God-rank Elf and said, “I’m not crazy. The Divines are indeed very powerful, but the current Taurus Divines aren’t. After a few days, the Taurus Continent will fall into our hands. Moreover, we have no interest in the other continents.”

When Zhao Hai heard the Elf Queen, he looked at the Foreign God-ranks and said, “I don’t know what you’re doing in the Taurus COntinent, but this information might help you. The Taurus Divines doesn’t have the means to deal with your team. Rest assured, the Divine Realm will soon hear the news that the Taurus Continent have been conquered by the alliance of the Ark Continent, the Thunder Clan, the Barbarians, and the Winged Pegasus.”

When these God-ranks heard this, their complexion couldn’t help but change. They knew about the Thunder Clan, Barbarians, and the Winged Pegasus. They were enslaved by the Divine Race so they had a few tussles with the Foreign races. Although these people weren’t born in the Divine Realm, one couldn’t deny that their might was quite strong.

Now, Zhao Hai actually said that the three races were their allies. This divided the foreign God-ranks between those who believed Zhao Hai and those who didn’t.

Zhao Hai looked at their eyes and said, “You don’t have to be as careful as you are now in the Taurus Continent. Besides some big cities, I believe there won’t be Divines in other places. Well then, we will be returning to Holy Light City. By the way, Holy Light City is now under our control. If you need any help, you can find us there.”

After that, Zhao Hai steered the Bone Dragon to head back towards Holy Light City, not paying anymore attention to the Foreign race God-ranks. The Beast King, Billy, and the Elf Queen all had disdainful expressions as they looked back at their kin in the Divine Realm.

Once they arrived back at Holy Light City, Zhao Hai released his Hell King’s ship and welcomed the group inside to sit. After being offered some tea, Zhao Hai looked at the others and said, “It looks like we don’t have to count on the Foreign God-ranks. But it’s somewhat strange for them to be in the Taurus Continent.”

The Beast King and the others didn’t think that their clansmen would treat them that way. At this time, the one who calmed down first was the Elf Queen, she knit her brows and said, “Mister, it might be because of the Thunder Clan and the others.”

Zhao Hai stared, he understood what the Elf Queen meant. Fei’er said before that they would coordinate with the Foreign God-ranks once their operation began. In the end, this prior cooperation wasn’t needed because of Zhao Hai. This means that Fei’er and the others already had contact with the Foreign Races before and they had reached an agreement. But after not being in contact with Fei’er and the others, these Foreign Races decided to send a team to the Taurus Continent to see the situation.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “That is possible. I’ll deal with this matter, you can go back to the Space. There’s no need for you to take refuge with your kin.”

The three didn’t decline. To be honest, they had been used to living inside the Space, they now preferred it compared to outside.

After Zhao Hai sent them off, he immediately called the Great Demon King, the Demon Dragon King, as well as Fei’er’s group. Upon embarking on the ship and seeing Zhao Hai sat there with tea and some snacks, they didn’t become polite and immediately took their seats. At this point, they were used to Zhao Hai’s behaviour.


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