BTFTLIAW – Chapter 840

Chapter 840 – Fighting a Battle To Force A Decision

The beast tide of the Demon Realm, although it was only a fleeting event, allowed Zhao Hai to gain a lot of benefits. After the magic beasts charged to the Space, Zhao Hai immediately changed the spatial rift’s destination back to the Demon Space. After that, Zhao Hai went and informed the Great Demon King to have the Demons continue their move.

Zhao Hai had also finished his matter with the Demon Dragon King, so naturally he wouldn’t stay in the Demon Space for long. He went to rest in the villa for a while before walking out to find Fei’er.

Fei’er and the others were now resting inside the cities of the Radiant Empire. Since the cities were converted into military compounds, they still had few commodities present, so Fei’er and the others weren’t worried about what to eat. However, the fight that just happened had truly given them a shock.

Zhao Hai’s fighting strength stunned them. They didn’t think that Zhao Hai was so strong, he wasn’t any weaker than the Divine Race.

Most importantly, after killing the Divine Race today, Zhao Hai would gain more undead Divines, improving his strength once more.

Because of this, after Fei’er and the others settled their people, they immediately gathered together and discussed Zhao Hai. It can be seen that the result of Zhao Hai’s use of power has yielded its result.

Fei’er looked at Shan and Yue as he sighed and said, “You two, you should have seen Zhao Hai’s strength. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting him to be that strong as well. I know you have some reservations towards him for killing your people. Nevertheless, we’re going against a common enemy right now. WIth Zhao Hai being the main powerhouse, our people would die less. I hope you two can put your enmity aside and cooperate with Zhao Hai.”

Shan and Yue looked at each other before simultaneously nodding. Yue then said, “It’s true that we have some hatred towards Zhao Hai, however, we hate the Divine Race even more. Moreover, we haven’t seen Zhao Hai use our people in his battles. It’s quite obvious that he wants to save face for us.”

Shan added, “Right, compared to the Divine Race, our hatred for Zhao Hai is small. In fact, we really can’t blame Zhao Hai for killing our people. It is the Divine Race’s fault for sending them to the battlefield. Zhao Hai is just trying to defend his homeland.”

Upon hearing the two, Fei’er let out a sigh of relief. Then he gave a nod as he said, “Then that’s good. Our greatest enemy is the Divine Race, we should focus on them.”

Shan and Yue nodded. They weren’t clueless people, they knew that Zhao Hai’s strength can only bring them benefits and no harm. As for what happens after they defeated the Taurus Divines in the Divine Realm, they didn’t think about that yet. They weren’t even sure if they could do such a thing.

Shan looked at Fei’er and said, “Feier, with the current situation, our people have already started out move. At this point, the Divine Race have guarded the spatial rift. Should we attack the Taurus continent like mister Zhao Hai said?” At this time, a soldier suddenly gave a report, “Mister Zhao Hai came to talk.”

The three looked at each other before they all stood up. “Quickly invite him inside”, Fei’er said. Then the three went forward to see Zhao Hai.

After Zhao Hai came in and saw that the three were together, he couldn’t help but smile. Then he gave the three a salute and said, “I didn’t think all three of you would be here. Let’s discuss what to do next.”

Fei’er smiled and said, “We’re also about to talk to mister regarding this. However, we didn’t have the means to meet mister, please excuse us.” Fei’er purposely forgot about the messenger fish that Zhao Hai gave him.

Zhao Hai understood that Fei’er was just being polite, he didn’t mind it as he smiled and said, “It’s fine. I also like to go around places, so you don’t need to worry.” After that, all of them entered the hall.

The place they were in was a church in the city. This was a strange thing in the Radiant Empire. Generally, the city lord’s mansion would be the most noteworthy structure in any place, however, in the Radiant Empire, it was the church.

The church was made magnificently. Its walls were full of murals, it was very beautiful. The murals depicted scenes glorifying the Divine Race, like how they managed to defeat Demons. There really wasn’t much history shown.

This was the first time that Zhao Hai managed to see the inside of a church. Now that he saw it, he couldn’t help but admit that it looked good. One could feel how tranquil it was inside, the murals were very artistic as well.

Suddenly, Zhao Hai noticed Winged Pegasus people on one of the murals. The Winged Pegasus were riding their mounts as they held their knight’s spear and battled with a Demon.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but chuckle, then he turned to Yue and said, “I didn’t think that the Winged Pegasus people would be part of the Radiant Church’s stories. They could even fight alongside the Divine Race.” Then he pointed towards the mural.

Yue had just met with Fei’er, so he wasn’t able to notice the mural. Now that Zhao Hai pointed it out, he turned his head to look at it. Then he snorted and said, “Those are just nonsense made up by the Divine Race. Those bastards, we’ll never worship them.”

What Yue said wasn’t wrong. While the Divine Race drew the Winged Pegasus on the mural, they don’t actually treat them as equals. Instead, the Divine Race wanted to assimilate them into their civilization by erasing their culture. This way, they would become the Divine Race’s faithful dog.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “The Divine Race has always been like this. They also wanted to control the Ark Continent by using the Radiant Church. If it wasn’t for our early discovery about their plot, the situation wouldn’t have been like this.”

Fei’er and the others nodded. Then after the group had sat down, a Thunder Clan member brought over some clear water. The Divine Race prohibited wines being consumed by their troops, so they didn’t bring anything with them. At this point, the only thing they can provide Zhao Hai was water. Zhao Hai didn’t mind it too much as he took a sip of the water before he said, “I came to visit because I want to discuss how to attack the Divine Race. I also want to listen to your thoughts.”

Fei’er and the other two looked at one another, they had a gaze that Zhao Hai didn’t understand. After some time, Fei’er turned his head and said, “What does mister plan to do?” Zhao Hai looked at the three before he smiled and said, “I plan to force a battle so that the Taurus Divines would be compelled to make a move. We need to take care of the remaining Taurus Divines before we can proceed to the Divine Realm.”

The three nodded their heads. They understood how this worked. Shan opened his mouth and said, “We also thought about this matter. I believe our people have already started to battle with the Divine Race. At this point, the Divine Race wouldn’t be able to send more troops to deal with us. We can use this opportunity to attack the Divine Race in one swoop.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “So you already thought about it, then that makes everything better. Right, since we’re now allies, I won’t hide things from you. As you can see, the Demons have already become part of my people. Also, in the Ark Continent’s Beastman Prairie, a spatial rift to the underworld has appeared. At this point, the underworld’s dark mist and undead creatures are already slowly creeping their way into the center of the continent. Moreover, on the south of the continent is another spatial rift. This rift is connected to a plane called the Atlanta Plane. The people from that plane aren’t weak. Most importantly, they have 10-meter tall magic armors made out of iron. These magic armors can be controlled by the people from the Atlanta plane and are very powerful. With these two enemies, I decided to move the entire population of the Ark Continent. I need to be clear about this to you three. The situation is very bad for us. We need to eliminate the remaining Divines and set a foothold in the Divine Realm. Otherwise, we would be sandwiched between two powerful enemies.”

Fei’er and the others were shocked upon hearing this. They never expected these things to be present in the Ark Continent. Especially those people with magic armors.

Suddenly, Fei’er’s eyes shone, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, are those magic armors like the ones made by the Goblins?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “They are. However, their magic armors are much better in comparison. If the Goblins had the same quality of magic armor, then they wouldn’t have been reduced to being slaves.”

Fei’er nodded. He had seen Goblin-made iron golems before. This golem was treated as a victory trophy by Thunder Yun at his home.

Actually, this trophy wasn’t acquired by Thunder Yun himself. Instead, it was something passed down in their family. The Goblins were subjugated way before the Thunder Clan were discovered. When Fei’er became Thunder Yun’s guard, the name ‘goblin’ was already synonymous with slave.

However, that iron golem actually scared Fei’er. Compared to the Thunder Clan, the body of those iron golems were much bigger. Because of this, the memory of that golem failed to escape Fei’er’s mind.


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