BTFTLIAW – Chapter 850

Chapter 850 – Domain Weapon vs Domain Weapon!

Although Zhao Hai just blurted those words out like it was nothing, Fei’er and the others comprehended something else. In their opinion, the ship was already the world’s most powerful weapon. However, such a weapon actually had a weak point in Zhao Hai’s eyes. Moreover, he was even proceeding to upgrade it!

They looked at each other and saw the color of surprise on their eyes. However, Fei’er still kept his calm as he said, “That is also good. I believe that with two domain weapons, there would be no problems in taking the city. We’ve also sent people to contact our races. We’ve given them five days to return. Even if they have troubles, they can still see our situation and then return. But if they don’t return in five days, then we can assume that an accident has happened.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, then let’s start taking over Holy Light City.”

The group nodded before they left the platform to command their army, only the Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King remained. Currently, the Devil Legion was already guarding the defensive line. However, the undead were still going on with their work.

Zhao Hai looked at the two and then smiled before taking out a spatial bag and giving it to the Great Demon King. Then he said, “Your Majesty, after you head back to the Demon Space, give this to your people. This way, they’ll have a way to message you whenever they need it.”

The Great Demon King looked into the spatial bag and saw a lot of messenger fish bottles, numbering way more than ten thousand. The Great Demon King immediately looked at Zhao Hai and smiled, “Mister, thank you very much. This will be very useful for us.” Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “At present, the messenger fishes have limited functions. Later on when we improve it, you can use the messenger fish to contact many people.”

The Great Demon King smiled and said, “Its state right now is still very good. With them, my life would be much easier.”

The Demon Dragon King smiled as well and said, “It surely will. Sending letters is sometimes very inconvenient. With the messenger fish, everything would be more convenient.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’ll give some to Fei’er and the others as well. But not too many, just enough for them to command their army more efficiently. After all, they’re still our allies.”

The Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King laughed. At this time, Zhao Hai’s platform slowly moved forward. Following the platform was the undead army. The Barbarian, Winged Pegasus, and Thunder Clan were also following closely behind. Their advance was slow, but in turn, they maintained a solid formation.

Although the army’s advance wasn’t quick, they were also quite close to Holy Light City. Before long, Zhao Hai could see a huge city in the horizon.

The city was huge, enough for more than 20 million people to settle in. It’s walls reached a height of over a hundred meters, and panning about a thousand li(500km). It was bigger than the cities of ancient china by many folds.

Such a city can only appear in a world with magic, it was impossible for it to exist back on Earth.

At this time, the entire Holy Light City was surrounded by a layer of translucent light. They had already erected their formation and was ready to meet Zhao Hai’s attack.

Zhao Hai slowly stood up and walked to the edge of the platform. He gazed at the city and exclaimed, “It’s majestic. I’m afraid it’s much bigger than your capital, Your Majesty. I didn’t expect huge cities like these to exist in the Divine Realm.”

The Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King also stood up and went to either side of Zhao Hai to look at Holy Light City. The Great Demon King exclaimed in surprise as well, “It’s truly grand. No city in the Demon Realm and Ark Continent could compare to this one. I’m afraid only the Divines can make it. It seems like there are some truths to the greatness of the Divine Race.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Their claim to be gods seems to hold some truth. However, they shouldn’t have provoked me. Even if they are gods, they still wouldn’t escape my revenge.”

The Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King both laughed. They didn’t think that Zhao Hai was joking, he did have the strength to back his words.

As they got closer to Holy Light city, the view got clearer and clearer. On the walls of the city were Divine Race soldiers. The walls were very wide, allowing more than soldiers to be occupied on top of it. Magic cannons and ballistas used to defend the city were also on the walls, ready to fire a full salvo when the fight starts.

Zhao Hai’s platform stopped, causing the entire alliance army to stop as well. Their position was beyond the range of both magic cannons and ballista so they weren’t worried of any attacks coming their way.

Then Zhao Hai had his platform move around the city. Holy Light City was indeed really good. The walls were made of stone and looked very tough.

After some time, Zhao Hai returned to his original position. At this time, Fei’er, Yue, and Shan had arrived at the platform. The three people didn’t show their surprise, they were already used to seeing it.

Zhao Hai gave a spatial bag to each of them and telling them about the messenger fish. After that, he asked them, “What is Holy Light city’s status in the Taurus Continent? Is it a big city in the Divine Realm?”

Fei’er was very happy upon receiving the messenger fish, and when he heard Zhao Hai, he immediately placed the bag aside and answered, “There aren’t a lot of cities as big as Holy Light City in the Taurus Continent, only ten. As for its ranking, it’s about at rank five. Shan, did I remember it correctly?”

Shan shook his head and said, “If I can remember, Holy Light City is 4th biggest in the Taurus Continent. Their biggest is Divine Will City, then Divine Purpose City, Divine Light City after that, fourth is Holy Light City, and fifth is Holy Earth City. Then the next five is Sacred Artifact City, Divine Scripture City, Divine Grace City, Taurus Holy City, and Holy Sea City.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “What ranking is this based on? Is it by area or population?”

Fei’er nodded and said, “It’s calculated based on both land area and population. The Taurus Continent’s biggest city, Divine Will City, is said to be the place where the Deity first appeared. Therefore, it held great significance to the Taurus Continent. It’s area is about twice as large as Holy Light City, but the population is roughly the same.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It’s really amazing how they are able to make cities that big. Imagine the resources they needed to use.”

Fei’er smiled bitterly and said, “The Divine Race spent a lot of manpower and materials in order to further expand their cities over the years. I even heard that when they conquered the Ark Continent, they would proceed to do their expansion once more. They would gather several people from the different planes to help them expand their cities.”

Zhao Hai’s expression turned cold, “They would use this method to exhaust the strength of our planes. So even if we want to resist them, then it would be impossible.”

Fei’er sullenly nodded and said, “If not for this, we wouldn’t have been anxious in rebelling. If we don’t rebel, then we would be weakened forever. Actually, our move is too hasty, we weren’t even able to make proper preparations. However, we don’t have any other choice other than to make a move.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he smiled faintly and then said, “However, the Divines didn’t expect to encounter a problem in the Ark Continent. In their minds, they thought that the Ark Continent didn’t have any God-ranks. As long as they change the laws of the plane, then it would be very easy to conquer the continent.”

Fei’er and the others kept silent. They themselves knew that what Zhao Hai said was the truth since this was what they thought as well.

Zhao Hai looked at the time and then gave a nod. He looked at the others and then said, “It’s time. Prepare the army. Your Majesty, Demon Dragon, it’s time to show your strength. As long as you deal with the shield, then everything can be left to us. Fei’er, you and the others go back and wait for my signal.” The group nodded and went on to prepare. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai stayed on the platform and stayed still. At this time, Demon Dragon and the Great Demon King returned to their carriages and then supported their Domains. The Demon Dragon King established his Black Dragon Domain, then the dragon’s clawed hand grasped the sword chariot before throwing himself towards Holy Light City.

On the other hand, the Great Demon King’s Domain was a giant devil. After his Domain turned into a giant, he grasped on the chains of the devil’s chariot, turning the chariot into a large morningstar. After that, he also soared towards Holy Light City.

Those at Holy Light City didn’t expect Zhao Hai to send two Domain Weapons after them. They thought Zhao Hai would use his magic cannons and javelins so they were very eager to teach him a lesson. Unfortunately for them, their plans had become useless.

The Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King arrived outside Holy Light City. They were completely unaffected by the magic cannons and the arrows. Demon Dragon held his sword and swung straight towards the city. The Great Demon King did the same thing with his morningstar.

Both attacks smashed towards the city, however the translucent shield just trembled slightly. It seems like the two attacks didn’t affect the shield.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t worry. Although the two attacks seem to have no effect, Zhao Hai can sense the shield weakening, it’s power has been reduced by a lot. Zhao Hai believed that with a few more attacks the shield of the city will be broken through.

Zhao Hai also discovered that the Domain Weapons were able to block both the magic cannons and the ballista. Naturally, this was because Domain weapons were higher levelled items compared to the magic cannons and ballistas. Moreover, they reinforced one’s Domain, this allowed the Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King to almost ignore all of the attacks from Holy Light City.

Just as Zhao Hai thought about how easy it would be for the Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King to break through, two figures suddenly appeared from Holy Light City. These two figures were two knight type Domains. Moreover, these two Domains held two spears in their hands.

The appearance of these two people made Zhao Hai stare. He didn’t think that the Divine Race would prepare two Domain Weapons to deal with him.

In fact, Zhao Hai didn’t know, but just like what Demon Dragon said, the Divine Race were prepared in dealing with Zhao Hai. They took the people from the town and villages into Holy Light City while arranging two Domain Weapons in the spatial right. However, Lu Wei suddenly gave word that he wanted to personally deal with Zhao Hai. Because of this, the Divine Race changed their plan and relocated the two Domain Weapons to Holy Light City. They believed that with Lu Wei present, the two Domain Weapons wouldn’t need to be used.

Unfortunately, Lu Wei failed, causing Zhao Hai to continue his advance towards Holy Light City after routing the army. This caused them to be caught off guard.

Fortunately, the two Domain Weapons were stationed in the City. This caused the city to have some form of resistance. With the two Domain Weapons, Zhao Hai should be dealt with.

But unexpectedly, Zhao Hai’s side had two Domain Weapons as well. This caused the two Domain Weapon experts to make a move ahead of time. These two were initially meant to deal with Zhao Hai, first they were relocated by Lu Wei, and now they have to deal with the two Demon experts. Their purpose had been driven back once more.

The Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King similarly didn’t expect that the enemy would have two Domain Weapon experts. But since the two of them were veterans in battle, they immediately went and fought the enemies two on two.

Both the Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King were peak existences in the Demon Realm, nobody was stronger than them when it came to battles. For them to reach their current level meant that they were extremely rich with battle experience.

Similarly, those bearing Domain Weapons in the Divine Realm were elites of their clans who had fought in many battles. This fight had turned into an intense battle. There was no clear winner between two sides.

From what Zhao Hai saw, the Great Demon King held an advantage against his enemy while the Demon Dragon King was falling behind. Deciding this battle in a short period of time would be impossible.


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