BTFTLIAW – Chapter 849

Chapter 849 – A Use of the Underworld’s Dark Mist

The Great Demon King gawked, then he nodded and said, “Mister, you don’t need to worry. I will be waiting for your word.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Then that’s great. We need to take Holy Light City, that will be our first foothold in the Divine Realm.”

The Demon Dragon King smiled, “We have two Domain Weapons, taking Holy Light City shouldn’t be a problem. Mister shouldn’t worry about it.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and replied, “I hope so. Before, when we waged war with the Divine Race, we didn’t really have so much understanding about the inner works of the Divine Race. Although we had killed a lot of them, they weren’t really high level members of their society. However, Fei’er told me that the city has a defensive formation and a lot of magic cannons guarding it. We need to deal with these things carefully.”

The Demon Dragon King had followed Zhao Hai these days, naturally he knew about things, so he nodded. The Great Demon King was himself a clever man, he didn’t need further explanation as he said, “Mister, rest assured. When the time comes, I certainly won’t hold back.” Zhao Hai nodded. At this time, the dishes that the Demons prepared was also delivered. One has to recognize that although the Demons didn’t have a lot, their food still had flavor that was different compared to the Ark Continent.

After having eaten their meal, Zhao Hai and the others returned to the Space’s villa. Then Zhao Hai inspected the processing machine. The timer was still going on, everything was normal. Then after that, Zhao Hai looked at the situation of the spatial rift’s defense, everything was also good. Then Zhao Hai changed the monitor to show the Atlanta Plane, he wanted to see what was going on there.

The Atlanta continent was still on the process of preparation. Zhao Hai saw plenty of things that they took care of. Besides military cargo, there were also items that Zhao Hai couldn’t recognize. Some looked like magic armor parts and some seem to be the power source needed by the magic armors.

Zhao Hai discovered that the energy used by the magic armors was called energy crystal by the Atlanta continent’s people. However, Zhao Hai has not yet figured out what this energy crystal was. But it should be more or less like Zhao Hai’s crystal stones.

Zhao Hai’s surveillance centered on Axe. But after this fellow went back to the family and attended the conference, he didn’t do anything else. This caused Zhao Hai to be unable to see much further into magic armors.

After seeing the state of the Atlanta Plane, Zhao Hai reckoned they would need a few months before they can invade. This enables Zhao Hai to have some time to breathe.

While Zhao Hai was looking at the monitor, Cai’er flew towards Zhao Hai. She was carrying a map on her hands and stretched it out, “Young Master, look. This is the Demon Realm’s map.”

Zhao Hai looked at the map and said, “We mapped it this quickly? Good good. I’ll give this to the Great Demon King. Then we’ll take our iron armor beasts to open up mines in the Demon Realm.”

After Zhao Hai gave the map to the Great Demon King, the Great Demon King immediately marked the ore deposits of the Demon Realm. Zhao Hai took the map back to the villa and immediately made Cai’er send the iron armor beasts to mine the ores.

One has to recognize how suitable the iron armor beasts were to mining. Their digging speed was very fast. Not even stone can stop their advance.

Moreover, these iron armor beasts weren’t low level anymore. This caused them to have more wisdom. At this point, they didn’t need a Dwarf guiding them in order to dig for ores.

The number of iron beasts in the space was quite a lot. In addition to being sent to the Demon Realm, ZHao Hai also sent a lot of them to mine in the Ark Continent. There were still some untapped mines back there. Zhao Hai used to mine with his undead, however, their mining speed was not ideal. Zhao Hai only remembered about the iron beasts quite recently. With how fast the beasts were in mining, Zhao Hai had to recognize that they were indeed born to excavate.

After handling these matters, Zhao Hai discovered that the skies had turned bright. After a few more hours, it would be the opportune time to attack Holy Light City. Since there were still some mystery about the Divine Race being routed, Zhao Hai and the others need to attack Holy Light City. This would allow them to see whether the Divine Race were planning to lure them or they were just having trouble with defending.

Since there was still time left, Zhao Hai took the chance to look into the state of the Beastman Prairie. The situation wasn’t looking great. At this point, the underworld had covered 80 percent of the prairie.

The speed of the dark mist was very fast. Suddenly, Zhao Hai had a thought. Didn’t the hell background had a dark mist similar to the underworld? If this was the case, then can he use the underworld’s dark mist to upgrade the hell background?

After thinking about it, Zhao Hai couldn’t sit still. He immediately opened a rift and drew some dark mist into the Space.

After the underworld’s dark mist entered, a prompt was suddenly heard, “Darkness attribute poison mist detected. Has aggressive properties. Has benefits towards darkness lifeforms and robots. Can improve hell background.”

Zhao Hai laughed, he didn’t expect his idea to actually work. This was great news.

However, Zhao Hai also knew that getting any more dark mist was useless. It’s effects can only be gained on the first absorption.

But this was still good. If the dark mist was useful for the hell background, then wouldn’t other things in the underworld be useful as well? If that was the case, then going to the underworld would have to be placed on the list.

After taking care of the dark mist, Zhao Hai discovered that the time was almost up. Zhao Hai switched the monitor off and then went to the Demon Space. The Demons were currently very busy. After all, they had just entered the Space, they still had plenty of things to take care of.

However, after the Great Demon King heard the situation from the Demon Dragon King, he didn’t rest that evening and just took care of the matters of the Demon Race. At the very least, he had assigned people to various tasks.

Fortunately, taking care of things came quite easy because of the Space’s environment. The Demons didn’t need to worry about food and drink, this allowed them to focus on constructing their own homes.

When Zhao Hai arrived in the Demon Space, the Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King had almost finished their matters. Then Zhao Hai asked the Great Demon King to arrange the Devil Legion to the spatial rift where the defensive line was being rebuilt by the undead.

Currently the Devil Legion wasn’t very strong, so Zhao Hai couldn’t bear to let them enter the battlefield. Zhao Hai believed that the potential of this army was immeasurable.

Zhao Hai can cultivate powerful people in the Space. However, trained people who hadn’t killed before will have limited performance during a fight. On the other hand, the Devil Legion were people brought up by mountains of corpses and seas of blood. Although their strength was low and couldn’t express great fighting prowess, their potential was very high. Once they have  the power, no person in the Space would be able to face them.

For Zhao Hai, the Devil Legion was a treasure, so having them fight at this time would be a waste. Because of this, he didn’t have the Devil Legion participate in the upcoming fight. After the Devil Legion grows stronger, only then can they display their might.

People could experience rapid promotion, but their mental states couldn’t be trained quickly. After they go to the battlefield, they may panic or even go crazy. The Devil Legion didn’t have this problem. They had already fought many battles and had withstood the pressure of killing. What they lack right now was strength. But with Zhao Hai as their backer, it would be only need a short time before this issue is solved.

After taking care of the Devil Legion, Zhao Hai led the Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King into the Divine Realm. At the same time, Fei’er and the other had just eaten their meals.

After seeing Zhao Hai arrive, Fei’er and the others immediately went to greet them. But upon seeing the Devil’s Chariot, their faces couldn’t help but change. They could feel that the chariot was yet another Domain Weapon.

At this point, Zhao Hai already had his blood ghost staff. This was the weapon he was most comfortable with. He had handed it over to the Great Demon King before, now he had taken it back.

After Zhao Hai saw Fei’er and the others arrived, he smiled faintly and let go of the staff. The staff flew out front and then formed into a huge platform. In this platform, there were furnitures and other things such as teacups and pots. Whether it be furniture or utensils, all of them had a red translucent appearance, they looked quite attractive.

This startled Fei’er and the others once more. Fei’er had been with the Divine race for some time. But he hadn’t seen nor heard of an artifact capable of doing this.

Zhao Hai beckoned his hand and then said, “Come toward the platform. Let’s sit and have a talk.” Then he led the Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King to sit. At the same time, Fei’er and the others looked at the platform and also stepped on it.

When the group had sat down, Zhao Hai took out some tea leaves and began to soak it with water in the teapot. After having settled, Zhao Hai gestured to the Great Demon King and said, “This is the Lord of the Demon Realm, the Great Demon King. I asked His Majesty today to help us break through Holy Light City. With two Domain Weapons, we should be able to take the city with ease.”

Fei’er frowned and said, “Mister, the ship you used yesterday was quite strong. If you take that ship out, then wouldn’t we be able to take the city in a blink of an eye?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and replied, “I also wanted to use it. However, I can’t right now. I discovered a weak point on the ship when I used it yesterday, so I decided to refine it once more. I won’t be able to use it while it’s being upgraded. If we want to use that ship, then we would need to wait for a couple of days.”


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