BTFTLIAW – Chapter 832

Chapter 832 – Transformers? Mecha? What!?

Fei’er looked at Zhao Hai and said, “So Mister’s plan is?”

Zhao Hai replied, “We must attack, as soon as possible and in the shortest time. We need to attack the Taurus Divines while they still have a hold on their continent. This way, we lessen the chance of other continents joining the fight.”

Fei’er knit his brows and said, “Of course, it would be best if we attack immediately. However, if we are too aggressive, then we might exhaust our resources. If the other continents come, then we won’t have any energy left to resist.” Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “It would be worse if we don’t attack. The Divines should have already acquired the news by now and had gone to prepare themselves. If we don’t go at them hard, then things would be more troublesome for us.”

Fei’er thought for a moment and then nodded, “We don’t have any problems with that. And just like you said, the Divines should have already heard of what happened here and have been prepared. However, at this time, I still have no way to get in touch with my people. There’s no way for me to tell them about our decision. I’m afraid they won’t be ready to cooperate when the time comes.”

Zhao Hai thought about it and then said, “When we enter the Divine Realm and make our initial attack, you could use that opportunity to contact your people. Right, I’ll give this to you. This is a messenger fish, you can call me on this thing. If anything happens, use it.”

Fei’er gawked as he received the messenger fish. Fei’er looked curiously at the small fish. Zhao Hai didn’t say anything for a moment before he took out two messenger fishes and gave them to Fei’er, “Help me hand these two messenger fish over to the Barbarians and the Winged Pegasus army. In any case, we are on the same side now.”

Fei’er nodded and received the two messenger fishes on Zhao Hai’s hand. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “This Fei’er really admires Mister’s heart. Mister, rest assured, I will surely make Shan and Yue disregard any grudges between you and them.” Zhao Hai gave a forced smile and then said, “That won’t be easy. Right, Mister Fei’er, I don’t know if you have any good weapons to deal with the Divine Race. If you want, I can give you some blood lightning javelins.” Fei’er gawked, then his two eyes shone as he replied, “That would be great. Mister’s blood lightning javelins are more overbearing compared to the blood lightning beads that the Divine Race had.” Zhao Hai smiled faintly, but just before he was about to reply, his expression suddenly changed. Then he stood up, looked at Fei’er and said, “Mister Fei’er, I will prepare the javelins. When we fight the Divine Race, I will immediately send them over to you. I still have some matters to take care of, so I can’t remain here for long.”

After Fei’er saw Zhao Hai’s expression, he couldn’t help but stare for a moment. However, he also stood up and said, “Alright, then I won’t hold mister here.” Zhao Hai nodded before his figure vanished and appeared inside the Space.

The moment Zhao Hai appeared in the villa, he saw Laura looking at the screen. “What’s wrong?”, Zhao Hai said. Laura smiled bitterly as she replied, “Cai’er saw something. Ever since the underworld appeared in the Beastman Prairie, she made sure to scan the entire continent using the Space’s map. Today, she managed to discover something unusual on Blazing Island.”

Just as Laura said that, Zhao Hai shifted his attention towards the screen. The screen was currently showing the image of Blazing Island. However, what he saw on the island made him astonished.

Blazing Island had volcanoes everywhere. Living among those volcanoes were various fire element beasts and plants. Although Zhao Hai took the fire crystals as well as the river of earth fire, the temperature of the island was still quite high. On the dormant volcanoes, one could even see beasts moving about here and there.

But now, something completely out of place appeared on the island. Not only does it not belong to the island, these things doesn’t belong to the Ark Continent. They were huge metallic men!

Zhao Hai inspected these metallic men. They was over ten meters high and looked delicately made. Their components were shining and most importantly, there were all kinds of magic formations drawn all over their body.

When Zhao Hai saw these magic formations, his pupils couldn’t help but shrink. At this point, Zhao Hai already had some understanding about the formations in the Ark Continent. However, Zhao Hai still couldn’t identify the magic formations on these metallic men. The magic formations were too complex.

At this time, Cai’er talked, “Young Master, the Space had recorded something that happened before. Come and take a look.” Then the image on the screen changed into the same Blazing Island. But this time, there were several black spots seen on top of the island. These black spots moved very fast and before long they reached the island. Zhao Hai unexpectedly identified these black spots, they were aircraft!

Zhao Hai could swear that his eyes weren’t wrong. They were indeed aircraft. Zhao Hai stood up from his seat as he looked closely at the figures on the monitor.

After that, an exciting even happened. After flying around the island, the aircraft suddenly twisted its form. It’s metallic parts moved before forming into a huge metallic man!

Zhao Hai’s eyes almost went out of their sockets. Seeing these aircraft gave Zhao Hai excitement. This was because he only saw these kinds of aircraft back on Earth. The aircraft made him think that there might be a connection between Earth and the Ark Continent.

However, that idea soon faded when the aircraft transformed. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but shake his head. This aircraft was obviously a transformer! What is going on!?

Under the feet, in the middle of the palm, and at the back of these figures were flames shooting out. Before long, they slowly landed on the island.

When the magic beasts and flame demons spotted these metallic figures, they immediately charged in to attack.

However, these transformers just lifted their hands and shot out white lights towards the attackers. Almost immediately, the magic beasts let out a miserable cry before their bodies totally disintegrated. The flame demons might have resisted for some time but they too were erased by the white light.

Then the transformers made a fist and withdrew their attack. After that, their chests opened up and men came out of the metallic bodies.

As soon as he saw this, Zhao Hai understood. These weren’t transformers at all. These metallic men were machines controlled by people. Just like mechas that were written about back on Earth.

However, most of the mechas seen on novels were purely made out of technology. On the other hand, these mechas actually had a lot of magic formations. What is this?

Even more surprised than Zhao Hai were Laura and the others. They had no prior experience about these things. Because of that, they were all shocked by what they saw on the monitor.

Zhao Hai slowly sat down and closed his eyes. Then suddenly, something flashed inside his mind. He had read about something similar before, iron golems!

These things were indeed similar to the iron golems that he read before. However, these machines were more complicated in comparison. This caused some doubts within Zhao Hai’s mind.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and summoned a God-rank Divine. Then Zhao Hai beckoned towards the screen and said, “You, have you seen these things? Or maybe heard about them? What are those things?”

The God-rank Divine looked at the iron golems and then said, “I saw something similar. In the past, the Goblins used to make these things. However, those made by the Goblins weren’t this defined. Moreover, they act very slow and weren’t too useful. As for exactly those, I really haven’t seen them before.”

Zhao Hai stored the undead back before he let out a long breath, “It seems like another new plane has connected to the Ark Continent.”

The women looked at each other and saw the surprise on each others’ eyes. These things were quite new to them. Moreover, these metallic beings were very powerful. One must know that the beings in Blazing Island were almost 9th rank in strength. But even in their situation, they still couldn’t stop the metallic beings.

Laura and the others can also understand Zhao Hai’s current feeling. This matter was truly quite annoying. They were yet to find a way to deal with the Underworld but now another plane came. Zhao Hai was currently feeling like he was being bullied by fate!

Laura let out a sigh as well as she said, “Yet another plane connected to the Ark Continent. What happened to the Ark Continent? Did it’s barrier really got damaged that far?”

The group smiled bitterly. They held the same feeling as Laura. It seems like the Ark Continent’s barrier had been rendered useless.

Zhao Hai suddenly stood up and said, “I’ll go see them. I want to see whether I can communicate with them. If we could talk, then I’d ask how they arrived at the Ark Continent.”

The expression of the women immediately changed. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, it’s better if you don’t go. It’s too dangerous. You saw the attack made by those people, they’re too strong.”

Zhao Hai patted Laura’s hand and said, “Rest assured, nothing bad will happen. With my current strength, those people could do nothing to me.”

Naturally, Laura was quite confident in Zhao Hai’s strength. However, the attacks made by those mechas were just too strange. There was a white light and then the magic beasts just disintegrated. This wasn’t an attack that they had seen before.

Zhao Hai looked at Laura and said, “I’ll be fine, don’t worry. I promise you that the moment they attack, I will immediately go back to the Space.”

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and knew that there was no way to prevent Zhao Hai from knowing. Therefore, she just said, “Brother Hai, if they decide to attack, then immediately go back. Don’t fight with them.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Rest assured, I will be safe. Alright, I’m going now.” Then Zhao Hai’s figure flashed as he went out of the Space. Laura and the others immediately turned their attention back to the screen to look at Zhao Hai’s situation.

Zhao Hai didn’t directly appear on Blazing Island. Instead, he appeared a distance away and then flew towards the island.

Zhao Hai saw that the skill of these people wasn’t that high. One could say that their strength was mainly dependent on the mechas. At this time, these people were resting on the island, outside from their iron golems. One could say that they couldn’t provide any threat to Zhao Hai.

ZHao Hai slowly flew towards the island. At the same time, he also instructed Cai’er to pay attention to the actions of those people. They seem to be resting on the island, leisurely talking and laughing there.

When Zhao Hai was not far from the island, these people finally moved. They quickly ran towards the iron golem and then started them up. However, they didn’t make a move as they just stood there and waited for Zhao Hai.

After being informed about this, Zhao Hai didn’t stop. Instead, he even sped up. He knew that this people doesn’t intend to attack him. It was for certain that they also wanted to know where this was. Therefore, they would want to communicate with him.

Before long, Zhao Hai arrived on Blazing island. He also saw the huge mechas. However, he didn’t show the fact that he had seen them before. Instead, he showed a shocked and curious appearance.

He slowly descended on the island as he stared at the mechas. When he was about a couple of steps away, he stopped. Then he proceeded to circle the mecha looking like someone who just discovered something new, ignorant about the fact that it might be dangerous.

Naturally, Zhao Hai was just acting out a play. He wanted these people to think that he had just accidentally came here to see these mechas.

While Zhao Hai was doing his thing, the person inside the mecha couldn’t wait anymore as a sound came out, “&#%@…”

After hearing this, Zhao Hai’s heart suddenly sank. This was because he couldn’t understand what this person just said. If there’s a language barrier, then it would be difficult to communicate. It might even result in some misunderstandings between the two parties.

However, Zhao Hai continued his play as he made a scared expression and loudly said, “What are you? How did you appear on Blazing Island?”

Zhao Hai knew that the opposite party would be unable to understand his words. However, this action still needed to be acted out.


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