BTFTLIAW – Chapter 854

Chapter 854 – Foreign Races Appear

Zhao Hai was currently inside the Space’s villa. In front of his tea table was the Hell King’s ship. At the same time, displayed on the monitor was the scene of the transported Divines inside the Space.

Zhao Hai looked at this people not because they were acting well. On the contrary, he discovered that the Divines were really good at destruction.

It’s not wrong, they were good at destroying things. Ever since they entered the background, they started to destroy everything inside it. There were some bread trees inside the background. Zhao Hai had these trees on those backgrounds so that these people would survive. He also sent some magic beasts inside.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t expect the Divines to destroy everything upon entering the background. They wiped out the bread fruits and kicked the fruit trees down. They also killed all of the magic beasts they came across. Probably this was because they wanted to vent their anger.

Laura and the others were also in front of the screen, shocked at what they saw. After some time, Laura turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, if they destroy things like that, won’t they starve to death?”

Zhao Hai looked at the monitor and coldly said, “Yes, if I don’t save them, then they would definitely starve. But I don’t have the mood to save them right now. It’s fine to be angry, but being foolishly angry is stupid. I left them a way to live, but they instead chose to destroy it.”

The women looked at the screen and smiled faintly. They didn’t know what to say. What were these Divines thinking? Do they want to be slaves? Or are they tired of living? If they don’t want to love, then they might as well kill themselves. They didn’t need to anger Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t want to stop the Divines. In any case, there was nothing good in that background. Even if they destroy everything inside, Zhao Hai’s losses wouldn’t be that great.

Zhao Hai changed the image to Holy Light City. Although there were some damage to the city, most of the buildings were still intact. There would be enough room for Fei’er and the others to stay.

Moreover, since Zhao Hai didn’t take any supplies away, Fei’er and the others were living in relative comfort. There were even some people boiling water in order to take a bath.

Zhao Hai looked at their situation and nodded. Then he turned the image to the Atlanta Plane. Zhao Hai wanted to know what preparations they had done. To be honest, Zhao Hai wanted them to attack the Ark Continent as soon as possible. He wanted to get his hands on those mechas as soon as possible.

Currently ,the education of the Goblins had gone smoothly. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but recognize the Goblins’ astonishing learning capabilities. The undead creatures that Zhao Hai sent had already taught them about the words of the Ark Continent. They had also been given books about magic formations to study from.

One must know that manipulating magic formations wasn’t easy. Some formations needed special materials to activate. Some needed metal, some worked better with wood.

Because of this, magic formation research doesn’t only involve the formations themselves. The materials and the methods to make them were also crucial for success.

It can be said that magic formation study was a comprehensive field. Aside from magic formations, one also needed to have studied other subjects such as alchemy and botany.

However, the Goblins were innately skilled on these matters. While they started to study fundamental formations, there were already Goblins who proceeded to study medium-grade formations used by the Ark Continent. It seems like their progress was doing very well.

Zhao Hai was very happy with this development. With the innate talents of the Goblins, they would be able to manufacture magic armors later on. For Zhao Hai, this was great news.

After looking at the Goblins, Zhao Hai shifted his attention to the Fishmen. To be honest, the Fishmen were living very comfortable lives. This was especially true for the Mermaids, they were extremely thankful to Zhao Hai.

This was because the Mermaids had a flaw in their bodies. It was because of this flaw that they were unable to produce God-ranks. Now that Zhao Hai had given them God-rank potions, they finally had a God-rank expert. For the Mermaids, there was no greater gift.

Most importantly, it seems like the God-rank potion was a key to the Mermaids. Their bodies were like treasure chests filled with riches. But since they had no key, they had no way to access it.

Now that Zhao Hai gave them the key, this treasure can now be attained. Once this treasure was opened, the God-rank Mermaids had discovered that their cultivation speed had skyrocketed.

On the same day the two God-rank Mermaids drank the potion, they were immediately able to establish a Domain without the need for combat. This caused Zhao Hai to have some envy towards them.

However, this also made Zhao Hai happy. Now that the Mermaids had this potential, he now had another strong race in his arsenal. This was definitely a good thing.

Then Zhao Hai looked at another race that he had neglected for a long time, the Sea Dragons. Zhao Hai didn’t pay attention to them after he transferred them to the Space. Now Zhao Hai wanted to see how they were doing.

Once he changed the display, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be surprised. There were several God-ranks among the Sea Dragons. This was beyond his expectation.

Zhao Hai didn’t give them any God-rank potions. This meant that they had reached God-rank on their own. Although they were still Demigods, this was already quite remarkable. They haven’t entered the Space for long, only about a year or so. Having this result in that short time was already great.

The Sea Dragons were also very earnest. Those who hadn’t reached God-rank were working hard to break through. Those who have risen to God-rank were also working hard. It seems like the sight of the Divine Race had lit a fire inside them.

This was good for Zhao Hai. After looking at the other places for a while, Zhao Hai had discovered that he had nothing to do.

They were currently fighting the Divine Race, but they were also waiting for the news coming from Fei’er and the others. They needed to know about the situation before they could proceed to the next step.

Originally, Zhao Hai thought that he would need to expend his strength in order to defeat the Divine Race. But now that he has the Hell King’s ship, he was fully confident that he can win against the Divine Race with his own power.

In this plane, the Hell King’s ship was definitely a cheat-like existence. Currently, the most powerful weapon in the Space were the Domain Weapons. But now, those Domain Weapons no longer held importance to Zhao Hai.

Currently, the only thing Zhao Hai has curious with were the mechas of the Atlanta Plane. Were they better than Domain Weapons?

Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t worry about attacking. He just had his undead go to the hell background to train themselves.

While Zhao Hai was being carefree, Fei’er and the others were actually worried. After seeing the strength of the Hell King’s ship, they knew that maintaining an equal standing with Zhao Hai was impossible. Even if they can defeat the Divine Race, the three races still couldn’t beat Zhao Hai’s ship.

Naturally, Fei’er and the others knew that the most fearful thing wasn’t the ship, but Zhao Hai himself. They had seen the ship before, and had felt how strong it was. But in the hands of Zhao Hai, the ship actually improved by a lot. This was a huge blow to Fei’er and the others.

Zhao Hai defeating the Divine Race’s Deity was already beyond Fei’er’s imagination. Then They were even more startled by the fact that Zhao Hai was able to upgrade the ship.

Upon seeing the Hell King’s ship dealing with the Divine Race, Fei’er and the others couldn’t help but feel their hearts surrender.

In the past, Fei’er wanted to get in touch with their people in order to express Zhao Hai’s abilities. They wanted Zhao Hai to have a good image in their people’s mind.

But now, Fei’er and the others chose to withhold Zhao Hai’s information. This was because they were afraid of the Divine Race knowing about the Hell King’s ship. The ship was their ultimate weapon, the later it gets revealed the better.

The reason they thought about this was because the Divine Race still didn’t know about the ship. They were successful in conquering Holy Light City, not allowing anyone to escape. At this point, the Divines had no idea about what happened inside the city.

Shan and Yue held the same sentiment as Fei’er. The Barbarians and Winged Pegasus had some hatred towards Zhao Hai. Although Zhao Hai had apologized to them many times, there was still a small lump in their hearts.

But after they saw the ship, this lump immediately vanished. They didn’t want to offend Zhao Hai, or else they would just be courting death.

Zhao Hai didn’t know about what Fei’er and the others were thinking about. He was now being relaxed and carefree. All of these was because of the Hell King’s ship.

The ship was too formidable. Although Fuwa had vanished due to the fusion between the pagoda and the ship, Zhao Hai discovered that he didn’t lose anything. The Hell King’s ship seemed to be internally connected with him. As long as he gave an intention, the ship would do his bidding. This was enough for Zhao Hai.

Three days after Holy Light City fell, Fei’er’s messengers had come back. Moreover, they had brought good news. It seems like the Taurus Divines were short on military strength. Although they weren’t like Zhao Hai who managed to take Holy Light City, they were still able to hold a stand-off against the Divine Race. The Taurus Divines seem to lack troops to deal with them.

Upon hearing this information, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel relief. It looks like there’s no plot from the Taurus Divines. Instead, they were really short on soldiers. This allowed Zhao Hai to boldly deal with the Divine Race.

After reporting the state of their people to Zhao Hai, Fei’er and the others immediately sent another letter. This letter informed them about the Hell King’s ship. They expressed their request to fully cooperate with Zhao Hai.

Just when Zhao Hai was preparing to attack the Ark Continent, the arrival of some guests stopped him from going forward. These people weren’t Divines, they were from the foreign races.

After hearing the reports from Fei’er and the others, Zhao Hai prepared to attack the Taurus continent the next day. Before Zhao Hai went to sleep at night, it was already his habit to look at the monitor. But this night, he suddenly spotted a small team appearing on the monitor. This wasn’t a squad of the three races, instead it was a team of the Foreign races.

The foreign races of the Ark Continent had already entered the Space. Without Zhao Hai, it would be impossible for them to leave the Space. Moreover, the ones on the monitor had different mounts and were evidently stronger than the ones in the Ark Continent.

There were about a thousand people in this team. Beastman Race’s Wolf cavalry numbered 500, Elven Race’s unicorn cavalry numbered 200, and Dwarf Race’s Iron Armor beast cavalry numbered 300.

Although they weren’t many, one could see that they were elite. Their strengths reaching God-rank.

Upon seeing them, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be curious. One must know that Holy Light City was not on the edge of the Taurus Continent. So how did this cavalry team sneak in? Did the Taurus Divine army let them go? Are they that incapable of blocking troops in their border?

Zhao Hai’s guess was both right and wrong. The Taurus Divines were indeed lacking in troops. Therefore they could only guard important places in the continent. This was because they were afraid of the attacks coming from the foreign races.

At the same time, these Foreign races had the ability to sneak into the Taurus Continent. This was because of the lack of manpower from the Taurus Divines. And the other reason was the foreign races’ meticulous preparation. Even during the Taurus Divines’ heyday, they were still able to sneak in, much less now.


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