BTFTLIAW – Chapter 828

Chapter 828 – Choosing A Place

The Demon Dragon King brought the Demon Army back to the Space. Naturally, they wouldn’t do so in front of Fei’er and the others. Instead, Zhao Hai opened a rift right behind the Accra Mountains to make it seem like they entered the defensive line.

After entering the Space, the Demon Dragon King’s group immediately smelled something nice. The Demon Dragon King turned his head to see  many large pots on top of fires boiling meat soup. The soup’s fragrance filled the entire place.

The Demon Dragon King gawked. At this time, Moqiao and Shidak arrived by the Demon Dragon King’s side. They gave a salute before Moqiao said, “Demon Dragon, we apologize. While you were fighting outside, we already ate first. These things are prepared for you.” The Demon Dragon King looked at the large pots and smiled, “That’s a lot of meat. Did Mister send them to you?”

Shidak smiled as he nodded, “Mister sent it to us. Demon Dragon, aside from those Bread Fruits, there are also plenty of magic beasts. Those magic beasts aren’t strong, however, they reproduce very fast. They can certainly provide enough food for us. This Space is indeed very good.”

The Demon Dragon King nodded, then he said, “This Space is naturally good. Otherwise, His Majesty wouldn’t have agreed to Mister Zhao Hai’s proposal. Once all of the Demons move here, we would enjoy blissful lives.”

Moqiao agreed, then he said, “We’ve made a more thorough investigation of the Space. Everything inside is very good. It has green grass, clear waters, magic beasts, and even more bread fruits. Even if all the Demons make it here, there won’t be any shortage of food. With all of the things here, it would be impossible for us to become hungry.”

The Demon Dragon King stayed silent, then he looked towards the Devil Legion and said, “Those wounded should get yourself treated. After that, you come out to eat before taking a good rest. We still have to fight in the next few days.”

The soldiers from the Devil Legion complied as they turned around and got treated. Those who weren’t injured went to a riverbank and washed themselves and their garments.

In the Space, these people could fully relax themselves. They wouldn’t need to worry about being attacked. For the Devil Legion, this was a very rare experience.

The Devil Legion being killing gods wasn’t false. These people were battle maniacs and were constantly fighting everywhere. Because of their special state, their  mindsets were cold and were always alert to their surroundings.

But in the Space, they had found themselves to feel strange. Here, besides their clansmen, there were no other enemies nor any strong magic beasts to threaten their existence.

Actually, they weren’t aware that the Space also had a slight healing effect. This healing also affected their battle addicted minds.

However, since the illness that the Devil Legion suffered was very serious, the healing would need a very long time before effects can be seen. Because of this, the Demon Dragon King didn’t particularly notice it. The Demon Dragon King also went towards the river to wash his face before going towards a pot close to him. He took a taste of the meat soup before turning to Moqiao and said, “Moqiao, your people are really good at this. The soup tastes very good.”

Moqiao took a bread fruit and then said, “This is completely because of the materials Mister gave us. Moreover, in this Space, the pile of commodities didn’t only appear here. There were also piles on many other places. With this amount of supplied, we could fully re-establish our homes.”

The Demon Dragon King took a bite of the bread fruit pulp and took a sip of the meat soup. After chewing for a moment, he said, “As I thought, Mister is quite thorough. Although we are presently united, it is still impossible for all Demons to live with each other. In the end, we would need to live in different places. Now that there are supplies in various places, our people would have their own place to choose from. Right, you still need to take charge of the people here. In two days, I will be bringing Mister with me to the Demon Realm.”

Moqiao nodded, then he said, “I have already sent people from different races out today and let them choose a place for their people. If they like it, then they can settle down. It would be much better for them if they get to know of their environment before the rest of their people come in.”

The Demon Dragon King placed his  soup bowl down, he knit his eyebrows and said, “Right, will this cause any conflict? What if two races decide to live in the same place?”

Moqiao smiled and said, “It will be fine, there won’t be any problems. In the Demon Realm, people only went to war with each other because there isn’t anything much in their own domains, so they wanted to claim a better place for themselves. However, things are different in the Space. Everywhere is abundant in resources. Moreover, there are also different strong points in each place. Take this place for example, this place has a lot of Bread Fruits, however there aren’t a lot of magic beasts here. On the other hand, places up in the north don’t have a lot of bread fruits but they are abundant in grass, allowing a lot of magic beasts to thrive. Everyone has their own customs, so they would naturally pick different places.”

The Demon Dragon King nodded, then he let out a long sigh and said, “It seems like the Demons have found their dreamland. Right, in the next few days, Mister Zhao Hai will dispatch troops to make an attack on the Divine Realm.

Moqiao stared and said, “That fast?”

The Demon Dragon King smiled and said, “It’s not that fast. Mister Zhao Hai is working with other people this time so he doesn’t need that much soldiers and we also won’t lose anything.”

Moqiao smiled and said, “That isn’t what I’m worried about. I think Mister Zhao Hai is working too hard. Think about it, hasn’t he been idle every since we arrived in the Ark Continent? If he wasn’t fighting with us, then he would be fighting the Divine Race. And now that the Underworld had come, he became even more busy.”

The Demon Dragon King replied, “How could he not be busy? After all, he is fighting for the Ark Continent. Now, he is faced with the three big races from the Divine Realm, the Thunder Clan, the Winged Pegasus Race, and the Barbarians. They wanted to attack the Divine Realm and pull Mister Zhao Hai in to participate. And don’t forget, Mister has a big enmity with the Divine Race. He certainly wouldn’t let this opportunity go.”

Moqiao nodded and didn’t speak anything more. The Demon Dragon King took a few munches of his food before he said, “His Majesty made the right decision to send the Devil Legion. Otherwise, we would have lost face for the Demon Race. There’s no need to say about how strong Mister’s undead were. And now there is the Thunder Clan, the Winged Pegasus, and the Barbarians, they’re more formidable than we thought. If we sent our other soldiers, then we wouldn’t have any face left to show Mister Zhao Hai.” Moqiao smiled bitterly and said, “It seems like we have underestimated the Divine Realm. We thought that they were on our level, but now it seems like they are far stronger than us.”

Demon Dragon King nodded and said, “That’s true. In the beginning, we thought that the Divines are our equal. As it turns out, those who came to the Ark Continent only belonged to one continent out of 13 continents in the Divine Realm. Among those 13 continents, three of them are controlled by foreign races while 10 of them remained under the control of the Divine Race. The ones attacking the Ark Continent is merely a branch of the Divine Race, the Taurus Divines.”

Moqiao didn’t expect this, his complexion changed as he knit his brows and said, “Did Mister know about this?”

The Demon Dragon King nodded and said, “He knows, and it seems like he had known for a long time.”

Moqiao frowned, his brows became tighter as he said, “Mister is already aware of this yet he still wants to attack the Divine Realm? This is totally unlike his character.”

The Demon Dragon King smiled faintly and told Moqiao the reason. After talking, the Demon Dragon King added, “Because of this, we need to have our people move as soon as possible. We can’t have them drag Mister for long.”

Moqiao nodded and said, “So it was that. It’s surely a good opportunity. However, it would be impossible for Mister to take the entire Demon Race in a short period of time.”

The Demon Dragon King shook his head and said, “It should be possible. I think Mister already has an idea on how to proceed. The Space is a mysterious thing, I don’t believe it would have no solutions.”

Moqiao nodded, “Demon Dragon, have you sent a letter to his Majesty? At the very least he should know about the current situation.”

The Demon Dragon King knit his brows and said, “I still don’t have  a fast way to do so.”

At this time, a voice suddenly sounded out, “What’s wrong? You want to send word to the Great Demon King?”

Both Moqiao and Demon Dragon turned their heads to see Zhao Hai standing behind. The two immediately gave Zhao Hai a salute before Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Be at ease. I came here since I saw some food. I haven’t eaten yet so I want to try some. Right, Demon Dragon, this is for you. You can use it to contact His Majesty at any time.” Then Zhao Hai took a messenger fish and gave it to the Demon Dragon King.

The Demon Dragon King was also aware that Zhao Hai didn’t like too much politeness, so he received the messenger fish and thanked Zhao Hai before turning back. Then Zhao Hai took a bowl of meat soup for himself before he sat down and made conversation with Moqiao. Although Zhao Hai was being casual, Moqiao still felt pressure. After all, Zhao Hai was their benefactor, he couldn’t just act casually all of a sudden.

There are differences in one’s status no matter what each party says. People talking to their equals would naturally be more casual and might even develop friendship with each other. However, when one with superior status converses with average people, an intangible pressure can still be felt no matter how casual the superior person acts.


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  1. “This is totally unlike his character.” – how many days since they allied? 2?.
    “The Demon Dragon King was also aware that Zhao Hai didn’t like too much politeness” – he has been acting polite to every single person until now.
    He also always says how he loves straightforward characters while he has been scheming left and right from the start.

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