BTFTLIAW – Chapter 844

Chapter 844 – Lu Wei Appears

Zhao Hai looked at this situation and made a command in his mind. Then in the middle of the ballista troops, undead started to appear. All of these undead were God-ranks. Upon appearing, all the  undead proceeded to attack the Divines manning the ballistas.

These Divines didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have this trick, naturally they were caught off guard. Before long, the Divine Race didn’t have any means to fire their ballistas.

The God-rank undead that Zhao Hai sent were all from the Divine Race. Their fighting strength was no weaker than their brethren, conversely, they were even stronger in battle.

The other Divines quickly responded to the attack on the ballistas and sent support troops over. Zhao Hai knew that these support troops couldn’t be allowed to besiege the undead. If the undead were surrounded, then they would certainly suffer losses.

Zhao Hai immediately retrieved the God-rank undead back into the Space. Several of the undead took ballistas along.

However, the undead didn’t just retreat. After taking several ballistas along, they immediately left behind some blood lightning beads, destroying the Divine Race’s ballista shelter..

After destroying the ballistas, the Divine Race’s base became somewhat panicked. At this time, the magic cannon shelters were also being besieged by the undead. The sudden appearance of the undead once again surprised the Divines. Before the Divines respond, they were already killed by the undead.

One by one, Zhao Hai captured the magic cannon and ballista shelters. However, Zhao Hai didn’t relax. He expects that the Divine Race would have more than this. Therefore, Zhao Hai held Fei’er and the others back. He just had the undead continue on with their attack.

Just like Zhao Hai thought, as the undead proceeded another batch of light came out from behind the defensive line. One could see that the lights were from the cannons, there were also arrows trailing behind.

Zhao Hai saw this and understood that the Divine Race had set up two bases. The ones captured by Zhao Hai was a fake one. The real base was now armed and ready.

Moreover, Zhao Hai discovered that he couldn’t see any magic cannons nor ballistas in this base. Zhao Hai let the Space look into it but he couldn’t see anything. Behind the fake defensive line was just displayed as a huge white blot.

Besides the monitor, Zhao Hai also couldn’t see the cannons using his own eyes. It didn’t take long for Zhao Hai to understand that the Divine Race was using illusion formations to hide their base. This would make it difficult for Zhao Hai to find their ballistas and magic cannons.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, the Divines really prepared well this time. But will this stop him? The Divine Race were too naive.

As the undead advanced, they suddenly discovered that they were blocked. In front of them was a shield barring their entry.

From time to time, there were cannon fire and arrows coming from behind the shield. Zhao Hai’s undead were completely under attack right now, without the chance to fight back.

It’s good that Zhao Hai’s army also had their own defensive formation. Otherwise, the would’ve suffered huge losses. However, Zhao Hai knew that this couldn’t drag on. The Divine Race were certainly buying time to deal with the Thunder Clan, Barbarians, and the Winged Pegasus people. If they were done dealing with the three races, then they would begin to turn on the Ark Continent. At that time, the losses would be bigger. For Zhao Hai, this was completely disadvantages, he couldn’t have this situation happen.

Zhao Hai finally made his move. He established his Domain and then released the sword carriage. The Domain turned into a giant as he held the Domain Weapon, ready to strike through the protective shield.

There was nothing in front of it, but the giant sword seems to be blocked by a transparent bubble. There was no way for it to go through.

Zhao Hai increased the strength of his thrust, making the sword sink further. Then before long, the bubble exploded, revealing the huge base in front.

This base had magic cannons, ballistas, soldiers, summoners, and cavalry. At this time, there were people in the base wearing mage robes who were vomiting blood. The other Divines looked in shock at Zhao Hai and the Domain Weapon.

Zhao Hai didn’t delay as he made another move and killed his way towards the Divines. At the same time, he also gave Fei’er and the others an order to attack.

Zhao Hai believes that this was the Divine Race’s final stronghold, it was impossible for it to become yet another fake base. Once Fei’er and the others received the order, they immediately charged towards the Divine Race.

However, the Divine Race were quick to recover. They started to go all out, there were light beams, arrows, javelins flying up in the air. War cries could be heard all along the battlefield.

At this time, the summoners also made their move. Under the protection of the soldiers, they started to chant their spell. Upon hearing this, Zhao Hai’s expression couldn’t help but change. This was the incantation used to summon Lu Wei.

Sure enough, after the incantation was finished, white lights suddenly shot out from the summoners. When the lights coalesced, a spatial rift appeared in the sky. From that spatial rift, a shadow of a person came out.

After seeing this person, Zhao Hai’s pupils shrunk. This person was no other than Lu Wei. In the past, Lu Wei used the pagoda as a medium to send his incarnation to the Ark Continent. That incarnation almost killed Zhao Hai. Fortunately, Zhao Hai was able to deal with the situation.

Zhao Hai knew that Lu Wei wouldn’t just stop at that. But he didn’t think that Lu Wei would send another incarnation this early. Does he think that he could deal with Zhao Hai this time?

Zhao Hai just stood within his Domain and coldly looked at Lu Wei. Lu Wei was also looking at Zhao Hai. After some time, Lu Wei smiled and laughed before he said, “I didn’t think that you would actually survive. Moreover, you also dared to face my incarnation once more. Hahaha. It seems like trash still had their uses. I need to thank them for giving me the opportunity to take my revenge.”

Zhao Hai looked at Lu Wei and then sneered, “What? Are you confident in beating me this time? Don’t be too naive. Last time, you even managed to gift me a magic treasure.”

Lu Wei looked at Zhao Hai with hatred as he said, “Don’t worry, this young master will surely take your soul out and refine it. I’ll make sure that you suffer eternal torment without any way to reincarnate!”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he retrieved his Domain and stored the sword carriage. He knew that these things were useless against Lu Wei. Then while standing still, Zhao Hai took the tiny pagoda out. The pagoda was glittering and shiny, it was quite attractive.

Zhao Hai looked at Lu Wei and said, “I know that you’re quite strong. It seems like your avatar this time is much stronger compared to the one before. But that all of that is useless against me. Hahahaha. For you, it might be difficult to be strong, but to me, it’s quite easy. Do you know why? Because you are already old, you’re past your prime!”

Lu Wei was shocked upon seeing the pagoda on Zhao Hai’s hand. His eyes couldn’t hide his astonishment, but it was quickly replaced with the look of greed. He looked up at the sky and loudly laughed before he said, “Good, you’re quite good, kid. I didn’t expect your crafting skill to be this high. You actually refined the pagoda and added ten thousand year old ice. Hahahaha. Good, good. As long as I retrieve the pagoda, my strength would increase. It seems like I need to give you my gratitude.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly before he gently swung the pagoda. The bells on the pagoda started to chime. The Divines who heard this sound immediately had a look of suffering on their faces. On the other hand, Lu Wei’s expression couldn’t help but change.

Zhao Hai looked at Lu Wei and said, “So you discovered the artifact spirit. It’s different from before, no? Do you think that connecting to your soul would make the pagoda return to you? You’re too naive. I’ve already destroyed your soul inside the pagoda.”

Lu Wei’s complexion changed. His shocked face turned to Zhao Hai, “This is impossible. How can you know all of these? This is impossible!”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Sect Elder Lu, everything is possible in this world. Since I managed to defeat you last time, I can defeat you this time as well.” After that, Zhao Hai had the pagoda fly up. As the pagoda rose, it immediately turned into a massive pagoda capable of holding the heavens and the earth.

The bells on the pagoda chimed, all who heard the sound felt their minds go tranquil. Their heart for battle was immediately quenched.

Lu Wei knew about this kind of spiritual attack. He just didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be able to achieve it here.

Zhao Hai looked at Lu Wei and smiled. He waved his hand and had the pagoda charge towards Lu Wei’s incarnation. At the same time, Lu Wei waved his hand and retrieved a carved shield made out of the head of an animal. Once the pagoda hit the shield, it shook, however, it wasn’t able to push through.

Lu Wei saw this and couldn’t help but smile. He looked at Zhao Hai and laughed, “It’s like a wax tipped spearhead, completely useless. You’re dead, kid!”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but show his amazement. He turned to Lu Wei and said, “i didn’t expect your incarnation to be this powerful. It seems like you really intend to deal with me this time.”

Lu Wei had a wicked gaze as he looked at Zhao Hai, then with a cold voice he replied, “You’ve made a huge mistake. I manage this place, and it would provide me with faith power. But because of you, all faith power disappeared. Not only did I lose faith power, I also lost an avatar. I became a laughinstock in the sect because of that. So how could I just let you go off easily? If I can’t take your soul out and make you suffer in eternal hell, I won’t be able to erase my hatred!”

Zhao Hai’s expression changed. He took the pagoda back to protect his body. At the same time, Lu Wei patted his small bag and took out a ship.

This ship was divided into 18 floors. It’s body was fully pitch black. On the ship were black masts with the character for ‘prison’ written in red ink.

On each floor on the ship were murals. Each mural depicted various punishments for 18 different sins. The eighteen floors corresponded to the 18 hells!

After the ship was taken out, it immediately floated in mid-air and turned into an extremely huge ship. The ship was completely covered with a ghastly mist. There were also wailing coming out of it from time to time. All those who heard these wailings would feel pain in their heart.

Zhao Hai’s complexion turned ugly, the pagoda’s bells continued to ring as it resisted the wailing emitted by the ship. At the same time, Zhao Hai also made a retreat. His face slowly turned blue as the veins on his head started to darken.

Lu Wei looked at Zhao Hai’s appearance and couldn’t’ help but let some steam out from within. Although he had suffered several losses before, it was either from those with the same rank or higher. He could still accept those losses, but Zhao Hai? This person was just a single dust in a small plane that he managed. This person actually defeated his incarnation and stole an artifact from him. How could Lu Wei just accept it? He was indescribably mad.

After seeing that Zhao Hai retreated, Lu Wei immediately had the ship collide with the pagoda. The ship’s speed was very fast, causing the wailing sound to get sharper. With no time to respond, Zhao Hai had to hit the ship with the pagoda.

The pagoda violently shook, a fissure can clearly be seen on its body.

Zhao Hai’s expression turned ugly, his body emitted a layer of white light and shot it towards the pagoda. But at this moment, the second impact of the ship came. The pagoda shook even more violently. Zhao Hai couldn’t stop the blood from going out of his mouth as he made a sudden retreat.

Naturally, it was impossible for Lu Wei to let Zhao Hai retreat like that. His body appeared on the back of the ship as they went on to chase Zhao Hai.


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