BTFTLIAW – Chapter 834

Chapter 834 – Mutual Plan

Among the things that Axe withheld was the fact that there were no countries in the Atlanta Plane. Instead, families hold the power over everything. And also, Axe’s family was the most famous family in the Magic Armor Master Continent, the O’Neil Family. Finally, Axe was to be the O’neil Family’s next Patriarch.

In the Atlanta Plane, the power held by families was extremely inflated, they could even reach the same as those held by Empires. Under those Great Clans were other small families that serve them. Moreover, if a family conquers a plane, then that plane would become their own territory, further increasing the strength of that family.

But although the O’Neil family was the most famed family in the Magic Armor Master Continent, they were still yet to conquer a plane. This caused their strength to be inferior to other Great Clans.

The Atlanta Plane was different from the Divine Realm. The Divines were able to know which planes were around them. And once they know the plane, they would also know how to go there. Because of this, the Divines could just break that plane’s barrier and then proceed to conquer it.

On the other hand, the Atlanta Plane doesn’t have that ability. They don’t know whether there were any planes close to them, in turn, they won’t know where those planes were. Because of this, it would be difficult for them to seek a plane and conquer it.

The people in the Atlanta Plane would just set up a magic formation on a random place and hope for the best. This magic formation would only activate once a plane’s barrier was close. Otherwise, the magic formation would just ruin itself.

In the past, the Atlanta Continent had conquered planes using this method. However, the O’Neil family was quite unfortunate. They had arranged these magic formations many times, however, they were yet to get lucky in finding another plane. These actions brought losses to the family. One must know that arranging these magic formations wasn’t cheap. Otherwise, everyone would arrange these formations everywhere.

This time, the O’Neil family finally got their lucky break. Several days before, Axe heard a report from his subordinate that a spatial rift had appeared in a remote mountain valley inside the O’Neil family’s domain. Moreover, the rift was getting bigger and bigger.

After hearing this report, the entire O’Neil family was shaken. Their first thought wasn’t happiness, instead it was fear. They were afraid that a high-level plane had found them and broke through the plane’s barrier. They thought of this because this was the same as what they did to the lower planes.

Because of this, the O’Neil family immediately barricaded the mountain valley. They also blocked information about this rift from coming out. While the family was contemplating on what to do, Alex’s adventurous side rose up. He took his strongest and most loyal men with him and entered the spatial rift. Thus, they appeared on the Ark Continent.

Upon arriving on the island, Axe immediately felt relief. If this spatial rift was arranged artificially, then people would’ve been present on the other side of the rift. It would be impossible for those people to just leave their rift in the middle of nowhere.

However, Axe didn’t immediately send word back to the family. He wanted to take a look at this new plane first. Because of this, he immediately commanded his men to fly around randomly. Just as they were travelling southward, they came upon Blazing Island. It was here that they were detected by Cai’er.

Axe wanted to talk to Zhao Hai because he wanted to know the strength of the Ark Continent. If the Ark Continent was strong, then the O’Neil family would establish a business cooperation with them. However, if they were weak, then Axe would go back to his family and prepare for an invasion of the Ark Continent.

After getting the continent’s strength from Zhao Hai, Axe immediately knew that the opportunity has come for the O’Neil family. The Ark Continent was so weak that the O’Neil Family could easily usurp them.

Because of this thought, Axe’s tone got more and more arrogant as his conversation with Zhao Hai went on. Zhao Hai had met people like Axe before, so how could he miss the change of tone on Axe’s voice. However, Zhao Hai didn’t care. What he revealed to Axe was the original state of the Ark Continent. Naturally, the present Ark Continent was completely different compared to before. If Axe had any bad ideas for the continent, then it was his own fault for miscalculating.

After a short while, Axe’s mech went back and landed. Zhao Hai looked at the mech with envy as he said, “These things are truly wonderful. If the Rosen Empire had these, then we would have already conquered the rest of the continent. Mister Axe, i wonder if you can sell me a few of these. I just went forward to see the path and my fleet would be arriving in two days. Initially, we came to Blazing Island in order to get some special products to refine medicine with. I shall wait for my fleet to arrive. When they dock, I will approach mister for the trade. I will buy your magic armors no matter what price mister Axe wants.”

When he heard Zhao Hai, Alex’s expression couldn’t help but change. It took a moment for Alex to calm down before he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, this request, I can’t promise something to you right now. I need to head back to the family and discuss things, I’m sure they would be interested in the trade. If the family agrees, then we will send someone over to find you. What do you think?’

Zhao Hai had a regretful expression as he replied, “That’s a pity. Well, take this, this is my clan’s token. If mister’s family agrees to the trade, then you can bring this token to the Rosen Empire. When that time comes, my Buda Clan would definitely give you a warm welcome.”

Axe received the thing that Zhao Hai handed over. From what he saw, it seems like a token made out of red crystal. It looked very refined. On the token were two characters that read ‘Buda’.

Axe didn’t suspect anything as he held the token and said, “Alright. Mister, I’ll immediately head back to the family and discuss this matter. I can assure you that we’ll be swift in our reply.” Zhao Hai nodded. Then Axe jumped into his mech as him and his team proceeded to fly southward.

Zhao Hai looked at Axe’s departing back. He sneered before his figure vanished and returned to the Space. Laura and the others were currently in the living room, their expressions quite difficult to behold. When Zhao Hai came, Laura immediately said, “Brother Hai, I hate that man. It’s obvious that he has bad ideas for the Ark Continent. His fake expression is too irritating to watch.’

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s fine, there’s no need to be angry. I told him that I have my fleet behind me in order to see his reaction. If he doesn’t have any ill will towards us, then he would definitely stay and talk. But it seems like he did have bad ideas. If I hadn’t told him that I have my people behind me, then he would’ve already killed me in order to suppress the news. After all, his party mostly consisted of 9th ranks. If he isn’t sure that he can kill me and my fleet, then he wouldn’t act rashly.”

Laura coldly snorted and said, “Just let them come. In any case, their presence would only make the Ark Continent even livelier. I want to see what their expression would be when they face the Divine Race and the Underworld.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Actually, this is also an opportunity for us. Once they appear in the Ark Continent, then that would be the best time to declare war on the Divine Race. When they arrive, we can slowly whittle them down. At that time, we would be able to obtain a batch of powerful magic armors. That would surely increase our strength.”

At this time, Lizzy frowned and said, “Big Brother Hai, I’m sure you’ve also heard Axe say that their plane has experts up to 12th rank. In other words, God-ranks also exist in their plane. Their attack surely wouldn’t be weak. Can we deal with them?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “No matter which plane, strong experts are surely rare. Those at the top are the least populated group. Also, I don’t believe that Axe’s family is more powerful compared to the Taurus Divines.”

Lizzy also thought of the same thing. No matter which race, it would be impossible for them to surpass the strength of the Divine Race. If God-ranks were that abundant, then the Ark Continent would’ve already fallen a long long time ago.

Lizzy looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Brother Hai, what’s the deal with that token? Why do I feel like it’s the same as the blood ghost staff?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “You’re not wrong. That is a part of the staff. I wanted to try and see if I can separate a part of the staff from the main body. That small part would allow us to monitor the person. I didn’t expect that the experiment would be a success. Cai’er, show us the state of that fellow.”

Cai’er immediately complied and changed the image on the screen. The display showed a very small space. Inside this space was a person wearing a type of helmet. There was also some kind of contraption attached on this person’s arms and legs. Moreover, it can be clearly seen that this person was Axe.


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