BTFTLIAW – Chapter 846

Chapter 846 – Human Fueled Ship

Zhao Hai looked at Lu Wei and knew that it was time to end things. Fei’er and the others were still fighting in the Divine Realm, so things couldn’t be delayed. Since physical their physical attacks were useless against Lu Wei’s avatar, then Zhao Hai might as well use soul attacks.

After thinking up to here, Zhao Hai immediately released the pagoda to help the dao lotus to deal with Lu Wei. Actually, the pagoda wasn’t badly damaged at all. Zhao Hai just deliberately seem like it was broken so that he can lure Lu Wei in. One must know that ten thousand year old ice couldn’t be easily broken.

Lu Wei was in big trouble now. He was continually attacked from all sides. In Zhao Hai’s eyes, there was just a cloudless sky. But for Lu Wei, he was surrounded by dark clouds that attacked him with constant lightning strikes.

Lu Wei felt distressed while receiving these attacks. He had discovered that these lightning were fatal to him.

Zhao Hai thought that these attacks wouldn’t do great damage to Lu Wei. After all, Lu Wei was only a projection, because of this, he had the pagoda go to help.

Actually, Zhao Hai’s understanding of the dao lotus was still too limited. In fact, the dao lotus’ main attacks were dealt directly to the soul. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for it to trap the enemy.

However, Zhao Hai having the pagoda help was the right decision. Although the pagoda couldn’t compare to the dao lotus, its soul attacks were more sinister. The Dao Lotus would just attack the soul while the pagoda would directly swallow it, refining the soul to become its own energy.

Lu Wei didn’t know that Zhao Hai had sent the pagoda after him. At this point, he was commanding the ship to resist the various attacks.

At this time, Lu Wei was resisting the pressure mounted on top of him. But suddenly, the pressure vanished. Lu Wei stared blankly. At this moment, a strong suction suddenly came from the top of his head, sucking Lu Wei in. Upon sensing this attack, Lu Wei immediately commanded the ship to counter the suction. However, he suddenly found that his connection to the ship has vanished.

Lu Wei became surprised. His divine sense was attached to the ship. If he lost contact with the ship, then this body would lose its strength.

Lu Wei looked around and discovered that he had arrived inside a room. It seems like he was inside a pagoda. Upon thinking about this, Lu Wei’s expression sank. He understood that he had been trapped inside the soul sucking pagoda.

He was only a simple soul right now, his formidable strength was gone. At this point, he was as good as dead.

However, Lu Wei also thought that this was an opportunity. Because he remembered that he just used the ship to crack the pagoda. As long as he blows a part of his soul and destroys the pagoda, then he could have the opportunity to ascend back to the immortal cultivation realm.

The reason why Lu Wei thought about this was because although his soul was inside the pagoda, his divine will was still inside the ship. As long as his soul escapes the grasp of the pagoda, then the ship would still be under his control. Although he can’t defeat Zhao Hai, the ship can still return.

After thinking up to here, Lu Wei immediately blew himself up. After a bang, Lu Wei’s soul became weaker. However, the Pagoda actually didn’t move. While Lu Wei was stunned, a lot of mouths suddenly appeared, ripping Lu Wei’s body to pieces.

As Lu Wei’s soul was shredded, the ship finally lost its master. It slowly shrank until it became as small as one’s palm. Then it proceeded to fall towards the ground.

Naturally, Zhao Hai won’t have the ship fall into the ground. A spatial rift appeared below the ship and then absorbed it into the Space.

When the ship entered the Space, a prompt was immediately heard, “Hostile program detected in the Space. Proceeding to subdue. Program has surrendered. Item with rich death qi detected. Its uses need further research. Host is be able to use the item right now.”

Zhao Hai gave a sigh of relief. Then he proceeded to input his energy inside the ship. As it absorbed Zhao Hai’s energy, the ship also became larger.

Zhao Hai’s energy caused the ship to enlarge up to a meter long. Then Zhao Hai carefully inspected the ghastly ship. He discovered that the ship had more energy amplification compared to domain weapons. After his energy enters the ship, the amount that would be used was countless times more. Naturally, domain weapons could do the same, but they were much worse compared to the ship. Compared to domain weapons, the ship could amplify energy 10 thousand times more. The difference was just too far.

Zhao Hai gave a satisfied nod. After receiving the dao lotus and pagoda, Zhao Hai released the ship and stood on its bow as he headed towards the Divine Realm’s spatial rift.

In the Divine Realm, the undead, Demons, Thunder Clan, Barbarians, and Winged Pegasus were still fighting against the Divine Race army. At this point, the Divine Race were at a high morale. They just saw Lu Wei hit Zhao Hai to the point of vomiting blood. In their opinion, Zhao Hai’s time was nearing its end.

At the same time, Fei’er and the others’ morale was also greatly affected. They were unaware of it, but they were now depending on Zhao Hai. Now that they saw him getting injured, their mood couldn’t help but sink.

At this time, a ship slowly entered the Divine Realm. When the Divines saw this, they couldn’t’ help but let out a loud cheer. Now that the ship has returned, this meant that Zhao Hai was gone.

However, the Divine Race’s cheer came at an abrupt stop. This was because the person standing on the ship’s bow wasn’t Lu Wei.

Those present focused their gazes and found out that it was actually Zhao Hai. The Divines were completely dumbfounded while Fei’er and the others felt indescribably glad.

Zhao Hai looked at the Divines and coldly smiled, “What? Still waiting for your deity? Sorry but he will not be coming back.”

All of the Divines were staring at Zhao Hai. They didn’t expect that Zhao Hai, who had just vomited blood, would actually eliminate their Deity.

Zhao Hai didn’t become polite as he immediately directed the ship to hammer towards the Divine Race. The speed of the ship was very fast, the dazed Divines didn’t even have time to recover before they had been smashed by Zhao Hai. Blood immediately splattered in the air. Those hit by the ship were almost immediately flattened and killed. Those who didn’t die were crippled. At this time, the dead bodies were all sucked into the ship.

It wasn’t Zhao Hai taking the bodies into the Space, instead, the ship was taking them for itself. This caused Zhao Hai to be slightly stunned. Then he used his divine sense to scan the ship. He discovered that the ship was refining the corpses of those who died. Upon refining, the energy produced was used to power the ship. At the same time, the souls of those who died were transformed into ghosts. This ship actually used people to fuel itself.

The more people it refined, the more imposing the ship became. Zhao Hai finally understood that this ship was of the devil attribute. It would fuel itself with the bodies of its enemies, making it stronger as more people were killed.

While Zhao Hai was inspecting the ship, Fei’er and the others immediately took the chance to overrun the Divine Race. At this point, the Divine Race’s morale had sunk into a steep decline.

After Zhao Hai finished his inspection, he discovered that there were no longer enemy soldiers in front of him. The Divine Race army had unexpectedly been routed.

Zhao Hai quickly understood why this was the case. Lu Wei’s status with the Divine Race was very high. Therefore, the more powerful Lu Wei seemed, the more confidence the Divine Race had. And now that Lu Wei was killed, the morale of the Divine Race would naturally be greatly reduced. At this point, it would be hard for them to stop the attack of the alliance.

After beating the Divine Race army, Zhao Hai and the others didn’t stay. Instead, they advanced into the Taurus Continent. While they advanced, Zhao Hai came across something that surprised him. They had just passed through a village with no person inside.

Zhao Hai carefully looked at the village. It seems like the people inside didn’t move out recently, but days before. Moreover, their retreat seems to be organized. Everything that was usable and consumable were all taken away.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but knit his brows. Did the Divine Race know that they couldn’t block the alliance?

At this time, Fei’er and the others also arrived by Zhao Hai’s side. At this point, Zhao Hai had already stored the ship, but Fei’er and the others were looking at him with respect. Zhao Hai and Lu Wei’s battle had made them understand the disparity between their strengths.

Zhao Hai looked at Fei’er and said, “Where did the Divine Race retreat to?”

Fei’er immediately answered, “They should be in Holy Light City, the nearest big city in this region. It has a population of more than 20 million. Moreover, its defensive capability is quite strong. From what I can remember, there should be about 5000 magic cannons protecting the city. It also has plenty of ballista. Most importantly, the city is protected by a strong defensive formation.”

Zhao Hai frowned when he heard this, then he said, “How strong is the Divine Race’s defensive formation?”

Fei’er answered, “Generally, the defensive formations of the Divine Race are quite strong. Even God ranks would have problems breaking through it. This was because of the foreign races. The Taurus Divines knew their capabilities so they strengthened the defenses of their cities.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Let’s stop here first, have everyone rest. At the same time, send people to the spatial rift while I have my undead repair the Divine Race’s defensive line. We might have use for it later on.”

Fei’er and the others immediately nodded before turning around to leave. After they left, Zhao Hai frowned. He looked towards the Taurus Continent, wondering about what their plan was.


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