BTFTLIAW – Chapter 821

Chapter 821 – The Divine Race Will Collapse Soon

The Third Prince was completely scrapped. This was his first time entering a battlefield and he had already suffered a colossal loss. At this point, he didn’t have the ability to command an army.

Naturally, the Generals of the Divine Race were aware of this. In order to save their soldiers from dying in vain and keeping the Third Prince safe, the Generals went to Thunder Yun for help. Therefore, aside from the first few charges and the attack on the Accra Mountain, Thunder Yun took command of every action the Divine Race army made.

Although Thunder Yun’s command token was taken away by the Third Prince and wasn’t permitted to command troops, the Divine Race were well aware of Thunder Yun’s ability. After the Third Prince blanked out, the Divine Race could only rely on Thunder Yun for command.

However, they didn’t know that the stress felt by Thunder Yun was no smaller than the Third Prince. At this time, Thunder Yun was at the point of collapse. Although he was still going on, his abilities were already affected.

In this case, although the Divine Race’s command chain was restored, its overall ability was still completely crippled.

Thunder Yun’s only choice right now was to attack. He can almost affirm that Zhao Hai had already attacked the Radiant Empire. The only thing the Divine Race army could do was to break Accra Mountains’ defensive line and conquer the Ark Continent. Otherwise, the Taurus King would certainly punish him. Even the Marshal won’t be able to do anything.

Thunder Yun knew the moment they started fighting the defensive line that the Divine Race had no easy way out. Zhao Hai certainly wouldn’t allow them to return to the Radiant Empire without the army leaving an arm or two. By the time they return to the Radiant Empire, their numbers would be reduced significantly, and it would be impossible to return within four days. If they were to return, they would take at least half a month. But by that time everything would be too late.

Thunder Yun also knew the implications of Zhao Hai attacking the Radiant Empire. Ever since the Taurus Divines started their conquests, they never experienced an attack on their rear. But now, under the Third Prince’s command, they did. This meant that the Third Prince’s military accomplishments were utterly finished, completely decimated.

At this time, Thunder Yun was only hoping to break through the defensive line as quickly as possible and enter the Ark Continent. This might give them enough recognition from the King to give them lenient punishment.

Three days passed by and the undead were still defending the defensive line. Thunder Yun didn’t know how many attacks they had already launched. However, all of them were useless, they just couldn’t break through the defensive line. This made Thunder Yun’s mood worse and worse. He knew that the longer they get entangled here, the worse it would be for them.

Thunder Yun also discovered that the Barbarians and the Winged Pegasus armies weren’t giving their all. However, Thunder Yun didn’t dare to get angry at them right now. No matter what, the two cavalry armies were still attracting attacks from the undead. At this time, only a fool would offend these two armies.

But Thunder Yun remembered this. He was thinking that after they head back to the Divine Realm, then he would harden the suppression on these two races.

Zhao Hai wasn’t aware of Thunder Yun’s thoughts. He was at the living room at this time, looking at the Divine Race. Megan was the one in charge right now, Lizzy was taking a rest.

Megan looked at Zhao Hai and smiled, “Brother Hai, you came back. Did everything go well?” Although Megan was the one taking control, she doesn’t actually need to give her full focus on the command. After all, the undead were also intelligent. What Megan needed to facilitate was the overall situation, the undead would take care of their own jobs.

Zhao Hai looked at Megan’s weary face, he smiled bitterly and said, “Megan, you’ve been working hard. I’ve already reached an agreement with the Demons. They will dispatch their troops to support us. When that time comes we can finally deal with the Divine Race.” Megan smiled faintly and nodded, “Alright, that would be good. The Divine Race are going frantic. They are only attacking desperately at this point. Unlike the past two days where they were still organized, that time was hard.”

Zhao Hai looked at Megan and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll make sure that the Divine Race suffers. The Demons have agreed to enter the Space. I will pick them up tomorrow and give them some equipment and weapons to deal with the Divine Race alongside the undead.” Megan nodded, “Brother Hai, are you serious about doing a counter attack on the Divine Realm?”

Zhao Hai’s voice became cold as he said, “Why not? The Radiant Empire had millions of ghosts unable to shout their resentment. If we don’t get revenge for them then we would become heartless. Moreover, I want to get more Goblins to the Space.” Megan smiled, then she hugged Zhao Hai while looking at the fight on the screen. Megan looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could live peacefully, looking at the monitor that doesn’t show battles. That would be great.”

Zhao Hai gently patter Megan’s head and said, “It’s not like I don’t want to live peacefully. People just come and cause trouble for us. Don’t forget, the Divine Race aren’t our only enemies, the Underworld is still running around in the north. There’s also Lu Wei. The one we had dealt with before was just his projection. His main body still remained undamaged. I’m afraid we would have to face him as well.”

Megan gave out a sigh. He knew that what Zhao Hai said was right. As their strength was getting stronger and stronger, their enemies were also getting more powerful.

The battle of the day soon passed. The Divine Race were still unaware that the Radiant Empire had already been attacked. They still kept attacking and attacking.

Zhao Hai went back to take a good rest, he left Laura to accompany Megan and Lizzy. The Divine Race also attacked in the evening, making it impossible for Megan to take a rest. Zhao Hai doesn’t want Megan to stay up at night alone, so he asked Laura to join Megan.

When Zhao Hai got up the next morning, he started to prepare the supplies to be given to the Demon Race. These supplies had weapons but also common living materials.

The Demons would enter the Space but Zhao Hai didn’t know what kind of houses they live in. Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to keep the present appearance of the background, he also didn’t have enough cash to make significant changes. In addition to the supplies, he also released low level magic beasts in the background.

One could say that there weren’t low level magic beasts in the Space. However, Zhao Hai discovered that he could adjust the levels of purchased magic beasts in the Space. Both long-tailed chicken and blue-eyed rabbits can be turned to either 9th rank or just any ordinary animal with no rank.

On the other hand, beasts like the raging bulls can only have a minimum of 1st rank. In other words, they couldn’t be turned into ordinary animals. Their levels ranged from 9th rank to 1st rank, and lower than 1st rank was impossible.

This function was quite useful. Although the people in the Space had become quite strong, it would be impossible for them to kill 9th rank beasts every day. Having lower level magic beasts would ideal for everyday living.

Noon came as Zhao Hai prepared the supplies. Then he returned to his room and looked at the monitor only to see a properly arranged Demon Army waiting for the spatial rift.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile as he waved his hand and opened a huge spatial rift outside Demon City.

The Demon Dragon King had prepared themselves well; they were already in formation early in the morning. The Demons hadn’t had a wink of sleep last night. This matter was just too important for them. Perhaps, beginning from this day, the Demons would forever discard the brutal environment of the Demon Realm.

Seconds turned to minutes as minutes turned to hours. As noon came closer and closer, the Demon Dragon King couldn’t help but get more nervous.

Just as the Demon Dragon King was worrying that the spatial rift wouldn’t appear, a huge crack appeared right outside Demon City.

Zhao Hai slowly flew out of the rift. When the Demon Dragon King saw Zhao Hai, he immediately went forward to give his greetings. Zhao Hai looked at the Demon Dragon King and gave a salute, “I apologize for making the Demon Dragon King wait. I’ve already prepared the supplies inside the Space.”

The Demon Dragon King didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this polite. He returned the salute and quickly said, “Mister is too polite. It’s still noon so you aren’t really late.” Zhao Hai gave out a laugh and replied, “Alright. I’ll have to ask the Demon Dragon King to arrange your people to enter the Space. The place where you’ll appear will be your home in the future.”

The Demon Dragon King excitedly nodded. Then he waved to the people behind him and before long a team of Demons entered the spatial rift.

These people were Demon Ogres. They were specifically tasked with the Demon Dragon King to check the place. If the environment was good, then they would go. If it wasn’t, then they won’t.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about this action. After all, nobody would carelessly go inside a mysterious rift. The residents of the Ark Continent only did so because they already trust Zhao Hai. But even then, there were still some twists and turns in convincing the Rulers and Great Nobles. This was even true for the Demon Dragon King. After all, they were enemies before, it would be stupid for them to just go into a place without proper investigation.


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