BTFTLIAW – Chapter 853

Chapter 853 – The Hell King’s Ship Shows It’s Might!

Beautiful, it was too beautiful. Although they knew that it was a lethal weapon, Zhao Hai still couldn’t bear to admire the beauty of this thing.

Laura and the others were also looking at the ship with shining eyes. To be honest, Laura was thinking that the name ‘Hell King’s Ship’ was now unsuitable for the ship. This was because the ship seemed to have abandoned its ghastly nature. The engravings were still terrifying, but it it didn’t express evil. A lot of people liked to engrave scary images not to be evil but just to intimidate their enemies.

Laura grabbed the ship on Zhao Hai’s hand and said, “It’s beautiful. Brother Hai, how about we make more. Can we do that?”

Zhao Hai turned to Laura and smiled, “Rest assured, if you like it, we can have as many of them as you want. But unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to make more of them at this time.”

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Alright, I believe you. But Brother Hai, can this small thing, really expand countless times?’

Zhao Hai smiled faintly as the ship on Laura’s hand started to fly away and increased in size. It got bigger and bigger as it became as large as a city. In the Ark Continent, it could be considered to be a major city.

The changes on the ship made Laura and the others exclaim in surprise. Zhao Hai’s appearance was also somewhat similar. If he kept increasing its size, then it might not be able to exit the spatial rift.

Zhao Hai turned to Laura and said, “How is it? Good? Come, let’s head up. Let’s ride the ship as I direct the undead to battle.”

As soon as they heard this, Laura and the others immediately flew towards the ship. Zhao Hai smiled before he urged the ship to go forward.

The Great Demon King and the Demon Dragon King were quite anxious. Their strength was still on its peak. Their battles in the past two days were quite short, so they didn’t lose too much power. It can be said that their fights were more of a warm-up than anything else. When Zhao Hai told them to wait for two hours, the two immediately knew that Zhao Hai’s ship was on the verge of completion. It was because of this that they were that anxious, they wanted to see what Zhao Hai’s ship looked like.

Fei’er and the others were also waiting. They weren’t that worried about their situation. In any case, Zhao Hai already told them that he intends to drag the time for a few days.

At this time, a huge spatial rift suddenly appeared in mid-air. Almost everyone present noticed the huge crack, even the Divines in Holy Light City. While their attention was focused on the rift, a incomparably huge ship slowly appeared from it.

Everyone looked at the huge ship. It was too beautiful. The golden translucent hull, the dark blue waves underneath it, the sharp and long tip, the ship’s high tower, the wind chimes, all of them were magnificently crafted. They collectively were able to make the ship extremely gorgeous.

Zhao Hai and the others calmly stood on the ship’s bow, calmly looking at Holy Light City. At this time, the Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King reacted. They looked at the ship with amazement. They knew that Zhao Hai was upgrading the ship, they just didn’t expect that it would change to this degree.

The two Demons looked at the ship and then to their carriages. At this time, they felt that their carriages were incomparably tiny.

After the Hell King’s ship completely stopped, the Great Demon King and the others flew towards it, this included Fei’er’s group as well. Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “Is everyone prepared? We’ll be taking Holy Light City today.”

The Great Demon King was amazed at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, this is your upgraded ship? It’s so beautiful. I can’t imagine that a ship could be this dazzling.” The Demon Dragon King nodded, “It’s truly beautiful. In the past, the ship had this ghastly nature, as if it came from the underworld. But this ship didn’t have that feeling at all. Mister, this achievement is too astonishing.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and didn’t comment. He turned to the group and said, “We’ll talk about that later. We’re taking Holy Light city today, does anybody have any opinions?”

The group shook their heads. To be honest, after Zhao Hai had upgraded his ship, they had already lost their desire to be treated as equal. At this point, they only wanted Zhao Hai to deal with the Divine Race.

Zhao Hai looked at them and smiled, “Alright, since nobody has any other thoughts, then we’ll proceed. Your Majesty, Demon Dragon, you can store your carriages and step on the ship. You’ll not be needing them today. Fei’er, order your army to follow behind the ship. After we break the defensive formation, I will send the undead army to block their retreat. Meanwhile, you and the others will move and clear all those who resists.”

The group gave an assuring nod. Then Zhao Hai smiled as he commandeered the ship to head towards Holy Light City. The Divines on the city had already seen the ship. They haven’t seen a ship as huge as this before, all of them couldn’t help but panic.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about their reaction as he slowly led the ship forward. Zhao Hai didn’t let the ship speed up, he wanted to use this opportunity to pressure the Divines to react.

Before long, the Divine Race responded. The two Domain Weapon experts proceeded to rush out from the city. They had no other choice, otherwise, deserters would start to crop up. Like what Zhao Hai’s group had guessed, the soldiers of the city weren’t comprised of regular ones. There were citizens who took up their weapons to fight. Although they weren’t weak, their battle sense was worse than the Divine Race army.

The two Domain Weapon experts quickly increased their size. When they finally saw Zhao Hai, they immediately launched an assault. However, the scene quickly turned into a joke. It was just like two knights heading out to see in order to stab a megaton-class ship.

Zhao Hai looked at the two and smiled. The ship stayed on its current speed and didn’t react. It leisurely advanced as the two experts approached.

At this moment, a sudden wave hit the two experts, destroying their Domains. Their whole person immediately turned to ice as their Domain Weapons were taken into the ship. The bodies were also taken in by Zhao Hai. After a wave of his hand, two new undead walked out of the cabin.

After seeing Zhao Hai’s method, Fei’er and the others couldn’t help but be more afraid. They didn’t know how strong the ship actually was, but they knew that it’s true might didn’t rely on the waves below. Still, the waves were still able to decimate the experts that the Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King were on equal strength with. They were even turned into undead immediately, they couldn’t help but shiver in fright.

However, the surprises didn’t stop there. The Hell King’s ship proceeded to fly slowly towards the city. The Divines in the city also saw their experts being erased in front of them. Now that there was nobody capable of blocking the ship, the Divines couldn’t help but get flustered. They panicked even more. However, the soldiers were still able to stabilize their situation. It didn’t take too long before magic cannons and ballistas started to attack the ship.

But people soon discovered that these attacks were useless. The ship might not be completely closed in, but on could see the waves beneath it block the attacks from going through.

At this time, the ship had finally arrived in front of the city’s protective shield. The ship’s front proceeded to clash with shield despite its slow advance. However, like a balloon being pricked by a needle, the protective shield eventually popped. It dented for a moment before it totally vanished.

But the ship still kept going directly towards the city. Aside from its front bow, the hull was also quite formidable as it slammed towards the city’s wall. The originally thick wall seemed to become as fragile as paper. The ship didn’t have any difficulties smashing through as it continued its advance towards the city.

The Divine Race finally devolved into total panic. Not only the new recruits, even the veterans were panicking. And as this spectacle played out, the magic cannons on both sides of this ship automatically changed their aim and before long more than 100 beams of red light blasted through the rest of the city walls.

The explosion wasn’t something one would expect. There was no earth shattering noise. As the red lights hit the walls of the city, the white stone immediately vaporized. The walls, including the magic cannons, ballistas, and Divine Race soldiers, had disappeared into thin air.

Zhao Hai looked at the situation as he expression changed. He bit his lip as he whispered, “It’s too strong!”

Laura and the others who were near him could hear his voice. They looked at Zhao Hai and laughed. Their actions elicited a response from the Great Demon King and the others. They couldn’t help but turn their heads towards the women.

Zhao Hai restored his expression as he waved his hand. Then large quantities of undead started to come out of the ship’s cabin and headed towards the city. Fei’er and the others saw this and also had their armies join.

At this time, there was no resistance inside Holy Light City. This was because Zhao Hai had underestimated the ship’s attacking strength. He didn’t expect the magic cannons and ballistas to disappear just like that. Millions of people on the walls were vaporized by the ship’s cannons.

The Great Demon King looked at all of these and then looked at Zhao Hai, “Mister, how do you want to deal with the Divines? To be honest, it’s quite difficult being on your side. We rarely get any chances to feel accomplished.”

When Zhao Hai and the others heard the Great Demon King, they couldn’t help but laugh. They didn’t expect the ruler of the Demons to be able to crack a joke.

After some time, Zhao Hai calmed down. Then he turned to Laura and said, “Laura, how do you want to deal with the Divines? They’re full of hatred towards me.”

Laura looked at the panic-stricken Divines, she had no immediately answer to the question. After some time she said, “Brother Hai, what do you want to do? You can’t just kill them all. Didn’t we used to be on the same state as them?” Zhao Hai smiled bitterly. To be honest, he didn’t have the heart to kill the children. Although he knew that the Divines were his enemy, he still couldn’t bear being too cruel to those uninvolved.

After some time, Zhao Hai said, “Kill all who resist. As for those who surrendered, throw them into the Space and just let things run their own course.”

Laura smiled bitterly, in his mind this was already the best decision. Moreover, Zhao Hai had found out that there were a lot of commoners inside Holy Light City.

Holy Light City can house 20 million people. But now, the population inflated to near 30 million.

At first glance, one could see that they were the people who used to occupy the empty villages a few days ago. Zhao Hai understood that they must have been afraid and thought that Holy Light City was safe.

Zhao Hai didn’t become polite. He had his undead take those who didn’t resist into the Space. The place he took them was a background with no inhabitants within. He would leave them there and see where they’ll end up. As for those who resisted, they were killed and made into undead.

Zhao Hai still had sympathy, but too much of it is harmful in the battlefield. If you sympathized with an enemy who didn’t share the same thought, they you would end up suffering huge losses. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t hold back against those who decided to rebel.

Holy Light City had turned chaotic. But as the skies darkened, the place started to calm down. This didn’t meant that the Divines had hidden themselves, instead, it was due to Zhao Hai killing all who resisted while throwing those who didn’t to the Space.

At the same time, Zhao Hai also plundered all of the weapons in the city. Besides daily necessities and food, everything was thrown to the Space. The supplied that remained were all handed over to Fei’er and the others. This would provide them with enough food for the following days, so Zhao Hai didn’t need to give them supplies anymore.


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