BTFTLIAW – Chapter 833

Chapter 833 – Atlanta Plane

The other party turned silent. While Zhao Hai was wondering about the other party’s reaction, a voice suddenly came from the mecha, “Hello, where is this place?”

What was heard was definitely the language of the Ark Continent. However, the tone was very awkward. It was just like how foreigners sound when they first studied chinese.

Zhao Hai stared blankly, he didn’t think that these people could actually speak the Ark Continent’s language. He looked at the mechas in front of him and asked once more. “Who are you? How did you appear on Blazing Island?”

Naturally, these people had seen Zhao Hai descend from the sky, therefore they didn’t dare underestimate him. The huge metal figures immediately arranged themselves into a row before one of the chest plates swung open. A person walked out and went forward to greet Zhao Hai. He placed his hand on his chest as he gave a short bow and said, “Mister, I am the captain of the fifth squad of the Atlanta Continent’s Flying Armor army. Eagle squad leader Axe. We arrived here by going through a spatial rift. Mister, where is this?”

Zhao Hai looked at Squad leader Axe and then returned the salute as he said, “Hello, this place is called Blazing Island, south of the Ark Continent. I am Ark Continent’s Buda Clan Patriarch, Zhao Hai Buda.”

Axe looked at Zhao Hai and said, “So it is Patriarch Zhao Hai. Patriarch, please feel at ease. We didn’t come with hostile intentions. Sir, please come and take a seat.” Then Axe took a few steps forward before arriving at an open area. Zhao Hai looked at the mechas standing there before he followed Axe and then sat down.

After Axe sat down, he turned his hand and took out two pieces of dried meat. He gave on of them to Zhao Hai and said, “Since we’re far away from home, I don’t have anything delicious to offer. I hope the Patriarch wouldn’t laugh at my dried meat. Please have a taste.”

Zhao Hai looked at Axe’s smug look and smirked inside. Axe seems to be proud of his spatial item. Zhao Hai smiled faintly before he also turned his hand to take out two bottles of beer. He gave Axe one of the bottles before he said, “Since we’re out here in the open, why don’t we drink some liquor? I also want mister have a taste of my Buda Clan’s special beer.”

When Axe saw Zhao Hai take out two bottles of beer, his pupils couldn’t help but shrink. Zhao Hai might not know about it, but spatial items were also very rare in the Atlanta Continent. Although Axe was just a squad leader, his identity wasn’t simple. The reason why he himself had a spatial item was because he was the heir of a Great Clan in the Continent. Since he loved adventure, he took the chance to enter the spatial rift along with his men.

Naturally, the people who came with Axe weren’t ordinary people. All of them were famed experts in the Atlanta Continent. Their magic armors were among the advanced ones in the army.

Since Axe had his current status, he felt the need to show off the fact that he held a spatial item to Zhao Hai. He wanted to see Zhao Hai’s reaction.

In the mind of Axe, Zhao Hai doing things on his own despite being a Patriarch only meant that Zhao Hai’s family wasn’t strong. In turn, Zhao Hai should not have the position to hold a spatial item. If Zhao Hai sees his spatial item and reveals his greed, then Axe would have the excuse to be impolite to Zhao Hai.

However, he didn’t think that Zhao Hai himself would also have a spatial equipment. Moreover, it seems like Zhao Hai treated these items as though they were nothing significant.

Axe couldn’t help but smile bitterly inside. He wanted to test the other party but in the end he came up with nothing. So Axe just received Zhao Hai’s bottle of beer before taking the top off and taking a drink.

However, it was quite obvious that Axe wasn’t used to drinking beer. He only took a sip and frowned slightly before he placed the bottle at the side. Then he took a bite out of his dried meat before he looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Patriarch, you said that this is the Ark Continent? May I know the continent’s structure?”

Zhao Hai observed Axe. From Axe’s performance, it showed that he wasn’t just any ordinary squad leader. His every move and speech was controlled, obviously showing that he had undergone etiquette training. It seems like Axe’s status wasn’t low.

After hearing Axe’s question, Zhao Hai didn’t mind hiding things. Although he couldn’t reveal the continent’s current state, he can just tell Axe prior knowledge.

Zhao Hai paused for a moment before he replied, “We are at the Ark Continent. The continent is mostly comprised of one large landmass. Where we are today is called Blazing Island, a small island south of the continent. The island has volcanic eruptions all throughout the four seasons. The island has strong fire beasts and flame devils. Because of this, it was named as one of the continent’s forbidden areas. The humans in the Ark Continent are divided among five empires; the Radiant Empire, the Buddha Empire, the Lyon Empire, the Rosen Empire, and the Aksu Empire. Besides the five empires, there are also four other races. There sea’s Fishman race, the prairie’s Beastmen, iron mountains’ Dwarves, and the Elven Forest’s Elves.”

Axe eagerly listened to Zhao Hai’s introduction. After Zhao Hai’s statement, Axe asked once more, “Patriarch, which Empire does your family belong to? Do you have a lot of enemies in the continent?”

Zhao Hai sported an arrogant expression as he said, “My Buda Clan is the continent’s most powerful family. I myself am a hereditary marquis of the Rosen Empire and the strongest 9th rank expert.”

Axe had a confused expression as he looked at Zhao Hai, “Patriarch, the strongest people in the continent are 9th ranks? How can you determine a person’s strength?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “The Ark Continent’s professions are divided into two, namely warriors and mages. And both of them are divided into 9 levels, from 1st rank to 9th rank. You advance by improving your own strength. Once you receive the blessing of the heavens and granted flight, then you can be said to be a 9th rank expert.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Axe’s eyes shone, then he said, “So it’s that. I didn’t think that there would also be warriors and mages in the Ark Continent.”

Now it was Zhao Hai’s turn to ask, “So mister means that there are also warriors and mages in the Atlanta Continent?”

Axe proudly lifted his chin as he replied, “Right. However, the professions in our continent are divided into three; warrior, mage, and magic armor master.”

Zhao Hai took a glance at the mechas and said, “These magic armors are truly mysterious. Metallic beings this large are actually able to move. It’s quite astonishing.”

Axe couldn’t hide his arrogance, “Naturally, these magic armors are the product of several thousand years of research. Their fighting strength is formidable. However, becoming a magic armor master isn’t that easy.”

Zhao Hai looked at Axe and asked, “It seems like the Atlanta Continent is more formidable than my Ark Continent. Can mister introduce me to the Atlanta Continent?”

Axe looked at Zhao Hai and snorted, “Originally, the Atlanta Continent is one large piece of land. After a huge war, the continent is divided into three continents; the warrior continent, the mage continent, and the magic armor master continent. Where I’m from is the magic armor master continent. Since childhood I’ve been immersed in the research and manufacturing of magic armors. However, there are also children who studied as either the warrior path or the mage path since childhood. The experts of our three continents are divided into 12 ranks. It is somewhat different to the Ark Continent, but it has similarities. After becoming 9th rank, one would be able to fly. Moreover, ranks ten to twelve have many times more strength compared to 9th ranks.”

Upon hearing Axe’s explanation, Zhao Hai concluded that the Atlanta Continent was the same type of plane as the Demon Realm and the Divine Realm, planes a cut above the Ark Continent. Ranks 10 to 12 should correspond to Demigods, Gods, and Saint Gods. It seems like the Atlanta Continent wasn’t so simple after all.

Zhao Hai also noticed that the way Axe talked to him had changed. Axe suddenly became high sounding that it made Zhao Hai feel uncomfortable. However, Zhao Hai didn’t say anything, he just kept listening to Axe’s babble.

After Axe’s explanation, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister might not believe it, but the magic armor of my squad are all 9th rank transforming armors. Let me show you.” Then as Axe waved his hand, his magic armor spouted blue flames on its foot, palm, and back. The metal armor flew up into the sky as it folded itself and transformed into an aircraft before zooming out into the horizon.

Zhao Hai looked at this in shock. Although he had seen the magic armor’s transformation on the screen, the impact in seeing it in person was too strong.

Now that he sat in front of this transforming mech, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. This caused him to have a dumbfounded look.

Axe paid close attention to Zhao Hai’s appearance. After seeing Zhao Hai’s reaction, Axe couldn’t help but laugh deep inside. At the same time, he also felt proud of his magic armor.

Axe didn’t reveal this information, but the strength of the Atlanta Continent was also quite formidable. Their research towards magic formation was extremely profound. And like the Divine Race, the people in the Atlanta Continent had also managed to conquer several planes.

Since they were still unaware of how strong the Ark Continent was, they were polite upon arriving. But after Zhao Hai revealed the state of the continent, Axe knew that the plane he was on was inferior compared to the Atlanta Continent. Because of this, his plan became more and more obvious. At this time, Axe was thinking that after he went back, he would immediately request his clan to dispatch troops and conquer the Ark Continent!


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