BTFTLIAW – Chapter 830

Chapter 830 – Poisonous Grass Is Also Useful?

It was a blood red world!

The sky was red, a deep shade of red, looking like viscous blood. Naturally, since it was daytime, the sun was also up. However, this sun looked like it was wrapped in red film. The light that the sun projected was a faint dark red, it was completely different compared to the daylight in the Ark Continent.

Besides this dark red sky, there was also a reddish black land. It looked like deserted landscape. There were some low lying plants here and there. Although they had green leaves, the shade of green wasn’t something normally seen in plants.

Although the grass looked like the ones in the prairie, Zhao Hai could feel that the grass were clumps of poisonous snakes growing out of the ground, looking for an opportunity to bite.

Aside from the grasses, one could also see some stones and sandy soil. The Demon Realm looks like there was nothing inside it. Even if one could see some trees, they weren’t tall enough nor big enough to be described as so. The entire atmosphere exuded a depressing feeling.

At this time, the Demon Dragon King lightly sighed before he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, just a few words of advice. Don’t underestimate the grasses of the Demon Realm. Some of these poisonous grasses hold poison that can even kill God-rank experts.”

Zhao Hai turned to the Demon Dragon King with a puzzled expression. The Demon Dragon King continued, “In the Demon Realm, almost all plant life is poisonous. The only difference between their poisons is the intensity. The reason why we eat the seven colored vine in the Demon Realm was because it had the least toxicity out of all the plants here. And although two grasses looks similar, one could be virtually harmless while the other can kill you instantly.”

Zhao Hai stared before he gave out a sigh, “No wonder the Demons wanted the Ark Continent, the environment is indeed terrible!.”

At the same time, the conditions of the Demon Realm was also broadcasted to the people in the Space.

At this point, the people in the Space were already used to looking at the broadcasts every day. The contents of the broadcast today startled them. They have never seen an environment like this. The people in the Space thought that the display was showing hell.

However, after the voice came, they understood that this wasn’t hell, instead it was actually the Demon Realm!

Now, the people in the Space already knew about the Demons being allied with Zhao Hai. For the people in the Space, this was exciting news.

They didn’t have much dislike of the Demons. This was mainly because in the battle against the Demons, Zhao Hai was the one doing the most fights, the losses to the Ark Continent wasn’t very big.

Zhao Hai wasn’t aware of this as he and the Demon Dragon King flew forward. There are only the two of them, there were no escorts.

Zhao Hai looked all around the Demon Realm and saw that the overall situation was quite similar. They even saw one or two Demons who wanted to attack them. Fortunately, those Demons weren’t able to fly, otherwise, things would be annoying.

Their speed wasn’t fast, as Zhao Hai was looking around, he turned to the Demon Dragon King and said, “Where do you live?” The Demon Dragon King replied, “The capital. That is the Demon Realm’s biggest and most fortified city. Most importantly, sealed below the city is the largest spatial rift between the Demon Realm and the Underworld.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “How long does it take for us to reach the capital?”

The Demon Dragon King quickly replied, “It wouldn’t be long, about two hours. If we go slow, we would arrive in four hours.”

Zhao Hai hesitated for a moment before he waved his hand. Before long, a big hand appeared and grasped a clump of grass then sent it to the Space.

The Demon Dragon King looked at Zhao Hai in confusion, he didn’t know what he was planning to do. Actually, Zhao Hai just wanted to see how different this grass was compared to ordinary ones.

Just as the grass entered the Space, a prompt was immediately heard, “Fierce toxin detected. Dark attribute grass. Not suitable for growing in the Space. Not suitable for growing in ordinary backgrounds. Suitable for growing inside Hell background. Helpful in improving Hell background.”

Zhao Hai was stunned when he heard this prompt. He didn’t really think that this place would grow in the hell background. This was a surprise for Zhao Hai.

The Demon Dragon King looked at Zhao Hai and discovered a smile on Zhao Hai’s face. The Demon Dragon King couldn’t help but ask, “Mister, did something good happen?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Something good arrived. Right, can you have the other Demons help me in collecting plants and magic beasts from the Demon Realm? It doesn’t matter if they are poisonous or not. Moreover, they need to be alive.”

The Demon Dragon King stared blankly, then he asked, “Why does Mister want to collect these things? Do they help you with something?” Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Right, they have some use to me. Moreover, if those poisons are used well, then I might be able to make good medicine. So what do you think? Can you help me?”

The Demon Dragon King nodded and said, “No problem. When we see His Majesty, we can ask those who will go to the Space to bring some plants and beasts along with them.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Right, plants and magic beasts. However, there’s no need to go out of their way. We don’t want them to be hurt by aggressive magic beasts or get poisoned by plants.” The Demon Dragon King smiled and said, “Mister, rest assured, nothing bad will happen. We Demons have lived in the Demon Realm for so many years. Unless it is a large beast tide, they won’t pose a threat to us.’

Zhao Hai nodded, “Good, then it’s settled. Let’s go and see His Majesty, I want to see how far the migration has progressed. After all, our time is too short.” The Demon Dragon King smiled and said, “There’s shouldn’t be any problems. With His Majesty in charge, the whole Demon Realm should already be prepared.” Zhao Hai smiled and didn’t say anything else. After that the two accelerated their flying speed.

While on their way, Zhao Hai also encountered small settlements. These settlements weren’t very large. It seems like they house about a thousand to a hundred thousand people. Although these places were small, their walls were very thick and high. All of them seem like fortresses. The Demon Dragon King pointed at those small towns and said, “Almost everyone in the Demon Realm lived in places like these. Since there are a lot of magic beasts in the Demon Realm, one would certainly meet groups of them in the wild. If one doesn’t live in places like these, then they would have a very small chance of surviving.”

Zhao Hai nodded and gave a slight smile. To be honest, the Demon Realm was really the worst place he’s ever seen. He was even sure that the air was poisoned. It was only because the Space had an antidote that it didn’t bother telling Zhao Hai about the toxicity in the air.

At the same time, Zhao Hai also understood why the Demons grew up the way they were. It was due to the bad environment. In order to suit their environment, they needed to adapt.

Survival of the fittest! This was the rule of nature. And this rule was completely driven into overdrive in the Demon Realm. The Demons needed to undergo through generations of evolution just so they could survive. In the end, they arrived at their current appearances.

Two hours after they sped up, Zhao Hai could finally see a giant city in the distance. This city was no worse than any capital in the Ark continent. With dark red stones being used to construct it, the city looked very majestic.

While the two haven’t even arrived at the capital, they could already see the Devil’s chariot outside the city. Zhao Hai immediately knew that this was the Great Demon King coming to welcome him. The two immediately headed for the chariot to give their greetings. Before long, Zhao Hai can see the Great Demon King waiting for him.

Upon seeing Zhao Hai, the Great Demon King laughed and said, “I didn’t think Mister would deal with the Divine Race this quickly. This calls for celebration, Mister, please come inside.” Zhao Hai wasn’t overly polite, he immediately entered the chariot after giving a salute. The Demon Dragon King also quickly went after them.

Zhao Hai entered the chariot and saw that the decorations inside were still the same. There was still the small table with dishes and a pot of liquor.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then sat at the small table along with the Great Demon King and the Demon Dragon King. After everyone has settled, the Great Demon King looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister had just defeated the Divine Race army, but you still chose to come here. I have to thank Mister for this.”

Zhao Hai smiled and then said, “It’s nothing. In any case, the others still needed some time so I just chose to come here. Right, has everything been prepared?” The Great Demon King smiled and said, “Almost ready, as long as Mister opens the spatial rifts, the Demons can immediately move to the Space.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then he said, “Right, I have something to trouble Your Majesty. I want to collect plants and animals from the Demon Realm. I hope Your Majesty an assist me with this.”

The Great Demon King stared, then he knit his eyebrows as he replied, “Does Mister know the specific things he wants?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Not too many requests. First, they need to be alive. Second, the more varieties the better. Naturally, there’s no need gather those that are dangerous to acquire.”

The Great Demon King relaxed and said, “This is easy. When can Mister open the spatial rift?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I can open it any time. I just saw some Demons going towards the capital. How about this, I’ll open a spatial rift here and have those Demons enter. Then after that, I will leave my blood ghost staff behind. Your Majesty can carry my staff to the different cities. As long as you go there with the staff, then I would be able to open my spatial rifts. With this, everyone shouldn’t be subjected to dangerous migration paths.”

The Great Demon King gawked, then he nodded and said, “That would be best. Mister can open the spatial rift right now, I will immediately have the Demons enter the Space.”

Zhao Hai didn’t object, he nodded before he waved his hand and opened a huge spatial right just outside the capital.


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