BTFTLIAW – Chapter 822

Chapter 822 – The Demons Enter The Space

The reason why the Demons agreed to migrating into the Space was because of the Underworld’s threat. At this point the Demons had no other choice.

However, the Demons were people of courage and bravery. They wouldn’t just allow Zhao Hai to deceive them. Zhao Hai believed that if he did, then the Demons would forgo anything and attack him.

The Demon Dragon King didn’t have the mind to talk to Zhao Hai right now. He was currently staring at the spatial rift with a nervous expression. He was waiting for the Demon Ogres to come back.

Before long, a Demon Ogre went out of the rift. The God rank Demon Ogre was rushing towards the Demon Dragon King with an elated look, “Demon Dragon, it’s fantastic. Everything inside is so beautiful, much more attractive compared to the Ark Continent. It will be better for you to have a look.” The Demon Dragon King knew how impossible it would be for the Demon Ogres to lie. If they did, then it would be extremely obvious. After hearing the Demon Ogre, the Demon Dragon King couldn’t help but let out a breath.

At this time, the Demon Dragon King was reminded of Zhao Hai who was right by his side. It was clear from his action that he didn’t trust Zhao Hai. The Demon Dragon King became afraid that Zhao Hai might be offended. Because of this, he had an awkward expression as he turned his head.

However, Zhao Hai was just smiling. There seems to be no problems.

The Demon Dragon King let out a sigh of relief. Then he gave a salute to Zhao Hai and meekly laughed, “Mister, this Demon Dragon asks for forgiveness.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “It’s not a problem. I can’t blame you. This is a very important matter for the Demons. Your Majesty, please have your troops enter the spatial rift. I have to be honest, when I say live inside Space, I lied a bit. At this time, there are no structures to shelter you. You need to build everything yourselves. Last time, when I reconstructed the Ark Continent, it cost me a lot. For now, I have no resources left to help the Demons. You’ll have to start everything from zero.”

The Demon Dragon King laughed and said, “Mister, there’s no problem with that. In the Demon Realm, aside from stone houses, we don’t have anything else. For the Demons,  money and other things are completely useless. The most important thing is a place to comfortably live in.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and replied, “Then you won’t be disappointed in the Space. I also left some living materials for you. I believe it wouldn’t take too long before you can build your own cities.” The Demon Dragon King looked at the spatial rift and said, “I believe so too.” Then he waved his hand, signalling the army to enter the Space in an orderly manner.

Zhao Hai calmly looked at the Demons along with the Demon Dragon King. Quickly entering the Space with several tens of millions of people was virtually impossible. Although Zhao Hai’s spatial rift was quite big, it still took some time before all the Demons managed to enter the Space.

Finally, it was Zhao Hai and the Demon Dragon King’s turn to enter the Space. The black surroundings of the spatial rift was quickly replaced by the blue skies of the Space. Upon seeing the the environment, the Demon Dragon King immediately loved it. It was truly beautiful; blue skies, lush grass, it was indeed much better compared to the Ark Continent.

Zhao Hai looked at the Demon Dragon King and then said, “Your Majesty, I’ll be leaving things here for you to manage, I still have things to do. Can I know when the Demons would be ready to deal with the Divine Race?”

The Demon Dragon King recovered from his stupor, he looked at Zhao Haia nd said, “I already arranged them yesterday. Mister, rest assured, we certainly wouldn’t delay.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then took out a messenger fish before handing it over to the Demon Dragon King, “I’ll give this messenger fish to you. If you have anything you need, then don’t hesitate to contact me.” The Demon Dragon King already saw the Great Demon King used the messenger fish, so he already knew how to operate it. The Demon Dragon King nodded before receiving the messenger fish. After that, Zhao Hai’s body flashed as it disappeared.

The Demon Dragon King looked at the messenger fish before he carefully kept it. Then he turned his head to resume looking at the scenery in front of him.

The place was really attractive, more attractive than anything he had seen before. He always thought that the Ark Continent was the best, but now it was clear that the Space was much better.

At this time, a shout was suddenly heard in the distance. The Demon Dragon King immediately went towards the commotion and saw piles upon piles of supplies, it was a group of hills beside one another.

However, these piles only contained commodities, there were no weapons. However, the weapons weren’t placed far, one could see javelins being stacked up on each other.

A Demon Ogre held the javelin and tried to test it. After throwing the javelin, the ground in the distance suddenly bore out a huge hole. The result gained cheers from the crowd.

The Demon Dragon King smiled faintly upon seeing this, he gently shook his head before he said, “Alright, stop playing around. These javelins were left here to be used on the Divine Race. Everyone, don’t forget our purpose here. His Majesty has ordered us to get familiar with the place so that the other Demons can settle down properly.”

The people complied with his order and left. In the meantime, the Demon Dragon King convened the leaders of the Demon groups to discuss the troops to be sent tomorrow.

After the leaders arrived, the Demon Dragon King said, “i already guaranteed mister that we’ll send our troops by tomorrow. What are your thoughts on this?” The other Demons didn’t speak. The Demon Dragon King scanned the group and said, “If you have anything to say, just say it.”

This time, a Demon Ogre opened his mouth and said, “There’s no need to say anything. Mister has given us a good place, the least we could do is help him deal with the Divine Race. We’ll smash those Divines like eggs! They’re running dogs of that bastard, we have to kill them!”

The Demon Dragon King nodded and said, “Alright, then that’s settled. His Majesty the Great Demon King also gave instructions to only send our elites, so we can’t have everyone go. Since this is the case, then we might as well send the Devil Legion. Each and every one of them had battled through mountains of corpses and seas of blood. His Majesty told me that if they don’t get to kill for some time, then they would go insane. Tomorrow seems to be a good opportunity to send them out. There are ten million soldiers in the Devil Legion less the 100 thousand that His Majesty took with him. I believe they should be enough to help deal with the Divine Race. What do you think?”

The Devil Legion that the Demon Dragon King meant was actually the Death Qi army that Zhao Hai saw. Just as the Demon Dragon King said, the army  was born out of killing and killing. And if they didn’t kill, then they would go insane.

Actually, this was a type of mental disease. They grew up in the battlefield and only knew how to kill. Their affinity for murder had become too great that they were completely incompatible with normal lifestyles.

Nobody expressed any objection. Then the Demon Dragon King continued, “After the Demon Army sets out, the others will proceed to build structures. Mister told me that he had already spent a lot of resources to copy the Ark Continent, therefore he isn’t able to help us. He had already given us this beautiful place, so how could we depend on him on this as well? I’ll lead the army tomorrow but I need people to be in charge back here. Moqiao and Shidak will remain here to take charge.” Moqiao was a Demon who looked more delicate compared to the others. Although he was a God-rank expert, his killing aura was completely different compared to the other Demons.

On the other hand, Shidak was a short Demon. He had a burly appearance and had a fully bearded face. He looked like a large version of a Dwarf.

The two stood up at the same time and gave a salute.

The Demon Dragon King nodded and said, “Then I’ll leave the Space for you two. Pick a nice place to build His Majesty’s palace. Then as soon as the Space’s map gets figured out, then start allocating places for our brethren.”

The other Demons didn’t oppose to the Demon Dragon King’s plan. The Great Demon King held a high status among the Demons. Nobody would oppose to building his palace first.”

After seeing that everybody had agreed, the Demon Dragon King continued added, “Good. Then let’s have the Devil Legion. The others will have to investigate the Space.”

The Demons simultaneously nodded before leaving. The Demon Dragon King stayed on his seat and looked at the scenery. A great land spanned out as far as the eye could see. The Demon Dragon King didn’t think that a day would come where he would witness such a sight.

The Demon Dragon King took a deep breath, smelling the fragrance of the green grass. The smell was fantastic. The Demon Dragon King couldn’t help himself as he stood up and went out of his carriage to step on the meadow. He felt like he was stepping on a wool blanket. It was soft, the Demon Dragon King was forced to walk carefully.

After walking for some time, the Demon Dragon King came upon a small creek. The water on this creek was very clear. He could even see small fish swimming here and there.

The Demon Dragon King squatted and cupped some water from the creek, drinking it. Sweet! The water was unexpectedly very pleasant. The Demon Dragon King slowly closed his eyes as tears filled his face. This is a good place, this is the heaven that the Demons were always dreaming about.

After some time, the Demon Dragon King stood up and looked all around. There were Demons frolicking everywhere. They too were overwhelmed by a sense of glee. The Demon Dragon King didn’t stop them from roaming around. He can understand what these Demons felt. To be honest, if he wasn’t concerned of his status, then he would’ve joined them as they flew around all over the place.


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