BTFTLIAW – Chapter 820

Chapter 820 – The Demons Want To Send Their Troops

When he heard Zhao Hai, the Great Demon King’s eyes shone as he said, “Mister is fighting the Divine Race? How is it?”

The Demon Dragon King also raised his ear, Zhao Hai laughed and said, “It’s doing very well. I just went to the Radiant Empire and ransacked it. Haha. I’m focusing on the Accra Mountain’s defensive line right now. I want to surround them and eliminate them.”

The Great Demon King’s eyes went brighter, he said, “Can mister have the Demons dispatch our own troops?”

Zhao Hai turned silent. This made the Great Demon King and Demon Dragon king anxiously look at the small fish. After some time Zhao Hai replied, “I’ll be honest to your Majesty. I’m presently low in manpower. At present, I have 20 million strong undead in reserve. However, these undead belonged to the Barbarian and Winged Pegasus clan. Those two races weren’t born from the Divine Realm, they were just like people from the Ark Continent who were conquered by the Divine Race. At first, the Divine Race baited me to attack them in order to draw their elite troops. I didn’t know about this before, but now that i do, I decided to refrain from angering them. Moreover, those two races have a grudge with the Divine Race. At this moment, they weren’t giving their all in attacking my defensive line. This allowed the Accra Mountains to stay put even with the lack of manpower. But even then, I cannot have the Demons send their troops. I believe Your Majesty had taken great efforts to convince the other Demons to enter the Space. If Your Majesty decided to have them send their men, then it’s possible that Your Majesty would be placed in an awkward position. I’ll just hold out and wait for an opportune time to contact the Barbarian and Winged Pegasus armies, I’ll try to get them to our side and gang up on the Divine Race.”

Although Zhao Hai said a lot, he was retelling what he did and the decisions that came with. This made the Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King stare. At the same time, they were also moved. They didn’t think Zhao Hai would think about them this far.

The Great Demon King gave a short laugh before he said, “I thank mister for the consideration. But we Demons have a grudge against the Divine Race. Because of this, we would be happy to send our troops over to fight. We will not have any resentment if mister agrees to send us.” Upon hearing the Great Demon King, Zhao Hai replied, “The Demons and the Divine Race had a grudge? Why didn’t I know this? Your Majesty, you really don’t need to send your people. If we can’t deal with the Divine Race now, then it won’t matter. In any case, I’m planning to go to the Divine Realm. “

Then the Great Demon King smiled and expressed his thoughts to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile upon hearing this. He finally understood what the Great Demon King meant by their grudge against the Divine Race. Zhao Hai replied, “That’s true. But you should know about the strength of the Divine Race, this time they had sent their elite troops. To be honest, the Demons would lose against them. But if you really want to deal some damage to the Divine Race, then I would have to ask the Demon Army to come to the Space first and get some weapons for the battle. I have some lethal items that can help. I’m sure you have seen them before.”

The Great Demon King nodded and said, “Alright, you have my gratitude. However, since I need to return to the Demon Realm, I’ll be leaving the army in the hands of Demon Dragon. If you need something, you can just talk to him.” Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Alright, I will open a spatial rift near Demon City tomorrow. I’ll ask the Demon Dragon King to organize the army and enter the Space. After going in, I will hand the weapons over. What do you think?”

The Great Demon King nodded and said, “Good, then that’s settled. Demon Dragon, say a few words.”

Demon Dragon King got close to the messenger fish and said, “Mister can rest assured, everything will be ready by tomorrow.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Demon Dragon King, we’re old friends, so you have my utmost trust. By noon tomorrow, I will open the spatial rift. At that time, I’ll ask you to send the Demons in.”

Demon Dragon King nodded and assured him once more that they would be waiting. After Zhao Hai left the conversation, the Great Demon King turned to the Demon Dragon King and said, “Alright, this matter is settled. I will not stay here for longer. Demon Dragon, go find the others and tell them our arrangement. Tomorrow, you will be the first Demons to enter the Space. Also, remember that you’re fighting against the Divine Race. Make sure to send the elites, anyone less talented will stay inside the Space. Be familiar with the environment, after all that place will be our future home.”

The Demon Dragon Kin felt uplifted as he gave a nod. Then he asked the leaders of the Demon groups over to the hall.

These people were confused, they just left the hall but then they were called back in. The Great Demon King looked at everyone present and said, “I just talked to Mister Zhao Hai. At this time, he is fighting with the Divine Race. We didn’t have to but I asked Mister Zhao Hai to allow the Demons to fight and deal with the Divine Race. I will be handing the army over to Demon Dragon, does anyone have anything to say?” The Demons immediately became excited when they heard this. A Demon Ogre loudly replied, “I want to see how strong those Divine Race bastards really are. I can’t wait to see their expressions when they see us. Your Majesty, when do we fight?” The others had the same thoughts.

The Great Demon King smiled and said, “Mister said that just sending troops over wouldn’t be good. The Divine Race are all powerful. It would be difficult for our current state to deal with them. Because of this, mister said that if we want to fight the Divine Race, then we would need equipment. Mister Zhao Hai will provide them for us. When the time comes we can use those weapons to deal with the Divine Race.”

The people present all cheered. A Demon Ogre’s loud voice can be heard, “Those javelins from before are quite strong. If we have those, then our power would certainly increase.”

Among the Demons present here, most of them had fought with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai’s previous actions had caused so much damage that these Demons had become somewhat afraid of him.

The Great Demon King smiled and said, “Tomorrow at noon Mister will open a spatial rift outside Demon City. You will enter that rift and arrive at the place Mister Zhao Hai allocated for the Demon Race. Not only are you going to retrieve weapons there, you should also get accustomed to the place. I already told Demon Dragon to send only the elites to help deal with the Divine Race. The others need to behave inside the Space. Get used to the place, that is where we will live in the future.”


There was no need for the Great Demon King to say anything more, the Demons were already excited. Although they had heard that Zhao Hai would provide them with a place to live, they still haven’t seen the place so some of them had reservations. Being able to see it tomorrow was good news for them.

The Great Demon King looked at their excitement and gave out a cough. This caused the hall to turn silent, then the Great Demon King nodded, “In the meantime, I shall return to the Demon Realm and prepare the other Demons to move. I want you to remember two things, look at Mister Zhao Hai’s attitude towards us. If he acts very arrogant, then we will not enter his Space. We are Demons, we won’t stoop to a point that people will look down on us.”

The Demons nodded, then the Great Demon King said, “Second thing, if Mister Zhao Hai treated you properly, then you need to help him deal with the Divine Race. We are against the Divine Race, and this fight will reflect on the our reputation. If you lose face for the Demons, then I’ll deal with you personally!”

The Demons gave a loud grunt. Demons were concerned about their face. If they lost face in front of Zhao Hai, then the entire Demon Race would be affected. The Great Demon King might not even need to make a move, the other Demons would immediately deal with the culprit.

The Great Demon King looked at the others and said, “Alright, you prepare for your departure. Remember, I’ll leave everything to Demon Dragon. If there’s anyone who dared to disobey his orders then I’ll give them a good pounding. Especially the Demon Ogres, I have my eyes on you.”

The Demon Ogres didn’t care, they just stood there with smiles on their faces. The Great Demon King couldn’t help but feel at loss, these Demon Ogres were completely hopeless.

The Great Demon King stared at the group before he stood up. Then he turned to the Demon Dragon King and then to the others and said, “Remember, this will be the greatest change that the Demon Race will undergo in our countless years of existence. You cannot make a single mistake. Otherwise, you and I will become the biggest sinners of our race. This is a great opportunity for the Demons to change our lives. Understood?”

The group all gave a their assurance. The Great Demon King nodded before he walked out and got into his chariot. Then he took a hundred thousand people with him to return to the Demon Realm.

The reason the Great Demon King brought this many people was to quell any troubles that would arise in the Demon Realm. Naturally, these troubles didn’t refer to the Demon Race. Instead, it meant the magic beasts of the Demon Realm.

Magic beasts of the Demon realm were also very strong. Once in a while they would attack a Demon and would prompt the Demon race to amass an army just to deal with it.

After the Great Demon King left, the Demon Dragon King immediately gave an order, “Get the supplied ready and prepare to move to mister Zhao Hai’s Space tomorrow.” Then he looked at the busy atmosphere outside, he knew that this would be a sleepless evening.

Zhao Hai stored his messenger fish and smiled. He was worried about manpower, but he didn’t expect the Demons to actually offer their services.

The Accra Mountains was still standing, the Divine Race wouldn’t be able to take it for a while. Also, it would be quite hard for the Radiant Empire to send reports to the Divine Race army. Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to send the Demons two days later.

Zhao Hai went downstairs and looked at Lizzy and Megan. In the past few days, the two were working very hard. The Divine Race had turned into maniacs, endlessly attacking the Accra Mountain. Even if they were rotating between shifts, the two still couldn’t help but get tired.

There were several occasions where the Divine Race punctured the defensive line. However, Lizzy and Megan still managed to drive them back.

At this time, Thunder Yun was looking at the Accra Mountains with blood red eyes. He was more and more astonished by the strength of the undead army. Withstanding the Divine Race assault for this many days wasn’t something that an average army could do.

Although the Divine Race were comprised of God-ranks, they can’t possibly fight for so many days in a row, they also need to rest. Because of this, Thunder Yun had arranged a rotation regiment for his troops in order to maximize their fighting potential.

However, the constant fighting wasn’t the one that made Thunder Yun depressed. He had already clashed against the Divine Race twice. But in those two fights, he wasn’t even able to see Zhao Hai’s shadow. This undead army belonged to Zhao Hai and the Ark Continent’s strongest person was Zhao Hai. If he wasn’t even able to see Zhao Hai in those two battles, then this would only mean one thing; The Ark Continent had yet to use its full force. This was definitely a huge blow for the Divine Race’s pride.

At this point, Thunder Yun was about to lose his mind. He looked like a gambler who lost big. His only desire right now was to break through the Accra Mountains’ defensive line.

At the same time, the Third Prince was also driven silly. He sat in his sword carriage and looked blankly at the defensive line. He didn’t say a word, he just looked straight at the mountains as if he had gone crazy.

In the past, the Third Prince expected the Ark Continent to fall in one blow. But now it looks like the opposite was happening. The Ark Continent’s undead were very powerful. They weren’t any less than a Divine Race soldiers. The difference between his expectations and reality was the same difference as the heavens and the earth.

In the past few days, the Third Prince had continuously looked at the repeated rushing of the Divine Race soldiers. He also continuously saw them being driven back. This was a huge blow to his ego, he almost lost all ability to think.


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