BTFTLIAW – Chapter 845

Chapter 845 – Great Dao Lotus Formation

Fei’er and the others were also able to see this fight. For them, the scales of the battle was beyond their capability.

They had seen Zhao Hai use the domain weapon before, but to be honest, after seeing Lu Wei’s ship, they were certain that the domain weapon would shatter upon meeting this ship.

Their heads couldn’t help but keep looking towards Zhao Hai and Lu Wei, their clash was just too shocking.

Similarly shocked was the Demon Dragon King. He had seen Lu Wei’s portrait before, however he didn’t see him with his own eyes. Because of this, he still had some disbelief regarding this matter. But now that Lu Wei was literally in front of him, it was impossible for him to reject it.

Lu Wei hasn’t changed his appearance. Therefore, he still looked the same as the one in the portrait. He didn’t even change his clothes, it’s not possible for the Demon Dragon King to mistake him with someone else.

At this time, Zhao Hai can see that this ghastly ship was the medium that Lu Wei was using to manifest his incarnation. Moreover, the ship was certainly more powerful than the soul sucking pagoda.

Zhao Hai was currently retreating while spurting out blood. The alliance members were stunned. They knew that if Zhao Hai cannot stop Lu Wei, then they could only wait for their deaths. They couldn’t help but get worried for Zhao Hai’s situation.

The ones focusing on the fight wasn’t only the alliance, the Divines were concerned about the result as well. In fact, this summoning was because of Lu Wei. He couldn’t stomach the humiliation from last time, so he commanded the Divine Race to summon him. He wanted to deal with Zhao Hai himself.

Lu Wei’s plan was good, but he didn’t think that Zhao Hai was expecting him to come back at some point. Therefore, Zhao Hai had been ready, causing Lu Wei to have problems in swiftly getting rid of him.

As the chase went on, they eventually arrived back at the Ark Continent. At this moment, Zhao Hai stopped, he stood still as he smiled at Lu Wei.

After seeing Zhao Hai’s expression, Lu Wei stared. He stopped his chase and carefully went forward. He was afraid that Zhao Hai might have some traps. Lu Wei looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Kid, there’s no need to be mysterious. Either way, you will die today!”

Zhao Hai looked at Lu Wei as he smiled faintly and said, “I just want to thank mister Lu Wei for giving me yet another magic treasure. Hahaha. Aren’t you confused as to why I stopped? Then see it for yourself.” After he said this, Zhao Hai’s body vanished.

Lu Wei stopped and looked around, there seems to be no change in the surroundings. But the complete disappearance of Zhao Hai took him by surprise. Then he operated the ship to fly forward. However, after some time, there seems to be no change.

The scenery kept passing by him, but Lu Wei still couldn’t see Zhao Hai. This confused Lu Wei even more. He went in all directions but Zhao Hai still wasn’t there.

Lu Wei’s complexion turned gloomy. He suddenly thought that Zhao Hai had left him here to go and deal with the Divine Race.

After thinking about this, Lu Wei immediately turned around towards the Divine Realm. But when the turned, he was suddenly shocked. The rift joining the Ark Continent and the Divine Race had vanished!

Lu Wei stared, he looked all around and saw no changes in the surrounding. He tried to fly forward and the scenery moved with him, when he stopped, the scenery stopped. Everything was normal besides the fact that the spatial rift had vanished. It was this abnormality that Lu Wei understood, Zhao Hai had trapped him in a weird array!

An array was a special method of attacking and trapping someone in the immortal cultivation plane. It didn’t exist in the Ark Continent, nor did it exist in the Divine Realm. The magic formations that the Ark Continent was completely different than these magic arrays.

But generally speaking, magic formations and magic arrays both used the power of the heavens to serve its purpose. However, compared to formations, arrays were more profound, their formidability was several folds more. Magic formations of the Ark Continent would look like drawings of a three-year old while magic arrays were something studied by university students.

In the immortal cultivation realm, no matter what you do, you must use an array. Otherwise, things would be difficult. If one makes an immortal cave, one should use an array. When one fought, arrays were crucial. Even in crafting weapons, arrays held an important role. It can be said that arrays and the people of the immortal cultivation realm were mutually related.

Because of this , after several tries, Lu Wei was able to affirm that he has been trapped in Zhao Hai’s array.

Now he can understand why Zhao Hai vanished. He didn’t go and kill the Divine Race, he was operating the array.

Lu Wei was indeed inside Zhao Hai’s formation, however, contrary to what he thought, the formation didn’t need someone to control it. It was because the place where Lu Wei was now was inside Zhao Hai’s Dao Lotus.

After Zhao Hai controlled the dao lotus, he discovered that it had countless uses. Not only could it help him cultivate, it can also attack and trap his enemies. Most importantly, the dao lotus was like a living being. It can absorb energy from the world and cultivate.

The dao lotus was constantly helping Zhao Hai in his cultivation, increasing his level all the time. At the same time it also absorbs some energy for itself. For every seven units of energy that Zhao Hai absorbed, the lotus would have three units absorbed for its own cultivation.

But during a fight, all the energy that the lotus absorbed were all given to Zhao Hai. Because of this, Zhao Hai wasn’t dissatisfied of the lotus taking his energy for itself. In any case, the dao lotus was his innate life weapon. The stronger the lotus got, the stronger he would be.

The reason why Zhao Hai retreated was because he was baiting Lu Wei towards the dao louts, only then could he do something to the incarnation. Lu Wei’s projection was very strong. Even if Zhao Hai went all out, it would still be difficult. However, if Lu Wei was trapped inside the lotus, things would be different.

The Dao Lotus was itself a magical array, and it was very strong. Zhao Hai even compared it to the tiny pagoda. In the end, the pagoda couldn’t compare to the lotus.

Zhao Hai didn’t want Lu Wei to know about the lotus. Therefore, Zhao hai used the Space to arrange the lotus array in the Ark Continent. Then he showed that he was weak to lure Lu Wei in.

Zhao Hai doesn’t believe that Lu Wei’s incarnation would be able to break out of the dao lotus. There simply was no way for him to go out. Lu Wei thought that he was inside Zhao Hai’s array, but he didn’t think that he was trapped inside a magic treasure.

Zhao Hai was in the Space looking calmly at Lu Wei. Lu Wei was currently standing in place and had a thinking expression on his face. Zhao Hai understood that Lu Wei must have discovered his current situation and was trying to think of a way of breaking out.

Zhao Hai looked at Lu Wei and then at the ship. In fact, they were in the same place since the beginning, they didn’t leave. Zhao Hai knew that Lu Wei was still quite lucky since the attacks were yet to come. Once Zhao Hai starts attacking, Lu Wei wouldn’t be having a good time.

At this time, Lu Wei started to move. He patted the bag on his side and took out a plate. Along with the plate were a lot of small flags.

Lu Wei raised his hand as the plate flew out from his hand. Then the plate slowly grew larger before it buried itself in the ground. At this point, the small flags had increased their size to a normal flag.

Lu Wei walked inside the area covered by the plate and pulled out a flag and placed it in the middle. Zhao Hai saw Lu Wei continue to go about and place the flags on certain places. His array seemed to be controlled by the plate and the flags.

Zhao Hai didn’t worry too much as he spectated Lu Wei. This was because Zhao Hai had found out that everything has already been overpowered by the Dao Lotus, including the plate and flag array. Although Lu Wei could see some effects, Zhao Hai knew that the plate and flags were already broken. At this point, the effects were only an illusion made by the Dao Lotus.

However, Lu Wei didn’t know about this. He was still planting flags as he used his formation. He kept grabbing phantom threads in the surroundings, not knowing that they were illusions made by the lotus.

After a some time, Lu Wei saw a crack in the space. He flew out of the the plate’s range and looked around. He nodded before he entered the crack.

Zhao Hai knew that things had reached its end. This was because Lu Wei was advancing towards the center of the lotus. As long as he flew forward, the Dao Lotus would proceed to attack him.

Before long, Lu Wei’s flight speed had slowed down. His speed kept decreasing as though he was mired in a swamp.

Naturally, Lu Wei quickly realized what was happening. His complexion changed as he immediately stopped. Then he ordered his ship to retreat. However, he didn’t know that invisible forces had already surrounded him, proceeding to attack!


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