BTFTLIAW – Chapter 829

Chapter 829 – Environmental Awareness

Fei’er was currently sitting with his people, surrounding a heated metal pot. Their meal was the same as the Demons, meat soup and bread fruit. All these things have been sent earlier by the undead.

Although these things looked ordinary,  Fei’er didn’t think so. Where was this? This was the frontline. There might not be any problems having pots in the frontlines. However, how could an army acquire fresh meat at a place like this? Moreover, it was nice and warm. Wasn’t this strange?

Additionally, Fei’er had a certain understanding of Zhao Hai in the past few days. He managed to block both the Demons and the Divine Race. And not only did he destroy the Divine Race army, he even got the Demons for himself.

To be honest, when Fei’er saw Zhao Hai leading the Demons to battle, his heart couldn’t help but stop.

The Demon Race, that was the Demon Race! Fei’er was  planning to propose an alliance with the Demons before they deal with the Divine Race. In his opinion, the Demons had the strength to oppose the Divine Race. And now, that same Demon Race has actually been subdued by Zhao Hai. This was too inconceivable.

Fei’er can only use one sentence to describe Zhao Hai’s abilities, flipping the hand to gather clouds, and covering it to stop the rain. This was precisely because Zhao Hai had this ability that Fei’er decided to ask Zhao Hai for cooperation. He believed that with Zhao Hai’s abilities, then there won’t be any problems in dealing with the Divine Race.

Fei’er looked at the distant Barbarians and Winged Pegasus. In the past, these people haven’t even heard of each other. But now, they were all solid allies. They were one in their goal, and that was to no longer be under the control of the Divine Race.

Fei’er was aware that this goal wasn’t easy. He knew a lot about the Divine Race, so he knew how hard it was to escape from the Divine Race’s grasp. The Taurus Divines alone can exterminate the Barbarians, the Winged Pegasus, and the Thunder Clan. But although the Taurus Divines had this ability, it still wasn’t the strongest continent in the Divine Realm. There were still stronger Divines, and any one of them can eliminate the Thunder Clan many times over.

Because of this, not only do they need to pay attention to the Taurus Divine, they also need to listen for the movements of the other continents. Even if they managed to deal with the Taurus Divines, the other continent could still attack and subdue them.

Because of this, Fei’er thought about having an alliance with different races. This would allow them to have a proper foothold in the Divine Realm and hopefully deter the other continents from sending reinforcements.

However, Zhao Hai had exposed a major flaw in this plan. If the three races got into an alliance, then they would definitely attract the attention of the other Divines. When the time comes, the Divines would send troops to exterminate the three races.

After thinking about this, Fei’er couldn’t help but break into a cold sweat. However, he still sent word back to the clan to have them prepare according to the original plan. This was done in the hopes that they would have enough time.

Because of this, he settled on inviting Zhao Hai. Fei’er thinks that cooperating with Zhao Hai was the best  decision.

But in the end, Fei’er still needed to ascertain Zhao Hai’s ability. Although he wasn’t aware about what Zhao Hai needed to do in the next few days, Fei’er knew that it must be related to the Demons. Fei’er wanted to see how Zhao Hai delivers on his promise. If Zhao Hai does a good job, then Fei’er would fully cooperate with him. If Zhao Hai had problems in feeding them, then Fei’er would have reservations in their cooperation.

Although Fei’er’s status wasn’t the member with the highest status in the Thunder Clan, he is after all the person next in line to be the leader. Actually, this status was brought about by Thunder Yun. With the loyal Fei’er acting as the leader of the Thunder Clan, Thunder Yun would have more power over them.

Unfortunately for Thunder Yun, Fei’er was an actual bomb placed beside him. Fei’er was truly the person next to be the Patriarch. When Thunder Yun administered the position, the Thunder Clan immediately agreed. This turned the Thunder Clan into obedient people in front of Thunder Yun. This caused Thunder Yun to have the Thunder Clan as his personal guards.

Fei’er being the next in line to be patriarch wasn’t because of his strength. Instead, it was because Fei’er was intelligent. Because of this, the Thunder Clan sent him to be by Thunder Yun’s side.

It was precisely because of this status that Fei’er still had some pull in the Thunder Clan. Otherwise, the Thunder Clan wouldn’t have agreed to cooperating with Zhao Hai.

At this time, the Barbarians and the Winged Pegasus people also have their own thoughts. Although they have a custom of thinking of their undead brethren to be the same as alive, they were still a bit angry at Zhao Hai. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have sent their elites to the Ark Continent.

However, this small hatred wouldn’t hinder their cooperation with Zhao Hai. The current matters was more important than past grudges. Most importantly, their hatred for the Divine Race completely dwarfs Zhao Hai’s action.

Zhao Hai didn’t know about any of these. After spending some time with the Demons, Zhao Hai returned to his villa and looked at the monitor. At this time, the Thunder Clan and the others were resting. Zhao Hai closed the monitor and then looked for Laura and the others only to find out that they were busy as well.

Presently, the Space had a lot of commodities. Because of this, Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of supplying the Demons as well as the Thunder Clan and the others. After all, if this can move their hearts, then why not?

The matters that Laura and the others were busy with weren’t a lot. They just need to send supplies to the Demons and the others, they didn’t need to worry about the Divine Race.

After seeing that Laura and the others were almost done, Zhao Hai turned around and headed to the kitchen to prepare some food.

Zhao Hai hadn’t gone in the kitchen for a long time. Back on earth. Zhao Hai was a greedy eater. Not only did he like to eat, he loved to cook as well.

At that time, his job was at home writing drafts. This gave him a lot of free time. In order to relax himself, he would cook. This allowed his cooking skill to be good. Naturally, he couldn’t compare with those great chefs, but even so, his home cooking was still acceptable.

After he finished cooking, Laura and the others were also done with their work. When they saw that Zhao Hai had prepared food for them, they were startled. Zhao Hai looked at their reactions and then smiled, “Alright, no need to be shocked. Come over and eat.”

Laura and the others immediately went to washed their hands before sitting on the table. Although Zhao Hai’s dishes weren’t as delicious as Meg’s, they were still quite good.

After seeing their faces, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He always thought that he had been unfair to his wives. Fortunately, they didn’t blame Zhao Hai. Otherwise, Zhao Hai  wouldn’t have known what to do. If they became angry at him, then Zhao Hai would have no other choice but to hole up inside his room in the Space.

After the group ate, they went to sit inside the living room. Zhao Hai looked at the others who were rubbing their bellies and said, “My food isn’t that good. There’s no need to eat that much.”

Laura and the others rolled their eyes as they decided to not respond. At this time, Cai’er cam flying in and said, “Young Master, today’s events have been broadcasted to the people in the Space. There was a huge reaction but nobody blamed you. Do you also want to broadcast what happened next?”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, “Show it. Let them know about our current situation. Right, in addition to the plan, tell them that I would be going to the Demon Realm tomorrow. Tell them about the Demon Realm’s situation to let them know how bad the environment was.”

Laura looked at Zhao Hai in confusion, she said, “Brother Hai, do we need to do this? You really don’t need to say good things about the Demons.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s not like I want to praise the Demons, I just want the people to know the state of other places aside from the Ark Continent and the Space. Later on, when we go to the Divine Realm, we’ll also broadcast our trip. There are too many people in the Space and there really isn’t anything else  to do. At the very least, we can provide them with something to pass the time.”

After thinking about it, Zhao Hai ruminated about the idea of televisions and movies. Those two were good avenues for propaganda.

Laura and the others didn’t think that this was bad, instead they thought that it was too troublesome. But since Zhao Hai wanted to push through with this plan, they didn’t oppose.

The group was somewhat tired today so they rested early. What they don’t know was the fact that their broadcasts had kept people up all night.

Just as Zhao Hai said, people in the Ark Space lacked things to do. And with Zhao Hai’s battles being better than any movie, the people naturally would be hooked to it for a long time.

After the battle ended, the projection showed Zhao Hai and Fei’er’s negotiation.

Then the projection changed and showed the Beastman Prairie. The dark mist and undead could be distinctly seen. This also gave the people understanding about why Zhao Hai took them to the Space.

It can be said that the influence of this broadcast was huge. This made all of the races in the Space have an understanding about the Divine Race and the Demons, especially the Divine Race. These people didn’t think that the Divine Race would be this formidable. Moreover, there seems to be more than ten continents in the Divine Realm.

With how the broadcast was shown, the people were able to understand Zhao Hai’s position. This ignited a sense of gratitude towards Zhao Hai.

When all of the content was done, the sky was already turning bright. The people felt dizzy so they immediately went to sleep. However, the contents of the broadcast was still replaying in their mind.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai woke up. He had breakfast in the villa before asking Laura and the others to take care of the food for Fei’er and the others. At the same time, Zhao Hai went to the Demons and prepared to head towards the Demon Realm with the Demon Dragon King.

To be honest, Zhao Hai was very curious about the Demon Realm. Although Cai’er already provided him with ample information, Zhao Hai was still very interested in seeing it for himself. He wanted to see what the environment really was.

By the time Zhao Hai arrived at the Demon Space, the Demon Dragon King and the other Demons were already up. While the Demon Dragon King was waiting for Zhao Hai, the other Demons were actually busy with other matters.

After seeing Zhao Hai arrive, the Demon Dragon King immediately went forward and gave a salute, “Mister, you came. When do we leave?’

Zhao Hai looked at the busy Demons and smiled, “We can leave immediately. Right, if there’s anything you need, then don’t forget to tell me. I will certainly find a way to provide.’

The Demon Dragon King looked grateful as he said, “Thanks mister. If it’s possible, we would like to ask for some stones. Can you provide us some?”

Zhao Hai stared, he looked puzzled at the Demon Dragon King’s request. He looked at the Demon Dragon King and said, “Stones? You want me to give you stones? There are a lot of mountains in this Space and there are stone deposits there, you can just take it for yourselves.”

The Demon Dragon King embarrassingly replied, “Mister, to be honest, the place is so beautiful that we are afraid to damage it. If we mine the mountains, then the trees might die. We, we can’t do that.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare blankly before smiling bitterly. It seems like the Demons were really affected by their bad environment. Now, it seems like they were completely concerned in preserving their new place. But this is also good, it means that they wouldn’t destroy the Space.

After seeing that Zhao Hai didn’t respond, the Demon Dragon King thought that Zhao Hai had gotten angry, so he quickly said, “It’s alright if mister can’t do it. After we return to the Demon Realm, I can have the Demons harvest some stones there and then bring them back to the Space.”

When he heard the Demon Dragon King, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh, then he said, “That’s also fine. How about this, since I have a lot of idle undead, I can have them help you gather some stones. What you said is right, the Space is indeed beautiful, it would be great if it doesn’t get destroyed.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai’s reply, the Demon Dragon King happily agreed. After their conversation, the Demon Dragon King immediately brought Zhao Hai to the Demonic Abyss before they flew towards the Demon Realm.