BTFTLIAW – Chapter 837

Chapter 837 – Fire

An army had already converged outside the Radiant Empire. However, the attackers didn’t attack immediately. They just kept their formations in preparation for their charge.

Inside the Radiant Empire, the Divine Race has now gathered 20 million troops to fight. The borders of the Empire already had a long wall built equipped with magic cannons. All of the soldiers were in a neat formation floating in mid air.

On the opposite side, there were also troops floating in mid air; the two armies of the Barbarians and the Winged Pegasus, Zhao Hai’s undead army, and the Demon Race’s Devil Legion. The small number of Thunder Clan people were also present in the center.

While looking at the Divine Race’s desperate situation, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh, “I didn’t expect us to be this quick to turn on the Divine Race. To be honest, when the Divine Race and you came, I didn’t think I would be able to see this day.” Zhao Hai was currently sitting inside the Demon Dragon King’s carriage, talking with the Demon Dragon King.

The Demon Dragon King smiled and said, “When we came to attack the Ark Continent, we also didn’t expect to be able to settle inside a place much better in comparison.”

Zhao Hai gave out a chuckle, “In truth, if it weren’t for the Demons using an non-wicked method to come here, I wouldn’t have allowed you to settle in the Space. You should know that since the residents of the continent had moved, I didn’t have extra worries anymore. When the time comes, I can just slowly grind away at the Demons and the Divine Race.”

The Demon Dragon King knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t speaking nonsense. To be honest, after entering the Space, Zhao Hai’s mysterious ability, the Demon Dragon King already understood that if they didn’t become Zhao Hai’ allies, then they would sooner or later be tidied up.

The Demon Dragon King smiled and then said, “This is the luck of our Demon Race. You should know that the Blood Void Formation needed live sacrifice as well. It’s fortunate that we chose the Demons, otherwise we would have suffered the same fate as the Divine Race.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh, “It’s good that the Demons think that the Dragons are better compared to the Humans. Or else you would’ve used Humans instead of Dragons.”

Just as the two were talking, Fei’er arrived by their side. Zhao Hai looked at Feier as the latter gave a salute, then Zhao Hai said, “Is everything prepared?” Fei’er nodded and said, “Yes, but as you can see, there are massive magic cannons placed on the walls. Even God-ranks are unable to resist the attacks from those cannons. Moreover, their range is much farther than the magic cannons of your Ark Continent. It is only because those things are huge and heavy that they were very inconvenient to bring to the battlefield. What we need to do right now is to take care of those cannons. Does mister have any way to do it?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Leave it to me.” Then he waved his hand as he released a few rows of undead dragons. Mounted on top of their heads were magic cannons. Moreover, these cannons weren’t those from the Ark Continent, instead, they were the Divine Race’s magic cannons.

Fei’er looked at the Dragons and stared. He has been with the Divine Race army for a long time so naturally he could identify that these magic cannons were from the Divine Race. Fei’er just didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would have those cannons of his own.

Zhao Hai looked at Fei’er and smiled, “When I attacked the Radiant Empire, I also took the opportunity to snatch some magic cannons for myself. It just so happens that they’re quite convenient to use today.”

Fei’er said, “It seems like we’ll have the Divine Race taste their own magic cannons.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly but he didn’t say anything. The magic cannons of the Divine Race were indeed large, however, Zhao Hai still didn’t think that they were strong enough. It was mainly because they lacked a good energy source. In the past, the Divine Race only used ordinary crystals to power them. Those magic crystals were in no way comparable to the magic cannons that Zhao Hai had now.

With the superior crystals in his hands, Zhao Hai was able to improve the power of the magic cannons. Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to take them out.

Zhao Hai didn’t give an explanation to Fei’er as he waved his hand. After that, the dragons proceeded to go towards the Radiant Empire. They would only stop if they reach their firing distance.

Besides the cannons, there were also four undead on top of each dragon, they’re main purpose was to man the weapon. Although Zhao Hai didn’t have that much magic cannons, he was still confident that his cannons were superior.

No matter what, the might and firing distance of the cannons was improved thanks to Zhao Hai’s crystals. When the attack happens, the Divine Race’s cannons would be useless against Zhao Hai’s army.

The dragons stopped when they reached their firing distance, at the same time, the undead started to arm the cannons. It didn’t take a long time before 40 red lights started to fly towards the Radiant Empire’s walls. This caused the Divines manning the cannons to be startled. They weren’t even able to get a defensive formation out before they were blasted by the red lights.

One could say that the might of these cannons were far superior compared to the cannons of the Ark Continent. Although its crystal consumption was greater, Zhao Hai didn’t care about that right now, power was what he needed.

Zhao Hai’s attack was beyond the Divine Race’s expectations. The Divine Race has heard of the Ark Continent’s cannons. Although they suffered a few attacks from the Ark Continent’s cannons, they still believed that their magic cannons were better.

Because of this, the Divine Race were confident in defending the Radiant Empire. They were also able to see Zhao Hai’s undead dragons. Although the Dragons held the Divine Race’s giant cannons, the DIvine Race knew that Zhao Hai didn’t have that much with him. In their minds, they could fully suppress the enemy’s advance.

However, they didn’t expect that Zhao Hai’s magic cannons would have a better firing distance compared to the Divine Race’s cannons. This caused the Divine Race to begin worrying about their defense.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about the Divine Race’s thoughts. At this time, he made the undead continue on with their assault. To be honest, the walls were useless at this point. The Divine Race seemed to have focused their research on the magic cannons and had forgotten to study strong defensive formations.

If the Divine Race had good defensive magic formations, they wouldn’t have been harassed by Zhao Hai’s tactics. Unfortunately, the Divine Race didn’t take magic formations very seriously.

When the Divine Race had wars with the other races, they were always on the winning side. Because of this position, their rear areas were never attacked.

This caused  the Divine Race to grow complacent as time passed. Their arrogance had reached to the point that they had deemed defensive formations to be unnecessary. In the end, they neglect their study on defensive magic formations, this resulted in their suffering in the hands of Zhao Hai.

Once the Divine Race found out that their cannons were virtually useless, they had no choice but to abandon their magic cannons and slowly retreat.

When Zhao Hai saw that the Divine Race had abandoned their magic cannons, he couldn’t help but be happy. He immediately released the undead loaded with the Ark Continent’s magic cannons. Although they had a smaller power compared to the Divine Race’s cannons, the Divine Race had already abandoned their advantage the moment they left the walls.

The Divine Race were also able to discover this. However, it was already impossible for them to return to their cannons. The Ark Continent’s cannons had reached their firing distance, so if the Divine Race returned, then they would be placed under a rain of fire.

The Divine Race also knew that if they continued on like this, then they would only be defeated and wouldn’t be able to fight back. Because of this, the Divine Race soldiers proceeded to rush towards Zhao Hai.

Just as the Divine Race were more about 1000 meters away from Zhao Hai, a dark cloud was immediately spotted. Upon seeing this, Zhao Hai immediately knew what it was. The Divine Race just threw their javelins.

Although these javelins weren’t the same as Zhao Hai’s blood lightning javelins, their firing distance was still quite far. Moreover, they were quite lethal to average people.

However, they were up against Zhao Hai’s undead army. Against the undead, these javelins could only deal minimal damage.

Nobody could blame the Divine Race for not being able to adapt. After all, when they were planning to attack the continent, they knew that it was unlike the planes of the Barbarians, Winged Pegasus, and the Thunder Clan. The Ark Continent was just a lower plane with no God-rank experts.

Because of this information, the Divine Race didn’t develop new weapons upon coming to the Ark Continent. This caused them to lack attacking methods to deal with Zhao Hai. Their methods were either useless or did only a small damage to Zhao Hai.

Although the Taurus Divines had started to make new means of dealing with Zhao Hai, the time to develop this weapon would take more than one or two days. If they wanted to depend on this new weapon, then they would need to hold Zhao Hai back for some time.