BTFTLIAW – Chapter 836

Chapter 836 – A Rare Relaxation

Being a free state doesn’t meant that one can do crimes without repercussions. There were still laws in place in order to punish you. Being a free state meant that nobody would tell you what to do. You are free to be anything you like.

Zhao Hai hasn’t returned to the island for quite some time. Currently, the island was given an interesting name by the people of the Ark Continent, Haven Island.

It is certainly impossible for the people of the Ark Continent to not know about the story of the Haven products. They knew that the Buda Clan wanted to use this to name their products. Because of this, the name Haven Island came up.

Zhao Hai didn’t know this, but since the products of the Buda Clan rarely appeared on the continent now, Haven products had become extremely valuable items. People who had Haven products regarded these items as family treasures.

Also, Zhao Hai already spread his method of making liquor. He taught the Humans how to make grain wine. On the other hand, the Elves focused on making fruit wine while the Beastmen stayed with their milk whine. The Dwarves also kept making their sweet potato wine.

The Dwarves had plenty of cubed potato. This cubed potato was quite similar to sweet potatoes back on Earth. Zhao Hai only passed down the technique of distillation so naturally each group had their own preference.

When Zhao Hai arrived at the island, he saw the slaves working the fields. As they were working, they were talking with each other and laughed, they looked very happy.

What made Zhao Hai happy was the fact that these people looked like they loved their work. The tools each person used was different. Although the conventional tools were already refined, there were still some of them who wanted to try different types of tools.

Zhao Hai didn’t disturb them as he entered the castle along with Laura and the others. At this time, the liquor production of the castle had stopped. Even if some liquor were brewed, they were only going to be used for personal consumption. Because of this, the castle looked more spacious compared to before.

On the other hand, the people on the castle wasn’t few. The 100 initial slaves that Zhao Hai had brought used to help manage the new slaves. But now that they weren’t needed, they all returned to the castle.

After the people in the castle saw that Zhao Hai had come back, they immediately went to give him their greetings. Zhao Hai looked at the slaves and saw their neat appearance. It seems like they were living quite well. There were even some of them who showed a sense of elegance. This was evidently because they had become learned people.

Zhao Hai smiled at those who met him and said, “How are you doing? Is everyone doing fine?”

Everybody gave out a laugh before a fairly fat man replied, “Happy! We are very happy, Young Master. We can now eat meat every day, completely different to before when we were starving. I even got fat now, Young Master, look” Zhao Hai looked at the fat man. This person wasn’t that tall, only about 1.8 meters tall. However, he looks like he weighs more than 250 pounds. Seeing someone this fat was very surprising.

However, Zhao Hai can see that although this person was fat, he didn’t look weak at all. What made Zhao Hai surprised was the fact that this person was actually 9th rank, just one step left until becoming God-rank.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Come here, aren’t you Silas? When you came here, you were very small and skinny. I didn’t think that you would get this fat. Hahaha. Good, good. Just make sure that you won’t stumble. Right, did you like cultivating that much?”

The fatty named Silas didn’t expect Zhao Hai to call him by his name. His face couldn’t help but blush as he said, “I didn’t think that the Young Master would remember my name. I’m not very intelligent, so I couldn’t do anything complicated. However, I loved cultivating so I did that. I didn’t think that the Young Master would recognize me.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “You continue with your diligent work. If you succeed, you will the first member of the Buda Clan to break  through to God-rank without outside help.” The fatty obviously wasn’t someone who had any idea about this. But when he heard Zhao Hai, he happily nodded his head.

Zhao Hai also greeted everyone else before entering the fort. Zhao Hai rarely came here anymore since his main operations were made inside the Space’s villa. At this time, Green and the others were already waiting for him in the main hall. After Zhao Hai came in, Green immediately gave his greetings, “Young Master, why did you decide to pay a visit today? Did something bad happen?” Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Everything’s fine, things have been calm these days so there’s nothing to worry about. I only came here for a simple visit.” Green’s worries vanished when he heard Zhao Hai.

After talking to Green, Zhao Hai also greeted Kun, Karen, and the others. After the group had sat down, Zhao Hai explained what happened outside, including the matter with the Atlanta Plane. After hearing Zhao Hai talk, Green said, “So there’s another spatial rift in the Ark Continent. It seems like the newcomers don’t have any good ideas for the plane.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly as he gave a nod, “It seems to be like that. The Atlanta Plane should be as strong as the Demon Realm. However, they have their formidable magic armor. These magic armors were 10 meters high and covered in magic formations. Moreover, it can improve one’s attack strength, each one of them had peak 9th rank power.”

Upon hearing this, Karen knit his brows and said, “What magic formations? Can you let me take a look?”

Zhao Hai already guessed that Karen would be interested in this, so he smiled faintly and said, “Father-in-law, don’t worry, I ‘ll definitely show them to you. I need two days in order to compile everything we recorded. There are a lot of them and each part has different functions. When the time comes, you can study them closely.’

Karen’s was evidently satisfied with this answer. He initially started to study magic formations in order to forget his bitter memories regarding his wife, but who would’ve thought that he became obsessed with research. Green turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Young master, can you really fight with the Divine Race in this short amount of time?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “At this point, only remnant soldiers of the Taurus army are left in the Radiant Empire. Also, I reckon the Taurus continent would also stop sending reinforcements. This is a good opportunity to attack them with the Thunder Clan.” Green and the others didn’t oppose to this, they too held great resentment towards the Taurus Divines. For the Divines to use a huge blood sacrifice was already too much for them to accept. Not to say Zhao Hai, even Green and the others were seething with anger at this event.

After seeing that nobody opposed to this, Zhao Hai continued, “Grandpa Green, I need advice. The Space’s magic backgrounds are now ready for harvest. I already had Cai’er use the ingredients there in order to make 10 God rank potions. How do you suggest to divide them?”

Green gawked, then his eyes lit up as he asked, “Really? We can make that much?”

Zhao Hai nodded, the other people in the room were also evidently happy. Green thought for a moment and said, “Little Hai, how about this. I think you should give those potions to the people of the Ark Continent. You can give two potions to the Elves, two potions to the Humans, two potions to the Dwarves, two potions to the Beastmen, and the final two to the Fishmen. This way, they would feel grateful to you.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he knit his eyebrows as he said, “I wanted to give the potions to you. We can use the next batch for them.” Green smiled and said, “Give it to them this time. The next time, we can have them. In any case, we won’t leave the Space. What are you afraid of? These old bones are still very strong, we won’t die soon.” Zhao Hai nodded and followed Green’s suggestion. At this time, Merine came in bringing some food. Then the group proceeded to eat their meal.

Zhao Hai spent three days in this peaceful state. These three days were rare times of relaxation for him. He went with the slaves and conversed with them. He also gave a visit to the Giant-horned Bulls, the Diamond Apes, the Dwarves, and the Elves. He went and visited everyone he could visit.

Times spent in relaxation always passes by quickly. Three days passed in a blink of an eye. Although Zhao Hai wanted to keep this time of leisure, the matters outside didn’t allow him to stay.

Fei’er and the others had already reached the borders of the Radiant Empire. They were ready to attack the Divine Race and Zhao Hai couldn’t be absent for this event.

These days, Zhao Hai also took the effort to visit Fei’er as well as see the Great Demon King’s progress in moving the Demons to the Space. Although the Demons were busy with their migration, the Devil Legion was still ready to make an attack at any time.

In addition to the progress of the Demons, the magic formations have also been sorted out. Karen had succeeded in developing the defensive magic formation. Zhao Hai was now more confident in dealing with the Divine Race.

Currently, Zhao Hai didn’t lack in his supply of crystal stones. What he lacked were things to use crystals with. The appearance of the defensive formations was just right for his current needs.

Karen’s defensive formation wasn’t simple. During the process of experimentation, Karen had written all its properties in a very detailed manner. This magic formation can be used by ten thousand people, fifty thousand people, and 100 thousand people. Although the number of people using it varied, the need for crystal stones didn’t exponentially increase. It was only after this property was achieved did the formation deemed a success.


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  2. Yeah… He pretty much single handedly boosted up strength of ark continent with potions and took them in space. Now they are pretty much no longer involved in with war so I don’t really see any reason to be giving out those potions now, especially when he could be using them on his family or clan.

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