BTFTLIAW – Chapter 843

Chapter 843 – The Bastards, They Dare To Trick Me!

Then Zhao Hai changed his mind as he understood what was going on. The Divine Race did indeed use some magic crystals to power their magic cannons, however, the crystals were much worse compared what Zhao Hai had. Zhao Hai’s fire element crystals were able to do massive area damage. If the Divine Race’s cannons used an area attack, then the power of the cannons would be greatly reduced. They might not even be a threat for God-ranks or 9th ranks.

Zhao Hai wanted the fifty thousand undead to see what the defensive line had. Besides the magic cannons and ballistas, he wanted to see if there was anything else.

At this time, the undead had already reached their firing distance. They immediately took their javelins and proceeded to throw them towards the Divine Race.

But at the same time, the defensive line also released a batch of arrows. These arrows were fired from the ballistas. Their range was quite far, and the heads were bigger compared to the javelins thrown by the undead.

What Zhao Hai didn’t expect was the arrows actually managed to explode the undead. The undead squad were ravaged, a lot of them were directly smashed to pieces.

Zhao Hai gawked, then he raised an eyebrow as he chuckled, “Interesting. I didn’t expect the Divine Race to have this kind of weapon. Fei’er, do you know what those arrows are? Why did they explode?”

Fei’er’s expression was quite ugly, then he said, “It’s possible that they’re a secret weapon. I hadn’t heard about them before.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He didn’t care about it anymore as he waved his hand and released a hundred thousand undead. The 50 thousand that he lost was just a negligible amount.

However, the 100 thousand that Zhao Hai sent this time was different. The 50 thousand undead before didn’t have any defensive measures since Zhao Hai wanted to see how strong the magic cannons were. After seeing that the cannons were inferior, Zhao Hai became relieved. 9th ranks might die to the cannons, but God-ranks should be able to survive.

The reason why Zhao Hai sent a shield along with his undead this time was to see the properties of those new arrows. If those arrows could penetrate the shields, then more casualties would come up.

The Divine Race seemed to understand Zhao Hai’s plan. The small shield containing 100 thousand undead slowly entered the range of the magic cannons. As the undead approached, the magic cannons shot over and over. Zhao Hai also found a problem, although the shield was very good in defending, the people behind it can only wait for the attacks to finish before they could make their move. If the arrows could break through the shield, then the undead casualties would surely mount up.

The Divine Race kept attacking with their magic cannons, they wanted to consume the energy of the shield. They don’t want the undead to go too far into the frontlines, they alsol wanted to see the other cards in Zhao Hai’s hands.

However, the Divine Race had underestimated the shield made by Karen. This defensive formation can be used to defend a city, this was a testament to its defensive might. Although there weren’t any improvements to defensive formations for a long time, this also meant that they were already strong. It was difficult to improve because it had small shortcomings. If there were weaknesses anywhere, then they would’ve already been improved.

The power of the magic cannons used by the Divine Race was inferior compared to Zhao Hai’s. And now that those magic cannons were against a shield powered by Zhao Hai’s crystals, it was for certain that the cannons had no effect. The shield didn’t even tremble, it’s like the magic cannons were only giving it a scratch.

The Divines begane to panic, however, they quickly settled down. After entering the firing range of the ballistas, the defensive line began to launch their attacks once more. Zhao Hai didn’t let the undead use their javelins, he wanted to see how the Divine Race deals with it.

The arrows quickly came in contact with the shield. There was a fierce explosion on the point of impact. However, Zhao Hai was able to see that the shield only shook gently, it was still up!

Zhao Hai relaxed, then he immediately ordered the undead to throw their javelins. The javelins directly soared towards the ballistas. At this time, earthen walls suddenly rose up, blocking the javelins. However, the power of these blood lightning javelins was much stronger compared to the cannons or the arrows used by the Divine Race. The earthen walls were blown up after a few javelins hit them..

But still, Zhao Hai slightly frowned, it seems like this wall was also made out of iron earth magic. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been this resistant to explosions. It seems like the Divine Race had made sufficient preparations this time.

Fei’er and the others’ expressions were also somewhat ugly. They have battled with Zhao Hai, so naturally they were aware about how strong these javelins were. They didn’t expect the other party’s earth walls to actually block a few of those javelins.

Fei’er turned to look at Zhao Hai, his gaze asking whether Zhao Hai had any means to deal with this. Zhao Hai turned to Fei’er and smiled, “The probe is at its end, we’ll start the official attack. I will have the undead go first, otherwise, our casualties would be too big. You go back and wait for my order.”

Fei’er and the others complied. Fei’er and the others were already convinced of Zhao Hai’s ability, so when they heard his words, they didn’t have any misgivings at all.

After Fei’er and the others left, Zhao Hai turned to the Demon Dragon King and said, “Demon Dragon, after I let the undead attack, don’t have your soldiers follow. Although their strength isn’t weak, their ranks aren’t high. I don’t want them to die in vain. Later on when I’m able to mass produce God-rank potions, we can promote their strength. Only then can they enter the battle.”

The Demon Dragon King gawked, then he nodded. He can understand why Zhao Hai would tell him this. Demons took bravery very seriously. If you let their armies into the battlefield but you refrain them from fighting, then they would treat it as an insult. If Zhao Hai didn’t explain these things, then the Demon Dragon King would think that Zhao Hai was looking down on them. When the time comes, it would create a misunderstanding.

Now that Zhao Hai took the effort to explain, the Demon Dragon King didn’t become offended, instead he even felt grateful. After seeing the Demon Dragon King nod, Zhao Hai said, “You go back to the Devil Legion. This time, don’t attack, just wait for my orders.” Demon Dragon gave his affirmation before he went back to the Devil Legion. Zhao Hai remained in his place, standing calmly in front of his dense undead army.

Zhao Hai looked at the Divine Race’s defensive line and then waved his hand. The undead immediately threw themselves towards the Divine Race’s defensive line. Now that the undead can charge behind a shield, they weren’t afraid of the magic cannons. Among them were huge undead carrying magic cannons. There were even some undead with larger bodies capable of carrying more magic cannons.

The large magic cannons were almost exclusively mounted on top of dragons. Dragons have the most strength among all of the undead, both their attack and defense were the best. Zhao Hai also moved forward with the undead army. At this time, their position was about two kilometers away from the Divine Race army. This distance was beyond the scope of the monitor, what Zhao Hai wanted to do now was to place the defensive line within the Space’s range so that he can use the undead with more flexibility.

Not long after Zhao Hai started his advance, the Divine Race’s cannon attack started to arrive. Although the magic cannons weren’t as good as Zhao Hai’s, their range was quite far and they were enough to deal with most 9th ranks. Moreover, the Divine Race had a lot more of those magic cannons compared to Zhao Hai. Also, the Divine Race’s cannons were under reinforced shelter, this prevented Zhao Hai from shooting them down.

However, Zhao Hai had his magic shield, so it was impossible for the cannons to do any damage to the undead army. Additionally, Zhao Hai also had his cannons. Once these cannons reach their range, the cannon fire would become two-ways.

Before long, Zhao Hai’s magic cannons had reached their range. With Zhao Hai’s order, about ten thousand lights began to approach the Divine Race’s defensive line.

Although the shelters were made out of reinforced magic, it was still impossible for it to sustain so much damage. So even if these shelters had blocked Zhao Hai’s attack, there were still parts where they had been destroyed.

At this moment, something unexpected appeared in Zhao Hai’s sight. The Divine Race’s ballistas suddenly shot their arrows. The undead army were yet to enter its firing range!

This was out of Zhao Hai’s expectation. Upon further observation, Zhao Hai discovered that these ballistas should have more range compared to those used in the Ark Continent. It seems like the Divine Race were holding back, they intentionally reduced their range!. Zhao Hai thought, those bastards, they dared to trick me!

At the thought of this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get angry. He also took some ballistas with him. However, their range was worse than a 9th rank throwing javelins. They were used back in the Accra Mountain because of the height advantage. But in this battle, they weren’t that appropriate to use. It was better to have the undead carry javelins and throw it themselves.


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