BTFTLIAW – Chapter 824

Chapter 824 – Attacked By Their Own Weapon

Three waves of never ending javelins came flying out. Since each Demon threw javelins in each hand, each of  them threw six javelins overall.

The javelins thrown out by the Demons went farther than any average 9th rank, about 1,100 meters. However, this 1,100 meters was too close for the 9th rank ferghana horse.

As the matter stands, busting out three batches of attacks in that time frame would certainly need fast actions. But one could see that the javelins that were thrown this way had the largest effect on the enemy.

While throwing the javelins, Zhao Hai didn’t decrease their speed as they went forward. Fortunately, those following Zhao Hai were the elites of the elite. Otherwise, Zhao Hai’s demands wouldn’t be met at all.

After three rounds of attack, Zhao Hai and the others were already in front of the Divine Race army. Their javelins had blasted out an opening for them to penetrate through.

It was needless to say but every time Zhao Hai waved his spear while he was on the black dragon carriage, a Divine Race Soldier would die. The Demon Dragon King beside him didn’t idle and also took his weapon out. His weapon was a sword and with the two acting as the tip of the arrow, the Demon Army went straight through the Divine Race army. At this point, the defending Divine Race thought that if Zhao Hai continues to go forward, then their army would be cut in half. When that time comes, then they would be subjected to more lethal attacks by the undead on the defensive line.

Zhao Hai didn’t just attack randomly. His target was very clear, it was the sword carriage. Zhao Hai wanted to control the sword carriage more than anything else.

The ten million Demon Army, with Zhao Hai as the tip, went straight towards the sword carriage. The sword carriage was originally surrounded by cavalry. But as the battle got intense, the cavalry soldiers also participated. At this time, the defensive power of the sword carriage had dropped.

If there was a capable person inside the sword carriage, then everything would be fine. After all, the sword carriage itself was a Domain Weapon. However, the one sitting inside the sword carriage right now was the blank-headed Third Prince. Even if the sword carriage was a good weapon, it was completely useless if there’s nobody to wield it.

At this time, Thunder Yun was commanding the battle on the frontlines. He wasn’t expecting Zhao Hai to suddenly attack them from behind them and go straight towards the sword carriage.

Around Thunder Yun were about 100 thousand Thunder Clan people. Of those attacking the Accra Mountains, Thunder Yun trusted the Thunder Clan the most.

When Zhao Hai’s attack came, Thunder Yun was stunned. And when he decided to react and return to block Zhao Hai, it was already too late. Zhao Hai was currently by the sword carriage, Thunder Yun simply couldn’t catch up.

At this time, Zhao Hai was killing his way to the entrance of the sword carriage. The carriage door was currently closed. Zhao Hai carefully inspected the door and discovered that it actually slides open. Zhao Hai pulled his blood ghost staff out and transformed it into a sword. He slid the sword to the opening of the door and slowly made it expand. Before long, the sword carriage door slowly opened up.

And just as the door slid open, a sword light suddenly came towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai didn’t move his body as he crystallized himself, allowing the sword light to hit his face.

Clang! The sword was repelled. Zhao Hai looked at the carriage and saw that a maid was the one who attacked him. The maid was looking at Zhao Hai with complete shock.

Zhao Hai also found out that the maid wasn’t too high level, only 9th rank. Such strength simply cannot pose a threat to him. Zhao Hai looked at the maid before his body flashed inside the sword carriage. The inside of the carriage wasn’t small. And unlike the Great Demon King’s carriage, the decoration inside the sword carriage was very luxurious.

Inside the sword carriage were the several maids, all had swords on their hands as they looked fearfully at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai gave a faint smile as he waved his hand, making undead appear. These undead knocked the maids out and brought all of them into the Space.

At this point, there was only one person other than Zhao Hai left inside the carriage, it was the Third Prince. The prideful and high-spirited Third Prince can no longer be found. Instead, a dull and pale faced youth was present.

Zhao Hai looked at the Third Prince and wondered whether he could take the Third Prince to the Space. Who would’ve thought that Zhao Hai would actually succeed. The Third Prince didn’t even make a single move to resist, his transfer to the Space went smoothly as can be.

Zhao Hai knew that the Space couldn’t just absorb any intelligent life. Someone with intelligence needed to be willing in order to be taken into the Space. If the person resisted, then the Space couldn’t take him.

It seems like the Third Prince had completely lost his mind. There seems to be no thought of resisting present in his brain. This was out of Zhao Hai’s expectation.

However, this wasn’t the time for Zhao Hai to wonder about this. Zhao Hai proceeded to inspect the sword chariot. This sword chariot was a Domain Weapon, it would be a pity if it remained unused. Zhao Hai waved his hand and took the Domain Weapon into the Space.

Zhao Hai wanted to see if the Space had anything to say about the sword carriage. If it did, then that would be great. If it didn’t, then it wouldn’t be a big deal if Zhao Hai couldn’t use it.

The sword carriage didn’t disappoint Zhao Hai. As it entered the Space, a prompt quickly came, “Exotic item detected. Weapon suitable for energy transmission. Low Grade. Host can use item with his Domain. After establishing a Domain and turning it into Human shape, then the weapon can be used immediately.” Zhao Hai stared, but he immediately took the sword carriage out as he established his Domain. Before long, a  giant Zhao Hai appeared. Then that giant Zhao Hai held the sword carriage. The sword carriage lit up as its miscellaneous parts disappeared. At this time, a giant Zhao Hai holding a white sword can be seen. Every sweep of this white sword killed batches of Divine Race soldiers.

Thunder Yun paled upon seeing Zhao Hai wield the sword carriage. Thunder Yun already knew that they were finished. God-ranks with Domain Weapons were terrifying people, they were on the border to being invincible Only another person with a Domain Weapon could take them on. Otherwise, people would just throw themselves to their deaths.

Thunder Yun knew that they were already done. However, he didn’t want Zhao Hai to have it easy. He was currently like a trapped beast that wanted to make one last attack.

Thunder Yun turned his head to the Thunder Clan people and ordered, “Prepare your thunder-strike! Target is Zhao Hai!” The Thunder Clan complied as they prepared their totems, went into their formation, and started to mutter their spells.

However, Thunder Yun soon found out that something wasn’t right. He had ruled the Thunder Clan for a long time, so he was very familiar with their various attacks. From the looks of it, the Thunder Clan were indeed using their divergent abilities. However, it wasn’t the lightning-strike that Thunder Yun asked for!

As Thunder Yun was puzzled, a network of thunder and lightning started to form. Thunder Yun gawked, he immediately berated the Thunder Clan. however, it was too late. The Thunder Clan immediately unleashed their attack. But instead of Zhao Hai, their target were the defending Divine Race soldiers!

Right, the one they attacked wasn’t Zhao Hai, but the Divine Race who were resisting his advance. These Divine Race soldiers didn’t expect the Thunder Clan would attack them. Nobody was even able to set up their defense as a large number of Divines were turned to ash by the blanket of lightning.

Thunder Yun saw this and his mind turned blank. At this time, Barbarians and Winged Pegasus soldiers appeared in the distance. Then the two armies went on and launched an attack on the Divine Race army.

Thunder Yun was dumbstruck by the sudden attacks. He looked at the Thunder Clan, the Barbarians, and the Winged Pegasus soldiers with a confused expression. He didn’t know what they were doing.

But at this moment, Thunder Yun suddenly discovered a peculiar figure among a team of Thunder Clan soldiers. This person’s stature was slightly smaller compared to his peers. Thunder Yun felt that this person was familiar. In the end he found out that this was none other than his personal bodyguard, the person he trusted the most, Fei’er!

After seeing Fei’er, blood rushed to Thunder Yun’s head. Thunder Yun understood that Fei’er had come back a long time ago, only waiting for this opportune moment to attack.

Thunder Yun’s guess wasn’t wrong. Fei’er indeed came back a long time ago and was truly waiting for this moment. Fei’er was supposed to head to the Marshal’s office and inquired about the situation. And once Fei’er came back, then Thunder Yun could resume his authority as the commander of the Divine Race army. If Fei’er stuck to his duty, then the Divine Race wouldn’t have been plunged into their current situation.

However, Fei’er didn’t do his job. He went to the Divine Realm but he actually contacted the Barbarians and the Winged Pegasus races. After talking to the two races, he immediately returned to the Ark Continent and secretly rejoined the Thunder Clan army. He had the Thunder Clan secretly prepare and wait for the best moment to make a fatal attack on the Divine Race.

Thunder Yun’s bloodshot eyes looked at Fei’er as he shouted, “Fei’er, you dared betray me? Who gave you the courage!?”

Fei’er looked at Thunder Yun and replied, “Thunder Yun, I didn’t betray you. I wasn’t loyal to you in the first place. In the past, the Divine Race had slaughtered our race to seize the Thunder Continent. The Thunder Clan had always been waiting for an opportunity for revenge. I only came by your side to spy on the Divine Race.” Thunder Yun at Fei’er and muttered, “So you didn’t really surrender…”


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