BTFTLIAW – Chapter 842

Chapter 842 – Secret

Zhao Hai sat there silently in the living room. He had just listened to the undead general about the reason why the Divine Race decided to eliminate the Goblins. Initially, Zhao Hai thought that the Divines were scared of the Goblins’ technology so they decided to destroy their civilization before everything gets out of hand.

However, after listening to the explanation, Zhao Hai discovered that things weren’t as simple as he imagined. The Divine Race destroyed the Goblins not only because of the technology, but also because they were asked to do so by Lu Wei.

Lu Wei usually gave the Divines an order through the shadows. Every few days or so, the Divines would make a report to Lu Wei, telling him about the events happening in the Divine Realm.

The Divine Race’s destruction of the Goblins happened nearly a thousand years ago. At that time, Lu Wei’s appearance was the same as his appearance when Zhao Hai saw him. Because of this, the Divines thought that Lu Wei must have been god.

Eliminating the Goblins was an order given by Lu Wei himself. At that time, the Goblins had just started to make their iron golems. Naturally, the Divine Race had heard about this and reported it to Lu Wei.

After hearing the report, Lu Wei actually paid great attention to it and immediately ordered the Divine Race to destroy the Goblins at all cost, and they weren’t allowed to develop their technology in the future. Since the Divines also felt threatened by the iron golems, they immediately agreed. It was precisely because of these two reasons that the Goblin civilization was suddenly destroyed, all inheritances were cut off.

This thing might seem like nothing special, however, in Zhao Hai’s mind, it felt somewhat strange.

It was impossible for the Goblins to know about the existence of Lu Wei, he didn’t appear before the Goblins before. So why did he immediately order the destruction of the Goblin civilization once they made their iron golems? This was too unusual.

There was another thing that confused Zhao Hai. If Lu Wei was really opposed to these magical constructs, then how could the existence of the Atlanta Plane be explained? Their mechas were more advanced than the iron golems made by the Goblins. So why did Lu Wei allow the Atlanta Plane to prosper with their magic armors while he destroyed the Goblins for making iron golems? Something was definitely not right.

Laura and the others were also confused as they all frowned. They were smart people so they were able to notice this peculiarity.

Laura suddenly opened her mouth and said, “Brother Hai, maybe Lu Wei suffered a loss from these iron golems before. And because of this, he didn’t want the goblins to make their own.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “That shouldn’t be the reason. If Lu Wei had really suffered a loss against those magic constructs, he shouldn’t have stopped the Goblins from making them. Instead, he would have just studied them to find some weak point that he could exploit in the future. Moreover, why would the Atlanta Plane have magic armors while the Divine Race didn’t? Isn’t that a little too strange?”

Laura and the others nodded, they were truly confused about this. Zhao Hai looked at the monitor and said, “Perhaps we can only find out once we reach the Immortal Cultivation Realm. We’re just wasting time thinking about it right now.”

Laura nodded, “Then Brother Hai should take a rest. Tomorrow, we still need to attack the Divine Race’s defensive line.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It looks like we need to use the Domain Weapon tomorrow. We need to deal with the Divine Race in the shortest time. We don’t want them to have an opportunity to fight back.”

Laura agreed, “Right, but it won’t be very easy. The Divine Race would be prepared for our javelins, magic cannons, and formations. Dealing with them using the same methods would be a challenge.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I know what to do. Besides, with our current strength, I doubt they would be able to resist. Nothing will go wrong, you can rest assured.”

The rest of the day quickly passed. The next day, Zhao Hai woke up early then he called the Demon Dragon King to lead the Devil Legion. He also took his undead out before he met Fei’er and the others. This enormous party then started to go towards the Divine Race’s defensive line.

After the alliance gathered, the Divine Race immediately sounded their horns. It didn’t take long before the defensive line started to move.

Zhao Hai didn’t even think about these defending people. He knew that it would be impossible for them to stop the alliance army’s advance.

Zhao Hai had the group slowly form as they advanced towards the Divine Race’s defensive line. And just like what was expected, the defenses differed compared to before. Their magic cannons were placed indoors, with only the tip seen outside. This limits the flexibility of the cannons, but it made the cannons more secure.

Moreover, there were also additional things installed. Zhao Hai glanced at the new additions and could see some ballista-like things. It seems like the Divine Race were really placed in a very disadvantageous position. They were even compelled to take these kinds of things out.

Fei’er and the others were standing next to Zhao Hai. Things haven’t started yet, so they don’t have to be with their armies to take command. Therefore, they went to Zhao Hai’s side to discuss additional matters.

Fei’er looked at the Divine Race’s defensive line and frowned, “It seems like breaking through won’t be easy. Don’t underestimate those structures made to shelter the magic cannons. Those aren’t made with ordinary magic. It’s a kind of magic developed by the Divine Race in the past few years. Those structures are very hard, no worse than steel. In the Divine Realm, this magic is called iron earth spell.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he raised his eyebrow and said, “Iron earth? Interesting. Although the Divine Race didn’t research any new weapons, it seems like they are more skillful when it comes to using magic.”

Fei’er agreed and said, “The Divine Race have indeed become more skillful when it comes to magic. Moreover, their research made a lot of new magic spells. However, not many people were interested in them and it had little use to the military. It seems like the Divines have brought over some people from the magic academy this time.”

Zhao Hai looked curiously at Fei’er and said, “Magic academy? What is that?”

Fei’er smiled faintly and said, “The magic academy is a place the Divines use to research magic. That is also the place where children go to study magic. However, those who are admitted mostly belonged to Nobles, Royal Clans, and talented people. Their strength is formidable. The students and teachers of the academy can go against a regiment of God-ranks.”

Zhao Hai stared, he gave out a light ‘hoh’ before he said, “I didn’t think that the Divine Race would have a place like that. Good, it’s good that people from the academy came. It seems like the Divine Race has reached a dire state.”

Fei’er nodded, “Right. In the Divine Realm, the status of the magic academy is very high. If they aren’t in dire straits, the Taurus Divines wouldn’t have asked for their help. However, with the magic academy here, our troubles wouldn’t be small.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “That doesn’t matter. Let’s try attacking first. Let’s see how they receive it.” After he said that, the army had already surrounded the defensive line. Then they proceeded to enter the Divine Race’s firing distance.

Zhao Hai waved his hand to make the army stop. Zhao Hai looked at the defensive line before he waved his hand once more. A squad of about fifty thousand made one cone formation and threw themselves towards the defensive line.

The Divine Race was very clear that this was only a probe. However, they knew that they couldn’t just let this small squad off. Who knows what things were installed inside those undead.

This squad hadn’t entered the firing distance yet but the cannons had already started to fire. White lights shot out from the defensive line and went straight towards the undead.

The undead squad suddenly sped up. They had a few javelins inside their bodies, but since they weren’t in fighting distance, they still kept flying forward.

Fei’er looked at the undead and couldn’t help but feel envy. The undead were really the best kinds of soldiers. They weren’t affected by pain nor were they afraid of death. Even if half of their bodies were wiped out, they could still continue to fight. No other army could achieve this.

However, Fei’er was also clear that other than Zhao Hai, no other person is able to command an undead army as large as this. The undead didn’t have their own thoughts, commanding them would need more than just an ordinary commander.

Naturally, Fei’er doesn’t know about the existence of the Space. He was comparing Zhao Hai to other dark mages. Ordinary undead could only receive commands such as advance, retreat, and attack. For them to exhibit such complex formations was completely impossible.

Fei’er and the others watched the undead acting like fish as they evaded the Divine Race’s barrage. Zhao Hai also discovered something about the magic cannons’ attack. These cannons could only target one person while causing minimal damage to those around the target. It looks like they were using water element stones to power the cannons.


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